Francis Ng Admits to Having Thought About Being a Monk

Often interacting with fans via Weibo, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) suddenly uploaded a photo of himself being bald last night. The photo is a selfie that was taken through the reflection of a car window. Francis wrote in his post, “I insist! Do not try to stop me! Amitabha!” Within minutes, startled netizens quickly wondered if the 53-year-old artiste has really decided to live the life of a monk.

In response to the numerous speculations, Francis, who is currently shooting a new film, Dad With Peeling Skin <脫皮爸爸>, clarified that it was only a joke. He laughed out loud and exclaimed, “Of course I’m not going to be a monk! I was only fooling around! I knew there would be such a response from the public. My bald look is actually for filming purposes, because the character I portray undergoes a lot of change. I always have to wear wigs and am scared that the glue would harm my scalp. I thought it’d be easier if I just wear a bald cap! Since I looked so funny, I wanted to post the photo as a joke.”

When asked if he has ever thought about becoming a monk, Francis replied honestly, “Yes, I thought about it one time, but it was only once! I attended a few days of short-term practice to experience what life as a monk was like.

Reportedly, Dad With Peeling Skin is an adaptation of one of Hong Kong’s earlier stage dramas of the same name. Francis would have to portray his character from 1-year-old to 100-years-old, which requires advanced acting skills. The plot speaks of how his character becomes a year younger every time his skin peels. Francis expressed, “Filming has been tedious, but it’s quiet fun! After all, we just started.”


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  1. Francis is so old school. Doesn’t he know that smartphone now adays has front view camera? xD <3 him.

    The movie plot reminds me of A Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    1. @jjwong

      I like it, it’s a nice touch. An artistic photo. Less narcissistic than a regular selfie. Plus everyone does them the regular way anyway, so boring :/

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