Michele Reis Makes Acting Comeback in Yu Zheng’s “Yanji Pai”

Hong Kong actress and former beauty queen Michele Reis (李嘉欣) will be making her acting comeback after 10 years!

The 49-year-old The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk <方世玉> actress is reportedly receiving 50 million yuan for her appearance in the upcoming acting variety show Yanji Pai <演技派> (roughly translates to “acting talents”), produced by Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> producer Yu Zheng (于正).

Yu Zheng teased fans and viewers on Weibo of the comeback of a “top goddess”, which he later revealed to be Michele Reis on Sunday.

On the show, Michele will play Yang Guifei. Reporters have also spotted the actress coming in and out of the set at Hengdian World Studios as of late.

Michele’s last acting performance was in the 2009 film Bodyguards and Assassins <十月圍城>, in which she had a guest role. Michele has semi-retired from acting after her marriage to Julian Hui (許晉亨) in 2008. According to reports, Michele’s decision to return to acting was because she wanted a “breakthrough” in her career. She also felt that it was a good time to return, as her son Jayden is now turning older.

Brigitte Lin (林青霞) and Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) will also reportedly make a comeback on the show. Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), alongside Chinese actors Zhang Jingchu (張靜初) and Zhang Songwen (張頌文), will be judges. Like other shows of its caliber, Yanji Pai is a “PK-style” competition, in which competitors are separated into teams and take up a series of acting challenges.

Younger stars like Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) will also join.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @anon Exactly, she’s just good looking guess that’s why they call her a VASE. haha…But honestly, she’s not the only one that does not have acting chops.

      1. @wm2017

        Yeah but she’s not even that attractive anymore, so she’s a non-goddess that can’t act placed in a TV acting competition show. Good grief!

        She has the money, so she’s definitely doing it for the fame.

        “But honestly, she’s not the only one that does not have acting chops.”

        Totally, I feel that most leading and supporting mainland actors and actresses can act. On the other hand, most HK “actors” and “actresses” are frauds. They are put in front of the camera because they got the looks.

      2. @anon Yes, my mom watches tons of Cdramas quite a numbers of years already and she’s totally given up TVB dramas a long time ago. When I visit her every now and then and saw glimpses of her series here and there I do admit most of the mainland actors/actresses can act even the younger generation. You just can’t compare to TVB stars as 99.9% are Ms. HK’s???? How can you expect them to act when all they did was compete in a competition and then straight to series. It’s like apples and oranges. lol

      3. @wm2017

        Not really blaming the actors and actresses per say, more like I am blaming TVB’s inability to scout, train and promote talent. Most new actors at TVB aren’t qualified leads and 2nd leads. It’s downright embarrassing.

        Promoting winners of pageants to be leading actresses was a stupid move to begin with.

  1. Reasons why the actors and actresses in China are better than HK is because those people went to University and studied drama. Those TVB majority are pagent girls but the rest are from the TVB class. TVB classes I heard have shorten the amount time to finish the whole class. Hong Kong has an academy of performing acts that provide degrees and diploma on drama. They should be like Mainland China recruit their actors and actresses there. That is how we got Vicki Zhao , Tiffany Tang, Zhang Ziyi etc. I am not sure if they are good actresses but at least better than TVB.

    1. @vortex123

      To add to your comment, many mainland actors and actresses went to acting school in China and received theatrical and classical training. Their skills and talent are very obvious when they are cast in ancient costume dramas.

      From the few TV episodes of an acting competition show that I watched recently when requested to act out a scene in the competition, it’s very obvious that these actors had classical/theatrical training and can act and re-enacted the scenes perfectly well, yet they are criticized immensely by the judges for their lacking/in-accurate/over-expressive micro-expressions.

      I was sitting there thinking that if there was an HK version of this show in the mainland. Most HK actors won’t even be able to act out 30% to the level of these mainland competitors and will get trashed profusely by the judge.

      1. @anon There’s a difference between being able to act and act spontaneously off the script. TVB in its heyday had EYT which was exhausting and also exhilirating for the talented actors and comedians. The only issue is none of them now had that quick on the feet sort of ability to adapt. A pity really. EYT was a great training ground. And TVB should hae a Star Search rather than bland Miss HK.

        Michelle Reis can’t act on any day so for her to do this sort of format is very brave of her. I don’t expect excellence, just ability to adapt and stay on her feet rather than be tsunamied by better talents. i hope they won’t be nice or merciful to guests.

  2. People educated and experienced in performing have accumulated countless hours through the years on stages, in front of audiences and in front of cameras. The Miss HKs and TVB acting classes are full of beginners that it will take years of generous opportunities to mould them in decent performers.

    1. @luye so true some ppl naturally talented in their career. For example my current job is to set up case costing department in the hospital. I have no prior case costing experience 10 months ago when I took this job. I took this because I always want to go to case costing but this was the only case costing job open at that time when I left my previous job.i had to leave my previous job because my manager brought in HR and put me on three month improvement plan with coworkers following me to meetings. Anyways in mere six months my case costing experience is more than someone who has been in this field 5+ years. The reason because my role is a lead role where I have to set up the department from scratch with no help from hospital because no one in entire hospital has case costing experience. The peers from other hospitals they have team of ppl so they don’t have 100 percent explosure to case costing and manager tries to hold some stuff no letting them have experience. When I took this job I didn’t have manager this new manager has no experience either so I am pretty much left on my own in the dessert. It is because all these i quickly have caught up to those with 5+ years experience.

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