Shirley Yeung’s Ex-lover, Andy Ng, Wants Daughter Back

After dating for nine years, many thought Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) and Gregory Lee (李永豪) were headed towards marriage. To the shock of many, Shirley announced breaking up with Gregory in 2011. Speculations were rampant and both sides, including Gregory’s family, told differing stories. Allegedly, Shirley had cheated on Gregory with swimmer Andy Ng (吳帥) and became pregnant. In an unexpected turn of events, Andy proved to be a fraud and was involved with another woman. Shirley decided to cut all ties with him and become a single mother.

In 2012, Shirley gave birth to her daughter, Krystal (楊卓穎). Although many believed Andy is Krystal’s biological father, the 38-year-old actress remained tight-lipped about the matter, and Andy seemed to have disappeared from their lives. However, seeing how well Shirley was doing financially, Andy returned to Hong Kong last year and reached out to Shirley, demanding to see his daughter. Even though Shirley made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him, Andy has not given up and has reached out again recently.

Shirley shared with the press, “I am living a very good life now. I will not give him the time of day.” Despite her unrelenting decision to cut him out of her life, Shirley is remaining on high alert in case Andy does anything brash to disturb her family.

Source: East Week 

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  1. Andy is fugly jerk! (excuse me french) he disappeared while Shirley raise the daughter all by herself and now he want to see his daughter urghhhh

  2. So now that Shirley is doing well financially, this loser jerk wants to worm his way back into her life and challenge Shirley for custody of her daughter……. The nerve of him
    He looks like a miserable loser. He is after money. He figured if he gets custody of the daughter, Shirley will have to pay him child support and other fees. Shirley should not let this loser anywhere near her, or her daughter. What a lowlife jerk of a loser

  3. Shirley surely has poor taste in men doesn’t she? First the nondescript Gregory Ng and then this fatso Andy! Shirley should obtain a court restraining order from this fat loser.

    But I’m happy for Shirley. She put her unhappy past behind her, worked hard, sacrificed so much for her daughter and is now financially dependent. And I must say she raised her daughter well. Hopefully things will turn even better for her with her finding a good husband who would love her and stepdaughter.

  4. I dont understand why Shirley has such bad taste in men! Seriously. 9 years with Gregory? Really! She could have done better, but went from bad to worse with Andy Ng! Like OMG ! WTF?! She totally screwed up big time with her formal break up announcement, she’s a disgrace.

    But I have to admit, she’s 1 tough girl. She faced the bad media scrutiny and raised her daughter. Kudos to her.

    1. @shimmerstars She is not a disgrace, yes she make a mistake yes she cheated.

      It was say before that she waited for Greg for 9 years to ask for her hand in marriage, there were issue with his family not liking her & he never help to defend her too. Yes, she should not cheated as a gate way but there are issues.

      She has grown up a bit more now. I hope she doesn’t meet this problem again.

      1. @ashtenwellmorgan well said. I agree Shirley is not a disgrace. If she is, all the rest of her peers are too. It is anal why most Asians are so unforgiving when a celeb or or anyone makes a is even more of an unforgiving mistake when the mistake making individual is a woman, and she makes a mistake like the one Shirley made. This woman has paid her dues and should be given a second chance to enjoy life and look after her loved ones. Her ex’s family thought they and their precious boy were too good for Shirley. It turns out she was too good for them. While she was hurting, Shirley met this loser who probably told her all the right things. That is what happens to people who are hurting. Well, she needs to stand up to this creep now. Yes, let the girl know he is her father and grant him visitation, but do not let himhave custody of the daughter. No matter how much of a low life this man is, the child should know he is her dad. Trust me, it was not easy for me to say that, but that is the reality of the situation.

  5. What a great looking guy! Definitely worth having sex with…NOT. Shirley’s going to eventually have to pay him off to rid this pest for a while.

  6. This guy is a low life if he think he can pretend to be a “Dad” now that the kid is older and the ex is financially stable!! He need to go away and not ruin his kid life!

  7. I thought the situation was that Shirley didn’t want anything to do with Andy because he didn’t have money and tricked her into thinking he was financially secure. Plus he had debts, so she said goodbye and gave birth to her daughter and raised her on her own.

    That seems like a singular decision which Andy wasn’t in a position to reject what’s with his dire financial straits.

    It’s best for the kid to have some interaction with the father, I think. Especially as there is risk of GSA should they meet when she’s older. You gotta think about these factors.

    1. @coralie No, that was not the case. Andy left her stranded after she break up with Greg and he didn’t even want to see the kid. He even left the country too. Now, he is just back because she is more stable than before.

      Yes, it’s good to have two parents, but not if the dad is using you for money. It will hurt the kid more.

  8. Think he would be out of his mind if he wanted the kid back, but that is if he actually even said such a thing. Could be media just inventing things.

  9. She look so pretty and fighting! You’re a strong mom. I always say to sign legal agreement for future issue like this. Good luck girl!

    It was so tough for her 4 years ago, she was having money issue left and right. She had to raise a kid and help her mom too.

  10. Shirley is indeed a strong lady…plus she is an ageless beauty queen…still beautiful as ever. She is way more pretty than most of the current Miss HK.

    Keep fighting!!

  11. cheapo…where was he when shirley was suffering? now that she has finally found her feet, this fella came back to fight for custody.

  12. He can still see her but the thing is and I am pretty sure it works the same way in HK, fathers have no right to illegitimate children so yes, do slam the door at his face.

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