Gregory Lee and Family on Shirley Yeung: “She Is Lying Again!”

In a recent Ming Pao Magazine interview, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) revealed that one of the reasons she broke-up with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) was incompatibility with his family while living together. Shirley revealed that Gregory was bullied by his elder brother, Augustine (李泳漢), and his mother, Shih Ming (施明). Yesterday, Gregory drove Augustine and Shih Ming to the interview site to meet with Orientaldaily’s reporter. It appeared that Gregory’s relationship with his family was not as terrible as Shirley had described. Appearing significantly more depressed than before, Gregory said he was on his way to work and declined to stay for a  [full-length] interview.

When asked whether Gregory read Shirley’s latest interview with Ming Pao Magazine, his eyes grew red and he said, “Yes. She acknowledged that there was a third party. She has hurt me deeply.  I hope she does not continue to talk more and hurt my family as well.”

Regarding Shirley’s allegations that Augustine broke Gregory’s arm in a family fight, Gregory immediately burst out that she lied. “That is not the truth. I injured my arm during boxing class. This did not involve my brother at all.” (Shirley claimed that you owed credit card debt and did not have plans to get married?) “Since we were together for nine years, why would I have no plans to getting married? I discussed marriage with her several times, but each time she said later and was afraid it would affect her career. I even saved some money for the marriage. I have more work engagements lately; why would I have credit card debt?”

Augustine Lee: “I Have to Clear My Family’s Name”

In an exclusive interview with Orientaldaily, Augustine said that Shirley ‘sullied her own lips’ and declared angrily, “I have to clear my family’s name!” Augustine indicated that from the outset, the Lee family only stated the truth. On the other hand, Shirley was interested in protecting her own image and each version of her story was different. Her recent allegations hurt Gregory deeply and did not have any evidence.

Reporter: Why are you  so certain that Gregory and Shirley only recently broke-up?

Augustine: During January to February of this year, Shirley sweetly hung onto Gregory and said she wanted to get married. We discussed the wedding gown, honeymoon, and banquet together as a family. She said that she wanted to hold a 100-table banquet.

Reporter: When Shirley moved out [in April], why are you certain that it was not due to breaking-up?

Augustine: Shirley’s reason for moving out was that she wished to reunite with her elder brother. She continued to come back to our house. She still has a lot of miscellaneous items at our house.

Giving Face in Bed?

Reporter: Shirley appeared at Gregory’s birthday in May. Did she only attend as Gregory’s “girlfriend” to give him face?

Augustine: After the birthday party, Shirley came back to our house and slept in Gregory’s room. She was giving face to him in this manner?

Shirley mentioned that she contributed to the roof renovation costs at the Lee family’s apartment. Augustine stated that Shirley was full of lies, as the roof leaking occurred prior to the Lees moving into the apartment five years ago. The Lees were currently in litigation with the owner due to this issue. There was no possibility that Shirley paid for the roof repair.

Reporter: Shirley claimed that your family treated her terribly. What is the truth?

Augustine: Initially, I did not want to talk about an incident which occurred before. One night around 2 AM, Shirley was eating dragon fruit in the kitchen. My mother wanted to enter the kitchen. Aside from not stepping aside to let my mother pass, Shirley acted as if my mother was obstructing her path and angrily told my mother to eat feces! The majority of the time, Shirley is ordering my brother around to do things. After returning home from work, she will say she was hungry and Gregory will cook a cup noodles for her. When she injured her foot, she needed my brother to prepare an herbal mixture and apply it for her. When something was wrong with the computer, she will cry loudly for Gregory’s assistance. Even her cousin, Yin Yin, remarked that Shirley treated my brother like a maid.

Still Complaining Despite Being a Freeloader

Reporter: Did Shirley lose her temper irrationally in front of your family?

Augustine: One time while we were eating steak, Shirley rushed into the bedroom and started arguing with Gregory. She shouted, ‘Without even bread and vegetables, how can you afford me?’ The next day, she complained to the maid that my mother had vicious intentions since we ate steak while she had a pimple outbreak. You can see how disrespectful her manner of talking is.

Emotionally, Augustine finally said, “I hope that Shirley Yeung will speak from her conscience and reveal the truth, without resorting to vulgar tactics. Now she is using these allegations to distract people’s focus. She was living and eating off us and still had to smear our family name. Our family name needs to be cleared!”

Lee Ka Ding: “Shirley Is Lying With Her Eyes Wide Open!”

In the Ming Pao Magazine interview, Shirley noted that she put in money and efforts for the Lee family. Shirley’s statement overheated Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), who claimed that Shirley “was lying with her eyes wide open!” When Shirley mentioned that she did not get along with the Lee family, Mr. Lee said, “Why did she not move out? I asked her about this, but she did not have any reaction. Now she is saying so much stuff, does she think I am retarded?”

Mr. Lee recounted past incidents proving his good memory. “She has treated me to meals before on several occasions: $61.50 (HKD) for a meal, $16.50 (HKD) for some small items and a pack of cigarettes, and the most expensive was a meal over $700 (HKD) to thank me for teaching her kung fu. She did not pay me for giving her horseback riding lessons. To help her build a dog house, I received two traffic tickets and did not ask for reimbursement from her!”

With Shirley claiming that the two families did not discuss marriage plans together, Mr. Lee said angrily, “She even mentioned how many banquet tables her mother requested at the wedding!” (Did you meet her parents?) “I met her mother on four occasions and her father only once, in 2002!”

Regarding his feelings towards Shirley, Mr. Lee said, “She is the smartest! I’ve been around for decades and I was fooled! Anyway, don’t stir me up or she will be in big trouble (唔好辣興我,唔係佢就富貴).”


Jayne: More allegations from the Lee family that Shirley is lying. Perhaps everyone distorted their version of the truth a bit. One clear thing that keeps reappearing is that Shirley and Gregory did not clearly break-up in Gregory’s May birthday celebration yet. Augustine said Shirley spent the night in Gregory’s room. They did appear in love in the photos, linking arms. I do believe that Shirley did not insist on breaking up with Gregory until June time frame.

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  1. Holy… Truth or not, Augustine is exposing EVERYTHING of Shirley just to clear his family’s name. I find that a bit over the top.

    1. How can Shirley possibly be that bad and still gregory love her so much? If it’s true, it is either one of Shirley’s tactic to break up with Gregory, or otherwise it’s just the Lee’s family not content with how well gregory is treating her.

      1. I don’t think I can believe everything Augustine says, didn’t he misunderstand that text message about Shirley saying she still loves gregory? When in fact, he only saw half of the text and made it into a whole complete story… hmmmm.

      2. Star,
        Shirley’s situation is very similar to a married woman living with her in-laws. A classic parallel to a woman and her conflicts with her mother-in-law. In this case, not only is Shirley at odds with just one in-law member, but the entire in-law family.

        From the Lees’ interviews, I suspect that they expected Shirley to treat them more generously, such as pitch in to pay for family expenses and meals, because she was living with them and she could AFFORD to do so. She made the most money among all of them. The fact that Lee Ka Ding was so sarcastic about the occasions that Shirley paid illustrated his contempt since in the Ming Pao interview, Shirley said she contributed to the family expenses.

        My impression is that the Lee family are not that well off and money was a BIG issue between Shirley and the Lee household. Shirley protected her own money and apparently did not contribute to majority of living expenses, since she believed that “she was only one person and Gregory, Augustine, and Shih Ming were three people in the household.” Who is correct in this instance? Hard to say because it’s a case of different monetary values and expectations.

        My own take on money: there is a difference between being frugal and miserly to the point of selfishness. You can be frugal and buy low cost items for yourself, but you can treat others generously if the capacity allows you to. Given the living arrangement and her earning capacity above all the Lees, I think she should have contributed more to the living expenses. Perhaps Shirley’s justification for not helping out as much while living in Kowloon Tong was that before moving, she had paid for the living expenses in older Sai Kung apartment, when Gregory did not have as many income outlets. Perhaps she rationalized that she paid for a few years in Sai Kung and now it was Gregory’s turn to pay more in Kowloon Tong.

        I also suspect money was one of the reasons why Shirley continued to live with the Lee household despite her complaints. She wanted to save money and not pay for her own rent. The living arrangement made everyone’s relationship worsen.

        Gregory looks very angry in the above photo, with the dead eyes and firm mouth set into an angry line. He is very protective of his family and again very difficult to ascertain whether he, along with his family, are denying various Shirley allegations to defend their name.

      3. Does Greg. dad live with him? The article mentions only Greg,Agustine and their mom living together.

      4. If i were in Shirley’s position, I would have paid 1/5 of the rent and bills.

        I think Augustine is enjoying his 15 mins of fame 🙂 If he doesn’t work himself, then he isn’t really in position to judge Shirley. Also, Greg should speak up for himself rather then let his family do the dirty work. Either they all keep silent, or he speaks.

      5. @Jayne: I agree… because she did mention in her earlier interview that the happiest moments with Greg was when they lived seperately and the problems started to occur when she moved in with them where all the family interactions appeared. And isn’t it bad that the Lee’s family is depending on a woman to be contributing so much? Augustine should shut up because he doesn’t even have a job and is not contributing to the family.

      6. @Lana:

        Certainly doesn’t seem like Gregory’s dad lives with them since Gregory’s dad and Gregory’s mom are already divorced.

      7. @Jayne,
        I totally agree with you about your take on money because my views are similar. If you are misery to the point that you are selfish, then that is not good at all. There are some people that are cheap to themselves but are generous to others. But there are some that are cheap to others but would buy themselves the best quality items. Therefore, I feel that when someone is frugal, it can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you are referring to.
        I think that it is a big pain to live with in laws if you do not get along. That happened with one of my friends and her sister in law could not wait to move out. Even though I may not believe everything that Augustine said, I also don’t believe everything that Shirley said either. I think it is true that she lived with them for many years just to save money for herself. I don’t think it is right to do that. It sort of felt like she used them all of these years and now just dumps Gregory and leaves. When you live with others, you should always pitch in(unless you did not have any money). She made a lot more but did not want to pitch in as much as she should.. I still don’t get why she had to live with his family?? Doesn’t she have her own family?? I think it would have been a lot better if she lived with her family untile they got married. But then again, I wonder if she did get married to him, would they still need to live with his family?? I feel that if you cannot live on your own, then what is the point of getting married?? I think a part of getting married is that you can be financially independent and live on your own.
        I think a lot things in this article are heavily exagerrated, but there may be some truth to it. Same with Shirley’s interview, there is some truth but some exagerrations as well. I wonder if the part about Augustine beating Gregory up and nearly breaking his arm has any truth to it or not?? If not, then I can totally understand how made Augustine is… That would be really messed up if Shirley just made it up… Anyways, I hope that his will all end soon since they have broken up and Shirley has moved on.
        I do sense that Shirley lied about when she broke up with Gregory and about her cheating on him with ANdy. IF she didn’t and still loved him, then why is she with Andy so quickly after the break up??? Usually if you love someone that much and just broke up, you would not enter another relationship so quickly. You would need some time to recover before you do….

      8. HeTieShou,
        Maybe there were several reasons for Shirley living with Gregory’s family instead of the pair moving out to live on their own:

        1. While Shirley and Greg lived in Sai Kung, his family lived in the apartment upstairs. Shirley mentioned that she paid the majority of the expenses at that time. She also noted that usually cohabiting couples split the expenses. After moving to Kowloon Tong, it appears she did not pay rent. Perhaps she did not want to move out with Gregory because it was expensive arrangement.

        2. Gregory’s family needed his income to support them. If Gregory moved out with Shirley, perhaps he will be unable to support two households, his mother’s and his own apartment with Shirley. Since his parents divorced and Augustine did not appear to make a lot of money, Gregory likely felt that he had to help out Lee household and live together to split expenses.

        3. Why did Shirley not live with her own family? It appears that her mom may be living with elder brother at the time. Shirley didn’t want to move out on her own and waste money? She didn’t want to live with just Gregory because of his family needing his support? Thus she moved into Lee household.

        However, this still doesn’t justify why she did not contribute to more living expenses while living with the Lee family. Even if she did paid for the leaking roof repair (of $10,000 HKD) for approximately 5 years of living in Kowloon Tong, that’s very cheap. She mentioned she would buy stuff home. Groceries are not that expensive and I doubt she had the time to buy all the groceries for the entire week. Shirley likely did not pitch in for the maid’s salary, since the maid did not take care of her needs.

        When financial resources are very scarce, I understand the need to watch every penny. However, by Shirley not sharing in a greater amount of the living expenses, this placed a much greater financial strain on Gregory to make ends meet.

      9. Shirley, Shirley, lies, lies, lies. She claim to break up with Gregory in February, yet after the birthday party she came to his house and sleep in his Bed overnight. Bad move Shirley, NEVER ever do that if you want to make it clear that you want to end it with Gregory.

      10. THANK YOU so much for this post Jayne, you analize it very well and you also very fair in your judgement too. Thank you, you are a great admin, and again thank you for all your hardwork on this site to bring us news in English, xiexie!!

      11. LeilaFan,
        I do try to be fair, but we all react in an emotional way to certain celebrity news. Some news can be related to our personal experiences, especially when it comes to love, breaking-up, death, and plain hurting.

        As tabloid news do not provide all the facts to what happened, we’re all probably curious about the facts that were not reported. JayneStars tries to fill in those missing gaps, through our collective reasoning together. Just adding my thoughts as to the possibilities. 🙂

        P.S. I used to read a lot of mystery novels, so I like to put together clues to form a bigger picture. Love detective reasoning stories such as Sherlock Holmes, but not a fan of typical violence and bloodshed in most crime genres.

        Tabloid news provide the clues and we are all “detectives” in this sense. Sometimes our reasoning can be wrong, but we can always go back and think it over again, similar to finding other creative solutions in our everyday problems!

        Btw, people say women love to put their imagination to work and fill in the gaps! That’s why wives and mother-in-laws always typically have problems getting along because women will analyze everything in a conversation, what’s said, what’s not said, your tone, your facial expression, and try to match behavior to form bigger picture.

    2. @Star:

      Well, I think to be fair, if what Shirley had said previously about Augustine allegedly hitting Gregory was a pack of lies then Shirley obviously didn’t consider giving them any “face” so why should Augustine give her any “face” too?

      If Shirley had lied about Augustine hitting Gregory then I do understand where Augustine’s anger is coming from as these are serious allegations and having a sibling whom I love very much, I would be as angry or even infuriated too if anyone had slandered that I had hit my sibling.

      However, with that said, I do feel that there are a few doubts in Gregory’s and Augustine’s statement above.

      “When asked whether Gregory read Shirley’s latest interview with Ming Pao Magazine, his eyes grew red and he said, “Yes. She acknowledged that there was a third party. She has hurt me deeply.  I hope she does not continue to talk more and hurt my family as well.””

      Huhs? I thought in Shirley’s Ming Pao Magazine tell-all interview, she said that she had already broke up with Gregory before starting with Andy and she also re-emphasized that Andy was in no way a third party? So who is telling the truth about Andy being/ not being a third party in their relationship? Shirley or Gregory?

      “…I have more work engagements lately: why would I have credit card debt?”

      Erm Gregory, excuse me while I snigger abit but your statement doesn’t justify what you are hoping to clarify.

      Of course you will have more work engagements lately, it’s only natural because you and Shirley are the current talk of the town, every event organizer wants a media circus at their event, don’t they? But does that mean before this, you haven’t been getting much work engagements? So how is this in any way convincing since credit card bills are not accumulated in a day?

      “Augustine: Initially, I did not want to talk about an incident which occurred before. One night around 2 AM, Shirley was eating dragon fruit in the kitchen. My mother wanted to enter the kitchen. Aside from not stepping aside to let my mother pass, Shirley acted as if my mother was obstructing her path and angrily told my mother to eat feces!”

      Huhs? If Shirley was that terrible then Augustine, why did your dad say that he liked her and even praised her for being filial on Gregory’s birthday party? Were they just words of obligation??

      “When she injured her foot, she needed my brother to prepare an herbal mixture and apply it for her.”

      To speak a word in fairness, Augustine, in your entire family, Shirley is on the closest intimate terns with your brother, so of course she will ask him to prepare a herbal mixture and apply it for her, if not what, ask you to help her apply? And to be logical, if Shirley’s foot is injured, obviously it’s painful hence she can’t move around right so it’s only understandable to trouble your brother to help her prepare the medicine and apply for it for her.

      “When something was wrong with the computer, she will cry loudly for Gregory’s assistance.”

      Augustine, we are women, it’s a basic natural reaction to seek assistance from the men in our household when electrical items go wrong or when the lightbulb is fused.

      I think both parties should stop giving any more interviews because at this point in time, it is quite probable that they are letting their anger cloud their judgement.

      1. Well the only reason Shirley talked back was because Lee’s family kept badmouthing her…. immature as it sounds, Lee’s family started this whole argument. It is understandable that they will be upset but I think they are WAY over the top.

      2. @Star:

        Agree with you to a certain extent! Though I don’t agree that they are WAY over the top, maybe because it might be true that they were kept in the dark all along about the break up so when Shirley announced it, they were naturally upset and just went berserk in their comments and it doesn’t help that Gregory’s father peppered his with expletives.

        I do wholeheartedly agree with you though that they reaped what they sowed as they should have kept quiet all along and let Gregory handle it and not try to badmouth her or blurt out all her wrongdoings but really, in such chaotic situations where the reporters are bombarding them everyday, who honestly could really be level-headed and calm?

      3. Ah K, I agree w/ your conjecture. At this point, it seems as if Augustine is making up things to make Shirley look bad. Well… word of advice Augustine, she is doing a pretty darn good job of that by herself, if you’d keep your mouth shut, most people would side w/ Gregory anyways.

        Gregory and Shirley should just work this out on their own w/o their family getting involved.

        They should take advice from Charlene and Ronald when they held a press conference to announce their divorce. Neither have said a bad word about each other even though Gillian hinted that Ronald may have been the cause of their break-up.

      4. Was there a 3rd party between Charlene and Ronald? Did Charlene announce the breakup publicly even before she told anyone else more so the lee family? Did Charlene’s new rumoured boyfriend posted taunts in Weibo? Did Charlene used pregnancy as an excuse?

      5. @ Funn: Does Ronald keep denial of the breakup? Does William Chan involve before the divorce happened?

        Lol, actually by now I still dun think William and Ah Sa is a real couple. However, it’s another story.

      6. I don’t think so but Ronald did have a serious drinking problem. And my feeling is he wears the pants in the relationship. And he did disrupt a plane when he was drunk. Doesn’t seem very easy to live with. Anyway the pair was just silly. No one knew they were married until they divorced., A marriage built on such secrecy can’t survive.

      7. @Funn Lim… my point exactly. They should have just announced their separation together and moved on. What he did/she did/he said/she said is besides the point… the way this is turning out is bad for both of them.

      8. @Funn: I can see your point but each person have each way to solve a matter. Can’t compare Ronand&Ah Sa and Shirley&Gregory because their relationships are different.

      9. @Judy:

        Agreed! Wonder why the animosity between these two parties, afterall it had once been a beautiful relationship in the early stages, why can’t they break up peacefully and wish each other with blessings?

        I wish couples would be more like Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung, broke up but still friends and even friends with his wife. But then again, theirs probably worked out well only because it’s a short relationship and not a timeline of nine years.

    3. True.

      I find that, for Shirley to date a “kelefe” for 9 years, when she actually earns a lot. By a lot I mean a lot. Even though she doesn’t shoot many series, she gets lots from attending events etc. Also, although she is frugal, she apparently generously donates to charity.
      By dating him for 9 years shows how committed she is to the relationship. I seriously don’t think she is as bad as Augustine – loving the fame, portrays her to be.

    4. @ Ah K

      “When asked whether Gregory read Shirley’s latest interview with Ming Pao Magazine, his eyes grew red and he said, “Yes. She acknowledged that there was a third party. She has hurt me deeply. I hope she does not continue to talk more and hurt my family as well.””
      Huhs? I thought in Shirley’s Ming Pao Magazine tell-all interview, she said that she had already broke up with Gregory before starting with Andy and she also re-emphasized that Andy was in no way a third party? So who is telling the truth about Andy being/ not being a third party in their relationship? Shirley or Gregory?

      I think in Gregory’s mind, she has a 3rd party. It doesn’t matter when Shirley officially started to date Andy. Andy did come between them. Do you really believe the love feelings between Andy and Shirley only started when they officially start to date?

      1. @Kidd:

        If you asked me, I really don’t know who to believe since it has been a case of his words and her words.

        Well, but I do know for a fact that Andy was romantically interested in Shirley and Shirley most likely knew all along that Andy had the hots for her. If you asked me, whether I think Shirley had ever entertained thoughts of dumping Gregory for Andy while still attached to Gregory, my answer would be a yes.

  2. Shirley should just shut her mouth cause karma is a b—

  3. There’s prob some truth to Shirley’s story regarding the LEE’s family. However, I still think that she cheated on Greg with Andy. Since she wasn’t happy with Greg’s family, she moved out and that was when Andy and Shirley started their relationship.

  4. Random question, are Gregory and Augustine fraternal twins? I just realized they look nothing alike cuz I always assumed they were fraternal twins.

    And Augustine doesn’t work? What type of normal man does that and free-load off of brother’s salary?

    1. Augustine and Gregory are fraternal twins. Biologically, fraternal twins are just like normal siblings. So, they look nothing alike is possible. One looks like mom, one looks like dad.

      Augustine does have work. He was a TVB minor actor as well. I recently read an old news that said he ended his 7 years contract with TVB and want to try pursue a career in music as a singer. I didn’t take notice of the date, so, I don’t know how long ago is the article.

  5. just from what was caught, i think Shirley has done more lying than Greggory’s family. i hope she doesnt think by revealing their dirty laundry, that it would lessen her own adultery. while she denies, i still think she cheated and now wants out, therefore isnt keeping a tight lip on anything regarding the family’s private matter. she can still defend herself without trashing them, i think neither side is very classy, Shirley no different from her ex father in law to be. they are just village ppl.

    1. can you say “adultery” when they are not married?

      1. they were in a commited relationship. yes, i can use adultery if i want to.

      2. ohno, go girl!! high five!! support you and also agree with you.

      3. Uh, Scarlet Letter experts, adultery is not defined this way in the dictionary. There often is a thin line btn right and wrong when it comes to any relationship.

  6. Now I wonder how Andy Ng’s parents feel about their possible new daughter-in-law after all the news that she has caused recently. If the Ngs are so rich, they might not be pleased with Shirley’s lies about her pregnancy, still sleeping with Gregory on his birthday and bashing Gregory’s parents after all these years.

    1. @ Lacey.
      u r right. Especially in China, the elders don’t like their in law to be vocal.

  7. I can not imagine Shirley telling Gregory’s mom to go eat feces according to Augustine, Shirley has the image as a filial daughter and well mannered. Go eat feces is more like something the Lee’s will say.

    Cooking cup noodle, fixing herbal medicine and fixing computer is something a bf would do to care for the gf, I don’t think Shirley would need to demand Gregory to do it. It’s not like Shirley asked Gregory to go to the supermarket to buy food and cook her a buffet, cup noodle is so simple.
    I find Augustine’s answer distorted and exaggerated like the text message about missing and still loving Gregory.
    And how is Lee Ka Ding getting traffic tickets Shirley’s fault and why should she even need to consider reimbursing him?

    1. I agree, I think Shirley is way to filial to even call someone else’s mother to go eat feces.

    2. I think Augustine exaggerated too. He did this before with the text message

  8. to be honest, Shirley didnt handle this situation well at all. but i feel bad for her becuz i understand that when it comes to love no one is wrong. she is a woman who has worked hard throughout her life and sacrificed many things for gregory. becuz she was wit gregory that tvb didnt give her many opportunity. Gregory himself was never a great actor and i nvr hated him or liked him. But i nvr thought he would be like this, a coward. As a women i expected him to be sad and depress but not make this story so big. instead of telling everyone meaning the pap. he couldve settled this by tlkin to shirley. but since shirley has been ignoring him. he should take this oppurtunity to cool down and let her cool down too. He shouldnt let his augustine or his family saying all this trash. becuz i think his family is using shirley for her money and since they arent getting any money they are trying to destroy her image/career right now. I am not on shirley side either becuz its kinda obvious that she did cheat on gregory which is in no circumstance a right thing. But i understand her she is at an age where she needs to get married to a man she can trust and who can protect her. N to be honest, gregory doesnt seem like a man that can protect he seems like a guy who is very much in love with shirley but cant do anything for her. Overall i suggest both parties to calm down and leave this matter for a while than calmly talk over it in the future.

    1. I agree. It’s funny how it’s Greg’s family vs. Shirley, while Shirley is also trying to protect Gregory at the same time without trying to hurt him anymore, yet Gregory has been silent the entire time. But then if he breaks his silence now, which side CAN he take?

      1. “while Shirley is also trying to protect Gregory at the same time without trying to hurt him anymore, yet Gregory has been silent the entire time. ”

        I disagree. How did she try to protect him when she trampled on his family? She knows he is a sensitive guy, with at least 2 family members who are so outspoken. By saying what she said, she didn’t protect him. She wounded him more. He may be silent but I think this article clearly shows whose side he is on. After all the other side did cheated on him for a year or so and trampled on his heart. I am just surprised Augustine who looks so gentle is more like his father, whilst Gregory who looks so serious is more like his mother!

      2. @Funn Lim
        I agreed with star becuz shirley has been trying to protect gregory. Although she hasnt done a good job but i can tell she tried. When ur with a guy this long and u have to break up wit him, u would still protect him. She is a woman and shes doing her best for this matter to die down. Also i should point out that gregory’s side made this whole thing out of porportion. His side kept blaming and critizing Shirley. And gregory didnt even said anything the only thing he did was put on a pity show. He kept going on and on that he loves her n hes willing to keep her baby n such. But if he honestly truly love her he would wait for her and not make a big deal. Instead he let his friends n family fight his fight. Hes not even strong enough to do anything beside being depress. I understand that he loves her but theres a saying “if you love something, set it free”. So i believe that this is sumthing that gregory could’ve taken control over but he choosed to let his family n friends make this matter into a worse scandal.

      3. Looks can be deceiving.. Some looks and kind and sweet but are mean and evil. But there are others who look mean and unfriendly but are really friendly and kind hearted.. We can’t just judge someone based on appearance alone.

  9. I wonder why Augustine is not bringing out the evidence that he said he had… no better time than now!

    1. @Judy:

      I was thinking of that too!!! Haha, same sentiments exactly!

      The moment I finished the article, I was like, “Huhs so this is the so-called evidence that Augustine was boasting about?” -_-“

    2. He said because he is afraid that the kid of Shirley is Gregory’s so want to keep face for her. Lol, his scared is useless because Shirley now has no face because of Lee family, especially Augustine.

      1. but Shirley already said she’s not pregnant! So bring out the evidence already 🙂

      2. Keep face for her, but, make his brother lost more face.

        Your girlfriend pregnant with your kid but marry another man with your kid along. Can one get anymore embarrassing than that?

  10. Shirley is a hypocrite there was an old interview if you search her name on todou about what qualities she likes in Greg and she stated on camera his good qualities being a filial son —-um so whatever she’s saying now is just her hormones and wanting to be with Andy because her feelings changed so bashing his family and him is just stupid

    1. @ pat. Well, there is a difference between filial and weak. A man can be filial to his parents, but also be able to stand up for himself and his wife.

      1. Standing up for himself and wife against parents doesn’t make a man strong or favouring his wife over his parents doesn’t make him a wuss.

      2. Being able to stand up to your parents is a type of strength that many people lack 🙂

  11. trying to find it –it’s an interview they both did together for tvb show

  12. I actually think their Shirley’s relationship wasn’t good with Greg’s brother & mother but better with Lee Ka Ding since they didn’t stay together.

    U can have everything nice to say about a person when you don’t stay together, but when staying together, you may see the worst of a person so Lee Ka Ding saying she wasgood and nice before this whole hooha seems fine in my opinion.

    However, currently both sides seems to be clouded by their anger esp Augustine. Seriously, since he isn’t an artiste what does he do? And what does Greg mom’s do for a living too?

    The more stories that come out, can see Shirley’s stories has more loopholes and in that faked teary eyed Scoop interview, she said she wasn’t with Andy Ng. Yet 2 days later, she tells Mingpao she is indeed with him.

    Shirley.. Shirley.. Haven’t you heard silence is golden? If you stop, the Lee’s will stop cos they can’t refute any of your accusations.

      1. yes i agreed with Fox. Its very hard to keep silence becuz this scandal has blown out of proportion. N Gregory’s side has started it if u know wat i mean. They have been attacking Shirley since they found out abt the breakup. I agreed that Shirley is stupid and that this was her fault. But wat can she do she has fallen out of love wit Gregory. Gregory has to man up n accept the facts. Instead he let his side tarnish Shirley’s image. If he truly love Shirley he would try to protect her. Wat hes doing is putting up a pity show like Shirley. When theres a breakup, no ones is at fault. So Gregory’s side had no reason to bash on SHirley specially when they arent involved. A relationship is between two people which is Gregory n Shirley. Not Agustine, shirley, gregory, and gregory’s whole family.

      2. yes i agreed with Fox. Its very hard to keep silence becuz this scandal has blown out of proportion. N Gregory’s side has started it if u know wat i mean. They have been attacking Shirley since they found out abt the breakup. I agreed that Shirley is stupid and that this was her fault. But wat can she do she has fallen out of love wit Gregory. Gregory has to man up n accept the facts. Instead he let his side tarnish Shirley’s image. If he truly love Shirley he would try to protect her. Wat hes doing is putting up a pity show like Shirley. So Gregory’s side had no reason to bash on SHirley specially when they arent involved. A relationship is between two people which is Gregory n Shirley. Not Agustine, shirley, gregory, and gregory’s whole family.

  13. OMG… he said she said… the bro should SHUTUP….i think he has emotional problems.

    i guess this is why celebs keep their relationship on the down low…and even not announce when they breakup or MOSES and BERNICE..cuz u don’t have to explain why..and have all these rumours…he said she said.. 🙂

    1. Why should he? The accusation levied against him is serious. And so should Shirley reply.

      1. @Funn Limm, actually from the articles so far, it was the Lee family who threw the first punched. I find Shirley and the Lee family all deadpans, the quicker they vanished from society the better we will be with more newsworthiness stuff to read. By the way, Augustine is a loose canon and border lining into a crazy fruitcake in the making. What an idiot, wonder if he has a girlfriend or boyfriend.

      2. Isn’t augustine married to one of the second runner up Miss Kong (80’s competition). She’s older than him and they had a baby a couple of yrs ago but he was stillborn and luckily, they had another baby son who was born healthy two or three yrs ago????

      3. @ Chloee

        Have you mistaken Augustine for someone else. If he really married someone who competed in Miss Hong Kong in the 80’s, his wife must be older than him a lot. Augustine was born in 1978.

    2. You see, Moses Bernice never announced anything, but the public still viewed them as a pair. So when Bernice went to dinner with a guy friend, she was considered two timing, even though this was long after they broke up. Also, Moses never cleared anything up, so Bernice was viewed as a golddigger.
      ^See what happened to Bernice now, veen though she didn’t two time.
      Bernice, the goldigger, and Moses the most eligible bachelor. :S

      I really feel sorry for her.

      1. Yeah, bernice definitely got hosed in that ordeal. Wait yrs for ah mo to commit but in the end, never even get him to admit to their relationship. Then he starts to publicly flaunt his courtship of “good girl” aimee after yrs of saying- “I don’t discuss my personal life.” Talk about a slap in the face of bernice!

        I’m glad bernice busted him. Otherwise I would still consider him “hot property” now.

      2. Bernice-Mo case is a bot different. She willingly continued with the farce because it benefits her monetary and publicity wise – her ‘partnership’ with Moses earned megabucks, and Moses clean image reflect positively on her as well.

        A big comparison in this case where Greg was viewed ‘beneath’ and holding Shirley career down.

      3. Although Bernice and Moses might be mutually agreed to hide their relationship to continue being promoted and gain money I can’t help but want to puke at how Moses was pretending as a heartbroken man when Bernice was being accused to dump him and quickly find a wealthy man when they broken up years before.

      4. @Vivien

        I have no doubt that if Moses was pictured going out with another girl, he will be criticized and Bernice will come out as the victim instead.

        Moses have the upperhand where TVB supports him AND because he followed the rules of the game.

        Both are willing parties in portraying couple image after their break-up. Why push the responsibility on Moses alone just because he is the ‘man’? If she wanted to end it publicly, she can discuss it over with Mo and I believe Mo would agree with her.

        You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

      5. You just point out the part that Moses has full support from TVB. While Bernice only has herself as support and she was also sick while the allegiations going on. Maybe you are right Moses the ‘most eligible bachelor’ followed the rules of the game as end up with ‘good girl’ Aimee after being dumped by ‘golddigger’ Bernice

      6. Bernice image of gold digger has been build up gradually in the past by tabloids in last few years because she was pictured attending dinner/yacht parties with ‘rich’ guy friends. Adrian (was it his name) was not the 1st incident. There were plenty of chances to announce that she/Moses split, but they went ahead brushing it off and appear flirting in events afterward.

  14. Very emotional reply, and surprisingly very family friendly. Anyway each seem like telling the truth. My heart tells me the Lee family has less to hide.

    Maybe they should try this Chinese talk show where everybody goes on the show and talk things out, with free theraphy as well.

  15. Is there a video? Must see how he actually speaks!

  16. Afterall, now Gregory seems to move on and have no hope on Shirley. That’s good for him.

  17. augustine should bring out the so called “evidence” if it actually exists. he seems to be enjoying the publicity. Think of how much money he made from it? Probs more than his whole career?
    He said before that they didn’t want to hurt the “baby”, but this baby doesn’t exist, so bring it out already. Unless… this evidence doesn’t exist.

    I think that he is just b******* no offense.

  18. I have been married for 23 years and I can understand how in-laws can be total nightmare. If Gregory loves Shirley, he would not allowed anyone especially his own family to badmouth and hurt her. He had showned himself to be weak and a coward. For a family who goes atracking a woman (shirley) and washes their dirty linen in public goes to show they have no shame

    1. Shirley attacked his family–his loved ones. When she did that, I doubt he still wants to protect her. Sure, Greg is a coward, though I don’t agree. But Shirley, who is backed by her management, is the manipulator. She uses her acting skills to manipulate the public. First, she tells the public that Andy Ng was just a friend, then 2 days later she admits that he’s the new lover. She says she just started dating Andy after breaking up with Greg, but from the birthday pictures I’ve seen, it definitely look like they were still a couple. She says she only wants to protect Greg, yet she allowed Mr. Andy Ng to publicly humiliate Greg with his insults. Ms. Shirley Yeung could’ve told Andy to delete his rude comments, but she hasn’t done so yet. Sure, the Lee family may have exaggerated some stuffs, but Shirley is one big liar.

      1. does shirley has any acting skills on the first place? Her interview with TVB looks like bad acting. pity we can’t tell the same with a magazine interview without moving images.

      2. Thank you Cloud, best reply of today, Totally Agree!!!!

      3. I think she did tell Andy to delete but abit too late as usual.

        He deleted all his comments off weibo according to Apple Daily.

      4. Andy is definitely not a good man because a good man will not exposed a victory of snatching other ppl’s gf publicly especially Shirley is a well known actress! I doubt he is someone who can be trusted in a relationship although he seems like he can protect Shirley. He seems like someone who is competitive and also someone who can cheat on Shirley!

      5. @Nemo,
        I agree and honestly even if Andy does dump Shirley, then it is karma since what goes around comes around…

      6. @Cloud,
        Totally agree with you and VERY well said… Not sure if the Lee family is telling the 100% truth either, but Shirley definately didn’t…

    2. I don’t really agree with what you are saying Lin. It is true that in laws can be a nightmare, but there are nice ones as well and it is the daughter in law who is the nightmare. I have seen it all…If you say that, then if Shirley loves Gregory that much then why did she dump him and lie about being pregant and all?? She also attacked his family too, so they have the right to fight back. Also, Shirley already hurt him and his family deeply so why should he protect her after all that she has done???

  19. As expected Augustine exposed more ROFL while the mum just keep quiet. I’m surprised Lee Ka Ding don’t use *expletive*? 😀

  20. The brother can continue to bark and I hope Shirley would just ignore him and his family.

    They are really classy folks no wonder Shirley can’t take it anymore.

    Gregory doesn’t have a backbone.

    1. Even if they aren’t the classiest family, Shirley isn’t the greatest person either. I felt that she did free load off of them and then just dump their son/brother like that and then just leave with another guy. If it was really that bad then why did she not leave many years ago??? ALso, Shirley isn’t even married to Gregory so why did she even live with them in the first place?? It’s not like she doesn’t have a family because she does…

  21. Also, one who is so…determined to convince the public, would give evidence.
    Considering what Augustine said, how there’s some court case going on about repair work, he should at least bring some papers, or at least some sort of evidence to back up what he says.

  22. @ Jayne

    Llwy12 in asianfanatics said there are some parts of your article that are mistranslated.

  23. @ Jayne

    This article of yours has been reposted in asianfanatics as usual but will some correction from llwy12.

    1. Where is the correction? From what I can see the quotes are same as Jayne’s. Nothing major.

      1. Yeah, I skim through asianfanatics translation. Nothing major was changed. I assume there’s correction because llwy12 wrote under the post

        Reason for edit:: fixed a few incorrect translations

        Earlier, wrote this in another thread.

        ‘Read this version with a grain of salt, as there are some parts that are mis-translated…’

      2. What are the incorrect parts that got mistranslated and corrected by this llwy12?

      3. I think the most major part is the part where translated by Jayne is the part of Shirley going back even when drunk but in AF its translated to “She still has alot of miscellaneous things at my house.”

      4. @ Melody

        Thanks Melody. Now I see it. I check the chinese version. Asianfanatics one is the correct translation on this part.

      5. @Kidd @Melody
        Thanks for pointing out my error, have updated article to reflect the correction.

  24. After all this I think all sides have wrongs and Shirley vs the Lees just can’t get along with each other period. Greg who got stuck in the middle don’t do anything and just shove the problem under the carpet.

  25. What Augustine has said just embarrasses his family more. So petty over little things…

  26. It seems strange to me that Gregory Lee & family kept saying that Shirley is not revealing the truth. So why don’t they tell the truth themselves & keep throwing the ball back to her???
    Seems like Shirley is not a simple person too. Still waiting for the true answer.

  27. *Just my humble opinion*

    To me, all i can say is that “Shirley is a liar”, she shouldn’t use that “Pregnant lies” and from the first interview , she should’ve admitted that Andy is her current BF. That way, it makes it more trust worthy. If she lied before, what makes others believe that she’s not lying again? To me, it’s totally fine to break up if she’s no longer happy with Greg, but the moral concept of cheating is just unacceptable.
    She can’t blame the lee’s family to so called- “wrongfully accuse” her to the public when she’s the one who told Greg that “She’s Pregnant with another man’s baby”. Now she goes around and use that reverse psychology method to defend herself?

    I feel bad if the Lee’s is what she had quoted, and she has every right to pick her BF/Husband, but do it with morals.

    1. Agree with you, Tammy. She has the right to choose if she finds that Gregory is not the right one but not in the way she is handling the break up. Being honest is the best, no matter is good or bad. Once she has tell lies at the beginning, she has to continue lying in order to keep her image but her lies have been discovered and that is when things go awful.

    2. I think the person who suffers most in the whole situation is Gregory. Cheated by gf and gf left him and now still have to go through the stress of this Lee’s family vs Shirley incident. Poor him. Although Shirley is now going through all these media stress but in a way she still gets what she wants, breaking up with Gregory to be with the new guy but just that she has to clean the mess that she made about her lies of break up. Hope all things settle soon and they can move on with their own life.

    3. I agree with you and I don’t think anyone tried to stop her from picking her boyfriend/husband, but the way that she did it is not acceptable at all…If you want to date someone else, then end your current relationship for heaven’s sake… Don’t cheat on your current boyfriend behind their back because that is wrong and immoral…

      1. @HTS,

        I agree that it’s completely wrong to cheat on your spouse. Personally, I find it unforgivable.

        But there are so much temptations and pressures that one has to face, especially since Shirley is aging and needs a man to care for her. Her career isn’t as successful as others (e.g., Charmaine Sheh), so she might not be as financially independent as Charmaine. Life isn’t static and I don’t believe anyone of us would deliberately try to act against our morals and lose our dignity, but sometimes we don’t have a choice and will have to make a sacrifice. Like Jayne said before, it was very likely that Shirley began dating Andy to test out the waters and when she finally realized that he was a better catch than Gregory, she let Gregory go. It seems like cheating happens more than we would want to believe and many women out there are “riding on a cow, looking for a horse” today. It guarantees a sense of security (that women generally need) that there would be someone to fall back on when we can’t find someone better.

  28. Original Article:

    “Gregory’s mother heaved a sigh of helplessness about being criticized by Shirley, drafts a letter of Buddhism teachings to ex prospective daughter-in-law.”

    Yesterday, when interviewed, Gregory’s mother, Shih Ming, sighed that she felt helpless against Shirley’s accusations. 

    According to Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, Shih Ming, who had all along viewed Shirley as her prospective daughter-in-law, felt wronged and helpless about Shirley’s accusations that she had been treating her as transparent and making her feel unwelcomed etc. 

    Being a devout Buddhist, Shih Ming decided to draft a letter of four word Buddhism teachings to Shirley so as to relieve the knot in her heart and to give her ex-prospective daughter-in-law a last piece of advice. 

    During the interview, Shih Ming expressed that she had known Shirley for nine years now and treated Shirley like her own daughter and that she can live with her own conscience and did not let Heaven and Earth down (对得起天地良心)

    Shih Ming continued, “I dote and treat even the dogs in my home really well, not least to say about a human? Shirley kept saying that she’s close to her dogs however, on the day that she left, she didn’t even cared one bit about them. Shirley didn’t even dropped by to visit them and there wasn’t even a single SMS or call from her, indicating that she wants those dogs back. Despite that, we have, as per usual, been actively taking care of her dogs.”

    “Shih Ming’s letter of enlightenment to Shirley”

    The following is Shih Ming’s letter of Buddhism teachings as a form of last advice to Shirley:

    “Shirley-jie, How are you? 

    Shirley, How are you? For your own good,

    Please sit properly, Use your heart and listen properly,

    Plenty of money, few money,  As long as there’s enough to feed, it is good enough,

    Looking ugly or pretty, As long as the heart is “pretty”, it is good enough,

    Being old or young, As long as the health is excellent, it is good enough,

    Poor family, rich family, As long as there’s harmony, it is good enough,

    The spirit of getting along as husband and wife, As long as there’s mutual respect, it is good enough, 

    Husband returning home late, As long as he cares for the family, it is good enough,

    Wife being naggy, As long as she’s a devoteful wife, it is good enough,

    A child, Has to be taught from young,

    Whether it’s a professor or a tea pouring attendant, 

    As long as the heart is ugly and evil, Good to no good, 

    Who’s right or who’s wrong, As long as heaven knows, it’s good enough.

    Instead of pressing on, Putting it down will be the best, 

    With a good heart and good actions, Life will then change for the better.”

    While writing this letter, Shih Ming, was so worked up that she  had accidentally written Shirley’s “Qi” name character wrongly (思琦 -> 思其) 

    The newspaper also extracted this paragraph from Shih Ming’s letter, “As long as the heart is ugly and evil, Good to no good, Who’s right or who’s wrong, As long as heaven knows, it’s good enough.” and analyzed it as Shih Ming seemingly hinting something in her usage of these words.

    P.S. For those who are interested to view the original letter (which is written in Chinese), kindly refer to the article link above please!

    1. This whole drama is getting to another interesting level. What will Shirley say about this?

      1. I don’t know what Shirley is going to say but I do know for a fact that this illegible hand-written letter of Buddhism teachings was a little tough to translate man lol! -_-“

    2. i have no idea why Shirley had to drag in Greg’s mother, who didnt say anything about her before. basically, she’s nitpicking the mom cause she has her own self interests/decisions to justify. if the mother was cold/harsh, then what she would of done was thrown Shirley’s dogs out with the trash, which she didn’t. they continued to take care of them. Shirley was the one that left them behind cause she didnt want to deal with their cleanup. i think the one that doesnt have respect for elders is Shirley. she dumped her bf in a high profile manner, lied to him/public, left on a bad note by badmouthing/figting all memebers of his family after. way to be grateful and kind. i believe the mom when she said she treated Shirley like her own daughter, that is why the breakup news made her weak in the knees.

      i believe the transparency thing is made up and its Shirley not caring for his family. the mother in law sensing, didnt want get in the daughter in law’s face. i think Shirley took to offense all of a sudden because she couldnt think anything else to say.

      i guess Shirley is just mad they let everyone know her cheap habits(not that it was a secret) and uncouth behavior.

    3. I don’t know about you guys but Gregory’s family seem to be a little on the peculiar side.

      Gregory’s father -> curse and swear like a sailor

      Gregory’s brother -> claims he’s Gillian’s lover in their previous life

      Gregory’s mother -> writes Buddhism letters instead of giving a proper interview to clarify Shirley’s accusations (FYI: I’m a devout Buddhist myself too, so no, I definitely do not have a thing against Buddhism but writing letters of Buddhism teachings is a bit OTT, at least for me)

      1. Yeah, his whole family kinda over the top in response. Remember Shih Ming fainted when Shirley announced the break up? Kinda dramatic.

        Maybe Greg got his sensitivity from her.

    4. Ah K,
      Thanks for posting Gregory’s mother’s Buddhist letter to Shirley, will repost as an article when I get the chance. Yes Buddhist influenced sayings are difficult to translate due to their deep meaning.

  29. I do feel skeptical about the whole issue based on these points.

    1)Hard to tell the other party to break up or not, such situations do occur in normal life outside celebrity circle. So, it is possible to handle a break up no matter how hard is it without informing the media. If a person is in Shirley’s shoes and she isn’t a celebrity, what does she use? Newspaper?

    2)If each party is trying to protect themselves from ‘slander”, the best way to deal with it is not to let the media know. How did it end up in the media anyway? Whether either party is responsible for the leak, doesn’t seem like a “slander” to the other party, rather more like an opportunity to put themselves in media coverage.

    3)It’s too much of coincidence that Andy posted messages in Weibo that will spark controversy right when the split is announced.

    4)Celebrity break ups and patch ups seem like a trend lately, even in Hollywood.

    5) Shirley has not been in any shows for the past two years.

    I dunno bout you guys, but all these seem to fit the pieces too perfectly in terms of timing and opportunity. I feel that when celebrities do want to keep their private lives unknown. They can do it. Think Kenneth Ma? No news about him. Honestly, with celebrities being what they are, controversy is still better than no news. Doesn’t it feel weird that suddenly everyone is getting exposures in the media out of the blue? Not to mention, all of the people in this drama aren’t exactly the top A list actors in HK right now.

    1. list of people suspected of using others gossips as PR stunt for himself/herself: some of Cecilia’s friends and an unknown model who used to work with Nic, Yoyo Chen, Augustine Lee.

      1. when you’re not the main character in the gossip and you talk more then the main characters it feels like some cheap PR stunt.

    1. @Kidd:

      Thanks for the article!

      Was this article written in traditional Chinese? Cause some of the Chinese letters look foreign to me! Or are they Gregory’s father’s blurred out expletives lol! 😡

    2. Thanks for the article. I think that even IF the brothers did fight before, it didn’t necessarily imply that incident that SHirley was referring to. ALso, she claims that they are not that united, but as we can see, it doesn’t seem that way… But then again, none of us really know the truth since only they do.

    3. The article seems to have gone missing from Apple Daily. Here’s the article reposted in another site.

      The article also said that Gregory’s coming race participation has been cancelled because the race team boss looking at Greg’s current condition. Lee Ka Ding said ‘If in the middle of driving he starts thinking of something else and got into an accident, it will be serious’.

      @ Ah K

      I can’t access the original article. But, Apple Daily is HK magazine, should be in Chinese. Are you a Cantonese speaker. I think the news is written in Canto slang. Maybe that’s why hard for you to read if you are not Canto speaker.

    4. Actually, I find the article interesting and funny because Senior Lee actually unwittingly confirmed what Shirley said in her Ming Pao interview i.e.

      – Augustine and Greg fought
      – Augustine is currently not working
      – Greg gives money support family
      – Lee and Yeung family seldom communicate (dating 9 years only met her mom 4 times and her dad once)

      Or maybe Senior Lee didn’t know the actual happening but, just replied Shirley point by point from he knows in general.

      1. Kidd,
        Based on Augustine’s interviews, he seems to have inherited his father’s temperament, in the sense that he is easily riled. I wouldn’t be surprised that he and Gregory did fight. However, as Funn mentioned, family dynamics are strange. Even if the family frequently argued and fought, that does not mean they do not love each other. It just shows that the family may not resolve conflicts well together. Augustine seems quite nit-picky and sensitive, however, he does seem to have a quick mind and tongue. I think he should quit the entertainment industry and find a better job. Since he appears in cameo roles, he probably works, but not all the time.

        I don’t think Lee Ka Ding has any problems admitting that his family has issues, however he just thinks it’s not Shirley’s place to talk about them. And if she steps into such territory, he feels it’s none of her business (especially now that she split with Gregory) to discuss it publicly and be prepared for his family’s rebuttals and perhaps airing of her “dirty laundry.” Also, he felt that the family’s internal problems should not justify that she “two-timed” Gregory and broke-up in such a hurtful, inane way. In his Appledaily interview, he said breaking-up is okay (in the sense that two people are incompatible), but don’t do in such a hurtful and deceitful manner.

      2. @Jayne,
        I once again really agree with you. I think that even if Gregory and Augustine fought before does not mean that they don’t love each other. I mean they are twin brothers so of course they do. Augustine really should find a different job since acting doesn’t seem to be his thing. I feel that Gregory is more like his mom while Augustine is mroe like his dad.
        I also don’t think that it was right of Shirley to reveal all of their family problems like that, especially now that she is no longer with Gregory. Was that even necessary?? Just because she reveals all of their family problems still does not justify the fact that she may have cheated on Gregory… Oh well, the past is the past and they all need to move on since life is short.

  30. He’s dressed up like he’s going to some party and drinking wine for an interview.. LOL. I can’t believe people are still listening to his bs.

    1. I think that he feels that he may have already said enough so doesn’t want to say anymore…

    1. When is Gregory’s birthday??? I think I need to look it up…

    2. Kwan,
      My speculation is the Shirley and Andy were going strong before she decided to break-up with Gregory. Shirley moved out in April and that seems to be the time frame she refers to as the break-up time, when she emphasized that Shih Ming and Gregory saw her moving out.

      In her televised interview, Shirley said that she was only attending Gregory’s birthday as his friend, but Augustine said that she spent the night at Gregory’s home that evening.

      In Shirley’s interviews, she referenced the break-up as several months. I think in her mind, she was intent on breaking up with Gregory in April, when she moved out. However, it went back and forth and the official break did not come until mid-June, when she likely sent the “I’m pregnant text message.”

      Thus from April to June, Shirley was likely going back and forth between Andy and Gregory. Andy knew Shirley had celebrated Gregory’s birthday since the photos were published in the press. According to Augustine, she was going back to their house to sleep every week.

      So if Andy knew Shirley did not officially break with Gregory prior to June, he didn’t mind that she was still sleeping with Gregory at this time?? From the news clips, Shirley’s sleeping arrangement with Gregory was made pretty clear….

      1. Andy might not know that Shirley slept at Gregory’s home after the party ends or Andy doesn’t mind at all. But it’s very hard for a man to accept their other half to have sexual engagement with another man…that’s why Shirley did stupid things in handling things with Gregory.

    3. Kwan, I agree with this photo.
      Gregory is an emotional man. We already know that by the ways he cries after Shirley dump him.
      If she did truely dump him in February, no way Gregory would be in the mood to put his arms around her like that. Note: the picture GREGORY PUT HIS ARMS AROUND SHIRLEY, EMBRACE HER. If she told him she want Out, no way he be in this happy mood to embrace her like that.
      Bu the way, that pictures was taken at Gregory birthday party.
      HeTieShou, you can go to Chinese wikipedia, it said his Birthday. I paste it to you here: 李永豪(Gregory Lee,1978年6月18日-)he born in June 18, 1978

      1. If they have separated, no way they would be standing that way! Unless they’re those special sort of friends, with benefits as they say. Considering the picture evidence, what Shirley should have said was after that she decided to leave him because his family, blah blah and not alter the timeline.

      2. @LeilaFan,
        Thanks so much for the link and info! I thought that he did not have a page since he wasn’t that popular. I go and have a look…At first, I thought he was born in 1980.

      3. @ HTS

        Chinese wiki said his year of birth is 1978, but, English wiki said it’s 1980. So, don’t know which one is correct.

      4. It’s is very interesting to read someone comment in golden forum. He/she said that before all this breakup news came up, he/she already felt something wrong with the birthday scenes. He/she felt that Greg was the one who was holding Shirley tight while Shirley didn’t seem very comfortable about it.

      5. Sounds like hindsight bias. Can he/she judge by just looking at one picture that Greg was holding onto Shirley while she was uncomfortable?

      6. @ Chriselle

        Not hindsight bias. He/she already said he/she felt it before the breakup. But, since the news all said they are going to marry and all, he/she didn’t say anything. Look at the video, not the pictures.

      7. Oops, didn’t know there was a video to it too. I didn’t get to see it.

  31. Shirley could be lying about dating Andy during her relationship with Gregory but I don’t think Shirley did anything wrong by dumping Gregory later for Andy. You can’t never weight loves especially when both partners have sacrificed a fair amount of hardships, time and etc to make a relationship works! I can imagine Shirley feeling pissed off when she has to folk out money to support Gregory’s mom and his bro Augustine, I would feel the same if I were to asked to support and pay for household bills of my in-law! (I dont mind paying bills if they’re really incapable to do so in a reasonable manner) but Augustine and Shin Meng (if i got Gregory’s mom correct) are just plain ugly, Augustine having less work than Gregory yet he scan still live luxury and eat nice.

    Shirley is no wrong for dumping Gregory to seek for a better life for her “FUTURE”. Future for women are very important, if a woman selected a bad future, she may ended up having load of kids with a lazy and poor husband and probably his family to support. Shirley is getting old, therefore, nothing wrong with dumping Gregory for a better one. That’s just my opinion.

  32. there was an article about HK people who date more than 1 person and they dont consider it cheating…maybe that’s Shirley’s mentality and it must have took her a year to finally make her choice but dont try to look good for the public she cheated end of story ….karma will hit her and andy

  33. I don’t know which side to believe!!! Both sides seem to have their own version of the story. What I do believe is that Gregory should come out to speak, I want to hear his version of the story, and I think others want to too. Why is Gregory not saying anything and why is his family doing all of it?

  34. and seriously look at her face she looks sick and pregnant

  35. it’s gonna take DNA to really sort out who’s the dad

  36. gregory wont say anything cause he still loves her but he should rant it all out

  37. p.s. Jayne, is there any mobile version of Jaynestars in the making? Make it easier to load on smartphones 😛

    1. Sehseh,
      We have thought about it, but the mobile version of JayneStars will probably have to wait until next year, as we are focusing on other technical enhancements of website right now. Thanks for the suggestion. I also access the site via my cell phone and the loading time is slow sometimes, especially when there is heavy traffic.

      1. No worries Jayne. Hahaha yeah I’m making the suggestion because I’m encountering the same issue 🙂

      2. What about subscribing to RSS feeds sort of way? Isn’t that just same as text based?

      3. I think it would be best to create an app! That would be so awesome but I guess it can only remain as a dream, it’s too freaky ex and time-consuming to create an app man! 😡

      4. Either one seems like a good idea! 😀

        If there is a technology nerd here who will volunteer themselves, it might be easier. Although I’ve never made an app, it can’t be so difficult right? There are so many new apps created each day and some of them are so lame.

        It will be hard and will take a while for Jayne to do if she’s not html-literate, but it should be fairly easy for a tech geek. 😀

  38. “After returning home from work, she will say she was hungry and Gregory will cook a cup noodles for her. When she injured her foot, she needed my brother to prepare an herbal mixture and apply it for her. When something was wrong with the computer, she will cry loudly for Gregory’s assistance.”

    Aren’t these things what most boyfriends will do?

  39. Greg, if you are a man. Just tell your family to shut up. Move on with life. This girl don’t want you, then find a better one for yourself. She already found a better one, go do the same thing. Just move on and stop talking abt it and stop playing pity over and over again.

    1. and Who cares which side has the truth. The truth is BREAK UP and BYE BYE.

      Even if she lied, just move on with life, jesus.

  40. I just listen to part of the interview. Why some of the things the article reported are different from what is actually said or who really happen?

    The part about Greg’s hand is injured during boxing. This was not said by Gregory, but, Augustine. Also, the part about cooking noodle and stuff, the article made it sound like Augustine is so petty, but, what he actually said made his complain more understandable.

  41. I understand very little Cantonese, can you translate what Augustine says?

    After reading the back and forth between the two sides, I feel very sorry for Gregory. He seems like a very good person. I hope he can recover soon and find some happiness.

    1. Yeah. Some people say Greg lets his family speak for him, but, it seems more like he can’t control his family (being the youngest in the family and seem to have a quiet personality)

      In this clip, can see he genuinely doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

      The interview, I translate later. Not free.

    2. Kinda hard. Ok try.

      On the break hand matter.

      Let’s talk about the main point. Why did I say there’s something wrong in Shirley’s personality? Because from this matter, you guys can see how she handle this issue, how she lied, how she accused people. Break up no problem. Why put all the blame on the man who loves you? You want to protect your image, you push the man to die. So, me as family, cannot stand it and come out to say some fair words, and you slander us. How can you she say our (he and Greg) relationship is bad? There’s no proof.
      Reporter: She said you broke your brother’s hand.
      Augustine: My brother is training boxing. He’s filming ‘Boxing King’. Hurt the joint is very normal.

      On the Shirley saying the 2 family have never discuss about wedding

      On Jan or Feb, she said to meet me ‘We are going to get married’. At that time she’s still hugging Greg, very sweet. I said ‘Hah? Married lah?’. She even said she want to hold a 100 tables banquet. I said ‘Hah? 100 tables ah? At that time, we were still talking about the banquet. I said we don’t need 100 table. Is there going to me so many people? She said there will be. I said ‘why need to show off like this? It’s not necessary.’ She said she never plan?

    3. Another clip

      On Shirley saying one of the reasons for the breakup is Greg’s family treated her badly. Augustine said actually is Shirley’s temper not good.

      While eating steak, she suddenly ‘pang’ throw down the fork and knife and ‘bung’ ran to the room. She scolded my mom. I actually don’t want to speak about this matter. She pointed to my mom and told her to eat shit.

      On how did she treat Greg.

      When did she take care of Greg. When she sprain/injured herself during work, it’s Greg who took care of her, rub oilment for her, warm up the medicine packet for her to apply. She said ‘I want to eat noodle’ and Greg cook for her and she said this and that not enough and need to at more ingredient. Greg non stop massage her leg. When she ask ‘did you record today’s program for me when I go out?’, if the computer has any problem and could record she will make a scene/nag (bi li ba la). My brother will say ‘can go to internet to download for you. No problem’.

    4. Don’t know why my comment awaiting moderation again.

      I try post again with some modification.


      Another clip
      On Shirley saying one of the reasons for the breakup is Greg’s family treated her badly. Augustine said actually is Shirley’s temper not good.
      While eating steak, she suddenly ‘pang’ throw down the fork and knife and ‘bung’ ran to the room. She scolded my mom. I actually don’t want to speak about this matter. She pointed to my mom and told her to eat feces!.
      On how did she treat Greg.
      When did she take care of Greg. When she sprain/injured herself during work, it’s Greg who took care of her, rub oilment for her, warm up the medicine packet for her to apply. She said ‘I want to eat noodle’ and Greg cook for her and she said this and that not enough and need to at more ingredient. Greg non stop massage her leg. When she ask ‘did you record today’s program for me when I go out?’, if the computer has any problem and could record she will make a scene/nag (bi li ba la). My brother will say ‘can go to internet to download for you. No problem’.

      1. Kidd, thanks so much for all the translations. I know it took a lot of time and effort. Great work!

        Reading your translations and the actual article, I can’t believe how many distortions exist in the article. The original article really made Augustine’s comments seem so petty, but in the larger context, I can how he feels Gregory was being mistreated by his ex-GF. Of course, it is only Augustine’s biased view. The one lesson in all of this – never live with the in-laws!

      2. @ Jenny

        Welcome. I reread my own translation and see a couple of mistake. Hope you understand it especially the following. I mean to say ‘couldn’t’ instead of ‘could’.

        “When she ask ‘did you record today’s program for me when I go out?’, if the computer has any problem and couldn’t record she will make a scene/nag (bi li ba la). “

      3. @Kidd:

        Thank you so much for the translation!!! I agree with @Jenny that it must have been hard pausing the video here and there just to translate this interview for us, especially since Cantonese is spoken really quickly, hard to listen and jot down at the same time!

  42. Want to talk about Greg, but, don’t know which section is suitable.

    I really don’t know what happen to Greg’s acting career. Is it his fate? He can act and he’s decent looking, why his acting career went downhill.

    He started out very promising. When he first rejoined the entertainment industry as an young man, he started out in movies. He has some major roles in a couple of movies including one which he was lead. I didn’t watch that movie, but, I see on the box cover, he stood in the middle with a girl by his side. After that he joined TVB and his first couple of roles were quite big. Then his roles became smaller and smaller. How come? Did he offend any top executive? Or he got punish for dating Shirley openly? Why did Miss Lok want him to change to behind the scene work when his relationship with Shirley became too public? I remember reading that Shirley got frozen because she tried to help Greg’s career (maybe get him more opportunities).

    I hope one day, he can get another opportunity like Kanin which allow him to shine. Kanin has also film some small insignificant roles before making it big.

    I really wonder. What makes an actor stop being promoted? Matt Yeung dig his own grave, so, can’t blame anyone. But, what about Matthew Ko? Fred Cheng? Don’t tell me because Matthew can’t act that he’s not promoted. Shirley’s acting was awful, but, after being defroze, she still get major roles in her series. Sonija also took quite sometime to improve her acting. Ron too.

    1. Kidd,
      At TVB, I think image and favoritism count more than talent. Gregory’s most prominent role was”Blade Heart.” While his acting was not terribly convincing, he was not too bad either. Looks wise, I find him more handsome now that he has matured and with a summer tan.

      While Gregory’s personailty would likely not offend anyone, he doesn’t seem to truly initiate contacts that would benefit his career. Shirley mentioned that Gregory did not try to initiate contact with her mother and thus lost points with the Yeung family.

      Also, with Lee Ka Ding’s inflammatory way of cursing, he may have offended some exexcutives along the way, not to the point where it cost the Lee family their cameo roles, but certainly not add to their favor.

      Thanks for your Face magazine video link, I was able to see Gregory’s currrent state. If he can replicate the inner turmoil onscreen, he can play many convincing romantic scenes of dejection and loss. I do wonder if one day, perhaps he might have a latent successful career playing supporting character roles.

  43. I honestly felt that it’s a blessing in disguise that Shirley left Gregory. I understand it is indeed painful after dating for so many years. But, in life we have to accept change of heart, either party and it can also happen to anyone, even married person. It’s sad, but there’s no choice, like this case Gregory can’t force Shirley to stay with him and just have to move on and wish her all the best. Who knows Gregory might meet a better person.

  44. For those that are on Shirley’s side, maybe shes always been an angel in shows. I definitely believe in some of the things from the Lee family. Shirley looks really fake. I remember a scene from Forensic Heroes 2 when Shirley takes on the part of being a selfish actress that want the spot light, this can really connect her natural personality.

  45. Kudos to Shirley for leaving Gregory. Sure, they’ve dated for 9 years but Gregory showed no improvement financially, yet Shirley took on role after role. I don’t blame her, Everyone would prefer a better partner who isn’t afraid to step up their plate.

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