Heavily Promoted, Edwin Siu Stars in 5 TVB Dramas

Edwin Siu’s (蕭正楠) is becoming one of TVB’s fastest rising stars. Heavily favored by TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), Edwin has been promoted to lead status and stars in five dramas this year. Making $5.57 million HKD year-to-date, Edwin is also popular in mainland China and has a vast market before him.

“I never thought that I will have so many opportunities this year. Even if it means working to death, I am more than willing,” exclaimed Edwin.

The road to stardom took ten years for 35-year-old Edwin. Starting out as a singer in 2002, Edwin faced career irrelevance before signing a management contract with TVB in 2008. Ascending from minor roles to current leading roles was a matter of good timing and finding the right talent scout that valued Edwin’s worth.

Edwin’s death scene in Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計> allegedly caught the notice of Catherine Tsang, who cast him in The Confidant <大太監> and Detective L.B. Gao <神探高倫布>, opposite TV King, Wayne Lai(黎耀祥). Edwin is currently filming A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼 2>, Big Wheel <巨輪> in October, and Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄 3> at the end of the year.

With his ten-year career finally having a miraculous turnaround, Edwin did not forget to thank Catherine Tsang. “Catherine Jeh has a lot of authority. During the dinner for The Confidant, we sat at the same table. She said to me, ‘You have improved; keep it up!’ I almost died with happiness! I never thought that she would pay attention to me!”

Popular in China

With a major supporting role in Wallace Huo’s (霍建華) The Vigilantes in the Mask <怪俠一枝梅> last year, Edwin Siu has won a score of mainland fans. He also stars in the highly anticipated Da Mo Yao <大漠謠>, in which pirated copies have unfortunately surfaced prior to the drama’s official public broadcast. Edwin’s current mainland filming fee is $80,000 RMB per episode.

Edwin’s Romantic Rumors Rise

With Edwin’s rising popularity, his romantic rumors have cropped up abundantly as well. Before Toby Leung (梁靖琪) got married last year, Edwin was photographed going to karaoke with her. While filming Forensic Heroes 3 <法政先鋒 3>, Edwin reportedly had vied for Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) love against TV King, Moses Chan (陳豪). Edwin reportedly drove Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) home while filming A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼 2>.

“None of the rumors are real! In the next two years, I will focus on filming dramas! I will not think about anything else,” Edwin dismissed the sensational romantic tales.

Despite Edwin’s dodging of his romantic life, it was understood that he has been dating actress, Gigi Ho (何傲芝), for the last three years. Edwin and Gigi were photographed shopping together on various occasions, but the pair continued to deny their relationship.

Source: Face Magazine #279 via ihktv.com

Jayne: Edwin has classic handsome looks and clean, healthy image. His acting efforts can be observed and his image fits both ancient and modern dramas. With Catherine Tsang’s blessing, Edwin should have a bright future at TVB.

Between Edwin, Oscar Leung, and Him Law, who will take home a TVB Anniversary Award? I think Him Law has a high chance with the Most Improved Male Actor award and it depends on what categories Edwin and Oscar will be nominated in. However, between Edwin and Oscar, Edwin has more leading man potential. 

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  1. Out of the 3 I really like Oscar more.. I really hope he wins an award same with Edwin they both worked really hard to get these roles. But it seems like Him Law has the highest chances of winning

  2. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Edwin ends up winning Most Improved. He has an anniversary drama ahead of him, and he’s already “leading” in the upcoming dramas such as Big Wheel and RB3, as opposed to Oscar Leung and Him Law, who are apparently still stuck in those “secondary character” roles. TVB may prep up the hype for future Edwin dramas by giving him the award.

  3. I prefer Oscar over the other 2 men even though he probably lacks in the looks department. Oscar cannot be considered handsome but there is just something about him and his acting that I like.
    Edwin is being heavily promoted now but I don’t find his acting to be that great. I could really care less about him to be honest.
    As for Him, it’s all about his body, his looks and his relationship with Tavia. He still needs to improve on his acting.

  4. I still prefer Oscar for Most Improved, but it looks like Most Improved Male would probably have the most competition at the awards if it was Oscar, Him, Edwin, and probably Jason Chan, Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen, etc?

  5. I think he pretty good and funny in a lot of his roles… He acts preety well compaired to a lot of the new ones.

    I just don’t like his singing….

  6. love Edwin as Ah Yap in Daddy good deeds, he was so cute and funny, totally deserved the heavy promotion from tvb.

    1. I think his role as ah yap heightened his popularity & brought along with him many opportunities this year. He has a lot of potential!

  7. What’s not to like about this guy. He’s pretty good looking and have good height. He sound good too when he sings. He can also act better than most of the current TVB actor (ron ng, him law etc etc).. so don’t see why he is not promoted.. I like oscar too so hoping edwin and oscar will get something.. not a fan of Him…

  8. From looks: Him, Jason, Vincent, Edwin, Oscar
    From acting skills/ability: Oscar, Edwin, Him, Vincent, Jason

    1. Looks: Him, Edwin, Vincent, Oscar, Jason
      Acting: Edwin, Oscar/Him, Vincent, Jason

      1. Looks: Edwin, Vincent, Jason, him, Oscar
        Acting: Edwin, Oscar, him, Vincent, jason

  9. I think Edwin is a very safe actor, based on his clean looks and healthy image. I can’t really see him in a breakout role yet, although his acting is pretty good compared to other siu sangs, but he’s still got some fine tuning to do. He is definitely one to watch for!

    1. He performed very well in dgd! He has acted a variety of roles….

  10. Personally I think Edwin Siu will have a chance to move to 1st lead roles. He is good looking and has decent height.

    Oscar Leung may be a good actor, but he is not a siu-sang actor.

    Compared Edwin with Oscar, I like Edwin a lot more.

  11. Edwin is quite handsom and his acting is quite good but not a fan.

    Love watching Him Him because he’s so damm hot lolz and his acting is good.

    Oscar has my vote, he’s cute and there is something about him that attracted me haha. His acting is best out of the 3.

    However, like every1 has said Him Him has a higher chance of winning the award.

  12. TVB tried to promoted Edwin many years ago. Not sure what happened down the road.

  13. i am hoping for oscar to win because he was outstanding in tiger cubs and pretty good in l’escargot too. i like edwin and him as well, but they have much greater chances of leading their own series in the future, while oscar has less (as someone said already, he lacks a siu-sang air about him). yes, i’m mostly thinking this is a consolation prize for him, but i also think he deserves it this year too.

  14. Personally I do hope Gigi and Edwin are dating, they look as if they’d make a great pair.

    but thts just me.

    1. I remembered that he admits he is seeing Gigi in one interview and that they are in a stable relationship. Well I guess they have to move their relationship underground since Edwin is getting promoted.

      1. I hope they don’t break up over his blossoming career. Gigi seems like a nice and smart girl.

  15. “Between Edwin, Oscar Leung, and Him Law, who will take home a TVB Anniversary Award?”

    Him Law.

    Edwin has been around forever. A disadvantage is he is not young anymore.

  16. I support Edwin!!!! He can sing, act & has handsome looks! For an added bonus, he has a clean & healthy image! Perfect award winner for most improved

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