“Forensic Heroes 3” Premieres at 35 Points, Breaking Ratings Records This Year

TVB’s new series, Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>, premiered on Monday, October 10th, peaking at 35 points, with approximately 2.24 million viewers tuning in. The average ratings of its first episode was 34 points, which achieved the highest ratings for a series premiere this year to-date! TVB will be holding a celebratory event to celebrate the ideal ratings of Forensic Heroes 3’s premiere  broadcast.

Wayne Lai Has 80% Confidence in Becoming TV King

Upon learning of the ideal ratings for Forensic Heroes 3’s initial episode, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) felt very excited and positive that the ratings will continue to climb, with the possibility that it may achieve average ratings of 37 points! If the series averaged 35 points, he will treat everyone for dinner. Earlier, Wayne indicated that he had 50% confidence in winning the TV King title from his performance in Forensic Heroes 3. Asked whether his current confidence level soared to 90%, Wayne laughed, “No, it’s approximately 80%!”

Producer Mui Siu Ching Uncertain About the Future

Forensic Heroes 3’s producer, Mui Siu Ching, was surprised that the initial episode topped this year’s ratings records for a premiere broadcast. She was confident that the premiere would achieve ratings above 30 points, but was surprised that it soared to 35 points. Thanking the audience for their support, Siu Ching Jeh was the producer of the three installments of Forensic Heroes. She indicated that the initial episode of Forensic Heroes 3 had the highest premiere ratings among the three installments, which was a n indication of the audience’s confidence in the series. Compared to the past installments, Forensic Heroes 3 featured the latest technology and equipment, which was another highlight. Siu Ching Jeh also praised Kate Tsui (徐子珊) for filming her action scenes without the use of stunt doubles and displaying her agility.

Earlier, there were rumors that Mui Siu Ching and husband, TVB Producer Lau Ka Ho (劉家豪), had intentions to leave TVB and advance their careers in China. Siu Ching Jeh indicated that she was currently busily filming Lucky Father <當旺爸爸> and will focus on completing the work on hand before considering other matters.

Maggie Cheung Counters Netizen’s Comments

Netizens discussed Forensic Heroes 3 animatedly online, comparing Wayne Lai with Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), who was featured in the first two installments of the same series. Netizens complained that actors holding the tablet PCs in the series was an eyesore. Reading the criticisms, Maggie Cheung (張可頤) posted on her blog, “Using a tablet PC for work, why was there such a big response? After thinking for a long time, I am still perplexed. How is the tablet PC different than hand held devices? This is now the world’s most common thing; is everyone still stuck in the Stone Age? Or searching for series from the 1980s?”

Comparing Ratings for Recently Aired Series in the 9:30 PM Slot:

The Other Truth <真相> (aired June 27, 2011) premiere peaked at 31 points

Lives of Omission < 潛行狙擊> (aired August 1, 2011) premiere peaked at 30 points

Men With No Shadows <不速之約> (aired September 12, 2011) premiere peaked at 23 points

Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III> (aired October 10, 2011) premiere peaked at 35 points

Source: Ming Pao

Jayne: Wayne Lai has the ability to make Hong Kong audiences take notice. Good for him! Perhaps there might even be a chance that he will win TV King three times in a row?!

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  1. Tablet not eyesore BUT must it be so darn obvious? Why not just do those hand motion computer sweeping thing then? I hate ep 1 and decided not to watch further. I find the cops stupid, Kate Tsui like a pouting little girl and unconvincing and the dynamic duo solving everything thus making everyone else redundant. Why I hate this series is because it is everything FH1 and FH2 was. I was hoping for something different but in the end it is the same old thing. However wayne looks great and whilst Maggie looks old, she suits her role even if right now to me she seems to know too much of everything.

    1. Oh please won’t it be fun if they use pager! Or big handphones! Cute!

      1. OMG! They should use Pagers! It’s like the old times… Good memories and as you said ‘cute’

    2. After peeking at the first episode, I don’t think I will religously continue. This is not the type of investigation drama that suits me. Perhaps I’m too brainwashed by CSI and Criminal Minds haha. I might peek later if the drama suddenly got a bombastic Bu Bu Jing Xin kind of attention.

      1. I love Criminal Minds LOL. It’s sad because every time I watch something like FH3 or any other HK crime drama, I can’t help but to compare them with Criminal Minds, SVU, NCIS, CSI, etc. 🙁

    3. I’m giving this series a chance. There is still hope yet that TVB may salvage something out of their disastrous end of the year programming if they can come up with interesting cases that do not insult viewers’ intelligence and also more ‘grey area’ personal conflicts as per Gun Metal Grey. On the other hand, I am also perplexed by what I deemed is the ‘overusage’ of the tablet PCs and this is only episode 1. Not using tablet PC does not equal stuck in the stone age and likewise using tablet PCs does not equal intelligent and up to date with the times. And really, they should tone down on making Wayne and Maggie’s characters look too smart and solving all the cases as to overshadow the other cast just like what they did with Charmaine and Kevin’s characters in the disappointing (to me) FH2.

      1. Kevin’s character in FH2 didn’t overshadow the cast. Maybe FH1 fans dislike the addition of Charmaine and Kevin, so, they felt that Charmaine and Kevin overshadow the cast, but, it isn’t true. At least, not Kevin. Kevin was just part of the Forensic team, attending to his own area of expertise. He didn’t solve more cases than Bobby and he has to share his romance story with Frankie. Iirc, Bobby was still the team leader and make most of the conclusions and notice most of the clue.

        FH2 was very Madam Ma centered, but, not Ivan centered. Ivan did not overshadow Sam or Tim.

      2. Safe to say FH2 obilerated Bobby. It may not be Kevin centric but it became romance-police centric.

      3. Bobby&Yoyo romance part so little compared to Madam Ma&Kevin.

      4. Kevin Chen sucks anyway, even if he took part in FH2. Lot of people did not care his appearance

      5. @ Vivien

        “FH2 Madam Ma centric so Kevin got quite centric too”

        If that is the case, can you say the series is also Frankie centric, since Frankie also has romance story with Madam Ma?

        Btw, the original script has Sam ending up with Madam Ma, but, Frankie requested to change the ending because he felt that Sam shouldn’t get over Ting Ting so quickly and started a new romance in such a short time.

        “Bobby&Yoyo romance part so little compared to Madam Ma&Kevin.”

        Blame it on Bobby. The original script has more parts for Bobby and Yoyo, but, Bobby has other commitment. So, the Charmaine has to fill in the part and the scriptwriter has to rewrite the story.

      6. @ WhoAmI

        “Kevin Chen sucks anyway, even if he took part in FH2. Lot of people did not care his appearance”

        You can only speak for yourself. You cannot represent ‘lots of people’.

    4. LOL, i also tried to watch episode 1 and gave up as it was not appealing to me and i couldn’t stand sausage sister as well.

      1. Sausage sister is Kate’s nickname thanks to her distracting lips and Viann Zhang

      2. Medusa transform to sausage sister? Then china plastic doll need to change identity ?

      3. Plastic dolls can upgrade to blow up dolls. When Viann Zhang said sausage sister people automatically know it’s Kate ROFL

      4. @stephy- Ray ex-lover and Ron current lover.

        @vivien- why blow up doll?
        I feel 2R barbie doll nicer .

  2. Wow score is better than Lives of Omission 🙂 May even beat it for best drama of the year! Personally i like watching Forensic related shows so i am enjoying FH3 at the moment.Lol… Every one of them during the meeting scene in episode 1, they were all holding a tablet :0. TVB is developing new technology to their drama! I wish FH3 the best ^^

      1. Oh a Tablet is like a personal handheld computer/Laptop like an IPad ^^

      2. Its a Archos 10 internet tablet.

        Bloat crap version of an iPad.

  3. Those many tablets are a standout in the first episode..haha.

  4. Kate spoils this show . She’s the main reasOn why i’m not excited about FH3. They should’ve used the same cast.

    1. She looks pretty cute from the pictures. 😛 However, I wish she didn’t play a cop for the nth time.

      1. I’m no fan of Kate either but then I don’t think she is the main reason why I don’t like the show..it’s the script for me and they characters seem too pretentious and not convincing..they are all like bursting at the seams to spout jargon to the world! haha

  5. Well, the first case is indeed quite interesting. However, the main characters, as well as the overall storytelling, is terrible. And the way how they educate the audience on their new fancy new expensive technology is making me laugh. Do they really have to explain to each other about how a certain machine works, when the person they’re explaining it to is ALSO a forensic scientist? I mean, I know the scriptwriters want to promote the equipment to the audience, but at least come up with a more creative way to do it.

    And the main characters are really bland so far. I mean, yes – I rather watch story/case-driven dramas (such as The Other Truth and many American crime dramas) over character/romance-driven dramas (FH2 is anexample of that), and although FH3 seems to be a case-driven story so far, I’m finding the cases’ recurring characters MUCH more well-developed and interesting than the main characters. “Every Move You Make” and “The Other Truth” are both very recent examples of case-driven TVB dramas, yet they still managed to write in well-developed and enjoyable characters. The main characters in FH3 are soulless thus far.

    But other than, I’m enjoying it and I will continue to watch it, LOL.

    1. And many of the main characters are literally throwing their knowledge at your face – for example, Maggie Cheung’s character. Everything she talks about is related to her field. Girl, give it a rest. Likewise for Wayne Lai’s character.

      1. Addy,
        “And many of the main characters are literally throwing their knowledge at your face”

        This has always been TVB scriptwriters’ fault in their lack of subtlety when it comes to their professional-themed series centering around a particular legal profession:

        Triumph in the Skies- some scenes felt as if it was a how-to-manual on the airline industry

        Lives of Omission- the inside scoop on how undercover cops are trained

        At the Threshold of a Persona- Immigration officers what they should and shouldn’t do

        The Rippling Blossom- all the facts of different types of fish, how a sushi chef slices them, making of sushi rice, etc.

        Your Class or Mine- Private tutoring industry

        The list goes on and on where TVB utilizes the same approach in making their main characters sound like “teachers” in which they tell us all they can about their profession, spewing facts to look smart and knowledgable, rather than integrate such a backdrop seamlessly into the series and spin a unique story from it. Instead, TVB’s drama research department must show off in such an ostentatious way to make their characters talk to us like career guidance counselors.

        Which is why such profession-themed series is really nothing more than a marketing strategy for TVB to repackage recycled plots in a more slick exterior. There’s nothing wrong if you enjoy such novelty packaging, similar to buying skin lotion based on the nice bottle/label design where its inherent properties are not too different from another.

      2. Not really surprised as TVB does tend to throw knowledge at us. Is anyone really enjoying the series for the plot/characters/acting aside from the forensic knowledge/tablets, lol? 😛

      3. I suspect the complaint of the tablet PCs featured in “Forensic Heroes 3” is that they appear ostentatious? Make the characters appear pretentious and trying too hard to look smart?

        I’ll give more opinion on the series when I watch it.

      4. @ Jayne

        TITS and LOO are still reasonable to have these technical knowledge throw out because the setting are in the training school/department. Instructors telling their students about these technical stuff is reasonable.

        FH3 is different. These people are all working professionals. They should already know these stuff.

        When Maggie’s character come up to a total stranger telling him about a medical condition he has, it feels like showing off. Then, when that guy guess that she’s a doctor, she has to be all mysterious and said ‘when she meet he patient, most of them were already dead’ instead of just telling him straight that she’s a coroner.

      5. TBB dramas forgot or don’t know or pretend not to know they should “Show not Tell”

      6. I never thought of it as showing off though. I thought that scene itself is rather funny. And she is more high ranking than a coroner. She is a forensic pathologist and since TVB uses that word instead of coroner, it must be a huge deal.

      7. “I suspect the complaint of the tablet PCs featured in “Forensic Heroes 3″ is that they appear ostentatious? Make the characters appear pretentious and trying too hard to look smart?”

        Since when holding a tablet equals to looking smart? Maybe just to show off how technologically advanced. I would love if they show a character who takes out paper and pen and start writing. Not all police are so technological advance and moreover investigative capabilities has nothing to do with whether know how to use ipad or not. How silly isn’t it? Like I said, by ep 3 the tablets will be gone.

        My bigger concern is how big the meeting room was. Wow! HK police station so big. And there is Kate at the helm and frankly I stopped paying attention at that moment.

      8. @ Funn

        “I never thought of it as showing off though.”

        It’s not really the character herself that is showing off. It’s more like how the scriptwriter want to show her off. Something like that.

        Yes, that scene was rather funny until Maggie started speaking her medical jargon.

        “My bigger concern is how big the meeting room was. Wow! “

        I notice the room too. Really huge and high class. Poor Madam Ma team. Their meeting room so unclassy. 😛

      9. Agreed! Her character is totally overdoing it…this show is so not enjoyable..wonder if it will improve but doubt it..we shall see 🙂

      10. @Funn Lim: who cares whether you paid attention to Forensic or not… The drama is still interesting and there is still a large number of fans to watch it! I feel like you are biased! And thinking you just say it out, but who knows if you will actually continue watching it or not… Dont be self-deceptive!!! Haha

      11. Maria, it is interesting you zoom in on me when there are many others who think the way I do. Why me alone? And glad to know you don’t care what i think because seriously, I don’t care what you think either.

      12. P/s I have officially abandoned FH3. I spent the time watching Red Cliff. Kinda pretentious movie but well, I suppose Tony Leung’s pout is way better watch than fake Ipads?

        And I do think they’re real tablets though. Like Ipads. Does it look like Ipad size? I mean there is such thing called sponsorship. Did anyone see the credits? I do know for sure Sony Ericsson no tablets.

      13. @Funn
        I think TVB did not credit the tablet maker: Archos, nor did I not see the Chinese name (愛可視) unless I am reading it wrong since my Chinese reading skills are subpar.

    2. “. And the way how they educate the audience on their new fancy new expensive technology is making me laugh.”

      That have always been the style of TVB’s technical drama. MOL and EMYM also did that a lot. Yeap, it’s pretty ridiculous.

      The scriptwriter tried to make these experts look cool and knowledgeable by making them spout technical jargon and explain things in detail. But, it just make them look pretentious.

      Wonder whether they will also do Public Service Education like FH2.

      1. I think they just did, subtly hopefully. All the acronyms must have hurt the actors.

    3. I think the case is ok but some characters and some props are too glaring. Kate will be more convincing if her hair isn’t so perfectly done all the time.

  6. I’m surprised nobody complained about how the characters were introduced in episode 1. That chok posing was so over the top. I can understand laughing gor’s chok poses in LOO but now everyone is doing it, even the uncles. It’s hard for me to take these “professionals” seriously.

    1. FH1 and FH2 had a lot of chok poses too, so I guess FH3 is just continuing that look, lol.

  7. Many Ipads :P. Make me jealous so I dun want to watch more, hehe. Joking.

    1. Did TVB borrow from their executives all the ipads? If by ep 3 they’re missing, it means they have been distributed to the executives so the actors can’t hold on to them for long.

      1. Most of high/low tech electronic devices are made in China – Playstation, PSP, iPad, iPhone, etc. They are designed in US but made in China. Cheap labor, low cost materials, easily-by-pass environmental laws are things companies like about China.

  8. I too was rather disappointed with the series, it seems too dry what with everyone spouting jargon and essentially showing off their knowledge, the characters are like robots reciting jargon.

    I prefer Bobby to Wayne as somehow to me, Bobby potrays are more learned and wise demeanour and is more believable whereas all or most of the characters in this show is just bursting to show off what they know to the audience.

    Not an enjoyable drama to me although ppl may get sucked – TVB should spend more time/ money on a better storyline/ script instead of all the equipment.

    Just curious, do all cops in Hong Kong have an IPAD provided by the government to use in meetings?

    1. Doubt it. More important question; HK police got such a big meeting room meh?!

      1. hahah yeah, totally doubt it!

        Also, police officers running around with perfectly coiffed hair and high heel boots haha

      2. “Also, police officers running around with perfectly coiffed hair and high heel boots haha”

        Lame lame

      3. continued lol I accidentally pressed submit. Lame lame lame representation of a police officers if like this. If the hair isn’t perfectly coiffed it will be better

      4. @Funn: I keep wondering about this too. They’re just a team led by an inspector.

        “More important question; HK police got such a big meeting room meh?!”

      5. @lol yeah I think it was much more believable in some past series..remember Armed Reaction where the policewomen either had their hair in a ponytail or tied up in a bun or Short hair hahah…Kate’s middle-parting, curled hair (have to be done with curlers/ tongs I think) look ridiculous in her character hahah wonder who the stylist is…

    2. Yeah, I agree. They keep talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking…. unnecessary dragging!!!!

      “I too was rather disappointed with the series, it seems too dry what with everyone spouting jargon and essentially showing off their knowledge, the characters are like robots reciting jargon.”

      Me too, prefer Bobby, FTW

      “I prefer Bobby to Wayne as somehow to me, Bobby potrays are more learned and wise demeanour and is more believable whereas all or most of the characters in this show is just bursting to show off what they know to the audience.”


      1. I agree with you. I like Wayne but I prefer Bobby in this role. It’s a pity enough that Bobby is kicked aside by Madam Ma in FH2

      2. I am neutral on Wayne but for this kind of characters, he is really no match for Bobby. Yeah, they talk too much – they tried to be funny when talking to Wayne’s daughter about her crush and used their scientific calculation (or Maggie did), it was not amusing at all…I just hope the cases will be interesting as the main characters are really BORING

  9. Maybe i’m also not used to seeing all those technology advancement in TVB’s dramas.. seeing those tablets was quite disturbing at times because it stood out too much.

    1. Believe me, the tablets are special guest star. They will be gone by probably 3rd episode.

    2. There must be the name of the tablet in credit. How much did TVB get paid to let those actors pose with the ipads? It’s one thing to use technology in series but another thing to pose and play with technology like doing an ad. FH3 is doing the second part ROFL

      1. I did not see TVB credit the tablet manufacture… must be in house deal.

  10. I’m watching this series because of Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung. Not because of Kate Tsui, Ron Ng or Aimee Chan.

  11. Although I really like Wayne, I actually preferred Bobby and am not enjoying this series yet but will give it a shot. It may get better.

  12. Their cheap iPad look alike, Is TVB that desperate to get more ad revenue lately?

    Never seen that much attention since the bloated C&S tissue box product placement a couple years back.

  13. @Larry, I was not aware of the tissue box product placement…

    The cheap IPAD lookalike – do you know what brand it is? China brand? I don’t remember seeing any logos.

    1. Its a French brand: Archos 10 internet tablet.

      Very bad screen quality,

      Very bad touch responsiveness,

      Very slow performance,

      Very bad battery life,

      Very ugly Operating system,

      Very limited apps.

      Very bad technical support.

      Very bad quality!

      Surprise Archos is supporting this BORING drama.

      1. ^_^ Most Asian Drams must commit to add ads into the production. Sony Ericson is a brand I know it appear in TVB dramas.

      2. Sony Ericsson has been sponsoring TVB dramas like almost decade which they replace Nokia ages ago. TVB is making money but the cellphone product, does it really distract the audience, not much, since it is small with some closeups…unlike the tablet.

        Dont forget that tissue box product C&S was way too focus and people complain ages until C&S finally stop funding TVB dramas because of bad publicity???

  14. I was quite dissappointed with this series. In the 1st eps, Maggie tried to impress with her know it all and I hated it.

    Still miss Bobby in the FH series!

    1. I gave up my belief in the FH series when Kevin Cheng took the part in FH2. His appearance was too distraction. It was just bad bad, I could not stand for second eps, I gave up even I loved the fat man.

    2. Mee too, I miss Bobby on FH series. Too bad at that time he’s filming in China making mad money and better work area then TVB process.

  15. No offense to Wayne but do you guys really think he may win again this year? I mean his character, Dr. Pro (haha) is rather bland and a know-it-all?

    1. Wayne is always a talented actor, even when he was “almost” nobody but this kind might not be suitable.

      Anyway, this year, no way he can have his third king award. Even my viewpoint of the award is… a Coke can which TVB gives to one who behaves well rather than a real award given to deserved one.

  16. omg Bobby, Frankie is so much better. Kate tsui is so ****….. OMG just spoil the serie FH all together. So much better the old actor/actress of FH!!!

  17. Besides the tech-y stuff, I dun think I will continue on…

  18. Watch episode 1 further. A chemist is a good career choice in HK. Look at Wayne’s house. So big and beautiful. Not the rich man bungalow yet, but, still look expensive. Being a doctor is comparatively a less good choice in HK. Dr.O’s house is so ordinary.

    1. haha! I remember Steven Ma said that thoughts were put into AJCL to make sure the characters’ apartments and such matched their financial ability.

    2. Wayne’s wife was lawyer therefore not strange if Wayne family having better lifestyle than Dr O. Even a true doctor might not wan too lavish their houses.

  19. Using Tablet PC isn’t wrong but when there’s overdumping of tablets on the screen as if it’s a tablet PC ad and not FH3 that’s annoying! It’s product placement!

  20. Kate character as a madam did not convincing. The way she spoke to her superior is like a student talk to a teacher. no sense of authority or power.

    1. She look like too image conscious and don’t want to ruin her hair, clothes and make up

      1. the audience will turn into stones seeing her without any makeup…

      2. Then she can be beautician for death people so that she can beautify herself as well. dont act as madam lo….anyway her case is all solved by maggie.

    2. Maybe but she can kick ass. I was impressed by her fighting scene. When I think she didn’t use a stunt double

  21. Finish watching episode 1. I understand what you guys said about the dynamic duo solving cases.

    I thought how the Forensic team work is they do test, examination, analysis, and send the report to the police to continue investigation. Why did Maggie suddenly walk into the hotel manager’s office while the police were interrogating her and start showing how the hotel manager couldn’t be the killer? Why do we need the police then? Might as well have the forensic pathologist interrogate the suspects and let her make the conclusions. She notice more things than the police anyway.

    ‘Untraceable Evidence’ did it more properly. I remember when the police (I think it’s Bowie) discuss the case with Flora and try to ask Flora about her opinion on what she thinks actually happen, she reply ‘I just examine the corpse and give your the information I found. Solving the case is up to you’. (Not the exact word, but, something like that).

    1. Drama is all about up and down of main characters,standing corrected is not important because it might shift audience attention. FH for example, if the heroes do not solve (indicate who did commit the crime), it will be boring to watch.

    2. Completely agree – Why is a Senior Chemist and Pathologist running around looking for evidence, attending every meeting with the CID unit and acting as detectives?? Their roles are too overplayed and so far, too stiff. There is no distinct personalities shown yet and nothing appealing about their characters except we already love Wayne (no matter what he plays). Also, Kate may be good at doing her own stunts with the fighting scenes but really, does she have the look of a Senior Inspector??

      To all the comments about the meeting rooms being so big -Give me a break! Is this the FIRST time TVB dramas show large rooms in their dramas? If I didn’t know better, I would think the average HK people live in 1000sq feet condos as seen in EVERY drama! STOP nitpicking and dissecting every little detail because ALL of TVB’s dramas have the same flaws!!!

    3. Btw, why are people comparing Wayne and Bobby?? Both we love but both are different characters and have different personalities. (Bobby is funny/good-talker and Wayne is mature/serious/handsome). The question to ask should be: Why use the same title when all characters and casts are different???!

      1. I think without going into details, ppl compare Wayne and Bobby as they are/ were in Bobby’s case the male lead of the series..that’s why.

      2. I can understand comparisons IF they were both playing the SAME character.. (ie. Who played a better “Kwok Ching” in Lengend of Condo Heroes? Felix Wong or Chi Lam?) But correct me if I’m wrong – aside from playing similar professions and using the same drama title, Bobby and Wayne’s characters and personalities are different so they are suppose to be different! If Wayne’s character is “boring” it is the fault of the scriptwriter’s. There would not be comparisons if they had given this drama a new title. Again, the question goes back to “Why the heck did TVB use the same title when all characters and casts are differnt???”

      3. This situation is similar to Detective investigation Files IV, the cast was completely different but the genre of the drama was still the same and they kept the name. And it turned out to be awesome! I guess the name is like a brand which people are familiar and accepting to, which is why they kept the same name. I guess they were trying to do the same here for FH?

      4. @loungegirl

        The reason people are comparing Wayne and Bobby is because the series is called “Forensic Heroes”, and so with someone in Bobby’s place, there’s defintely gonna be talk.

      5. It’s just the general impression from the series since this is supposed to be part of the ‘brand’ of FH so to speak..so people will compare (including me). For me it’s not so much that Wayne’s character is boring (which is also true though) but I don’t think Wayne is suited for characters like these in my opinion.

    4. I totally agree with what you said about Maggie’s character. I mean, she’s a forensic pathologist, not an analysist or police member. When did we ever see Sam, the previous forensic pathologist come up with all the conclusions? Maggie’s character is doing too much…

      1. Maybe if Maggie was an author like Sam, she wouldn’t have time to do other people’s job too.

  22. It is funny to see the complains from audiences. Suicide, rape, bra, tablet, blood, …lot of other reasons to complain.

    Peronally, I think these people are too sensitive in an annoying way. Being bad for children is main the reason they have complained but it is life, things happen. Instead of pretending things do not happen, then educate their children not to do the same or prevent them from happening. If the parents think the kids are too young to know, then let them watch cartoon instead, why bother with dramas?

  23. The only type of dramas HK audiences like are those silly, overly-dramatic family dysfunctional- types, (where one scene shows them yelling and fighting and the next shows them singing), or, dramas where concubines are plotting to gain power and win over the King’s heart. Any other drama that is remotely ‘serious’ is too out of their comfort zone.

    1. I am not a HK viewer but I too was disappointed with this series not because it was ‘serious’ but the delivery failed (so far) in my opinion. I can only hope that the cases will at least be interesting as the two leads seem too stoic in their delivery.

  24. Very disappointed with the story line so far. They are trying to copy CSI too much. Sorry but Wayne Lai does not suit the role. It was a blessing that Charmaine had to pull out as Wayne looks too old to partner her. Again,Kate’s acting is questionable. She talks and acts the same way in every drama, not to mention about the constant pouting!!!! One would think TVB must have better choices of actresses. Please take her away from the screens…

  25. I agree that the first 2 chapters was not that appealing – I wasn’t into the murder case at all (unlike TVB’s classic Detective Files series), and the introduction of their characters are less than exciting. As much as I wish the story and characters will thicken later in the series, I have a feeling it won’t. Wayne’s character seem a bit too bland; nothing standing out in personality. He’s not a talker, he’s not mysterious or luring, he’s not particularly cool, attractive or charismatic… nothing distinctive or captivating aside from ‘we just like Wayne Lai’. (I’d rather his character be the very quiet, shy, humble but smart type and Maggie Cheung would be the overly confident, out-going one. Would be better if he was a single-father and Maggie is the one who pulls him out of his shell.)

    I’m begging for something more from his character and from this drama…

    1. U r right, Wayne does not carry the charisma for the role. ‘chai gau’ is the type of role that is more suitable for him. Also, a coroner does not go around telling people what illness they have, it is unethical to do so as a professional.

    2. @loungegirl,

      If Wayne’s character is bland, that is the scriptwriter’s fault.


      I disagree that Wayne isn’t charismatic for the role. Yes, he was wonderful as Chai Gau and we are so use to seeing him in uneducated and loud characters. Initially, I also had doubts about him playing a professional role, but he was convincing in Some Day as a cosmetic surgeon. I find his so-called lack of charisma due more to the script than to his portrayal. Although Wayne is not naturally handsome, the effort he puts in does pay off. On the other hand, Chris Lai has more handsome features and the height, but without the acting/effort, his performances slips our mind and are unmemorable.

  26. Episode 1 played like an extended mv. One of those ones with a little story in between the song that really annoys you cause you just want the song. Its going to take a lot of effort sitting through all this if it continues like ep1. Wayne should just stick to rosy business 3 4 5 6. Hits more human then.

    1. yeah RB 3 will be set during 60s-80s, the next one 90s-present and later on another one where the original characters time travel to the ancient time and all over again, hehe

      1. They banned time travel in TV series… in Mainland!!! that means RB6 will never get a mainland release!!!

        Honestly though, I think its quite creative for the Chinese Censors to ban a ‘narrative device’. Westerners only know how to ban ‘narrative themes’. We’ve gone a step further. +1 Point to China. Now just need 8trillion more points to catch up. Yes!!!

      2. SDS, since when? Isn’t Bu Bu Jing Xin based on “time travel”?

      3. The time travel is actually soul travel and it is so minute, it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

  27. I think this series is good, besides the fact that it’s called Forensic Heroes, when it’s totally not (without Bobby, Yoyo, etc). Why can’t they just change the name? I miss the Forensic Heroes I and II intense music they played in the background !!

    1. I mean, I won’t mind if TVB makes a series that has the exact same point as Forensic Heroes, and follows the same format and stuff, but seriously, if NONE of the cast are present at all, why not just change the name??? It’s not like no one will watch it. I think the audience would understand and accept a series if the producer knows that people loved FH, but no former cast is available, so they continue making dramas based on FH. But please don’t call it FH….

      1. Like CSI, got CSI NY, CSI etc etc. So maybe FH HK, FH TST, FH Kowloon, or something like that?

  28. the series itself is a bit show off to me, especially Maggie’s character. she’s like a professor who knows everything and the ipad usage in the ep 1 was a bit annoying imo. Nothing against ipad but is there a need for every police officers to use one? I mean the police in HK is it really that high advanced using Ipad to read infos etc?

    Also, Kate’s character is a bit err.. not suitable with her role as madam. She doesn’t have that tough look and she looks like a pretty vase in there with hair permed nicely and nice fashionable boots. I kept wonder when looking at her hair in the series, whether will it obstruct her while chasing criminal? and where she got such time always to ‘set” her hair so nice hehe.

    maggie sure does looks old in the series and her character suits her real person i guess..both arrogance hehe.

    1. I have never thought of knowing how to use an ipad as technologically advanced; it just means you’re rich. Or rather well to do. So I thought it was silly for that scene. I wonder do they carry their ipads back to their tables? Do they carry to work? During investigations? And I don’t like the suggestion that DNAs and forensic evidence purely will solve crimes. There are crimes based on circumstancial evidence and all these CSI shows spoilt things for the jury; the jury things all crimes are convicted based on direct forensic evidence. And please, everybody is confessing again.

      I hope part 3 is better. So… are the ipads missing by part 3?

  29. Saw the first episode. Personally, I find the use of tablets amusing and useless. The good old projector screen that they used before to examine the criminals and evidence was just fine. Now it seems like everyone is in their own world.

    I do understand the complaints regarding how Wayne and Maggie butt into the cops business and there are a lot of professional jargon that is quite boring. Why should we care?

    Lol, I was looking forward to the police station’s big office that everyone was raving about. So disappointed. It was boring and dry! 😛 The one in GMG was more interesting!

    1. GMG has meeting room meh? I only remember they have a stylish office and they hold meeting in the open office instead of the meeting room.

      As for old projector vs Ipad. I think using the old projector is more efficient. At least, everyone is look at the same screen and all know which part you are talking about when you point on the screen. Now, using Ipad, when you change picture, everyone will have to search their Ipad for the correct picture.

      1. GMG’s meeting room is a common room like any other cops series.

      2. And everyone their own IPad give them opportunity to “tun pok”- play video game, watch movie, etc…

        If I was HK citizen, I would think – WTH, the police are that lavish? Why not use my tax dollars for more cops on beat instead?

      3. GMG meeting room is way too modern advance. But I like it. For Forensic Heroes III meeting room, its just too big unless its a camera angle issue or something.

  30. Episode 2 is better.

    I can see Maggie’s personality coming out. Can see that she’s someone who enjoy learning and absorbing knowledge. Hence, her wide knowledge in many subjects. Her interest is unique and she most probably was a child genius. She didn’t read fairy-tales like other little girls when young. She did experiment and read non-fiction books. Plus, she also like to study human body especially guys if you believe what Kate’s character said. 😛

  31. How sad that (given the quality of FH1 and FH2) this is the series that breaks the premiere record. Ironically, I suspect this one might actually be better than its predecessors.

  32. dont understand all the complaints. personally, i am already addicted to the series. maybe i am bias since i love LOVE crime shows. and the thing i love about hong kong crime shows in particular is that they are so interesting in how the story gets twisted. like ep 4 when *SPOILER* his wife shows up to defend the suspect. i am not a fan of kate but she is casted for brilliant shows that i always end up watching. yup yup, so far this is my favorite drama this year next to the other truth

  33. Just finished Chapter 4 – I still can’t get over my original 2 complaints:

    1. Kate does NOT fit the role of SENIOR Inspector. No matter how ‘cool/authoritative’ she is trying to portray, she just does not fit the part at all. She looks way too young, too stylish and too pouty. It would have been better if they make Maggie the Senior Inspector instead since the script writers are making the forensic and police roles overlapping so much – Maggie can be the lead of the police team and Wayne be the lead of the forensic team.

    2. Nancy Wu is good at what she does/act BUT she just does not look like Wayne’s wife. This has nothing to do with her acting skills – they just simply do not match and it seems so unnatural… so forced! She looks like a little sister standing beside him. URGH… I can’t stand this.

    Kate and Nancy do not fit the part at all!

    I haven’t even mentioned my other criticisms yet… I am trying hard to find things to like about this drama…

    1. I find Nancy and Wayne match very well. Doesn’t seem force to me. Yes, she’s a lot younger than him. But, many couples in real life are like this.

      1. Not for me, on screen —- no, but acting together didnt work in my flavor. Its still too early to judge.

      2. It’s not just because Nancy is younger – they just do not look like a COUPLE and seeing them interact as husband/wife makes me cringe.. it just seems so unnatural and awkward… Despite that, Nancy does look great here. To me, her character is the most interesting to watch so far.

        (Rosy Business was ok as that was the type of character Chai Kau married)

      3. Why they look OK as couple in Rosy Business but not in FH3? They still have he same look.

      4. Why they look OK as couple in Rosy Business but not in FH3? They still have the same look.

    2. Offtopic : nancy wu is quite pretty in this series ^_^

      Ontopic : I dont really like the reaction from Wayne when nancy straighten up wAYNE’S colleagues by explaning how law works. I mean it’s understable that nancy would reacted such way since she’s a lawyer.

      1. I know, Dr. Pro should be proud that he has such a smart and hot wife. His look really annoyed me. Everything she said is correct. Those cops obviously didn’t watch GJ and TOT so I forgive them. But he should support her b/c he understands her job, not like the normal uniformed person.

      2. I know, Dr. Pro should be proud that he has such a smart and hot wife. His look really annoyed me. Everything she said is correct. Those cops obviously didn’t watch GJ and TOT so I forgive them. But he should support her b/c he understands her job, not like the normal uninformed person.

    3. Nancy is younger than Wayne by a lot, but she looks more mature in this series with her dressing and look. However, whether they’re compatible or not, I’ll see when I get to their scenes.

      Saw a preview of her at a court room scene and from that impression, she seems more convincing as a lawyer than Kate.

      1. Its probably the makeup to get some aging in to match Wayne’s age.

  34. I really dont like video effects & transition in FH3. It sort of remind me of Mui Siu Ching’s bloated series: “Can’t Buy Me Crap Love” od on the transition and effects.

  35. The theme video look similar to LOO’s. They have the main character head show up together with their character’s name.

    1. Agree =.=. It sounds bad or the quality of the audio is bad? Sound like a live version.

      1. I think its recorded on the audio recorder.

        Even then, their singing is not good.

      2. No its not hard copy, It someone with a recorder and record the audio with background noise and upload to youtube.

        I betting there is a studio or even TeeVeeBee’s lame series full theme MV ready to go out the market.

  36. Just finished Chapter 5:

    The only characters I enjoy watching are Nancy Wu’s (despite that I still hate that she plays Wayne’s wife) and Maggie’s. They are the only interesting and lively characters in FS3 so far.

    Very disappointed with Wayne’s character. There’s NOTHING appealing about ‘Pro sir’. And the rest of them (Kate and Ron’s characters) are completely bland – as if they are there just to fill in the gaps. I am already TIRED of watching the 4 of them spending so much time together – at work and after work – can it be more obvious that they will end up as couples??? Seriously – this story sucks.

    1. I love watching Maggie’s Granddad and Wayne’s father, both character so cute N funny.

  37. FH Statistic:-

    FH 1 Highest Average 41,Peaking 43 finale
    FH 2 Highest Average 34 Peaking 39 finale
    FH 3 Highest Average 34 Peaking 35 Ep 1.

    so based on the FH history, FH 3 not really that great…

  38. On a side note, I am not sure if anyone brought this up yet, but I just thought I’d point out. Has anyone else besides me find that Ron’s role at the moment (until episode 6) is more like a kalefeh than a second male lead (I assume he is supposed to be the second lead)? He seems to have less screen time than the villains. “/i”

    1. Yes, I feel this way too. I watch up to episode 5 and so far he’s just Kate’s sidekick and nothing more. Not much different from the other police staff under Kate.

      Hope he will have a story of his own in later episodes.

      According to his character profile. He came from a rich family but he prefer to follow his his own ideals and be a police man. Maybe later episode will go into this more.

      1. The way he arrived at the crime scene on his motorcycle in episode 1, I expect him to have a lot more story.

        And what kind of English name is Wind? Watching a little too much “storm riders” there?

      2. @ josie

        His English name is just a translation from his Chinese name Fung (風).

      3. @ Kidd

        Yea, I hope they do touch more on his role later on because it’s just such a slap in the face to be labelled as the second lead but have even less screen time and prominence than the villians. I feel bad for him and I can see why his fans are having an uproar over this.

        Haha, I didn’t read his profile. I find the character profiles on TVB to be untrustworthy. Like for Lily Ho’s character profile in Sentinel. She was written there to be Felix’s god daughther, but in the end, nothing was said or shown about that. Just made me confused. And Natalie’s chac was supposed to die according to her chac profile but it didn’t happen. I don’t understand how there can be so many discrepancies for the same thing.

      4. @ CY

        I think why the character profile is differentis because TVB series often change script midway. So, the character profile story might be the original draft. But, the story was changed later and also some scene ended up on the editing floor. The character profile not matching the actual story has been the case since for many years. I remember reading the character profile of Ngo Ka Nin’s character in ‘Love is Beautiful’ (2002). A lot of his story didn’t make it to the actual series.

      5. @ Kidd,

        Oh okok, I didn’t think about that. But still, it’s really funny. I mean this is a production under one company, why can’t they just write the chac profile at the end after filming is complete? I wonder if the chac profile was even written by the series producer or writers.

      6. @kidd:

        But fung sounds so much better. I think English translations for names rarely work. Like if Maggie was named Heart instead of mandy, I wouldn’t be able to take her seriously.

        Btw, why did the producer still choose the west kowloon police dept? Are we to believe there is no other place in hk w/ a forensic team and that every single staff f/ the previous FH has left?

  39. Second week of this series my thoughts….

    TVB really needs to drop Aimee Chan’s contract, her acting really bad, she is affecting her co-star Edwin Siu and the pair dont even match.

    Cases are BAD! They reveal the “big” clue in less then 5 minutes then steam roll to the next case….UNBELIEVABLE, its going to be a recipe of disaster.

    Character development is still not develop for the lead actors at this point.

    They try to be “DRAMATIC”, and uses the weird video effects from Cant Buy Me Crap Love very aggressive, but failed to capture me in the series.

    Theres going to be backfire of this series and I dont see any changes for the last 20 episodes and those spoilers are already out there.

    There’s goes my interest to this series.

    1. Just to add…. the cops are so freaken useless in this series.

  40. Forensic Heroes III should renamed to The Wayne & Maggie CSI show.

    It is really is Wayne and Maggie focal point of this drama . . . NOT GOOD 🙁

    1. Larry3, wasn’t Forensic Heroes II also nicknamed as “The Madam Ma Show” 😛

      1. Madam Ma and almost include Ivan show, it wasnt as heavily focus on Kevin Cheng’s character in FH2.


      2. Well, madam ma was the main character for Sam’s novel and subsequent “movie”. She was obviously the lead and all the guys were like part of her harem. Didn’t bother me. 🙂

    2. Kate also has some fun scenes with Maggie which I like. However, I think the character that is most driving the show for me is Nancy’s. I like how TVB added the lawyer aspect into the third installment. 🙂

      Ron’s character is no different than any other background character. His scenes are only work work work and right now, it’s hard to see him and Kate have romantic feelings for each other. Dislike how TVB’s couples always result from friends first.

      1. About Nancy Wu, shes going to be kill off anyway. 🙁

        Thats the only character that is way different from Wayne and Maggie show whole. I think she is superb actress in her role if the series was superb…

    3. Yes, it is indeed The Wayne & Maggie Show or The Po Sir and Mandy Show.

      Why the coroner and the chemist go to the crime scene alone in the middle of the night to investigate? Shouldn’t they inform the police. The coroner is housemate with the police inspector. Not too difficult to inform.

      1. There is whole list of flaws in this series and more to come to add…..which is fun to make fun of TVB piss poor production.

      2. Maybe mandy and pro sir just like to play w/ their flashlights in the dark.

  41. Does anyone else get annoyed when Aimee Chan says “you Chinese people” as if she’s not Chinese just because she studied oversees. Even ABC’s are still Chinese people, so what does she consider herself? How can they put that into the scripts?

  42. I’m watching Forensic Heroes 3 and Super Snoop at the same time. Initially, I watch SS while waiting for more FH3 episodes to come out. It’s like filler series. But, now, I actually look forward to Super Snoop more. I find the cases in Super Snoop more interesting and unlike the Mandy and Pro Sir Show, all the snoops contribute in some ways to the investigation. Not to say that Super Snoops cases are flawless. I also find some flaw. But, for now, I’m more intrigue with the SS case. The case of the 3 tenants in FH3 is so blah.

    1. The three tenants case was soooo effing useless to watch. Waste of time, wish I have skipped to episode 10 to watch Nancy in the court case, and boy what a refreshing scene then “The Pro Sir & Mandy Show”.

  43. this show is completely garbage, as usual tvb series. they should just stick to the comedy.

  44. One would think TVB has produced enough cop/investigation/solving cases etc. dramas that they could perfect the story by now but NO – FH3 is GARBAGE. Even the 2x King could not save this disaster because ‘Pro sir’ is the most boring, unappealing lead character that TVB has created. And I don’t know which I hate more – the useless cops or these “Forensic Heros” taking over everything. Yes, the list of flaws is just too long. The only person worth commenting on is Nancy Wu. Despite not being a good match with Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu has managed to pull off such a superb job as a mature wife + ambitious lawyer.

  45. yes! nancy wu! she is being complimented on hk discussions as well! not only the police are useless but the forensics team does everything better! they even do the police work, its like they are capable of everything, they can tell what chemicals things have just with a glance.

    maggie cheung’s character is really stupid and her acting is really horrible. you can pretty much how everything goes after pro sir and eva divorce.

    1. Rofl Nancy Wu is only the support role but look like she’s getting more compliments than the main roles

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