Gallen Lo and Bernice Liu Play a Couple in “Infernal Affairs”

The serial drama adaptation of the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs <無間道> held a press conference on Thursday night. The drama, a reimagining of the original Hong Kong film, stars Gallen Lo (羅嘉良), Him Law (羅仲謙), Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Toby Leung (梁嘉琪), and Derek Kok (郭政鴻) in lead roles.

The drama’s special behind-the-scenes footage was shot with 360 degree cameras; upon hearing this, Him Law immediately put on a VR headset to enjoy the clips.

It has been eight years since Gallen and Bernice’s last collaboration, the TVB drama When a Dog Loves a Cat <當狗愛上貓>.

Playing a couple with Bernice, Gallen shared that he had to kiss the actress about “four to five times” while shooting a romantic car scene the previous night. The onscreen pair kissed several times for different camera angles.

“The car did not shake though,” added Gallen with a laugh.

Gallen then jokingly asked Him if he had any “car shaking” scenes, referring to the scandal he had with wife Tavia Yeung (楊怡) a few years ago. Him merely smiled and shook his head in a humorous manner.

Him plays a couple with mainland actress Jolie Zhu (朱銳). While Gallen said he didn’t need to “report” his kissing scenes to his own wife, Him said, “I definitely had to!” Gallen then joked, “Smart kid.”

Him shared that Tavia has visited them on set before, but it was not when he had to kiss Jolie.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. They have callobrated in When a dog loves a cat…..

    Berne looks pretty though..wish she would return to tvb…

    1. @kitty05 Actually they go even way back. Bernice guest starred in Golden Faith which Gallen Lo was the lead actor (and won Best Actor) in.

  2. I’m confuse is this a TVB serie or a joint project? There’s ex-TVB actor/actress with TVB Him Law which is confusion.

    1. @vodka It’s NOT a TVB series and the project is not affiliated with TVB whatsoever.  The project is helmed by Tommy Leung (who left TVB several years ago and now is the head of production company Media Asia’s television arm) and is a collaboration with Mainland China.  All of the HK actors/actresses participating are not current TVB-contracted artists (if I remember correctly, Him Law still films for TVB, but his career isn’t managed by them).  Since Media Asia owns the rights to Infernal Affairs and it’s one of the biggest name movies they’ve distributed over the years, makes sense that they would try to further capitalize on the franchise with a TV series that is essentially a remake of the movie (though personally I think it’s a dumb move because everyone is going to compare it to the original no matter how hard they try to differentiate it)….

  3. Can they (HK entertainment industry) please stop making TV versions of popular movies and movie versions of popular TV series?  It’s getting really annoying!  The HK entertainment industry needs to start coming to terms with the fact that the “glory days” are over and no matter how hard they try to piggyback off of past successes, it’s not going to be the same.  They need to stop butchering classics and instead, come up with their own ideas for a change!!

    With this Infernal Affairs TV remake, the thing I find most annoying is how “wishy-washy” producer Tommy Leung and his team have been.  First they announce the project as a “remake” of Infernal Affairs, but then when people start pressuring them about the cast being a “joke” and how Gallen and Him are no comparison to Andy Lau and Tony Leung, Tommy changes his tune and says this is not a “remake” but rather “inspired by” Infernal Affairs and therefore has nothing to do with the original movie, so he asked people to stop comparing to the movie.  Now they are changing back to the TV series being a “remake” of the movie (at least that’s what came out of the press conference – plus the name of the series is exactly the same as the movie, with even the logo looking very similar)?   Make up your minds, people!  

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