Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan Roast Each Other On Stage

The cast of TVB’s upcoming drama My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人>, including Frankie Lam (林文龍) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), promoted their new show in Po Lam this past weekend. The romantic comedy premieres today on TVB Jade and TVB’s on-demand streaming service, myTV SUPER.

The event became a hilarious trash talk battle between Frankie and Jessica. Jessica called her leading man a cheapskate who doesn’t have a habit of treating people. In a game segment where Jessica tied Frankie up in a chain, the actor roasted Jessica with a comeback of his own: “Hey Jessica Hsuan, there’s no point of tying a man’s body if you can’t even tie his heart! I’m talking about all ethnicities!”

Frankie’s words seemed to be implying that Jessica could be in a relationship with a foreigner. In a later interview, Frankie clarified that he actually has no idea what’s going on in Jessica’s private life, saying, “When I was younger and watched her interviews, she sounded like she’s very broad in her selections. She’s not tied down to any country.”

“Coincidentally I have two foreign friends,” Jessica explained. Asking if she was in a relationship, she said, “I’m not. Stop listening to him! You definitely won’t be seeing him at our next promotional event!”

Reporters then turned to Frankie for more questions, who said, “I actually have nothing to reveal. I don’t want to die!”

Although Frankie and Jessica play a couple in the show, viewers won’t be seeing them kiss onscreen any time soon. “We actually don’t have any,” said Frankie. “But I do have some kissing scenes with Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Lena Li (李天縱).

Meanwhile Stephanie Ho (何雁詩), who was at the event to perform the drama’s theme song “I Don’t Know How to Act Cute” <我不會撒嬌>, has been going through some negative press due to her revealed relationship with Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘). Stephanie admitted that she’s been feeling pretty stressful: “It’s like all the energy’s been drained out of me, but I feel that I’ll become stronger when this is all over.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I saw the series MV. Throughout the whole thing, I kept thinking, shesh these people are freaking skinny! Is it the way this 4k technology they used make all of them look like a stick figures or are they all (male included) this skinny IRL?

    1. @jjwong Did you watch the first episode? The ratings for the first ep was average 24 points, peak at 25 points, which most mainstream media outlets are considering “high” due to it being a public holiday (which I say is BS but that’s just me, lol). Saw bits and pieces of the first ep and seriously was not impressed…probably will just make my mom watch it and give me the scoop, lol.

      Coincidentally (and I say this because of the HKTV connection, lol), Dominic Lam got invited back to film a new comedy series with Nancy Sit (ok, it’s more like Nancy asked Dominic, who lives and works in Canada now, whether he would be interested in returning to HK for a little bit to film a series with her). Now, as much as I can’t stand Nancy Sit and her exaggerated acting (and don’t really like the rest of the cast of that new series either), Dominic is a magnificent actor whom I adore, so might be tempted to tune in, even though I know the series will be silly (and maybe even idiotic) given that it’s TVB brand of humor…

      1. @llwy12 I have not seen the first episode. What are you not impressed with? Acting? Camera? Esthetic? Story thus? Or all of the above xD I’ll give at least 1 eps since I do like Jessica. Though she plays the same role (headstrong with an undercover softness) since her debut. I find it funn when she said in an interview clip that this character is something she hadn’t play before. Every actor/actress say that in every interview and every series. Lol.

        I like Dominic but can’t stand Nancy. So you should watch and let me know if I should watch 😉 lol. You can be my “mom.”

      2. @jjwong All of the above, lol. Yes, there was a bit of “movie-feel” to it, but then again, other series have had that same effect too so didn’t really make a huge difference to me. And so far, the series seems to lack substance – the first episode was bland….nothing drew me in and made me want to continue watching (and no, I don’t give a hoot about the characters’ cup sizes, lol). In a way, not starting off on the right foot, as the opening segment (first episode for TV series) is tremendously important, so already feeling like wanting to drop the series is not good, lol. Though I guess the series shouldn’t be entirely to blame, since it doesn’t help that I’ve also been re-watching a lot of old TVB series lately (been doing a marathon “re-watch” of Detective Investigation Files, since they posted up all 4 installments on encoreTVB…I’m currently on DIF III, which is actually my favorite installment of the franchise, lol….despite having watched all 4 installments dozens of times, still enjoying every minute of it!). For me, it’s hard to watch TVB’s current series right after watching their older classics because the disparity in quality is too huge (also too hard not to compare)…ends up ticking me off that I’m going from watching a great series to, well, “severe downgrade”….

        Dominic and Nancy series – Hahaha….we’ll see, since I haven’t really made up my mind yet. It was just costume fitting ceremony and they haven’t actually started filming yet, so still a ways to go. Unfortunately, I don’t have much confidence in TVB anymore, so even with my favorite artists in series, I’m reluctant to waste my time.

      3. @jjwong Yup…that’s what all the artists say…but I guess that’s better than saying the script was what attracted them to film the series (which used to be the number one reason artists would give)…knowing how crappy the TVB’s scripts are nowadays, definitely not a good idea to go that route, lol. By the way, Jessica’s character is pretty much the same as the characters she always plays, at least from what I can see in the first episode. And Frankie’s character is similar to his character in Hidden Faces (at least so far).

        In terms of the aesthetics – I think that if I hadn’t seen those same type of aesthetics before, I would be impressed. But seeing that I already saw all that (and then some) with HKTV’s series, there is no “wow factor” anymore….it feels déjà vu, like TVB is just now waking up and taking the things HKTV already did with their series and applying them to their own.

      4. @llwy12 Saw episode 1. So right that Jess plays the same chars she always played. Called it. Esthetic does look better BUT like you, it has been there and done it. That’s what they get for not taking the initiative. Everything the do now will be a second rate copy of HKTV. With TBONTB, they at least showed the diff between mainland and hk through more relatable and less facade way. I mean, come on, boobs, really? Do something with more substance. And crap, why is it about fighting for a man? Can’t it be about careers or actual life? Shesh. Why woman must beckon to man now aday anyways, even in career? Lastly, can’t believe they get praise for the phone screen call out, lol, so old tech.

      5. @jjwong LOL…like I said in our other discussion, I found it extremely ironic that both Frankie as well as the scriptwripters and producer all mentioned their stints at HKTV as being one of the main reasons why this series even exists. From the 4K real location filming idea to the season 1/season 2 format, the realistic theme and relatable subject matter, the close interactions with audiences (the producer and scripwriters are constantly in discussion forums interacting with netizens and taking their feedback into consideration), etc., all of it is essentially direct copy of what HKTV did (Frankie pretty much said as much in his most recent interview with Mingpao Weekly, which coincided with an interview with the behind-the-scenes “brains” of the series – the scriptwriters and producer. I actually laughed when Frankie boasted about already having filmed two 4K real location series at HKTV, so this series, while it may be a new filming method for TVB, is not new for him.). So basically, all those fans out there who are praising this series and TVB, you should technically thank HKTV and Ricky Wong. TVB’s only “credit” to this series is that they took a page out of Ricky Wong’s/HKTV’s book and for once, they gave the production team the freedom to do whatever they wanted with it, which obviously is paying off for them.

  2. the quality of the drama and the way it was shoot looks very different from the typical TVB, im kinda impressed TVB is finally injecting money but will see if its any good though.

  3. The cinematic feel is nice. I guess TVB is finally catching up with the times but I’m not sure if I’m really feeling the story. It’s just another cliche feud between office colleagues drama.

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