Gavin Gao Case Update: Translator Speculated of Leaking Court Case Details

The 7th court hearing for the assault case involving Gavin Gao (高云翔) and Wang Jing () in Sydney, Australia was held on September 20th. The judge granted a court continuance, as the prosecutors wanted to more time to discuss about the final charges. The defendants are required to submit relevant documents to court by October 18th, while the prosecutors’s deadline is October 30th. The eighth court hearing will be postponed to November. A “key witness” will appear in court.

Both Gavin and Wang Jing are currently under trial in Sydney, Australia for sexual assault, which occurred in March 2018.

The September 20th court hearing was Gavin’s second court appearance in three days. According to a local report, Gavin’s translator is being investigated for violating confidentiality laws, as he may have breached details of the court case to public. This would deem Gavin’s testimony as unreliable.

The speculation came about after Gavin’s translator started to show off his new lavish lifestyle on social media, along with random updates here and there that divulged details of Gavin’s assault case. The news regarding Gavin being granted bail was leaked to the public on the day it happened, and the source came from the translator. Local media reported that the police have been investigating the case, and if it is proven that the translator was the initial leaker, then any evidence turned in by the defendants may deem unacceptable. Gavin could be charged with accounts of aggravated sexual assault in company by Australian law, an offense that can lead up to life in prison.


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  1. “if it is proven that the translator is the initial leaker, then he will be charged with aggravated sexual assault in company by Australian law, an offense that can lead up to life in prison.”

    How does leaking confidential information lead to aggravated sexual assault charges? Bad reporting or a bad translation?

    1. @anon maybe because the leaks will lead to evidences and witness created because people wants to be involved with the case, instead of being genuine? Basically all evidences for him will be under reviewed, that’s why it said “may deem unacceptable”

  2. There’s some real problems with this post and the Gavin Gao reporting in general. This is not how the legal system or court procedure in Australia work.

      1. @anon That’s what I was thinking too, lol. I’ve read articles from both Chinese and English-speaking media and the reporting is way different. This is why it’s always good to read from a wide variety of sources, even if it’s about the same subject, as some media are just outright unreliable and/or incompetent so it would be a bad idea to rely solely on one or two sources for information.

      2. @anon
        “Do you expect the Chinese media to be competent? Lol”

        I don’t think we should generalize this statement. There are good & bad reporters everywhere.

  3. Court case is public, and so all court documents public. All evidence must be informed earlier, so public. Court can order for close hearings. I think what the translator did was before case went on he leaked private confidential info.

  4. Now the translator is involved? Who hired him/her? If official translator, he/she should be hired by the court. I think the translator in question may be hired by Gavin and Wang.

  5. If he really leaked the information be the court date(s) – he can really mess up the case. He should heavily be punished.

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