Grace Chan Announces 3rd Pregnancy

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), 53, and Grace Chan‘s (陳凱琳), 31, heartwarming family is about to grow bigger! Grace announced on Instagram today that she is expecting a third baby!

Sharing a video clip of Kevin touching her growing baby bump, Grace wrote, “The Most Precious Gift in the World. Life may be unpredictable, but it is undoubtedly full of beautiful blessings. Which is why we are excited to share our joy and happiness with everyone today: Our family is about to grow even bigger! Thank you in advance to all the well wishers and we can’t wait to meet the baby.”

Responding to the congratulations, Kevin said, “Thanks to everyone’s blessings…thanks to [God’s] arrangement. I’m really satisfied!” As he and Grace are experienced parents, raising their third child should be easier.

Since getting married in 2018, the couple has two sons, 3-year-old Rafael and 2-year-old Yannick. Despite the couple’s 22-year-age gap, Grace sees Kevin as her soul mate. Giving him “100 points,” Grace notes that Kevin’s maturity enables him to take care of her, and get along well with her parents. Best of all, Grace loves looking at Kevin’s handsome face. “I really cherish my husband, so people would say I am crazy in love with him. I really love him and sometimes I would tell him that he is very handsome.”


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    1. Really? I’m not, both are more then capable in the bedroom as we can tell with their 2 kids! Congrats to them.

  1. Congratulations to Grace and Kevin! I assume they’re chasing for a girl. Hopefully it’s a girl otherwise they will probably try for baby #4 next year!

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