Heavily Pregnant Shirley Yeung Hiding in Los Angeles Ready to Give Birth

Unilaterally announcing her breakup from Gregory Lee (李泳豪)  in June this year, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) was photographed in a heavily pregnant state in Los Angeles, USA by Next Magazine. Paper can not contain fire; continually denying that she was pregnant with a third party, Shirley was spotted with a protruding belly, thus revealing the fact that she had indeed cheated in her former relationship with Gregory [due to the timing of her pregnancy and breakup with Gregory]. Faced with his ex-flame’s pregnancy, Gregory Lee looked sourly at Shirley’s pregnant photos, “She does not look happy in the photos!”

Accused of being full of lies, Shirley allegedly took a secret 6-month leave of absence from TVB in July. After completing the tasks and stage performances at hand, then 4-month pregnant Shirley flew to her brother’s home in Los Angeles while accompanied by her mother.  On December 22nd, Next Magazine staff photographed Shirley outside her elder brother’s home in Los Angeles. Shirley wore a scarf, sunglasses, and a men’s down jacket in 12 degrees Celsius weather, deliberately concealing her huge belly. She stood on the road and possessed a high level of alertness. Shirley walked slower than usual and often bowed her head to recover her breath. Her movements resembled a pregnant woman. Entering a small lane, she waited for ten minutes before her fiancé, Andy Ng (吳帥), appeared to pick her up. 

When Next Magazine showed the photo of the heavily pregnant Shirley to Gregory Lee, he shook his head and bit back tears. He asked the reporter whether the man in the photos was Andy Ng or Shirley’s elder brother. Gregory also insisted, “She looks unhappy [in the photo].”

Allegedly, Shirley was hiding in the USA to await the baby’s birth. She intended to slim down after giving birth and return to Hong Kong next year to hold a grand wedding celebration. However, Andy Ng, who never came forward to acknowledge his relationship with Shirley, possessed a different attitude towards their wedding plans. He hoped to have a simple wedding. Due to their differences, the pair had arguments earlier, leading to rumors that they had broken up.

Gregory Lee Hopes that Shirley Yeung is Happy 

Gregory Lee was filming in TVB City today. Regarding Next Magazine photographing a 7-month pregnant Shirley, Gregory said, “I just saw the photos. I have no feelings and my mood is normal. My emotions have recovered already. I hope that she is happy.” Since breaking up in June 2011, Gregory indicated that he has not been in contact with Shirley wand will not consider calling her. 

Months earlier, it was rumored that Shirley had dated both Gregory and Andy Ng at the same time. When the reporter asked Gregory whether the truth had finally emerged to clear his name, Gregory said that he did not wish to delve on the matter. However, he indicated that his father, Lee Ka Ding’s (李家鼎) anger had dissipated [over the scandalous circumstances following his breakup with Shirley].


Excerpt from Next Magazine # 1138 and Apple Daily

Jayne: So it turns out Shirley was in fact pregnant with Andy Ng’s baby when she broke up with Gregory Lee in May/June of this year. She had cited pregnancy as the reason for breaking up with Gregory. When this news leaked, Shirley denied her pregnant state in an attempt to salvage her image (likely per Virginia Lok’s recommendation) and appeared in many tight-fitting outfits to display her still slim figure while in the early stages of her pregnancy, hoping to dispel pregnancy rumors which worked.

Anyhow, I wish the best for Shirley ahead. I hope Andy will be a good husband and father.

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  1. Jayne you sure? Depends on how heavily pregnant is heavily pregnant. Broke up in May, now Dec, so she should be 8 months, and if she knew she was pregnant when she broke up with gregory, she had to be at least 1 month ahead so she should be giving birth by last month or so? I think she got pregnant AFTER breaking up? If she is 6 months now or so?

    1. Between I don’t think any man who publicly taunt another can be a good father since he lacks character.

      1. I agree. But to be fair, her relationship with Gregory was going nowhere too.

        Whatever her reasons, Shirley does not strike me as the materialistic gold-digger or biatchy sort.

      2. The accidental baby could just be the result of temptation. Some people start cheating after getting tired of their long-term partners.

      3. Agree with both but with one slight disagreement; maybe it was a labour of love? I mean so many years with 1 guy no jackpot and an affair (over several times) suddenly jackpot? Maybe it was a passionate love affair. Doesn’t make the guy any less a jerk for public taunts. ANyway when is he making a decent woman out of her and de-bastardize the child?

    2. Funn,
      Judging by the size of Shirley’s belly, I think she is at least 7 if not 8 months pregnant. She looks huge in that men’s coat. Looking at her skinny legs, she likely did not gain much weight, thus the size of her belly indicates that Shirley is very advanced in her pregnancy state.

    3. I think Shirley gave up a lot to be with Andy Ng. She risked her reputation, broke another man’s heart, and gave up her acting career and lucrative future income.

      I hope Andy Ng is worth it. I wonder why the couple did not get married earlier either.

      1. But wasn’t she exposed? Maybe she had to give up a lot to be with Andy IF the stories of the pregnancy prior to breakup is true. Not like she had any choice? Maybe they have registered marriage?

    4. Funn,
      Btw there are other HK tabloids running Shirley’s pregnant story. Face Magazine claims that she is 9 months pregnant and ready to give birth. Next Magazine claims she is 7 months pregnant. It is difficult to discern the number of months she is, whether 7 or 9.

      However, it would be too coincidental that Shirley told Gregory she was pregnant when she wanted to break up with him. And then immediately after she became pregnant with Andy Ng’s baby? I think she may be 1 month pregnant when she asked to break up with Gregory (so she was telling the truth to him) but lied to the public when repeatedly asked by the press whether she was in fact pregnant. This was in an attempt to curb further allegations that she had cheated in her relationship with Gregory by becoming pregnant with Andy’s baby. Really the only thing she could do otherwise the paparazzi would have continually harassed her until she was ready to leave for Los Angeles.

      1. ” Really the only thing she could do otherwise the paparazzi would have continually harassed her until she was ready to leave for Los Angeles.”

        Or marry the man, openly reveal pregnancy and just you know be like the westerners, to hell with everyone. Oh she still want her career? Maybe stop for a few years and then come back again?

  2. I am amazed that Next Magazine was able to capture this photo of Shirley in Los Angeles. Does Next Magazine have branch offices in Los Angeles?

    1. I’m thinking that maybe someone in LA recognized Shirley, took the pictures, and then sold them to Next Magazine for some money?

      1. That maybe it! Some passer by might recognize Shirley and pop out idea of getting money from Next magazine! ROFL

    2. I thought that they would be safe when hiding overseas… I guess not…

      1. There as so many Chinese in LA. How could she be safe? She would probably be safer in countries like Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

    1. She told the truth to Gregory, but later maybe under 620’s ‘advice’ lied to the press, but big tummies don’t lie ROFL

      1. btw poor baby, your mummy lied about you to save herself. Or maybe forced by 620 as an attempt to save her face.

    2. What a big and deceiving lie.. There goes her image and career…

      1. her career and image already gone but by lying about the pregnancy it made her fell down more. How could a mum lie about her own baby!

  3. …it may get worse if she is going to break up with her beloved boyfriend. She will become a stupid cheater, rather than a smart cheater.

    1. Well he would have dumped her already if he was rich. So Ding Jeh might be correct that she boarded a “pirate ship” and it’s already too late to escape, LOL

      Hope we don’t hear more from her as an actress ao she can live a happy life and take care of soft rice eater Andy and their baby…

      1. I wonder what she will do now to raise the baby if that Andy guy is a soft rice eater???

      2. The elder Ding (Gregory’s father) may be right that Shirley boarded a “pirate ship” and Gregory may be right too by saying Shirley doesn’t look happy there.. Since she’s heavily pregnant with Andy’s child, there is no way she could turn her faith unless something happen.

        Anyhow, I don’t think it’s wrong either to have dumped Gregory for Andy or anyone else. She had been with Gregory for so long not caring of their differences whether in reputation and earning.. I think she was already good enough.. girls like her might have already dump a guy like Gregory for long time.

  4. Wait a second…..

    Why are we so sure the baby is from Andy and not from Gregory? Did she don’t have s** anymore during the relationship with Gregory?!?

    Who knows? Only Shirley know who is the father of the baby.

    I hope so for Andy that he is the father of the baby. If not? He also have been cheated.

      1. LOL, we have come a long way otherwise she could have fooled Gregory after Andy dumps her by using 2 blood drops in a rice bowl 🙂

      2. Is Andy a rich guy? If so, he have to do a DNA test!!!!!!!

        OMG!!! I can work for TeeVeeBee. This is a good scrip.

        Shirley was dating Gregory, then met Andy (the rich guy), don’t want to leave Gregory, Cuz they are so many years together, but Andy is also very very rich.

        Then she broke up with gregory for some reason, get pregnant, don’t know who the father is, but she don’t care, cuz she hopes for a son, when she have a son, he will get all the ‘san ka” of andy….

        Someting like that?

  5. Whether the baby was conceived before or after she broke off from Gregory, she lied about not being pregnant and obviously seeing Andy behind Gregory’s back.

  6. Shirley is going to give birth in U.S. so her baby will have US citizenship.

  7. remember when chilam cheung was also called a soft rice eater? lol

  8. I don’t think she can have an acting career when she comes back to TVB. She can do traveling shows like before or other jobs as a host. I also agreed with others, that I hope this Andy guy is worth it since she lost so much to be with him.

    1. For all you know she might retire after she had her baby. No loss to TVB anyway, Shirley’s acting had not improved much during the 10+ years she’s been acting.

  9. Shirley shouldn’t have lied about her pregnancy. It’s an irresponsible move and unsafe too since she still get caught although escaping far away

  10. uh does shirley even know who the baby’s father is? she needs to make sure. this is what they get when they want to be rich and famous. there are sacrifices to whatever you want in life. i just wish that gregory will be wiser the next time he chooses a girlfriend.

    1. maybe that’s why Andy didn’t marry her earlier and is waiting for the baby to come out first

    2. This is very possible. Time will reveal whether Andy’s the father or Greg’s the father. But, if it turns out that Greg’s the father, will he take her back?

  11. holy crap it amazes me the lengths hk pappi
    took to show us the true face of Shirley good riddance and she looks like 9 months ready to pop soon—so she did cheat on Gregory hope she got the right dad—

  12. There is nothing wrong when a person stops loving a person and loves another one. However, that person should stop a relationship first when realizing that he/she has loved another one.

    This girl is so messed up…she could have handled thing better.

    Probably I think in the old Asian way that a good relationship takes time to build up. There are different states such as interested – like – really like – maybe it is love – it is love – (sex) – marriage – (sex).

    Why this girl was so rush?

    1. I don’t think she “was so rush”. She was with one guy for 8-9 years without making any progression at all. Maybe she got tired of waiting and just take the bull by its horns.

      1. That is why her life a mess. If she had taken time, thing would be much better.

        She might be regreting (not for dumping Mr. Lee)

    2. She needs to be rushed because she is already 34 going to 35. Biological clock is running.

      1. @Fox

        Women can easily give birth in their 40s. Some can even do it in their 60s or 70s with increased risk involved.

        Too bad she bet on the wrong horse as she now needs to take care of Andy as well. So yeah she rushed things or Andy tricked her.

        Btw is he that kind of polar bear i.e. onepack you like to hug? hehe

      2. First children is different to the born of next children. Women who give birth the first time after 35 will face a lot of problems to the health of both of them and the kids. Such as the chance for the kids that mother give birth the first time after 35 is doubled. The mother (first time) will face the chance to be abord higher than younger women (<35).

        So the key point is first time.

        Andy isn't my type. Same to Gregory. And both taken by Shirley already, lol.

        Wrong horse or not, maybe Shirley will know the best. She might be right. Maybe Shirley is truly happy now with Andy now and doesn't have a minute of thinking back about Gregory. She has a child in her tummy. Even if Andy left her, she has a child for her own. Better than Gregory who she wasted 9 years of her youth without a marriage.

      3. By his reaction regarding the breakup im sure he was willing to marry her at any time. It’s more likely that she was the one unwilling to get married so she could “shop” around for a better bargain.

      4. Do you see the pix above? Andy is with her, caring for her and the baby. Maybe they signed the marriage paper.

        Well, an old argument: If Shirley wanna find some rich guys, she won’t spend 9 years of her life with youth, beauty and higher salary with Gregory. If he is a truly good guy, he shouldn’t waste 9 years of her life like this. Any woman who think for herself won’t spend that much of time with a guy without any hope.

      5. Sure he is with her and taking care of her as she prolly have to paid all their expenses. As Greg. pointed out she doesn’t seem any happy at all!

        Old argument as well: she was playing safe i.e. living with Gregory so she could save her money to buy a house. At the same time looking for a rich guy, thought she found one in Andy but boarded a pirate ship, LOL.

        I could say that say wasted his time as well. Why do you think Greg. has no hope, hehe?

      6. No hope of a marriage. Do you see any word from Gregory’s mouth involving the breakup to say that he was intended to get married with her? He only said he dunnoe wat happened. So the guy didn’t care for time flied and just wanted them to live together like this without a marriage.

        Living in the guy’s house is normal to a couple in Asia. The guy is the person who need to take charge for the expenses of the couple. It’s considered as man’s pride. If a man can’t raise his own girl, he can be called as useless by ppl in the society.

        What Andy brought to Shirley, only Shirley and Andy can know. She is happy or not, a picture can’t really tell. Gregory just looked at the picture like us.

      7. There was an article of them getting married soon. He even said after the breakup that he was willing to marry her and raise her child which is kinda stupid. If they were happy then why bother with a marriage certificate that will only make matters more conplicated in case of a breakup?

        So the talk about equality women are talking about doesn’t include expenses only assets? You make it sound like the guy is “buying” the girl, LOL. I like the idea of splitting expenses depending on respective income.

      8. Just depends on how you view it. In Asia, after the marriage or cohabitant,the normal expenses will be paid by the woman from the common budget contributed by both. But normally, the house is from the guy’s side as house is considered as a big asset. Funny through, the names in the house paper then are both husband and wife’s. Then in fact, the woman cares for the daily expenses and most like to claim that these money are the husband’s (wanna keep face for the husband) while the money is actually both’. Can’t split clearly this money is mine and this money is your in a couple’s life like this. There are tons of daily expenses that can’t be clearly say 1 is 1 and 2 is 2. The total amount of these expenses in fact might be bigger than the value of a house. Divide the expenses to the salary of each person is impossible. For example: If you and your gf/wife live together, you earn 100, your gf/wife earns 135, she buy a fish and several stuffs for the dinner with about 23, can you divide it exactly to your part and her part? And do it everyday? So counting. Then men always choose safe game to give all to wife and let her count for the life.

        I don’t say that the guy buy the girl in a marriage, don’t twist my word. I say that it’s a pride of Asia man to be able to buy a house for his wife.

        Maybe you don’t understand this because you aren’t married or never planned to get married. Or simply because you are a guy.

        I still can rmb that he said he would willing to raise her kid but his father rite after that refused. However, even if you read the news of the wedding planning, you will find out that Gregory actually didn’t have a plan for this. He in fact, didn’t aware the matter of time. It’s normal because he is a guy and he is one year younger than her.

        Marriage certificate is VERY important to Asian women. Maybe not to Asian men. That’s the matter of Shirley and Gregory. He might think like you, a marriage certificate isn’t important. But to Shirley, it’s the guarantee for her future. From this aspect, can understand why you support Gregory that much. Sorry to say, it’s very selfish of the men to think that a couple can live happily and not bother for a marriage certificate.

      9. Edit: To make you understand more, I’ll explain more for you on the expense: The view of the Asia society on a couple is that, the useful man can raise his wife by his money all. The wife can work and have own money but she uses her husband’s money, it means pride to the husband. In fact, the wives often like to claim that she is using her husband’s money despite the fact that the money is actually contributed by both. It’s keeping face for the husband.

      10. Well i suppose it’s alright for the guy to provide the house. I was thinking that a fixed percentage of the income goes to the common budget post as both parties need cash for their hobbies.

        When you mentioned “raise” girl i was thinking of “buying” LOL

        Girls thinking of marriage certificate as a guarantee for future are fooling themselves as supported by the divorce rate. Marriage comes natural if it feels right then why not get married, however it’s important to have a prenup agreement ready, hehe.

        “the useful man” hahahaha

        I see what you mean. Perhaps it’s not saving face for their husband you girls just don’t like to spend your own money as it’s always better to spend others. Don’t get why “face” is so important anyway…

      11. At least, the certificate is a way to bind the guy and make them have the responsibilities to the family. Man are selfish and changable more than woman.

        孔子 (Confucius) taught: 名不正则言不顺, 言不顺则事不成

        Read more to know why face is that important: http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/6789816

      12. Yeah right just look at the beast duo Benny & Joe, LOL. Im sure they do provide the required financials to “raise” their wives so they can tell their friends.

        My chinese reading is bad however i do understand the paragraph you provided.

        Didn’t he also mentioned:”it’s hard to raise a small man and women” 🙂

        I suppose he was right…

      13. You know what? You’ve just offended seriously a lot of ppl here, who are women.

        To inform you, 孔子 didn’t say so but some men like you twisted his word to become that. So pathetic to them. They must forget that their mothers are women. Compare these men to both Benny and Joe, these men are definitely lower class.

      14. LOL, help im innocent just referring to Confucius.

        Have can they twist his words if he didn’t say so? maybe you are right im just not sure.

      15. I guess it will be hard to find his original work in English.

        Im innocent with regards of offending women, however i might be guilty of bad referencing.

      16. You said:
        “Didn’t he also mentioned:”it’s hard to raise a small man and women” 🙂

        I suppose he was right…”

        => This quote is the same to your mind.

        That’s why this quote is offensive and you offended women.

        Don’t blame the reference.

      17. First of all i wasn’t sure if it was Conficius who quoted that hence “didn’t he mentioned”

        Moreover when you mentioned the issue of “raise his girl” i referred to “his” quote and said suppose he was right in the sense that it is indeed hard to “raise a women”, LOL

        Obviously it was never my intention to offend any women.

  13. Hei, look here! Be sensible. How can one judge by the size of Shirley’s belly? Unless one have extremely good eyes as good as ultrasound/high definition scanning machine. Or one is an obstetrician, ok! So we now dont need to seek an obstetrician.

  14. I think what we are seeing is quite deceiving. Wearing such a baggy blokey jacket would make anyone look “massive”.

  15. did u all tvb fans watch too much tvb dramas, somethings bring drama into reality..need some spell check…

  16. Overall her image has been damaged by this. Whatever stage she was with her pregnancy…I just feel like she has cheated and lied. Not good!

  17. is Andy in gray/light blue jacket? wasnt he a diver or smth? why is he so out of shape x_X

  18. Even though it is not anybody’s business whether shirley is pregnant or who she loves… I still lost all my respect to her.

  19. At different stages of a woman ‘s life she will want different things- in her younger years Shirley didnt mind Gregory not having money but it changed –She wanted money cause obviously Mr Diver is fat unfit and not goodlooking— I believe everything Gregory said about how Shirley dumped him “” no reason any man can take”” she was pregnant and she was cheating on him behind his back—Shirley lied about the breakup with Greg she went to his birthday dinner pappi pics to prove it—Shirley has no credibility at all—and a few days after scandal broke she lied and said she wasnt pregnant on radio or a magazine—

  20. So she handled things a lil too bad —tried to talk smack about Greg and his family–hey if you unhappy walk dont live the guy’s house for 9 years and be all ungrateful about it—she wanted happiness so move out not 9 years later—too cruel

    1. Hmmm Ken, why should Shirley be grateful? She was the person earning the most money amongst the Lee Family members so I am sure Shirley paid for things financially during the 9 years they were dating. Let be realistic, who wants to date someone and end up having to feed both the boyfriend, the brother and mother???

      1. She’s so cheap she cant live at her own home seriously who did she support in Lee family? He said she said show the proof cause she dont seem like she ll feed anybody

  21. Hope she chooses natural childbirth over an elective c-section…

  22. I wish her all the best.
    Hope everyone will give her a break.

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