Grace Wong Makes Out with Lisa Chong in “OMG, Your Honour”

The cast of TVB’s OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>, including Grace Wong (王君馨), Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), Louisa Mak (麥明詩), Hugo Wong (黃子恆), and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) promoted their drama during an event at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O. Among the clip broadcast for the drama, there was a scene of Grace and Lisa Chong (莊思明) kissing madly in a restaurant’s walk-in freezer.

“That scene was very cold to film, but the acting was very hot and passionate,” Grace said. “It was my first time kissing a female colleague. I wasn’t too nervous because I’m familiar with Lisa.”

The scene finished successfully in one-take even though it was both actresses’ first time kissing another female in a drama. “Afterward, I messaged Mat Yeung (楊明) complimenting him for knowing how to choose (girlfriends),” Grace said. “Lisa’s lips were the best.”

In the drama, Grace and Ben acted as newlyweds and filmed a lot of intimate scenes together. She revealed there’s a scene where ear biting was involved. Since it was at a supermarket, a lot of passersby, especially the elderly, surrounded them to watch. “Filming that scene was very embarrassing,” Grace said.

When asked if her husband, Daniel Zhang, will be upset, she said, “I didn’t tell him about it, and he doesn’t even watch TV. He probably won’t find out. He doesn’t need to see it.”

However, when she was filming for the drama, she would go home, hug him, and told him how grateful she was that he was nothing like Ben’s character in the drama. Grace and Ben’s relationship takes a turn for the worse when Ben begins to treat her coldly after half a year of marriage.

Contrary to Grace and Ben’s rollercoaster relationship in the drama, Louisa and Hugo portray a couple with a very dull love. Louisa revealed that the role was challenging and really tested her patience since her personality is more passionate in reality.

When reporters mentioned famous lyricist, 58-year-old Calvin Poon Yuen Leung (潘源良) married his Canadian girlfriend, Rita, who’s 17 years younger than him, in Toronto on September 22, Grace mentioned Rita was her church friend when the actress first came to Hong Kong. “I didn’t know she was getting married. I’m very happy for her. Congratulations to them.”


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  1. Can’t judge before I see it but I hope it’s not some unnecessary fan sevice crap. On another note, why is it always girl-on-girl and never guy-on-guy? I almost every hk drama I’ve watched with gay couples, it’s always the girls being intimate and not the guys.

  2. I’m glad that TVB is finally accepting the LGBT community. I’m seeing a lot more same-sex couples in the recent series. I do hope they will step up more and have a MC who is gay instead of just a minor character but TVB is still quite conservative. Any small step is a still a step forward.

    1. @iciel I don’t have high hopes, sounds like bait to me, as much as I hope for more LGBT representation in TVB, I’m afraid this is just marketing strategy for the show and the actual script wouldn’t commit. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though!

  3. From TVB’s standpoint. I think the addition of a same-sex couple in a TV series is inauthentic. It feels like an exploitation – like the token gay or token lesbo. Or just trendy.

    It’s one thing if they play a pivotal role in a drama, but otherwise it feels like they’re there to amp up ratings. Representation is powerful & all, but only if it serves a purpose. Dumping some token Asians in movies, however accepting it might feel, still cheapens their value.

    1. @coralie I hear you about the tokens but I disagree that ‘representation needs to serve a purpose’ just give me a regular gay couple or people in the show living their happy life or just be characters that exist, because gay people exist. It’s better if they play pivatol roles of course, but if not then I’d still be happy for acknowledgement of existence as for now given TVB’s past records.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly you bring up a good point. i guess I’m contradicting myself. i do want Asians in American movies, no matter how trivial the role, because I think representation even in filler characters, is important for showing that we’re part of the American fabric. on the other hand, when i see Asian people in American movies, who play vapid roles with no depth or significance, i can’t help but roll my eyes at the blatant sycophantic tactics they employ to draw some extra bucks from overseas audience. it cheapens our value and feels like exploitation. similar to seeing the addition of same-sex folks in ebiz.

        so i see value in trivial, exploited position they sell us, but it still feels inauthentic and cheap.

        i guess i can’t reconcile the differences because I’m both drawn to and repelled by this action haha.

  4. Why are there so many cheating/affairs going on in TVB drama series nowadays? No matter whether it’s a woman or a man that Grace is kissing, that is STILL cheating when she is married to Ben. This drama just became terrible with all the love scenes. Would have been a good legal drama that focused purely on justice, and not romance.

    1. @peachyogurt agreed nowadays cheating/lesbian sell do they’re trying to be like the west with so thr politics. She’s kissing a old man and the she’s making out with her girl. Lol. Won’t be watching this lesbian fiesta

  5. This series has two male leads that I like – Eddie and Ben! Yay! But hope the series stays on topic with the judicial system and not stray too way with the messy love relationships.

    1. @elizabeth eel from what I can tell she will be in a love triangle with her husband and his rival lawyer and then there’s her being a closeted lesbian, plus this series is only 25 episodes so I doubt that.

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