Gigi Lai Gave Birth to 8 Pound Baby Girl, Pegella

Gigi Lai (黎姿) gave birth to an 8-pound baby girl on October 8. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) who stayed in close contact with Gigi, confirmed the news and revealed that the baby’s English name is Pegella, while the Chinese name has not been decided yet. Currently staying at Cannossa Hospital, Gigi and her newborn daughter are doing well.

Marrying wealthy businessman, Patrick Ma (馬廷強), in 2008, Gigi retired from acting and has kept a low-profile since. In 2010, Gigi gave birth to a pair of twin girls. Gigi’s time is occupied by caring for her children; she relishes motherhood and the simple joys spent in the company of loved ones.

Photographed earlier with a bulging mid-section, speculations arose as to whether Gigi was once again pregnant with twins. It was also rumored that Gigi was carrying a boy in her second pregnancy, but the gender mystery of her baby is now finally confirmed to be a girl.

Patrick Ma was reportedly ecstatic over Gigi’s second pregnancy and lavished her earlier with a new house and yacht, totaling $430 million RMB. Patrick allegedly gave Gigi an investment sum to expand the operations of Cosmax, a beauty center that she has been managing for her younger brother, Lai Ying (黎嬰), since his debilitating car accident five years ago.


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  1. I think and bet there will be a 3rd attempt; for a son since articles says they now have 3 daughters.

      1. Cathy only has 3 children. The third one was a boy.

    1. My first question was also ‘will she try for a 3rd?’ when I first read the article. Previous news did state that Gigi tried to give her husband a son.

  2. Pegella sure is a unique name. (I actually had a female Pegasus in my mind…)

  3. Congrats!

    Yeah, I’m sure the couple will try for a son. Well, they say the third time is a charm.

  4. How do you pronounce Pagella? Is it “Gella” like hair gel?

    1. Pa as in Papa? Gella as in Gel-la? Of as in g sound?

      I also don’t know. Sorta complicated.

      1. Oh a latin word. Yes you’re correct! Just checked.

        Being Chinese, maybe will end up as “Page La”

      2. It’ll become “Peggy” in English circles I think…

      3. I just love this webiste!! You guys are sooo funny and creatively thinking??

      4. You guys are making me laugh ! Can’t say I’m too keen
        on the name but is different.

      5. If I had a child with such a distinct name, may as well go the whole hog and nickname her Gelly/Gellie!

        The name will be a little weird if her parents decide to send her overseas to study. Judging by TVB’s track record of designating English names, perhaps it’s not so “out there” in Hong Kong…?

    2. I think it’s a hard G b/c it sounds Italian / Spanish.

      I think Gigi Lai’s other two daughters’ names are Patricia and Gianna, which are also European-sounding and I think Gianna is also an Italian name.

  5. Pegella is an awful name. Congratulations to Gigi and her family. Welcome to the world, Little Pegella.

  6. Congratulations Gigi! Happy to know you have a safe delivery! May your children grow up happy and healthy! As for a boy…. only time will tell.. if one can afford it, why not have more children right?

  7. Congrats to the couples! Three daughters, I wonder how they look when they all grow up, I hope as beautiful as Gigi!

  8. that’s just my cousin in hong kong. three girls. geeezzz…three little princesses!!!

  9. doesnt matter if a girl or boy as long as the child is health and born into a loving family.. x

    1. Well said. Whenever anyone asked me about what I wanted when my wife was pregnant, all I ever responded was “a healthy baby.”

      1. I agree and it is sad that there is still a strong preference for a boy. It is good to have boys and girls so there is a balance,but hey what take what we get because we can’t pick. Anyone is lucky to have kids since there are many that want kids but can’t have any…

  10. Congrats to Gigi and her husband on their new baby!!

  11. 🙂 aww, they can be the “Wild Swan” (3 girls)

    Pegella– i definitely would like to see an interview where she came up with that name since i tried to goggle/bing the name up and there is like no real name with it…Also, how come they came up with an English name before a Chinese one???

    Be Healthy Gigi Lai + her family ^O^

    1. Because they usually gets a fortune teller to come up with the best name for their daughter, like the strokes and characters etc.

  12. Relatively heavy baby by Asian standards…if in the future they want the #4 to be a boy, Patrick, the husband needs to get a full medical check-up to include his testes for a good sperm count and good luck.

    1. I wouldn’t say bad luck, a child is a blessing and unfortunately not everyone can have kids so even having another girl is a true gift. Like another person commented earlier, it’s not in your control.

  13. The name reminds me of flagella. Anyways, Congrats to Gig I and her family.

  14. Congratulations to Gigi ^_^ So the media was wrong this time cause i heard recently Gigi was going to give birth to boy twins? Haha the media these days.
    All the best to her,her hubby and daughters

  15. Guy,

    May I ask something? Why I’ve always seen that in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, celebrities tend to find english name first before chinese name? For example, Sonija Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Ada Choi, Roger Kwok and Gigi Lai. When I read article about them having babies, they always said that they hadn’t decided chinese name yet. I knew that some of them are christian and that’s why they founded an english name first for them but some of them aren’t really christian but they acted like english name is much more important. Is this the culture that currently happens in Hong Kong that they emphasize more on english name instead of chinese name, or does this just happen in HK’s entertainment industry?

    1. It’s precisely because the Chinese name is important that they took longer time to choose a name. Like Nicole said in her earlier post, Chinese parents usually find a fortune teller to give the child a good name. The name need to match the child’s birth date and has good strokes, elements and meaning. English name is not that particular.

      1. Really? But I thought they just need to translate their english name to chinese name or maybe the other way round? Because when we use translation, usually their chinese and english name match.

      2. Correction for my comment above.

        Because when we use translation to translate their chinese name to english name, usually their chinese name and english name match.

      3. @ Purple

        Some parents did do this way. But, nowadays, most get the help of fortune-teller or think for a long time to get a meaningful Chinese name.

        I also believe that the adult celebs (especially those born in HK) who have English name that match the Chinese name gave themselves that name when they are adult or their peer gave them that name.

        Do you know that Chilam’s, Leehom’s and Ekin’s real english name is actually Julian, Alexander and Dior respectively?

      4. Kidd,

        I knew that when we translate Wang Lee Hom in chinese character to english, it will show Leehom Wang instead of Alexander Wang. Not sure about Chilam and Ekin. But the irony is that Leehom isn’t an english name, so maybe Leehom is Wang Lee Hom’s middle name and Alexander is his given name (correct me if I’m wrong).

        However, I don’t understand why some people translate their chinese name(character) to english name, it really shows an english name, but when translate back that english name to chinese name, it doesn’t show back the real chinese name. How come? Which name is the one that they initially chose? The chinese or the english one?

      5. Kidd:Do you know that Chilam’s, Leehom’s and Ekin’s real english name is actually Julian, Alexander and Dior respectively?

        Yes, I know that.

      6. @ Purple

        “but when translate back that english name to chinese name, it doesn’t show back the real chinese name. How come? “

        This, I really don’t know. Maybe those who are born overseas like Leanne Li did get their chinese name from their english name. As for others, the chinese name could be their stage name and not their real name, like Arron Yan. His real name is Wu Geng Lin, but, he uses Yan Ya Lun as his stage name, which is a transliteration of Arron.

        Note: Nowadays, Arron’s english name is spelled as the standard ‘Aaron’. But, I remember he himself used ‘arronbubest’ as his wretch blog url. So, I continue using Arron.

  16. Gigi has a small frame, carrying a 8 lb baby must have been very tough!!! Congrats anyway!

  17. Pegella is a combination of all the family’s names.

    Patricia – Patrick
    Gianna – Gigi
    Pegella – The family’s names together. P for Patrick, G for Gigi and A for he twins.

    Srly, I can’t believe she came up with it, lol It’s different…

    1. I wonder what name they’ll come up with if/when she gives birth to a baby boy. 😛

    2. That is the most confusing explanation ever! I get the p for Patrick , g for for Gigi, but pls explain the twins part!?!? Where did the A’s come from!?! How does it explain the E’s and double L’s! Most made up name I’ve ever heard. Besides those African American made up names like D’antoine, lakeisha, LaWanda etc

      1. I’m sure the couple had to make up the other letters to come up with the name. They probably just wanted to include 1 letter from each member of the family.

  18. The A’s in Patricia and Gianna. I’m guessing that’s why her third daughter’s name also ends with an A.

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