Gordon Liu is Safe, But Refuses to See His Son

Above: Gordon Liu with his son Kris, in a photo taken last year.

Martial arts actor, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), is safe and sound. His 21-year-old son, Kris, panicked after losing contact with him since February and called the Hong Kong police yesterday to report that Gordon was missing.  Due to the strained father-and-son relationship, Gordon did not wish to speak directly with Kris and asked the authorities to relay the message to him.

A stroke in August 2011 left Gordon wheelchair-bound and in financial disputes with his wife and two children from his second marriage. Gordon felt that his family did not care about his well being and was only interested in his money, pressuring him to transfer his financial assets to his two children.

Despite his strained family relations and Gordon’s refusal to see his two children at his nursing home last year, Gordon continued to pay monthly living expenses of $5,000 HKD to support them as of last month.

No Desire to See Son

Perhaps Gordon decided to “disappear” because he wished to escape from his family. Kris maintained that his father has been influenced by an unnamed individual in refusing to see the family.

On March 7, Kris confirmed to the press that he has heard from the Hong Kong Police Department that Gordon is safe. Kris said, “My worries are lessened after learning that my father is safe. The police said that he didn’t wish to see anyone. I don’t know what happened. This makes me want to see him more and listen with my own ears what is the misunderstanding, so I can explain to him. Otherwise, I feel deeply saddened and helpless!”

Amy Fan is New Guardian

Gordon had sizable savings of several million RMB which he had entrusted to his personal assistant of five years, Eva, since his stroke. Since December, Eva has not been able to contact Gordon and still has access to his money, which she hoped to return to him.

After the news reported that the police was investigating the whereabouts of Gordon, actress Amy Fan (樊亦敏) stepped forward and revealed that she is Gordon’s new guardian.  Amy said, “Gordon is doing very well. He is in a safe place. Many people have seen him. If he wishes to see that person, he will be able to do so. But he does not want to be disturbed now.”

Amy further indicated that Kris had wasted the authorities efforts as he knew to contact Gordon through his lawyer.

Source: Oriental Daily; 21Cn.com

Note: This article was updated on March 8, 2013 at 2:13 PM after additional information regarding Gordon Liu’s situation surfaced.

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  1. Glad to know that he is found safe and sound…

    1. HeTieShou,
      I hope Gordon is with someone he can truly trust.

      I wonder if he also had a dispute with his assistant, Eva, as she lost contact with him since December. But she has access to his lifetime savings though.

      The situation doesn’t sound good.

  2. Is the boys filial piety just an act or true? Considering how his father is reacting…

    1. Nicole,
      I’m also wondering the same thing. But Gordon seems estranged from many of his family members, and now his once trusted personal assistant as well.

  3. They should leave him alone. He’s old and weak now. Let him live his life. I feel sorry for him.

  4. Gordon can always donate all his money to charity and not give any money to his family or his new girlfriend, after all his son is all grown up and should be able to take care of himself, same with his new girlfriend

    1. Well he can’t donate, he must pay for his medical bills and future living cost, I don’t think he will be able to work again… quite sad… he looks like 70 now…

  5. Actually Lau Ka Fai’s new guardian is Fan Yik Man. Yesterday she said, “starting in January this year I became Brother Ka Fai’s guardian. His situation is great, he is at a safe place. Many people have seen him, anyone he wants to see would be able to see him. They know where he is and he doesn’t want to be disturbed. The change is Brother Ka Fai, his sister and his niece’s wish. With a lawyer and a psychiatrist as witnesses, a legal document was signed.” As for Sin Chun Lung reporting to the police that his father’s whereabouts is unknown, she said, “Someone is wasting police effort, they know that they need to arrange with the lawyer to see their father. They have already contacted the lawyer, but they still contacted the police; I am just a guardian, I don’t need to answer to them. I can only say that the law is protecting Brother Ka Fai.”
    Got this news from TVB news world.

  6. Woah… this story is so similar to the program GPS series broadcasting now

    1. I was thinking the same thing. So sad! Hope he will be ok.

    2. Reality Check(心路 GPS)in realty showing HK social family problems.Money come first

      1. I really enjoy this drama. Could be this year Best Drama if the voting system continue just like last year

        Louise Lee acted so well ..TVB queen ?..lol

  7. don’t want to see own son? wonder what happened, between better not had any children in the first place, earn money go round the world and have a plenty good feast

  8. Hope somebody is taking care of him. Old age is like a curse if you are wheelchair bound. He was full or energy before that stroke.

  9. not sure gordon will be seeing this, wishing him best of health

  10. i feel he is a irresponsible man..he left his wife for another and had a child with her, no matter what, he still is a father to his son..why is he so scared of meeting his son/ he don’y have to meet him alone. surround himself with body guards, lawyers, and what have you. meet the son and tell him the truth..what can the son do to him with so many people around. how can the son force him to hand over his fortune if he does not sign it over..there’s more to it than this. but whatever it is..be a man for once.

    1. she acted in ‘chess warrior’, has anyone seen the show, bet she’s not that good of an actor, else she would not have so much time to take care of gordon

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