Gillian Chung Embarrassed Charlene Choi at Their Concert Held In Macau

Charlene Choi and her ex-husband Ronald Cheng Chung Kei’s divorce controversy has been the talk around town for quite some time. At the Twins’ concert held in Macau yesterday, Gillian Chung commented that since the court proceedings support fair distribution of net worth upon divorce, Charlene could have inherited a fortune!

Charlene emphasized that her divorce proceedings had been completed and that she had no intention to share her ex-husband’s assets. When Gillian kept saying it was such a waste to not take advantage of it, Charlene felt really embarrassed and replied to Gillian, “I really don’t need it !”


Translated by Gossip Godiva, a JayneStars Contributing Writer.

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  1. Come on gillian, charlene isn’t a money hungry whore like you are. ^_^

  2. I smell some jealousy. Saying it one time is alright, but a couple is too much. This really shows why there are rumours of them wanting to split before.

  3. Yeah, Charlene doesn’t need that inheritance. Gillian probably shouldn’t have shared that with the audience. It’s already a sensitive issue for Charlene.

  4. I think the main reason why Gillian came back to the entertainment world after the whole Edison incident was b/c of money. She’s all about the money.

  5. LOL, Like Gillian is the only one out for money. Even Cecilia came back for the money!Lets face most Hong Kong artists are in it for the fame and money. Once you experienced it once then its hard trying to work a regular job . We really can’t fault her on that.

    Anyways, It look like Twins had a successful concert even though the media kept hounding Charlene about divorce. issues.

  6. True, money spoils you. Once you’ve had a better lifestyle, your quality of life is elevated and there is no turning back.

  7. every one works for money, who is not, shouldn’t we give Gillian a chance instead of attacking her, unnecessary remarks should be avoided while commenting about Gillian and no one is a perfect being. All of us make mistakes in life.

  8. I don’t mind being spoilt by money. They say money doesn’t make you happy but that’s rich people talking. Give some to me and I will show you joy.

    And yes everyone works for money. You want be charitable you work in a charity. Even non profit organisations pay they top men loads of money.

  9. Yes, everyone makes mistake, and giving someone a chance is good, but people are upset with Gillian here for the comment she made about Charlene’s divorce. Mentioned it once, it’s a joke. But repeatedly, that’s very wrong!

  10. Gillian probably had nothing to say on stage..that’s why she kept mentioning the divorce.

  11. Gillian intend is to shame Charlene indirectly. At the same time, wants to gain popularity. She think divorcing is a good issue to shout to the whole world. She is so so stupid – not a smart girl. If she think of herself as Charlene’s friend, she should shut her ‘big mouth’. Wonder why the Hongkong people still want such peabrain celebrity like Gillian around. Should have her put in cold storage, maybe she forgot she was once upon a time a cheap bird.

  12. I so agree with u Ekinfan!!! honestly i dislike Gillian alot and yes she is sure trying to gain popularity again. just like Edison slowly making his way back into the industry..

  13. Gillian’s remark is certainly very thoughtless, but, I don’t think she has any harmful intention. She’s just ‘talking without going through the brain’.

    I think her joke is distasteful. Throughout her ordeal, Charlene never used her misfortune as a joke.

  14. I don’t think divorce is worse than what Gillian went through herself. In fact compared to practically showing your self to the world (ie nakedness), divorce is nothing. I think Gillian didn’t mean it as a joke nor an insult. She was probably stating the facts; Charlene, go for the assets so to speak.

  15. Yea, Gillian def went overboard w/ that one, I get it if she said it once but many times is too much. It rly gives a hint of her personality, Charlene didn’t act like that during Gillian’s sex scandal.

  16. @Funn

    It’s not about who had it worse. It’s about being tactful and considerate.

    Right after Charlene announced her relationship with William, there came this unfinished divorce news. It’s bad press. If you were Charlene, you also would not like to talk about it in public. Is it not enough that the press keep on harping about it, not leaving her alone? Her good sister also need to join in?

    If Gillian is concern, she can talk to Charlene in private. You don’t see Charlene bringing up the sex scandal and giving Gillian advice in public, do you?

  17. Okay, I agree Gillian can go overboard with her comments sometimes but I highly doubt she said that because of some evil plot she secretly planning against Sa. Besides, Sa was embarrassed not pissed off so I don’t see the big deal.

    They both have their share of bad news but I don’t think either of them would intentionally hurt each other. Despite how outsiders look at their friendship, they looked to be much closer than ever.
    Charlene herself is fighting to keep Twins alive which says something.

  18. Never liked ‘Twins’ but I admire Ah Sa, such a brainless and insensitive comment towards her ‘chi mui’… but what do you expect after all from a tart who gets herself into a mess with a piece of rubbish like Edison Chen pfft

  19. Cmon Charlene’s way smarter than gillian. Ronald Cheng wouldn’t have married charlene If she wanted a share of Ronald cheng’s fortune in the first place. G is inquisitive, not forgetting dumb and naive, hence the sex scandal! Period!

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