Gloria Yip Desperate for Money After Bitter Divorce

Life was never the same for Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀) since her much-publicized divorce with ex-husband Chan Pak Ho (陳柏浩) in early 2001. Gloria, who was discovered by a Japanese talent scout when she was just a teenager, enjoyed fame as a popular film actress and singer in the early 1990s. Her artiste career had expanded to Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, and she had released over fifteen singles and albums in Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and also Korean.

She settled down with Hong Kong toy tycoon Chan Pak Ho in 1995 and chose to retire from the industry to enjoy marriage life. She had two kids with Chan, but in 1999, Chan’s extramarital affairs were exposed to the public, and there was proof of him visiting brothels. They called for a divorce in 2000, but Chan’s refusal to provide alimony for Gloria stirred the media, and the former couple had to battle in court. They finally parted ways in 2001, and Gloria earned full custody of their two children.

During this time, she received the support from her good friend and mentor Eric Tsang (曾志偉). Eric attempted to pave a road for Gloria’s return to the Hong Kong film industry, but Gloria struggled to obtain significant film roles. With a low-paying job and two children to look after, she took up many behind-the-scenes production jobs. An insider said, “During those days, Gloria was willing to do anything for money, even demoting herself to work behind the scenes. It’s a good thing that she has a talent in embroidery and clay sculpting, so she later took advantage of that.”

In 2008, Gloria graduated with a diploma at the Hong Kong Art School and received a master’s degree in fine arts at Australia’s RMIT University last year. Her sculptures have received critical acclaim, and she was the only Hong Kong representative to enter the top thirty at the Arte Laguna Prize, an Italian competition for visual art pieces. In 2012, Gloria opened up an art studio school with close friends in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Gloria dated two times since her divorce with Chan in 2000. A source said, “Gloria had a lot of pursuers after her divorce. She once dated an office worker called Paul, and then dated a hairstylist called Daniel for a few years. However, because she has to take care of her kids and also busy with her jobs, she couldn’t commit to the relationships.” The source continued to say that Gloria has lost interest in finding a new relationship, and is instead focused on managing her art school and family.


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  1. She still look very pretty for her age. Slim down a bit and with right hair style and clothes she will look youthful.She looks similar to Rosamund kwan.

  2. wow I really admire her working so hard and taking care of her kids at the same time is definitely not easy.

  3. That divorce was years ago. But I do think the ex husband is a jerk for not providing for his children. Perhaps all these years he has done his duty.

  4. And why do these starlets still keep thinking that getting a rich Prince or old tycoon interested in them, is the key to long term happiness?

    And giving up their own opportunities at peak, to get married.

    After nasty cruel breakups keep happening 20 yrs into a long term relationship, or worms are exposed in the rot behind the happy wealthy facade of being a society tai-tai?

    Having their own ability to be financially independent is key to their own achievements, independence and emotional well being.

    1. I agree and many think that they can just sit back to enjoy themselves I after getting married to a rich guy is so wrong. They never know when they can divorce since anything can happen. It is always better to make your own money and be financially independent.

    2. In Singapore, there is Woman’s Chapter to protect the women & children.

      What about Hong Kong?

  5. “During those days, Gloria was willing to do anything for money, even demoting herself to work behind the scenes.”
    Sorry, but I find the above sentence hugely offensive. They make it sound like working behind the scenes is something to be ashamed of…um, hello…look at how many big name actors/actresses long to be directors, producers, or take up other “behind the scenes” work! Argh…hate the way alot of these tabloid articles are written nowadays.

    1. Totality agree and I was a bit offended by that statement too. Many actors and actresses dream of being a producer,director, scriptwriter,etc… In fact, many of the established actors and actresses now work behind the scenes only so we do not see them on screen anymore which is why many wonder what happened to them. Great to know they are still active in the circle though,but sad to not be able to see them on screen.

  6. i never really know gloria yip is that popular artiste during her fame comparable to sandy lam, faye wong, priscilla chan, shirley kwan in 1990s as that era cantopop never highlighted gloria yip fame..i glad hear she is a strong feminist who put down her once diva-ego to raise her 2 kids after divorced…thats what mother’s love to kids are indeed…happy know she is doing ok now and never falls for any tycoon wishful thinking as guys with loads of money 99% will flirt…

    1. Yes,she was very popular back then so it us sad that she gave it all up just to,end up in divorce. That is why I feel a women should always hold on to her career even after marriage so that you can be financially independent just in case anything happens,you can still support yourself and your kids.

  7. i never knew that gloria yip was so popular and famous
    !!!!!!!!!!! and even had songs and albums that are sang
    in english,Mandarin,korean,and Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. and cantonese!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 which i speak cantonese
    and i wanted to learn Korean and Japanese in language
    class this year in 2014 at school!!!!!!!!! and plus mandarin
    if i susses!!!!!!!!!! in those three languages such as mandarin,Korean,Japanese>.<

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