Hawick Lau Plans to Propose to Yang Mi in 2013?

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In a recent interview with mainland China’s Tian Tian Xin Bao, actor Hawick Lau (劉愷威) slipped that he may consider proposing to his girlfriend, Yang Mi (杨幂), in 2013.

The 38-year-old Hong Kong actor is currently starring in Yu Zheng’s (于正) In Love with Power <山河恋>, popularly known as Beauty Without Tears <美人无泪>, the third installment of Yu Zheng’s Beauty franchise <美人系列>. The drama is a fictional retelling of the biography of Hong Taiji (Hawick Lau), the first Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Beauty Without Tears is currently airing on mainland China’s JSTV.

As an Emperor

Hawick Lau's new drama 1Beauty Without Tears is Hawick’s first try at portraying an emperor. “I’ve always had dreams of myself being a king, and this drama helped me fulfill it!” cried Hawick excitedly. “It was very fun!”

Out of the plethora of actors whom had portrayed emperor roles in the past, Hawick expressed that his favorite was Chen Daoming’s (陈道明) Kangxi from the 2001 Chinese television drama, Kangxi Dynasty <康熙王朝>. “Teacher Chen Daoming’s Kangxi left me a very deep impression. He is so small, yet his aura is so strong and big.”

 Hawick’s portrayal of the legendary Hong Taiji in Beauty Without Tears also made him realize that being an empire’s most powerful leader may not be so great after all. “It is absolutely tragic. When he really falls in love with someone and wants to spend time with her as much as you can, he begins to realize that the reason she was close to him to begin with was for revenge.  He may have an entire army under his command and all the government officials bowing at his will, but none of them can be his true friends. He has nowhere else to put his secrets except inside his heart, and in the end, he becomes cold, heartless, and empty.”

With Yang Mi

Hawick announced that he is dating Yang Mi to the world in January 2012, and the couple had never been happier to be together since. Breakup rumors and cheating rumors constantly plague the couple, but the obstacles only made their relationship stronger.

Hawick revealed that Yang Mi often visited him on the set of Beauty Without Tears. The drama’s lead actress, Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗), is Yang Mi good friend and classmate. “She knows more about my costars than I do,” said Hawick. “It’s why she always comes and visit.”

“Because both of us are actors, it is very convenient for us to meet up on the set. This is how we communicate. We will try our best to spend as much time as we can with each other.”

Asked if Hawick has any plans for the New Year, Hawick revealed that he will be returning to Hong Kong to visit his family. He also hopes to reduce his workload next year so he can spend more time participating in charity work.

Does Hawick’s New Year plans also include proposing to Yang Mi? Hawick laughed, “I’m planning it!  But I rather you guys focus more on our work. We are just like any other couple. We eat dinner and watch movies together. Nothing special!”

Source: 67.com

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13 comments to Hawick Lau Plans to Propose to Yang Mi in 2013?

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Did he take out his diary, as she takes out hers and he says to her “Mi er, what about 14th February? Write that down, I am going to propose to you that day!” and Yang Mi goes “Oh Harwick ge, this will be a complete surprise to meeeeee!!’ ??

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    • jayne replied:

      I do believe that Hawick has intentions of marrying Yang Mi. He bought an apartment for her in Hong Kong so that she will have a comfy spot to stay while she is there filming or doing promos.

      A hefty tag and when a single man buys real estate for a woman, a marriage proposal may come next.

      Hawick was basically saying he does have marriage in mind, but of course not do it through mechanical appointment planning. At least he said he is planning it, rather than the usual response male celebrities utter “No not yet” which simply means they are not willing to commit yet.

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      • advo replied:

        Yes, but does she have marriage on her mind too? She’s only in her twenties and her star is shining very brightly at the moment.

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      • Lee replied:

        @ advo – what’s so awful about marrying in your twenties? Plenty of mainland actresses do it.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I don’t think advo meant to say that it is bad to marry in your 20s. I think she just wanted to say that when a woman is only in her 20s and has a successful career, she may not he ready for marriage at that stage.

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    • msxie replied:

      Funn, that is too funny!

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  2. yeungforlife says:

    sounds awesome!!
    but Yang mi had surgery on her entire face..so if she had kids with hawick…hmmm

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I don’t think she did have surgery on her entire face. However, I think she did have some minor enhancements,but she did NOT completely change her face like Viann Zhang for example. Hawick is also not 100% natural either, but still looks like himself to some extent.

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      • kiki replied:

        yes, Hawick Lau still looks awesome for his age but i too doubt if he is 100% natural. the girl, forget about it, one of my friends loves her and he has pics of her when younger and her face, teeth, nose all look quite diff and her boobs hahhha he did might be enhanced for a skinny bone girl. i dont know if its true but she does LOOK GREAT in a almost kind of barbie doll pretty u know…
        at first, i find this couple a bit mismatched since this guy seems to have a higher education while she is just a mainland star my friend, he also tells me he is NOT that much smarter since they both has the same level in english skills ahhaaha cuz of twitter now i guess and they both are quite matched in just acting alone n lets face it whats not the like, hes much older and shes young. haha.. for an unknown from TVB male star now w/a popular mainland actress he says its still his LUCK ahhah.lol…

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    • Cloud replied:

      I don’t think she got much done on her face, but her breasts is a different story.

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      • Veejay replied:


        Agree iwth you 100% on the chest part lol….

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      • kiki replied:

        i know, def huge boobs esp when she has a super tiny waist looks way enhanced than natural…

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  3. apple says:

    If it’s true congrats to this cute couple.

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