35th Hong Kong Film Awards: Fashion Highlights from the Red Carpet

It was one of the biggest nights for the Hong Kong film industry, and the stars definitely dressed for the occasion. At the red carpet for the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, our favorite A-listers dropped everyone’s jaws with their daring outfits and bizarrely interesting dress choices. Here are some of the stars who grabbed the media’s attention with full force at the big night.

35th-HKFA-janice-man-1 35th-HKFA-janice-man-2

1. Janice Man (文詠珊)

The Helios <赤道> star was without a doubt one of the most talked-about celebrities to grace the HKFA red carpet on Sunday night. The Best Supporting Actress nominee had on a Versus Versace black gown that revealed her back and the entire length of her right leg.

The 27-year-old is only three clips away from revealing it all, making her dress one of the most daring outfits on the red carpet. Janice said she chose the dress with her character, Helios’s Messenger, in mind. “She is a very cold-blooded assassin,” explained Janice. “If my character is to walk the red carpet, I think she would choose this dress.” To achieve the daring look, Janice did not wear any undergarments underneath the dress.

35th-HKFA-kathy-chow-1 35th-HKFA-kathy-chow-2

2. Kathy Chow (周汶錡)

Sexy mom Kathy Chow went underwear-free for her sheer dress, which hugged and covered in all the right places. The 41-year-old model, older sister of actress Niki Chow (周麗淇), was invited to the HKFA as a judge for the Best Dressed award. Asking if she would vote herself for the award, she laughed and said, “I don’t think that’s allowed!”

The top model said her dress was custom-made from a designer in LA. “It doesn’t matter which designer you use,” she said. “What matters is how you wear it.”

35th-HKFA-fiona-sit-2 35th-HKFA-fiona-sit-3

3. Fiona Sit (薛凱琪)

Plenty of see-through dresses dominated HKFA’s red carpet, but Fiona Sit’s gown was sheer all the way through, revealing her black bra and nude-colored underpants. Her graceful Burberry dress had a dangerously low deep-V cut and a plunging backline, all which complimented her body shape. The singer was there to present the Best Supporting Actor award.

“I think this is one of my most elegant dresses,” said Fiona. “I’m not worried about exposing anything. There’s a reason why you can see my underwear through this dress.”

35th-HKFA-sisley-choi-1 35th-HKFA-sisley-choi-2

4. Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)

Nominated for Best New Performer, the TVB star showed her youthful image in a flowing, sheer WeCouture gown that included an elegant splash of yellow flowers. The Keeper of Darkness <陀地驅魔人> actress may have lost the Best New Performer award, but the rookie star carried that gown with the confidence of a seasoned winner.

35th-HKFA-miriam-yeung 35th-HKFA-miriam-yeung-real-ting

5. Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅)

Best Actress nominee Miriam Yeung walked the red carpet with her husband, Real Ting (丁子高). The Little Big Master <五個小孩的校長> actress exuded sophistication and maturity with her modest golden gown that had flared sleeves and lace trimming. Her red lips added more to her regal look.

35th HKFA ada choi max zhang

6. Ada Choi (蔡少芬)

Like Miriam, actress Ada Choi opted for a safer look. Her bejeweled gown was simple and modest, but it added an element of surprise with the plunging neckline. Ada went to support her husband Max Zhang (張晉), Best Supporting Actor nominee for SPL 2: A Time for Consequences <殺破狼II> and Ip Man 3 <葉問3>.

35th-HKFA-angie-chiu-2 35th-HKFA-angie-chiu-1

7. Angie Chiu (趙雅芝)

Veteran actress Angie Chiu lit up the red carpet with her pink lady look. With her hair tied down and a gown that features layers of pink chiffon, the 61-year-old did not look a year past 40.

35th-HKFA-poyd-3 35th-HKFA-poyd-2

8. Poyd

Thai actress Poyd stepped out like a queen with her extravagant white ballroom gown from the S/S 2016 collection of Ashi Studio. The 29-year-old’s corset top accentuated her curves and elegant figure.

Carina Lau 17

9. Carina Lau (劉嘉玲)

Best Actor presenter Carina Lau is a seasoned red carpet star, but she nonetheless kept everything fresh and exciting with a feathery gown that would definitely cause more than just a few gaping stares.

35th-HKFA-jessie-li-1 35th HKFA jessie li 2

10. Jessie Li (春夏)

Best Actress winner Jessie Li challenged a stranger red carpet look with her abstractly colored dress and high heel sandals, tied with furry balls. The look was by no means the best look of the night, but the 23-year-old Chinese actress livened up the red carpet with her optimism and quirky outfit.

Source: Oriental Daily (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Love #JaniceMan ‘s look! She pulled off the daring outfit very well. Among the sheer outfits, #MiriamYeung looked the most elegant, while #SisleyChoi looked refreshing. However, I didn’t like the nude shade of #KathyChow’s dress, which seemed too dark and harsh against her skin tone. #FionaSit ‘s black bra makes her outfit look more appropriate for bedroom fashions.

      1. @kaykay408 Here, check this out (picture quality not that good though, sorry): https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e15/12519375_1734290000139590_1085901170_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTIyMDI5NDQwNjM0Njk3NDM0Ng%3D%3D.2.l

        Karena’s dress actually sparked rumors that she might be pregnant again, as it was one of those baby doll-type dresses that hid her figure.  The white dress (or was it off-white?  It looked white to me) she wore to the ceremony still looked nice though, albeit a bit plain.  In comparisons, the black dress she wore to the EMP after party was ugly – looked like a nightgown in my opinion and also made her look really chubby….definitely prefer her HKFA dress over the after party dress.

  2. Looks like quite a few artists changed their outfits from red carpet to stage…interesting…

    I actually liked Carina Lau’s outfit the best — no, not the feather one, but rather the one she wore when she presented the Best Actor award. She looked absolutely stunning and beautiful onstage!

    I also liked the dress that Miram wore on the red carpet — it was elegant, modest, and suited her way better than the bright red dress that she wore during the ceremony…that red dress did not seem to fit her well, as it accentuated her scrunched up shoulders too much…she definitely should’ve kept with the original dress she wore.

    There were others I liked too who were pretty well dressed that night (most of whom aren’t pictured here). Lesley Chiang wore a really simple dress, but she has a good figure so she was able to pull off the ‘simple yet sexy’ look quite well in my opinion. Karena Lam’s dress was a bit plain but she looked nice in it and brought back that sweet yet elegant look that was kind of lost with her fashion choices in recent years — with that said though, I don’t feel she was ‘Best Dressed’ at all…but I guess each person’s fashion sense is different.

    Amongst the older veterans, I liked Ng Yuen Yee’s dress the most — she chose the right color with the blue and the cut was nice…made her look very elegant. Petrina Fung looked nice too — I’m glad she didn’t choose an outlandish outfit and hat combination like she usually wears…her outfit was simple yet elegant this time around and most importantly, it wasn’t ‘distracting’ like most of her other getups are, lol.

  3. Wow some of the dresses belong more in the bedroom then on a red carpet!! And no I do not want to know that Janice Man was not wearing any under garment!!! ehhehehehe way too much information!

    I prefer Miram dress the most from the photos above. Simple yet elegant.

    Kathy Chow look amazing for just giving birth but her dress was a miss for me…

    And can I say Angie Chiu look amazing at 61!!!!! Still so beautiful!

  4. See-through dress seems to the the trend this year. Many actresses choose such dress in this year’s HKFA.

  5. I like Jessie Li’s quirky and whimsical dress. It stood out amid all the elegant dresses around her.

    1. @kidd The dress color is really pretty but it kinda don’t fit the night and it makes her look very flat!!!! But she look like she’s having ton of fun so that is a plus!

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