Gordon Liu: “I Do Not Want to See My Own Children!”

Since suffering a stroke and entering a nursing home, martial arts star, Gordon Liu’s (劉家輝) wife and children from his second marriage allegedly have been eyeing his assets. In an interview yesterday, Gordon stated that he did not wish to see his two children, hinting at a family filled with tension and strife.

Since Gordon’s children, Kris and Sonia, were turned away at the nursing home on three occasions while trying to see their father, they claimed that Gordon has been manipulated into severing his family ties. Kris and Sonia felt that their father was easily influenced since his mind was unclear after suffering from a stroke.

As the Liu family’s scandal continued to escalate, Gordon accepted an interview with the Hong Kong media yesterday. The 57-year-old wished to prove with his actions that his mind was clear, stating that it was his personal wish to not see his own children. Gordon hoped that his assets will be properly protected by the law.

Gordon’s Children Pressured Him to Transfer Assets

In an interview with Next Magazine, Gordon acknowledged that his children, Kris and Sonia, were after his assets. Despite his stroke, Gordon still had to pay money to take care of his children. Asked whether he wished that his son, who was in his twenties, would take care of him instead, Gordon nodded his head and said, “Yes!”

An insider revealed, “While Gordon was still living in the Prince district this March, his wife and two children asked him to transfer his assets to them on a daily basis. There is still a chance that Gordon will recover and he wished to reserve some money for living costs. Why was it necessary to split his assets so quickly?”

The insider hinted that Gordon’s health condition was neglected. “For several weeks, his family did not take him to the hospital for followup visits.   What is their motive? Gordon wanted to see the doctor because he wished to recover. Although he is paralyzed, his mind is clear. Realizing that his family is pressuring him, he continued to buy time, until someone can help him! Finally, Gordon’s elder sister from the United States and his friends helped him escape!”

Gordon’s second wife, who is currently in Thailand, indicated earlier that she wished to transfer him there so she can take care of him. Gordon stated that he did not wish to go to Thailand, while refraining to comment further on the state of their relationship.

Severing Ties With Two Children

Although severing ties with his wife and children from his second marriage, Gordon has remained in touch with his other family relatives and friends. Gordon’s friends from the entertainment industry, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Bryan Leung (梁家仁), have visited Gordon at the nursing home and are currently trying to help him with his medical bills.

Gordon Liu is currently undergoing physical therapy for partial paralysis of the right side of his body since last year’s stroke.

Source: Ming Pao, Next Magazine #1174 via ihktv.com

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  1. It’s sad that such a sad situation should arise, quite unbelievable too that he should not want to see his own children. Probably in the first place there was very poor or hardly any good relationship between them. Whatever it is I feel sorry for all of them.

  2. I got the feeling he is abdicating his responsibilities to his daughter and son.

    1. there is no longer any responsibiities.. thy r in their 20s.. the least thy cn do is tke cre of him..

    1. WOW! Seriously is that really him? So sad 🙁

      I wonder if his children from 2nd marriage and wife are indirectly responsible for his stroke. Otherwise there would be no reason for not seeing them. No info on the children from 1st marriage?

      It’s obvious that they are after his assets. From the other article the wife agreed to a divorce, but demanded half of his assets transferred to the son. Damn the man is not dead yet and he also has 2 children from the 1st marriage.

      The children should just go and make a living for themselves instead of eying their father’s assets!

      1. Exoidus, I believe the agreement to divorce happened several years (2009?) before his stroke. So for half the assets to be transferred to the son.. Idk, sounds pretty reasonable :P, since At that time his daughter will only be 13 and his son will be 16-17? If he wants the best for his kids, he should provide for them at that age, shouldn’t he?

      2. LOL, how is that reasonable Nicole?

        According to the previous article his total assets were estimated to be abt HKD 7.5 mill today and half of that HKD 3.75 mill.

        I suppose the amount is abt HKD 2 mill in 2009 which is a very conservative estimate. Ignored the discount rate and taking into consideration the increase in property prices abt 85% since 2009.

        Even with a monthly allowance of HKD 10000 to both his children till they turn 18 (5 yrs daugther and 2 yrs son) the amount will be less than HKD 1 mill with a good margin.

        He should provide them with a proper education but the son obviously needs to take care of himself by now.

      3. In your case, you are talking about his legal duty to provide for his kids until the age of 18. However, we know that isn’t the case for chinese parents. How many asian parents provide beyond that age for their kids? Do chinese parents just wash their hands off their kids when they come of age, or they will continue sending them off to University, doing their laundry for them, letting them stay rent free in their houses due to the high cost of living?

        Include the overseas cost for Education for both kids, and we will see that the numbers are reasonable. Do note that Gordon was the one who wanted to send his kid to Singapore for even high school. Thus your 10k HKD a month may even be under-budgeted, as he would probably have attended a private international school.
        http://www.jaynestars.com/news/gordon-lius-wife-denies-eyeing-his-money/ When he was healthy and could have afford it, would he not have wanted to send his kid for further education in US or UK?

      4. Guess you are right asians treating their grown up kids like babies, LOL.

        Nothing wrong with the University of HK pretty high ranked in the world i.e no need to study abroad. Besides no one is stopping them from taking part time jobs.

        Conclusion: the budgeted HKD 4 mill is not enough as rasing a kid is never ending journey, LOL

      5. Of course, we all know that HKU is good. But how many places are available, esp if we are talking about a popular course like law or medicine. And how many of bright and enthusiastic applicants can get in?

        I believe it was reported that the budgeted 4 mil was only for the bare minimum. If the parents wants to send their kids to private school or overseas universities, it should be much more.

      6. But he is not healthy now. So one must live according to the circumstances.

      7. Indeed, but I was replying to exoidus’ comment about his wife being greedy when she wanted half his assets (when he was healthy).
        I would say that in 2009, when he was still healthy, it would not have been an unreasonable or greedy request.

      8. Now it turns out that half his assets isn’t that much. What if he only had HKD 1 mill would she demand it all or if he had a net worth of HKD 100 mill would she still just request the amount recovering living expenses and tuition fees?

        Besides why make such a request in the first place? I assume Gordon wouldn’t run away from his “obligations” as a father.

      9. Well, if he only had 1mil HKD assets, he might not have wanted to send his son overseas for high school? as it would have been hard paying for that even then. Thus, I’m assuming that during the point of their divorce, if he was able to afford to send his son overseas for high school, I would have believed he would have budgeted for his overseas college education as well, as overseas college education > overseas high school education.

        You never know what men will do, if they get a new wife. Like Gallen Lo? Wasn’t it reported that his new wife didn’t want him to spend so much time with his son, and he did agree. Before the news came out, say about 5 years back, would you have assumed that Gallen would not run away from his responsibility as a father?

      10. You are viewing this from the perspective of a woman so ofcourse you will support her 😛

        We also have fathers like Sunny Chan and I assume there were no indication that Gordon would run away from his responsibilities.

        Moreover, ppl would normally want to see their children esp. when sick, so obviously something is not right here.

      11. Nah, I’m not supporting her, but I do feel that when Gordon was healthy in 2009, her demands at that time were not unreasonable, as I believe at that time, Gordon was able to afford it and he did plan for his son’s education overseas. But, I do not know what is going on at the moment, and they might be conspiring to get all his assets for all we know.

        Of course, we would all wish to have a husband or father like Sunny Chan, can he be my dream man now? LOL
        But remember, 10 years ago, people were praising Gallen Lo for sticking to his wife when he became popular, even though she was so, so plain. But who is to know what would happen in the future? I believe, Gordon’s 2nd wife in 2009, just wanted to buy some security for herself and her children. Think about it, we haven’t seen anything regarding the 2 elder daughters, or the previous wife. No news about them going to visit him, just his friends from the entertainment industry. What could have driven them to ignore him completely?
        I believe your assumption will not hold, based on how his two kids from his first marriage treats him.

      12. Btw, you are seeing this from the perspective of a male unable to recognise the inadequacies of his gender 😛

      13. I do understand the “insurance” issue, but can’t help to feel that in this particular case she is just being greedy.

        The future is unpredictable, then why bother worrying abt it too much and not enjoy life instead.

        Agree why haven’t we heard anything from his children from 1st marriage? Maybe not tasty enough for the doggies idk. Or maybe bc he isn’t the best father in the world, but at least they are not asking him to transfer assets.

        If the children from his 2nd marriage doesn’t want to visit him, take care of him etc it would be fine. However it seems rather obvious that they are after his assets.

        Inadequacies? nah how can I not recognize as we are constantly reminded here, LOL

      14. half his assets r abit too much.. though i agree wth u at tht time 2009 he has to provide for his kids.. nowhere in whatever article it was said tht he did not do so.. now in his time of need the kids hve to buck up n step up tke cre of him.. even if thy cant do it financially at least emotionally be there for him.. not to create more trouble.. n asking for money. another if u saw the othr article his wife said she borrowed money from her relatives.. what does tht got to do wth gordon..

      15. nicole it was said tht he gets along well wth the other family.. so i assume thy r caring for him or at least visiting.. it could be the other family do want to be in the limelight wth all these mess.

      16. i was on my son ever since i turn 18.. yes i agree tht chinese parents do care too much abt their kids.. even when thy r grown up

      17. Actually his “other family”, meant his niece and her family, and other relatives. It’s in the pictures on the chinese article. Nowhere, does it mention his daughters from his first marriage. If the article bothers to identify his niece, they would have identified his daughters if they were there.
        Also, a previous article has mentioned that his children, both the two young ones, and the two from his previous marriage, rarely visit him.

  3. Please, keep your mind open to this matter. Just because the media said so, doesn’t mean the media is always right.

    Your own personal assumptions along with the media is not helping Kris and Sonia at all. What Gordon, Kris, and Sonia needs right now are our support.

    Let’s all hope for a fast recovery for Gordon. Also, hopefully, Kris and Sonia will be able to visit their father as soon as possible.

  4. Poor guy. I really hope he will recover soon so he won’t be stuck in a wheelchair. As for his children, he can deal with them after he is recover!

  5. I think people shouldn’t be thinking of assets. They should be thinking of recovery. Instead they gave him no hope and wanted to make sure that he would provide for them after death!!! Which is understandable but there is a time and season either before his illness or after he makes a full recovery. Not when someone is down and out , you start to talk about finances. What about the love for your husband or father!!!! There was a time when they were a loving family that should never stop because of differences you stayed with him for twenty years. What happen people !!! money has become more important then Life!!!!

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