Shirley Yeung Refuses to Reconcile with Andy Ng

After Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) sudden breakup with Andy Ng (吳帥) in early 2012, she worked hard as a single mother to earn milk money for their young daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎). Andy was in mainland China in order to avoid his debts, but recently, tabloids revealed that he suddenly returned to Hong Kong and contacted Shirley via a friend during their daughter’s first birthday. Andy had asked to meet up with them, in which Shirley instantly refused.

An insider revealed, “Shirley is already very sad from the way Andy treated her. She is very disappointed and does not want any connections with him, nor does she want her daughter to meet him.”

Although Andy is Krystal’s biological father, Shirley is unwilling to be further tangled in a relationship with him. From their past torn relationship, she learned what kind of person Andy is. He is deeply in debt, and he allegedly already had a girlfriend in mainland while dating Shirley. Furthermore, when they had been dating, Andy constantly tried to avoid the topic of marriage.

Regarding her relationship with Andy, Shirley said, “I don’t know. Actually, I responded to this already, so I don’t want to comment further. I just want to protect my daughter and have a new start.”

Being a single working mother is not easy, and Shirley admitted that she currently faces financial pressure. Luckily, her parents offer her a lot of support and are very caring towards Krystal. Earlier at a dinner event, Shirley’s father proudly carried Krystal around to show off to other guests. Even though Krystal lacks a father, she is not missing out on family warmth.

Shirley mentioned that her daughter is her first priority. Krystal is now old enough to attend a playgroup. “I’ve been taking care of my family ever since I entered the entertainment industry. The only thing I’m not used to is the addition of a new baby, because I must consider her future. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve never considered giving up on my child. As a single mother, enduring pressure is inevitable. I must work hard and earn money to take care of my daughter and my parents.”

Is Shirley on the lookout for a new romantic relationship? She laughed and expressed, “I’m not ready to begin a new relationship, because I need to raise my daughter. There’s no time to think about anything else.”

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  1. I think Shirely Yeung made the right decision ……. not to reconcile with Andy Ng. Why should she do for this kind of person …… unreliable and irresponsible?

    Andy Ng’s Chinese name is 吳帥. It sounds like “not handsome” in Chinese. I think he is really not good looking in person.

  2. You are a strong woman, Shirley.

    Yes, just ignore this low life Andy, dump him for good.

    Wish you a blessed life from here on. Having your daughter, Krystal, is a new beginning.

  3. With her baby girl, it will be a lot harder for Shirley to look for a future husband. She is brave to make this decision. It is better to be a happy single woman than a miserable married woman. She will surely have a tough time to be a single parent …… to support herself and her daughter and at the same time take care of her daughter.

  4. One will never see the need for God Almighty until their life is at the edge. I have been through much worse than you could ever imagine, Shirley.

    Today, I am deeply loved, highly favored and richly blessed by my Savior. His name is “I Am”.

    Shirley, I have been your fan for many years and all I could share with you is my personal revelation.

    May you rest under the wings of the God of Peace. Surrender all your life issues to Him and He will establish your thoughts every single day.


  5. Very brave and a clear minded woman she is. No point to have him back if he is not up to a responsible father and husband. Work hard and look forward. Start to admire her courageous.

  6. I admire her strength and courage to raise her baby girl on her own. It takes a lot of time, money and unconditional love to raise kids. She has her head screwed on right putting her girls best interests first, good on her! Glad she has decided not to be in contact with andy. Their history sounds complicated and would not want Krystal to be affected by it.
    Good luck and all the very best to u Shirley!!!

  7. well done girl, tell the guy to sod off and move on.. here’s prob trying to get back with her to milk her money or hes up to no good. men like these kind has no back bone!
    good luck shirley , chin up , you are doing a great job !

  8. Stay strong, my girl Shirley! The guy who walked out when the whole issue is in such a mess is a REAL B**TARD! Do not degrade yourself by even acknowledging him! Since you have the courage to face the whole as single mum, i pray you continue to be strong!

  9. didn’t she cheat on her ex bf to be with andy? so she is mad at him for having a gf, but she is did the same with her bf? so a cheater is mad at someone cheating on her?

    1. I think she is more mad at the fact that he is in debt and not as rich as he claimed to be.

      1. Me too… I think she is more upset about the fact that he was an empty shell..

    2. IKR? What goes around, comes around. I’m not one to judge on anyone’s decisions, but whatever they decide to do, be ready to face the consequences and karma.

    3. Well, it can go many ways. Cheating is never acceptable, but in a relationship that long, problems are not seen by us. Maybe she had reasons. Maybe her first ex could not provide for her. Maybe they broke up before the relationship with andy started. Maybe it was an accident. No one knows. We only know what the media speculated.

      Putting all that aside, what matters now is she did not runaway from her mother duties. That alone is respectable especially at her age. She could have abor ted the child, found another man, but nope did not happen.

      1. well, how can she run away from it? put the kid up for adoption? and what do you mean respectable especially at her age? shes 33. most 33 years old are not responsible or something/

      2. Run away = aborting the child. I said that in the above. Yes she is 34 now, and that is exactly what I mean. She isn’t old. When she first knew of her child, she could have aborted the child and find herself another man. The fact is she didn’t do so. Instead she kept her child and chose to be a single mother and that to me is respectable.

      3. Crystal, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your logic. What’s so respectful about someone becoming pregnant from cheating? You make it sound like she’s some 19 years old girl becoming a single mom. She’s 33, let’s hope she knows the right thing to do from now on for the sake of the child.

      4. How is it hard to understand? Okay, she “cheated”. She got a child. If she wanted to be even more devilish to her already done sin of cheating, she would have aborted the child. But did she? No. She didn’t. She is a celebrity. She has the looks. She could still went out and find herself a rich man and not worry about bringing up a child as a single mother with barely any income. But she didn’t. She stuck with her child. Thats not respectable to you as a woman?

      5. Perhaps I am looking at Shirley in present tense, while others are worked up with her past…which I don’t understand why because everyone has a past. You do. I do. We all do. She is no different, what matters like I said above, is the NOW.

      6. Crystal, keeping your unborn child is the right thing to do nothing admirable about that, even animals in the wild care for the young. If she’s a good mother she would do whatever it takes to take care of her daughter…instead of chasing her star dream, she can get a more stable job to provide for her child.

      7. Lol…it is indeed the right thing to do but given her situation, others probably would not have done the same. Never mind celebrity status people. Not everyone with an unborn child would choose to keep it given shaky financial and martial status.

      8. Crystal:
        I agree with you wholeheartedly. As Shirley Yeung is a celebrity, she could have chosen not to have her child. After all, it was not a pleasant thing to let the public know that she had cheated on her long-time boyfriend and got pregnant with another man’s child. If she had an abortion, no one would know the truth, except maybe Gregory Lee. However, she chose to keep her unborn child and raise her, it was a very difficult decision and task for her, and she has to raise her child on her own emotionally, physically and financially. Not many women, particularly celebrities, would do it.

        We are all human, and we all make mistakes. She is just one of them and, unfortunately, she had to let the public know of her stupid mistake.

      9. Thank you sandcherry. I now know I am not alone on this jaynestars planet. Lol.

      10. She made a mistake, she had to live with it. Abortion is easier said than done. Anyhow she is being a responsible parent. She didn’t abandon her child. However screwed up she is with her own live, I respect her for being a responsible adult when it comes to her child. And for that I can bear with her horrendous acting so she can earn more milk money.

        As for her choices in life, obviously she chooses poorly. first was a boyfriend with family from hell, and now boyfriend from hell and with a child saddled at her back. She made her own choices. She made her life difficult. Have yet to hear her whine about it and for that again I give her my respect. Just stand back up, dust yourself up and move on.

      11. Some people are luckier than others, and I guess Shirley Yeung is one of the unlucky ones. She is not a lucky girl in terms of love life. That is what I call fate. Perhaps her fate is not good and she is destined to have a difficult life.

        That is why in Chinese saying fate is always ranked No. 1 before everything else.

      12. Crystal, I understand what you’re saying but at the same time you don’t know why she decided to have Andy’s baby…maybe at the time she thought he has money and they will live happily ever after, and by the time she realized that he’s a broke-a$$ loser it was too late. You can respect her all you want I still don’t see anything she had done is admirable. You have a child then you’re responsible to care for him/her…it’s that simple. Btw, she’s has a nanny to help with the baby, so don’t feel too bad for her.

      13. Lol,

        I believe she knew early enough to abort the child. From the time the media exposed she was pregnant and till her giving birth, there was definitely enough time for her to abort.

        You need not agree with me. As there will always be agreements and disagreements but you said you did not understand my logic and I explained further. Now you do understand what I am saying but you disagree which is fine by me.

    4. She is mad not just because he cheated on her but He is irresponsible, not marriage material, and a bad influence to their daughter. He ran away when Shirley needed him. I’m happy she didn’t go back to him, he doesn’t deserve to see his daughter until he gets his act straight.
      I hope she starts to act in drama again I haven’t seen her in a long time!

  10. Life is really ironic sometimes. She lives together w/this ex n his whole family for 10 + years and never had a kid. With this so called rich n uglier dude had a kid just like that out of wedlock and now a single woman yet again…. life is really unpredictable for this woman.

    1. I know, it is funny how she has a live in relationship w/that non famous TVB child star and never had anything haha…just like brad pitt n jennifer aniston, married never had kids but w/that jolie mistress popped out 3 kids just like that n not even married so i guess you just never know.

      1. Life can be good for you one moment but bad the next moment, so you never know and should not take anything for granted.

  11. I think she makes the correct decision. Why get entangle again with someone who left one in a lurch? Have a clean cut from the past, best to start life afresh. (Being a female myself I do understand her perceptions)

  12. It’s better that way. He just want money from her. He’s a jerk. Mothers are stronger than men.

  13. It is hard to be a single mother but she is lucky to have her parents and family support. There are some that don’t even have that…

    1. This much is true. I remember a friend’s sister hooked up w/a black guy n had a kid out of wedlock n the parents seriously kicked her out. They just couldn’t accept the fault she went w/a black and he wasnt even good in appearance or financially stable i guess. The worse part was that black guy was a janitor in her school. haha OMG, talk about drama right? But if i were the parents, i would be uncomfortable i mean seriously a janitor and he is like 10 years older or something…awwww, not a good sight haha….

      1. Sorry to hear about your friend’s sister which is a big reason why my mom and dad are opposed to premartial sex. They think that if girls aren’t careful, they can end up with a child and the guy can just run off and not take responsibility…

        If I did what Shirley, I question if my family would disown me or not. She is at least lucky to have her parents and brother to support her and help her.

      2. I once had someone who told me their daughter was impregnated by a cad who refused to marry her. They wanted to sue this selfish man and I asked how young was the daughter, thinking she was some teenager and the parents replied something along in the 30s. I had to laugh. Seriously, surely even parents should recognise not everything is the other person’s fault.

  14. Funny how some people who slam her when the news of her and her ex and this Andy dude comes to be… But, now is on her favor.

    As a single mother with family on her shoulder, she’ve along way to go. Just stay with your daughter, and don’t trust no guys yet. 🙂

    1. I know, i was about to say that. haha… they called her a cheater, cheap woman, golddigger and now everyone seems to praise her for being strong. haha LOL…

      1. Is called the power of the media, they can make you a saint ot they can make you Satan.

    2. I was wondering the same thing.. I guess maybe many feel sorry for her that she is a single mom which is really hard both financially and emotionally…

    3. No, I still see her as a cheat and gold digger no matter how the media paints her.

  15. She should’ve just got an abortion in the first place and kept her career. Now her career is going nowhere and she has added baggage. Her image will never be the same. What a shame. It’s such a waste.

    1. If she had gone for an abortion and the media finds out, her career will definitely be ruined. Now she can play the pity cards. If she aborted the child, she will be hounded out of entertainment world. She loves her child, therefore she is being a responsible adult and gave birth to her child. What is wrong with that? What is the shame and what is the waste?

    1. I don’t think there’s a single mother out there who hates her own child.

  16. Looks like Shirley has moved on but some negative commenters still dwelling with her past mistake.

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