“Forensic Heroes 4”: Shaun Tam Teases Romantic Arc with Alice Chan    

The cast of Forensic Heroes 4 <法證先鋒 IV> consisting of Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), Alice Chan (陳煒) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) attended a charity event and teased fans with the drama’s plot line. As Shaun is one of the leading stars, many fans are curious to see how his romantic arc with Alice will play out.

Shaun shared that his character will finally get close to Alice’s character. However, just as their relationship develops, the progress is cut short and Alice will reject Shaun. Undeterred by the rejection, Shaun will have to find ways to win Alice over.

When reporters asked if Shaun was often rejected off-screen, Shaun laughed and replied, “In the past, I was often rejected. Even my wife rejected me. After she rejected me, I chased her from Hong Kong to Beijing for a year. In the end, I got a wife and a pair of children.”

On the topic of his family, Shaun lamented that the coronavirus had affected his daily life. As the coronavirus containment efforts continue, Shaun shared that his children may not be able to return to school next month. While online lessons are available, Shaun is worried that his children will find it difficult to concentrate and thus he had been busy tutoring his children.

Shaun also shared that he originally planned a family vacation to Singapore to scout for a school, but the plan has been cancelled and the family will probably not travel in the next two years.

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What I found funny is Shaun’s character is called King and Alice’s character is called Queen.
    King and Queen guess they were meant to be.
    Sad Louis died though to make this relationship.

  2. I predicted louis death and the charges against queen. So tvb didnt disappoint by being predictable. I dont like shaun and alice together. No chemistry. And if shaun does the chasing i am bored. Queen who never fought for louis shld for once do the chasing. The love stories here is boring. I find the dialogue they say especially alice is unreal, unemotional and inhuman. Suppose the more educated the more calm and professional they are? Utter bs. And no bodies discovered at night? Except louis? Everyone confesses. No actually intriguing villain. Professionals are emotionally stunted. Between raymond and alice, i feel chills how in control they are making them robotic. Raymond especially.

    1. @funnlim agree. Now that you’ve mentioned it a lot of the characters have no emotion. Nonchalant faces. Yeh I don’t like the pairing between King and Queen no chemistry. Though I’m shipping the relationship of Stan (the 500 Hertz whale) and GaHay (the girl) even though its like a taboo – dating your sisters ex…

  3. I agree, I don’t care for Shaun and Alice together. I wanted him to be with Dr. Man, Selene’s character. The series is decent and I like the esemble cast. I really couldn’t stand Raymond Lam’s character with Monique. THEY HAD NO CHEMISTRY. The guy had more chemistry with a corpse. He was so stiff and uncomfortable with Monique. I would cringe when they were together. I’m sure they cringed too.

    I really enjoy Roxanna’s character much better than JW. Roxanna is a better actress and has more emotion and has more depth. JW would’ve just ruined the show even more. I watched her on the series with the singing older men and the maid’s alliance. I didn’t think she was that good and I didn’t care for her characters.

  4. This has got to be the worst FH in the franchise. I’ve given up already. Too much time spent on developing the characters’ personal lives. I want to see cases and how the team solved them. Now it seems like the cases are merely fillers and the whole series is about a team of forensic experts’ personal lives. The plots are so outdated and cliched – betrayal of partners, one night stand leading to pregnancy, woman loses baby and becomes mentally unstable, Raymond searching for long lost sis only to have her die in an accident in front of him, turns out she’s not his sis, finds her real mom….sob story follows…..at this point I really wanted to tear my hair out….so many filler scenes. And so much talk talk talk….how relevant is Selena’s story with Susan Tse? I dont know and dont care cos every time I see their scenes, I just want to fast forward. And you can be sure the first suspect the police catch is never the culprit. There will always be someone lurking in the background to finish the victim off. Then when the police catch the real culprit, he will sit there and confess everything. Rebecca Chu I cant stand her accent and she’s totally unconvincing as the policewoman. Same for Raymond who can’t hold a candle to Bobbyor Wayne….dead expressionless eyes and monotonous voice. The first was good, the second and third were watchable but this is totally the pits!

    1. @pisces2019
      how many actually have a baby after one intercourse? How many killers actually confess to killing no matter how incriminating the evidence? The killer always says in FH ‘ Im caught and evidence is against me so I will confess’. BS. There’s zero value in confessing. Not one character is interesting and they live wooden lives.Everyone main character knows each other so it’s confusing who is friends with who. Shaun is the only one that’s acceptable and remotely developed character…

  5. Boring as heck!!! But I only like the original FH so I can’t say the rest was good either. This one is super boring as Raymond Wong sucks so bad. Shaun Tam is actually not a bad looking guy and an actor but his role isn’t interesting either. Rebecca Zhu – She has always been boring as well no matter what role she portrays. I was skipping thru the soy sauce series as well and the chemistry w/that younger looking main lead was beyond annoying to watch. If not for self quarantine n stuck at home due to office closing I wouldn’t even bother skipping thru. haha…lol TVB really have such god awful series these days. None of the characters were interesting to watch and to think they spent millions just to re-shoot those JW scenes. Sigh…. stupid.

  6. Saw all the FH series, this got to be worst one. It is almost like Alice is senior forensic instead of Raymond, too much focus on her. Also, like some mentioned here, too many “filler characters” and the focus not on the criminal cases. Shaun Tam character is the only one i am chasing to watch.

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