Fiona Sit is a Dancing Machine in New MV for “Miss Fiona”

The release of Fiona Sit‘s (薛凱琪) new single, Miss Fiona, was an instant hit. Fiona sports a new sexy image in the music video, which was inspired by Korean pop.

Grateful that her fans enjoyed her new single, Fiona expressed that the dancing in the video was not easy feat. In fact, she had to dance for forty-five hours to make the five minute video.

Fiona expressed, “Many critics said my dancing has improved and I’m happy to have such positive feedback. My manager, Paco Wong (黃柏高), and I talked about which direction I should be heading towards next and what I should do to improve. I wanted to be a student for a while and Paco encouraged me to take up dancing for a bit. He even helped me contact my foreign dance teacher. It doesn’t matter if it comes down to dancing, learning a new language, or filming a movie – my company has always been very supportive and I feel very lucky!”

As someone who sets high standards for herself, Fiona said she had to set aside her domineering behavior when working with the production team. Due to the lengthy time required to film the music video, Fiona learned to be accommodating of others’ feelings.

Will Not Reveal Details of Love Life

Preferring to keep her private life separate from her work, Fiona rarely talks about her love life. When asked if she had pursuers outside the entertainment world, Fiona hesitantly replied, “I don’t think so yet. But I anticipate my next relationship. In the past, my perspective on love was wrong because I wanted someone to love me too much and I’ve lost myself in the process of trying too hard. I’ve learned from my mistakes now.”

Fiona said she would never make an official announcement unless she was caught kissing her significant other in public.



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  1. Lol me and my sisters were listening to her latest and we busted out laughing. This has to be one of the most awkward videos and songs we’ve seen and heard. But props to Fiona for trying at least – it’s a relatively new genre of music in HK anyways

  2. Just saw it and I think the entire thing is absolutely terrible. Fiona’s dancing is anything but sexy.
    And why do Hong Kong artists like to incorporate English words in their songs nowadays? It’s so weird. And the misspelling of rhythm to “riddim” is just embarrassing…

  3. I feel the same way as the rest of you. When I read it was a hit, I youtubed it. What a crappy song and video. I actually feel bad for Fiona for having such a sucky song, and an even worse MV to accompany it.

  4. As someone who’s not Chinese, I don’t think it’s as bad since I can’t understand anything lol..

  5. Ok after watching/listening 3x, this song still cracks me up. I think that was the point actually – it wasn’t meant to be serious

    I mean her lyrics: jee gey mai sam sam, hui chun sam sam, leng di ga (ROFL) wth is that! This basically translates to buying clothes for myself, so I can coordinate it myself, it’s prettier….lmao. I can’t. Dying.

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