“Go! Go! Go! Operation C9” Producer Praises Samantha Ko’s Performance

In currently airing TVB drama Go! Go! Go! Operation C9 <C9特工>, Samantha Ko (高海寧) stars as a former secret agent who tries to live a normal life after marriage. Samantha’s portrayal impressed Producer Leung Yiu Kin (梁耀堅), who praised the actress’ ability to capture the multifaceted character. Despite the story centering on secret agents, the producer also pointed out that a bigger message is to bring out the importance of family love.

Leung Yiu Kin enthused over Samantha’s acting, “She was able to portray a delicate and darling type of woman whose husband dotes on her. She also had to switch personalities, and become a strong-minded and tough female agent. It is not an easy task for an artiste to switch mindsets like that, and Samantha did a splendid job.”

Reflecting on the drama, Leung Yiu Kin stressed that the significance of the drama is not to highlight secret agents’ skill sets, but to focus on the importance of love and familial relationships. “To a certain degree, the majority of people feel that the heroes are the ones doing great things. In the drama, Kenneth Ma‘s (馬國明) husband character selflessly protects his wife. From my perspective, people who are willing to give it their all to protect, care, and sacrifice for their family is a true hero.”

A subplot in Go! Go! Go! Operation C9 revolves around how Samantha gets along with her stepson. Recalling a memorable scene, the producer shared, “There was a scene where Samantha planned to celebrate Mother’s Day with her stepson.  However, Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜), who stars at Kenneth’s ex-wife, deliberately sabotaged the event. Three days later, they were finally able to celebrate the occasion as a family of three, and Kenneth gave Samantha a sweet surprise too.”

Aside from Samantha’s role, Leung Yiu Kin also praised supporting actor, Brian Chu (朱敏瀚), for his performance. “Brian portrays a young man who only plays video games all day and depends on his family for allowance. However, he does not make the character unlikeable. Instead, the feeling you get is one that is rather casual and comfortable. It feels different from the other more serious roles he has played in the past.”

Source: Hket

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t know, I don’t dislike Samantha but TVB keeps pushing drama after drama and it’s always her as the lead… its gets really boring very fast at this pace.

  2. Im not a super fan of Samantha either havent watched the last series of hers but i pick to watch this one cause of Kenneth i went by 3 eps already not to bad but i still cant believe they swap Ruco series into a later time slot now that was a real disappointment

  3. This role is prob the best one out of the four. Is the story original? No but it’s cute and light hearted to watch. Exactly a filler drama.

    Excited for LW3 and LM2!!!! The Him law/Kelly show also seems interesting.

    1. @tt23 Agree it’s light hearted and cute. Has a dbz feel to it. Also it could be the reason they changed it due to political reasons… China Towns has a story about corrupt cops in it… And obviously as well all know what’s going on in hk.

      1. @exodus

        Reports that Chinatown was dropped was that, China censors haven’t approved its release and TVB and China tv wanted to broadcast simultaneously in both regions…
        it appears to be pushed back til 2021…

      2. @mulder99 Got to love CCP/PRC then with it’s censorship sheesh. What’s really there to censor then with Chinatown? It’s a film set in Thailand too about Chinese people living there…

      3. @exodus

        Nothing to do with cops scenes , as TVB have already broadcast series with cop themes and Line Walker 3 is in the schedule for release this year

  4. I havent seen a TVB series for quite some time so I am not in the position to comment about Samantha’s performance but the idea of her just doesn’t appeal to me. As I read the synopsis I kept thinking why not Grace Wong? She has the body, the looks, the skills to play this character which she played before except that was a serious drama. I mean if I have to choose 1 woman in TVB to be a superhero, its gotta be Grace Wong. She gives me the Black Widow vibe. I feel its such a wasted opportunity but maybe she was considered or she couldn’t do this series. Samantha Ko doesnt give me the feeling of lightness on her feet to be someone highly skilled or nimble. And Kenneth is practically the supporting here which is fine. He works best as supporting at times. But since its a comedy why not cast a comedy actor who doesn’t look painful acting cute? I can almost imagine Kenneth’s expression in here.

    TVB has been making uninspired casting decision or storyline that just none of them memorable. And No producer will criticise their leading lady unless they want to quit TVB. No one is that ungracious.

    1. @funnlim Ohhhh I agree with you about grace. Definitely better for the role. Sam is not bad but grace can do better. Sometimes watching her do the agent scenes is a bit cringe.

  5. This drama isn’t bad at all, it has some very good touching moments.

    I think most people would agree though, is that it replaced Chinatown out of nowhere, and this is the 3rd consecutive drama that has Samantha Ko in it, and it gets real repetitive when you air her drama 3 times in a row.

  6. Her again? I don’t understand why must put her series again instead of any other while waiting for China Town. Not particular like or dislike her but too many in months.

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