Fiona Sit Obsessed with Suicide and Slashed Her Wrist

The pressure of working in the entertainment industry was frequently much greater than divulged. Fans often only saw the glamorous and beautiful sides of celebrities, rather than their suffering. Similar to many celebrities facing extreme work pressure, Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) experienced severe depression. She slashed her wrist and became obsessed with suicide.

Reflecting back, Fiona now realized that she had exhibited signs of depression as early as 2008. While filming movie, La Comedie Humaine <人間喜劇> in 2009, Fiona portrayed a crazy character. She cried uncontrollably in her tearful scenes. No one knew that Fiona was taking medication to assist her depression while filming the movie.

Fiona lost appetite in food and no longer took care of her body. Fiona lived on half a cup of instant noodles each day. Her weight dropped down to 85 pounds.

Slashed Her Wrist to End Suffering

Thirty-year-old Fiona Sit entered the entertainment industry when she was 18 years old. Despite Fiona’s successful music and film career over the last decade, her personal problems became magnified in her mind, spiraling to an uncontrollable state. She felt living was no longer worthy. Her friends disappointed her. She did not wish to leave her house and face the outside world. “I always thought that I was a very pitiful girl!”

Tormented by her mental suffering, Fiona considered many ways to numb her pain. She even sliced her wrist. Another time, she ingested sleeping pills and drank red wine, which was a potent combination. Fortunately, the number of pills she took did not have a fatal impact on her life.

Made Suicide Call to Khalil Fong

One night, Fiona was seized by a strong desire to commit suicide. “I thought to myself, ‘Tonight I must die!’” In a panic over the direction of her thoughts, Fiona immediately called good friend, Khalil Fong (方大同). Fiona said to Khalil, “I really want to kill myself right now! Can you please stop me?”

Although Fiona’s plea scared Khalil, he reacted calmly. Realizing that her emotions were extremely fragile and that his words may trigger sensitive reactions, Khalil spoke very carefully. He analyzed the situation with Fiona logically, urging her to remain calm and promise not to act upon her suicidal tendencies.

Afterward, Khalil immediately alerted Fiona’s mother of Fiona’s mentality. Khalil asked Mrs. Sit to keep a careful watch over Fiona to ensure her safety. Although Fiona was initially angered by Khalil revealing her confessions to Mrs. Sit, Fiona realized that Khalil acted wisely, prioritizing her personal safety first.

Khalil advised Fiona to place her problems into perspective. Khalil said, “Actually everyone has problems. But is it worthy for you to channel so much negative energy into your problems? This world has many people who are more pitiful than you are!”

Suicide is Selfish; Finds Solace in God

Although swamped with suicidal tendencies, Fiona was unable to let go of her family ties. Considering how grievous her family would be if she were to die, Fiona sought medical help in overcoming her depression. She was not ready to end her life after all. She saw a psychiatrist and therapist for one year, while accompanied by two good friends who worked outside the entertainment industry. 

The road to recovery was not a smooth one and had relapses.  It took courage to look deeply within herself– a willingness to truly improve her own situation. In her darkest hour, Fiona found strength in God. A married Christian couple from Singapore became friendly with Fiona, praying to God together. With her religious faith strengthened, Fiona’s perspective in life slowly became more positive.

Fiona said, “I began to truly forgive the people that have hurt me deeply before. The hardest part was asking God to forgive me. I cried uncontrollably. While forgiving others, I had to let go of myself!”

Do Not Wait Until Death to Cherish Each Other

During her year of extreme depression, Fiona often had bitter arguments with her mother. To reduce Fiona’s emotional stress, her psychiatrist suggested that Mrs. Sit live separately. Although Mrs. Sit wished to help her daughter desperately, she moved out. For a period of time, Fiona and Mrs. Sit did not see each other.

When Fiona’s weight dropped down to 85 pounds, her mother moved back into her apartment, cooking meals to nourish Fiona’s body back to health. Fiona’s near-death situation brought her closer to her family, in which they learned to communicate their problems, while giving each other strength.

Fiona said, “I am very lucky that I did not die. I hope that each family does not have to face a near-death situation before  they learn to cherish each other!”

It took personal courage for Fiona to overcome her severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Fiona found a network of support in her family, personal and church friends to heal herself. Today, Fiona has nursed her body and mind back to health. She kept an empty bottle of the depression pills that she had once taken, as a reminder of the obstacles that she overcame in the path of life.

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Jayne: Fortunately, Fiona stopped her suicidal tendencies in time and found the right help. She entrusted her problems to her family and friends. If she did not confess her weaknesses to them, they would not have been able to help her. Only when weaknesses are acknowledged can we become stronger.

Each time I hear about other people’s heartfelt confessions of their weaknesses, I am reminded of how fragile or strong the human spirit is. It is sometimes a choice. If you realize that you are drowning in a state of depression, it is important to find the right help. And yes, it should not take a near-death situation to make us cherish the people around us more.

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    1. You know why these actresses are so depressed?………they don’t have a man in their life and even when they find one, they got to keep it under wraps. It must be miserable to go to sleep by themselves every night. As independent as a female artist can be, sometimes they just need to feel a decent man at night and for some simple passionate sex to make themselves feel all better……..sounds simple, but I think most female artists just don’t get enough of a man inside them.

  1. poor fi fi, glad it’s over and hope she doing better n better

  2. very well-said Jayne. am glad that Fiona found a reason to want to become better and bonded with her family and friends more.

  3. Very touching interview.

    Fortunately for her, Khalid reacted calmly and did the right things in calming her down and later informing her family so that they can help her.

    I can understand that sometimes it is family members who hurt us too, if they were insensitive or it was a contentious relationship.

    It is not easy to walk out of depression.

    I hope Fiona can make it and wish her all the best.

    1. Canto,
      I am moved by Fiona’s candid interview as well. You can hear the desperation and the suffering. Fortunately she knew how to ask for help. Although she had depression, she comes across as having a love for life and never truly ready to give up on herself. She was very smart to surround herself with different people to keep watch over her, to make sure she does not surrender to a moment of weakness.

      More artists are speaking out about the periods that they were depressed. When there is a person you love strongly, such as a boyfriend or mother’s concern, we can find a direction and strength again. Fiona found love and forgiveness in God as well.

      Her story struck a very vivid chord inside me because I have also recieved desperate cry for help in a suicide csll. It is very frightening when the human spirit has crumbled where taking one’ s life can become a daily even hourly obsession.

      1. Hi Jayne

        Yes, I think you mentioned it before so I kind of thought you might have some experience.

        In today’s stressful modern society I think depression is becoming more common.

        One of my relatives is depressed and one of my colleague too. It’s a real situation when it happens and we should not dismiss the words of the depressed person lightly.

        My colleague had a breakdown in the office and I was part of the small group that counseled her and later admit her to hospital.

        My relative affects everyone’s mood when she arrives. It’s quite sad.

  4. This is touching that she is willing to share this with everyone and admit that she was once depressed. I just wished that other celebs that did commit suicide could have gotten help before they did…

    1. HeTieShou,
      Celebrities face such dynamic swings in their work environment and lifestyle that it is easier for them to fall into depression than other individuals. They are constantly on the move, working eith different teams. They need to have strong adaptative skills to always deal with constant changes, in work and peaks and lows of career.

      I can imagine the anxiety to always stay at the top if an artist experienced early success. Fiona was relatively well known in her early twenties.

  5. I always believe those who actually calls for help when they’re suicidal aren’t really suicidal, but attention seekers. Those who are suicidal, kept quiet and just do it. Leslie Cheung is an example. Those who are attention seekers can be helped, those who are truly suicidal would be more difficult. Because most can’t see the signs. They are just too good in masking their depression.

    1. The one who called can also be truly suicidal. There are situations where in your mind you don’t want to die, but, there is a strong urge within that make you feel want to suicide. It’s pretty scary.

    2. Nobody wants to die really, people with depression don’t know what else to do as their thinking is altered by the illness itself, and they just want someone that cares to help them out. I wouldn’t call that seeking attention.

  6. I am very proud of her to seek treatment for depression, it is an ongoing battle at times. I am not sure if anyone is truly healed from it. It is hard to forgive yourself the most! God is GREAT!

  7. the holistic model for a complete happy human life is divine into 4 part of a circle Physical/Social/Emotional/Spiritual. For one to be completely happy, we must have all 4 going for us. But it’s not a perfect so, at any point of time, we lacking most or some. In a capitalist world, working is just doing a job for money, that’s fall under Financial, it got nothing to do with the main 4. Anyway what i mean is that everyone need at least one part of the circle going for them, otherwise they lack a reason or purpose for living, naturally they will start having other thoughts. Sorry if i sound like preaching lol.

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