Shirley Yeung’s Daughter Affected by Herpes Virus

Living life as a single mother has been rough for Shirley Yeung (楊思琦). Shirley broke up with former diver Andy Ng (吳帥), who was involved with another woman in Mainland China and mired in deep financial debt. She did not believe in abortion and opted to raise their daughter alone. Taking Mother’s Day as an opportunity, 35-year-old Shirley shared the many hardships she faced with her daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎), who is now two years old.

“I have held my daughter and cried, and I felt ready to collapse from the pressure,” Shirley admitted. Shirley did not maintain contact with Andy and took on all the financial responsibilities in raising Krystal.

Daughter Undergoes Surgery Due to Herpes Virus

When Krystal was one year old, symptoms of a severe illness began to emerge. She continuously had high fevers, and could not eat due to swollen and bleeding gums. Through a check-up at the hospital, Shirley learned that her daughter was suffering from herpes. A doctor later informed Shirley that Krystal must undergo surgery immediately, because there was an abscess the size of a fist found in her intestines. The abscess had to be removed along with the part of the intestine it affected.

Shirley recalled the devastating times, “I felt extremely anxious and hopeless. I was so scared that I just hugged my daughter and cried. She is so young, and yet there is a 3-inch scar on her stomach. I’m very heartbroken to see her like that!” Fortunately, Krystal’s surgery was successful. However, the illness had affected her body’s ability to absorb, and thus she will be slim compared to others. Each day, Shirley takes time to plan nutritious and healthy meals for her daughter to consume.

“At that time, I thought how good it would be to have a partner by my side to share [the stress]…but in reality, there is no such person,” Shirley said.

Suffered From Mood Disorder

After giving birth to Krystal, Shirley became very tense and insecure when out in the streets. She tried her best to avoid reporters lurking around. Constantly making tabloid headlines at the time, the press liked to follow her in hopes of snapping photographs of her daughter. The mounted pressure eventually led to a mood disorder. Shirley revealed, “The more people chased me, the more I wanted to get away. But that has changed a lot now.”

Despite the hardships, Shirley is determined to stay strong. “The past has hit me hard. I’m not going to easily trust men ever again. Although it is tough being a single mother, it was my decision. Since I’ve chosen not to evade the issue, I will face things with courage! I believe my daughter can be just as happy without a father.” Shirley shared that she will continue to work hard and accept more jobs, hoping to provide Krystal with a comfortable environment to grow up in. Raising her daughter is Shirley’s top priority.


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  1. This is so heartbreaking!!
    Shirley is indeed strong! She made past mistakes but she doesn’t deserve this from Krystal!
    Hope everything turn out blessing for both of them!
    Happy Mothers Day Shirley!

  2. Hope her daughter will be recover as soon as possible.

  3. Herpes? First thing I thought maybe Shirley passed the disease to her because to me herpes is sexual disease. But I do believe that may not be the case always?

    1. There are 2 types of Herpes. Herpes Simplex 1 and Herpes Simplex 2. Herpes Simplex 1 is a common type. Most people have it, it is the cause of cold sore.

      1. But you get it because of contact, whether it’s through skin contact or blood.

      2. ^ No. The herpes that you get bc of cold sore – some people are born with it.

    2. The first thing I thought was the father. A mother’s job is never done.

      “At that time, I thought how good it would be to have a partner by my side to share [the stress]…but in reality, there is no such person,”

      Well, her choice and her doing.

      1. Yes mnguyen is right!! There is actually two types of herpes. One is transmitted from sexual and one from genetic. Society make herpes sound like a transmitted disease but is actually not the case.

      2. Yes, her choice and her doing. No one is saying otherwise. She doesn’t deny it. But would it kill you, kiwi, to show a bit of sympathy? Everyone makes mistakes and everyone makes bad choices. At the very least she’s owning up to her mistakes and taking responsibility for her choices and actions.

  4. Wow this is the first time I have heard of herpes in the intestines?? I thought it only affects the mouth and the private area because it’s skin to skin contact right?

    1. Wrong. Herpes is virus and can affect any tissue organs.

  5. She sounds like a really good mom, and pretty grounded.

    Hopefully more opportunities (beyond showbiz) will open up for her, so she can keep financially providing, without having to stress so much.

  6. Shirley Yeung seems to have a tough life. Wish her all the best!

    1. tough life?? I don’t think so!! I know a lot of single mothers doing it tough. At least she have the family that support her and tvb is giving her lots of work. If she spent her salary wisely she can have a decent life. Now is really up to her, If I were her I’ll stay strong and work harder for her daughter.

      1. Actually, I think she ended her contract with tvb

      2. It’s not her single mother status that is tough.
        It is coping with a sick daughter who needs alot of care and money that makes it so.

  7. My sympathies go with Shirley who seems to have lost a lot of weight. I hope that the herpes won’t recur and that from now Krystal will grow healthier and stronger.

  8. “However, the illness had affected her body’s ability to absorb, and thus she will be slim compared to others.”

    The good thing is she will not need to worry about obesity. She can eat as much as she likes. 🙂

    1. Kidd she could die to malnutrition because she can eat and eat but the nutrients are not absorbed enough.

  9. No matter what other people say, Shirley did the right thing by taking on the responsibility and nobody should fault her for that. Instead, people should encourage and support her, not stigmatize her. Everybody makes mistakes. Stand up Shirley, walk proud and look after your daughter. The society is sick, not you.

  10. So sorry to hear that she went through that. What a scary moment.

  11. “there was an abscess the size of a fist found in her intestines. The abscess had to be removed along with the part of the intestine it affected.”

    Once a part of the intestines has been removed, isn’t it a lifetime of medication and/or health issues? Isn’t nutrient absorption and the immune system affected forever? Or, is that more so for adults?

  12. yeah i hope shirley yeung and daughter will have a good
    life and hope that her daughter removes fast!!!!!!! 🙁

  13. she may have made disastrous life choices but i still have the utmost respect for her for choosing to have her baby. she could have easily had an abortion and moved onto a new relationship.

  14. I realy admire and respect Shirley. Her exterior image may be that of a soft-spoken, fragile and dainty lady, but her interior is very much a strong,tough and persistent woman. Although she’s been through a lot, it’s great to hear that she’s still going strong and willing to fight on with her daughter and does not ever think about giving up on her…Shirley’s truly a great mother.

  15. D news is heartbreaking. Shirley is a very strong & courage mom. I wish Shirley & her gal all d best, health & happiness.

  16. Maybe this is the worst time of her life, and I hope she gets to bounce up higher and become successful. Agree that eveyone makes mistakes and it should be a lesson learnt and hope Shirley and baby will lead happy and healthy days ahead.

    1. I agree that everyone makes mistakes and deserves another chance. It is so sad that her career in the circle is not going well and heard that TVB may dismiss her. That is really sad and now this happens to her daughter. I hope she can pull through and find success and happiness. Wish her and her daughter the best!

  17. Modern day Hester Prynne from the scarlet letter!

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