Gavin Gao’s DNA Found in Blood and Other Stains

Above: Gavin Gao (also known as Gao Yunxiang) with his daughter.

Mainland Chinese actor Gavin Gao‘s (高雲翔) sexual assault case was heard in court today. The outlook for Gavin’s case continued to look grim as the 35-year-old actor’s DNA was found in blood and semen stains on the pillowcase of a Shangri-La Hotel room, where the alleged attack took place.

Gavin, along with Wang Jing (王晶 ), were arrested for forcing intercourse with a female production worker after the “wrap up” party for Love in Aranya <阿那亞戀情> took place in March.

However, Gavin’s lawyer, John Korn, said that witnesses on the film set claim that the victim was interested in Gavin. Also, crew members saw the victim and Wang Jing kissing passionately in a karaoke bar hours before the alleged attack took place. CCTV evidence showed that the woman did not put up any resistance when entering the Shangri-La Hotel with Wang Jing.

Trying to prove that intercourse was consensual, Gavin’s defense lawyer continued to push for bail. Since their arrest, Gavin and Wang Jing have spent the past three months in the Silverwater Correctional Complex, the largest prison in Australia. Gavin is now under protected custody as he was taunted by inmates due to his star status.

Gavin’s wife, Mainland actress Michelle Dong (董璇) and their one-year-old daughter have moved to Sydney to support him during the trial. The defense lawyer argued that if Gavin were granted bail, he would not flee Australia.

Despite the proposed offer of $3 million in sureties, Justice Lucy McCullum was skeptical over Gavin’s relationships with the guarantors aside from his wife. Justice McCullum will announce the decision on bail application tomorrow.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Wow!! This is like a TV drama. Thought this guy can somehow be 50/50 innocent? I guess not.

    1. @wm2017 If the defense lawyers can prove the sex was consensual, Gao Gavin can still be released. But his career is already ruined.

      1. @jayne That is what the defence is trying to do when they asked for the karoke club CCTV footage. It may work in China but I think it may be more difficult in Australia. Even wives/girlfriends have the right to reject sex if they do not feel like it in some countries. The DNA found in semen and bruises on the girl’s legs point to some form of resistance (unless defence can prove the lady loves rough play). And I do not think entering the hotel room without resistance means consent of sex. They may be adjourning to the room to discuss work? Unless CCTV shows they can’t wait to take out their clothes enroute to hotel room!

        All in, it does look bad for Gavin. Feel sorry for his family. China and Australia do not have extradition agreement hence Australia is unlikely to release him unless the judiciary is confident Gavin will turn up for hearing. This being a high profile case is not working in Gavin’s favour. All eyes will be on the case whether any form of fairness is applied despite his celeb’s background.

    2. @wm2017
      How can it be 50/50? Cannot be arrested, charged and then rejected bail on a 50/50. They must have significant evidence. Only way out is that it was all done with consent but it’s likely there will be enough injuries to disprove this theory…

      1. @jimmyszeto lol…haha I mean based on his looks and I don’t follow on a lot of China celebs news but we hardly hear negative news about the guy so I was just thinking he probably got framed like in a TV drama? That’s why I say 50/50 but w/now w/DNA and such…sigh…he’s dead meat no matter what. Career is probably down the drain whether he is found guilty or innocent. I didn’t know the woman is married? Lord, what a real life complicated drama.

      2. @wm2017
        The only money this Gav guy can make from showbiz now is if a production company offers to buy the rights to make his story into a movie. Apart from that he’s done for good…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        Not necessarily as we can see from the whole Edison Chen and other incidents,if they can all be forgiven with time, I am sure Gavin will have another chance too. It will just take time. Time will erase or at least fade many things.

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