Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan Cast in New TVB Drama “The Woman Who Doesn’t Know How to Flirt”

According to the latest scoop in Hong Kong entertainment media, Frankie Lam (林文龍) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) will be returning to TVB this year to shoot a comedy drama-series for TVB’s streaming service, myTV SUPER. The series, titled The Woman Who Doesn’t Know How to Flirt <不懂撒嬌的女人>, will be myTV SUPER’s first official original series after its launch in April 2016.

myTV SUPER currently has two exclusive programs released. Its first exclusive program was the two-part film series A Time of Love II <愛情來的時候2>, released on May 28. Its second original production was the sex-comedy series Come With Me <性在有情>, which premiered on June 4. Both productions were made a year before myTV SUPER’s official April launch.

According to the source, The Woman Who Doesn’t Know How to Flirt will be TVB’s first series to be filmed in 4K display resolution, at 2160p. It is four times higher than 1080p, the current definition for HD. The source also adds that the drama will be a major production, as the crew behind the project is outsourced.

Besides Frankie and Jessica, current TVB artists Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) will also star.

Frankie, one of TVB’s hottest stars in the early 2000’s, joined TVB’s brief rival station HKTV in 2012. His last TVB drama was the 2008 police procedural, Forensic Heroes II <法證先鋒II>.

At HKTV, the 48-year-old starred in three series: Hidden Faces <三面形醫>, Night Shift <夜班>, and Sky Net <天網>. The latter, however, was unable to complete production.

In regards to his TVB return, Frankie said it’s because most of his HKTV coworkers, including producer Kwan Syu-ming (關樹明) and writer Chu King-kei (朱鏡褀), will be working on the series. More details of the drama will be revealed at a large-scale press conference this coming July.

Jessica, on the other hand, left TVB after starring in the SDU series Tiger Cubs <飛虎> in 2012. The actress balanced her career with both Mainland Chinese television dramas and Hong Kong films in the last few years.

Vincent and Natalie expressed their glee in Frankie and Jessica’s return, and are happy for the opportunity to work with the two senior actors. Vincent said, “Jessica and I collaborated in Gun Metal Grey <刑警> and Tiger Cubs, so we’ve gotten close. However, this will be my first collaboration with Frankie and Natalie. I am confident that we’ll have chemistry.”

Both Vincent and Natalie declined to reveal more details about the drama. Natalie said, “I cannot reveal anything until the press conference. The company is attaching a lot of importance to this drama.” (Are you worried about it being shot in 4K?) “I still don’t quite understand what this aspect is about yet! All I know is that I’m really looking forward to this drama!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. wow this is surprising Frankie talk so much crap about TVB when he left for HKTV…. anyway if this is all true I am happy to see Jessica, if only Frankie wife Kenix would make a return as well. Anyway it never gets bored to see senior actors/actress.

  2. wow i never thought frankie would return back to TVB, but i’m happy to see him again! hope this new drama with Jessica won’t disappoint! wish it was airing on tv and not on mytv super though…

  3. Frankie is so full of crap. He said he would leave HK entertainment if HKTV doesn’t get granted a licence, add to the fact that he also talked a lot of trash about TVB, yet he returns.

    This guy has lost all credibility with me.

  4. Omg. I want to see them again, especially I don’t remember them working together on a series nor pairing up before. Why is it only on myTV SUPER? Mmm… All I can say is I want Felix Wong, Sheren Tang, etc., back to TVB series. They might have said something negative about TVB but have you thought they were just lying? People with experience might have more comments, but that’s normal. Grace and Sisley don’t have the nerve to say anything like that. So what’s to complain?

    1. @rainbow28 They starred together in Witness to a Prosecution, it’s a pretty old series but one of the classics.

      Never thought Frankie would return either after all the negative things he said about the company. He’s not a very strong actor but I gotta say he does have charisma for some reason on screen.

    2. @rainbow28

      What do you mean by lying? He said it on-air on public television sharing his feelings towards his former employer (TVB). There’s no need for him to say what he said, it’s not like HKTV pointed a gun to Frankie’s head demanding him to speak negatively about his former employer. It was his free will to say what he did, and he said it.

      Frankie is a mediocre actor at best. I won’t miss him if he’s no longer in the industry.

  5. The title of the series very well described Jessica lol. I’m excited to see Vincent and Natalie pairing up. Natalie really has charisma. She’s also so capable of playing any kinds of role too. Frankie, not really. Happy to see veterans are coming back to TVB but was not a fan of him. I only remember him as a bad guy in some older series lol.

  6. I think Frankie Lam did say something nasty and mean about TVB publicly, and not just something bad based on his experience with TVB.

    Sheren Tang never badmouthed TVB. She just complained about the “flying paper” script that she got on a daily basis when filming “Beauty at War”, and she could not get herself prepared for the appropriate acting and emotions in a scene. Besides it was an ancient drama series ………… dialogues were something written in classical Chinese and they were not easy to remember. It was a true fact. Chow Yuk Ming was famous for “flying paper” scripts in all his drama series. As a result, Sheren Tang was publicly boycotted by TVB during the airing of “Beauty at War”.

    Anyway, Sheren Tang had always been a very strong actress while Frankie Lam was not. I am sure more people have missed Sheren’s acting and screen time in TVB drama series than Frankie Lam’s.

    1. Agreed 100%! Frankie Lam downright trashed everything about TVB. It’s monopoly, it’s inability to compete, crappy productions, etc, not just his personal bad experiences.

      I miss Sheren as she’s a much stronger actor than he will ever be.

  7. Really a suprise a traitor still can have face to return back to tvb after all the negative things he had said. Even joined the road protest before. Seriously such people is hopeless. But of course tvb wont be so cruel. Sure can let him return as long as he has a thicker face!

  8. I’m also surprised that TVB invited Frankie back….they must be desperate right now (which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise given the competition with ViuTV, plus i-Cable’s free-to-air channel launching within the year since they already have license in hand).  As for my opinion on Frankie – well, he has always been a “hit and miss” actor in my book.  Given the right role, he can be very very good and put in a memorable performance, but if the role doesn’t suit him, his performance can be quite boring.  Take his 2 most recent series for example, which were HKTV’s Hidden Faces and Night Shift – he was very good in Hidden Faces and was able to stand out the most amongst the 3 male leads in that series (which wasn’t easy given that his co-star John Chiang is such a great actor who also put in an excellent performance)…I actually enjoyed Frankie’s performance a lot in that series.  With Night Shift though – I don’t know how else to put it, but Frankie was boring as hell in there….Dominic Lam absolutely outperformed Frankie in that series and rightfully so too, given that Dominic is an amazing actor in his own right and always enjoyable to watch….even Frankie’s co-star, newbie Kathy Yuen, stood out more in that series than Frankie did (Kathy’s acting was raw, but her performance was memorable). 

    Frankie and Jessica have collaborated before so it’s not like their pairing is refreshing or anything – and to be honest, both artists on their own are not necessarily ones I would get excited about in the first place.  Compared to the previous news of Gallen Lo and Liu Kai Chi returning (both of whom I was super-excited about), the reaction to this news was pretty much “ok, whatever” for me…

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