Him Law Living at Tavia Yeung’s House for 6 Months?

Him Law (羅仲謙) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) allegedly fell in love while filming TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. Denying romantic rumors, Him and Tavia kept the public guessing: were they lovers or friends only? Next Magazine may have supplied the answer; Him was photographed sneakily leaving Tavia’s residence recently!

Wearing a blue shirt, shorts, and a face mask to disguise his identity, Him was spotted leaving Tavia’s new apartment in Tseung Kwan O. He darted furtive glances around the street surroundings, checking to see if he was followed. Quickly, he walked into a nearby parking lot to pick up his white car, driving to TVB City to film Mother to Mother <巴不得媽媽> at 2PM on that day.

Living Together at Tavia’s $6.173 Million Home

As one of  TVB’s top actresses, 32-year-old Tavia Yeung, possessed greater financial earning power than Him Law, who had continued to live with his family in Tai Po after entering the entertainment industry.  To shorten Him’s commute to work and maximize quality time together, Tavia allegedly asked Him to move in with her!

After Him and Tavia’s love sparks allegedly started in July 2011, Him reportedly has been living at Tavia’s apartment for 6 months! When Tavia filmed Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> in Shanghai earlier, Him was spotted entering and leaving Tavia’s apartment freely. Tavia’s mother, Mrs. Yeung, moved out of the apartment to give the couple more privacy. Mrs. Yeung now resided with Tavia’s elder sister, Griselda Yeung <楊卓娜>.

According to public property records, Tavia purchased a condo apartment in the Le Prime of Le Prestige of Lohas Park in Tseung Kwan O residential complex for $6.173 HKD million in September 2011. While the 1,300 square feet apartment had luxurious amenities such as an outdoor pool oasis, it was located near a landfill, which resulted in occasional foul odors in the air.

Him Law Loved By the Yeung Family

After being embroiled in Theresa Fu’s (傅穎) beating scandal last year and posing in wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing’s (劉定成) private photo collection, Him Law was plagued by negative rumors. While TVB wished Him and Tavia to handle their relationship in an understated manner, the Yeung family welcomed him with open arms!

An inside source said, “Sometimes when Tavia is busy working, Him will voluntarily drive Tavia’s mother and take care of her elder sister, Griselda. Tavia’s mother said that Him knew how to take care of the elderly and had serious intentions towards Tavia. Mrs. Yeung fully supports Tavia in dating Him!”

Allegedly dating for nearly one year, the time may have finally arrived for Him Law and Tavia Yeung’s relationship to be out in the open!

Source: Next Magazine #1161 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: So Him and Tavia are more than friends after all! I’m not too surprised though! The Hong Kong tabloids have been priming us for this story over the past several months!

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  1. I wont be surprise either if Him is living at Tavia’s residence for 6 mths and counting. All know Tavia has the love for handsome men etc.. hehe

    1. Veejay,
      I still think that Tavia and Lai Lok Yi were more than friends. Maybe they tried dating and it just didn’t work out. I prefer her with Lai Lok Yi though.

      1. Yeah, I bet TY and Lok Yi have dated for a while before they broke up due to certain reasons like big financial gap and obstacles from parents esp TY’s parents because TY’s parents esp the mother seems to be a money minder person who think Lok Yi could be too poor to date TY and will prolly suck her dry one day while Him has more potentials in exposure and becoming a future lead if Tvb continue to promote him etc.

      2. But Him Law is someone with baggage. Surely the mother likes a good guy for her daughter?

        I suppose even the most boring unsexy girl wants an exciting sexy guy whilst the most boring sleep inducing guy wants a rich pretty girl.

      3. Lai Lok Yi has a beautiful girlfriend already 😀 and he confirmed such thing. So no chance for TY to join with Lai Lok Yi.

      4. Him him VS LLY

        Face: Himhim win. He’s cuter than LLY.
        Body: Himhim win. Not even a competition ROFL
        Popularity: Himhim win. No doubt.
        Money: Himhim win. Himhim got more endorsement deals and leading roles.
        Friendliness: Himhim look more friendly to the eyes than LLY.
        Acting: Himhim win. Himhim got applause for THC while LLY acting still weak.

        LOL no wonder TY choose Himhim despite his being a rumour magnet.

      5. Then in your comparison should put one more thing:

        Good luck: Lai Lok Yi wins


      6. Agree with Jayne and i prefer Tavia with Lai Lok Yi too. I think they dated for a while too and things didn’t work out.

      7. I think what you have all writen do not reflect the true reason why the two fail to click with each other.

        Unfortunately LLY was too gentlemen on bed. Everytime when TY blew a smoke on his cigar, he paralyzed….and when she sat on him, his phobias came back to haunt him. Eventually TY got fed up and dumped LLY.

        Gals, you must understand TY that she’s not a normal gal with normal taste & expectation if her dreamt guy. She likes bold and brutal guys. Yes! Him shall be the one who perfectly matches her wildest desire in love.

      8. I always believe that a brutal guy like Him is not usually very easily and safely to get along with in intimate sense despite the fact that he has a very large base of females (mostly naive) who adore him like a romeo.

        If when a gal like TY manages to click smoothly with him, what can that tell about her to us? That’s how the earlier presumption was made with regard to her sexual preference in relation to Him’s “implicit” personality.

      9. Let Lai lok Yi have peace with his wealthy and young girlfriend. Whether what he had with Tavia true or not, it’s over.

      10. If Tavia wants news and to promote herself, I can understand why LLY is NOT a choice. I can understand perfectly why she chose Him. I mean ..

        1. you can never forget his name
        2. his names goes so well with other words like Bad, Boy, Handsome, Baby, Darling and all you need to add at the end is Him
        3. Just take off shirt, enough said
        4. Him is more popular. A popular actress should align herself with an even more potentially popular guy. Sorry I don’t see much in LLY.
        5. Did I mention take off shirt?

        If I want a real relationship, of course between Him and LLY, it is Him. NOW if I want a FAKE relationship, definitely Him.

  2. I just saw this post on my FB and am quite shocked…wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually dating!

  3. :\
    “When Tavia filmed Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles in Shanghai earlier, Him was spotted entering and leaving Tavia’s apartment freely. Tavia’s mother, Mrs. Yeung, moved out of the apartment to give the couple more privacy…”

    That just sounds really made op by the magazine because I don’t think Tavia would make her mum or even ALLOW her mum to move out of her apartment because of a ‘bf’, since she obviously dedicates most of her love/financial support towards her mum and even said she would to like buy a better apartment for her mum to live in…

    Still don’t believe they’re together, reporters always add salt and vinegar to everything they write

    1. It’s true that reporters like to exaggerate some stuff and alter the whole situation sometimes, but I don’t really think they are just friends. Tavia was asked about the matter several times, and each one of her responses have small implications that show the possibility that they do have some sort of relationship. She never said anything that states they absolutely have zero chance together. Tavia also mentioned that she cannot guarantee that she won’t be on of those people who suddenly annouce marriage, or announce marriage after it takes place. I’m really on the borderline of trusting her responses about being only friends with Him. Who knows…?

      Also, I don’t think TVB would use these rumours to promote anybody. It’s not really helping. It’s highly possible that these two are dating. Otherwise, reporters won’t be able to track down so much stuff if nothing happens between the two.

    2. But, what happen if it’s true that her mother moved out of the apartment for his bf?

      1. That’s poor attitude of TY if it’s true.

      2. I bet majority will disagree this happen unless the hk puppy can prove that her mum moved out of apartment for her bf. Even IF her mum stayed at her sister house can be variety reason. Maybe her mum wan to take care of her granddaughter.

      3. No idea. Just that Mandy seems to be too sure that TY’s mother didn’t move out for Him Him, then I just ask what happen if it’s the truth. Truth or not, maybe we will noe in the future, or never know. No point and no way to prove by us.

        Griselda dun have parents-in-law who live with her and her husband?

      4. I’m not sure weather Griselda stayed with parent-in-law.But I dun find find it is weird if her mum stay with Griselda. About the shift out reason due to bf- still no way in my view.

      5. If she lives with parents-in-law, it’s very weird for her mother to stay there with them (by Chinese family implied rule). Normally in Chinese family, the mother of the woman dun live with her and her husband. Of course, it isn’t a must and maybe Griselda’s husband doesn’t mind that.

        The example might be Shirley’s case. Her mother dun stay with her in the house of Gregory even that she is very close to mother.

        Move out because of the daughter’s bf, it can happen. A young man live in the apartment and the old woman might feel it’s not comfortable for her and for the man, too. Come on, she dun have just 1 daughter and maybe Griselda’s husband dun mind her mother to live with them. It can happen.

        But like I’ve said, what really happen we might noe in the future, or not. Just depends on how the reporters can find out.

  4. Tavia’s noise probably have to shield aggressive Him Law’s man-ly body in da bed.

    1. Himhim has strong and big muscles hope TY’s nose don’t get crushed under his muscular body ROFL joking.

      1. Well, it can be a good excuse for the new nose. This time is reasonable and dun have to use “losing weight” anymore

      2. Fox, Why you gals so jealous of TY’s nose job?

        I find this blonde nose makes her very classic and bring her lots of job opportunities.

        Also, can you tell me which modern generation of artist does not have plastic surgeries/injection on her nose?

      3. lol..Fox will only jealous if she think Tavia’s nose is success beautiful but this was not the case in her view.So why she neede to envy? Whole world knew she TY’S hater of cause she will not put good opinion about TY’s nose

      4. Yeah a-pop is totally correct that I’m not envying with her nose. I might feel jealous if it’s a nice job (in fact even it’s a nice job I don’t care because I don’t have any problem with my current nose :D). However, if it’s a nice job I’ll comment good on it. Too bad, it isn’t. Maybe if Him Him allows her to have a new nose job to make it better, I’ll praise her nose.

        I don’t care of anyone with PS if they can make themselves look good. But look at TY, tony, she looks so funny as no part in her face goes with each other. I find it’s a failure.

        In addition, I find that “losing weight” is an interesting excuse for TY’s case.

      5. P/S: @tony: Changes in facial features can adjust the future, too. Sometimes it brings bad luck instead of good luck. Matter that the features must go with each other on a face rather than standing good alone.

      6. Fox, your thought seems make sense to me. To have a reasonable quality of PS to beautify one’s face is not as scary and expensive as many ppl thought of. In fact many people living in the big cities and those with appreciation towards artistic beauty do that.

        By the way, you must be a very confident gal with a confident kind of face. For curiousity, you mind to let me know which part of your face has PS?

      7. There are successfulhigh grade PS such as Angelababy and Viann who have very balanced features but TY’s just have a protruding nose.

      8. @Tony: None. I’m ok with my look and my bf thinks so, too. I don’t have to do PS and don’t plan to do :D.

      9. Fox, it’s a too premature to make such conclusion of your prospective facial enhacement.

        Irene Wan also said the same thing when she was in her late 20s when she was at the peak of her natural beauty but look! How is she now? She almost look like another female version of MJ, right?

        It’s best to “Never say never ” since a female’s life is very fragile and prone to many kinds of unspeculated uncertainties.

    2. That’s because Viann and Angelababy got PS done on the entire face whereas Tavia only got PS done on her nose so with a mixture of her own features and her ‘new’ nose, it results in a look that just doesn’t quite hit the spot. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tavia but I just don’t like her nose.

      1. I think eyes, cheekbone and mouth, too. Not only nose but nose is the most obvious.

      2. But what you’ve said quite make sense. Maybe she dun do PS on the entire of her face one time but different times so they dun go along with each other.

      3. I hope that these PS crazy ppl won’t end up to the stage like Irene Wan who has been once upon a time being known for her stunning natural beauty but has chosen to endup as somekind of weird funny depressed barbie doll…

      4. Irene’s case can’t become reperesentative to failure of PS. She still looks ok. Maybe the worst case belongs to a Korean actress who make her face totally ruined because of PS.

      5. Fox, who is this Korean actress you’re talking about? The only picture/news of a PS gone *horribly* wrong I remember to this day is some woman in the United States. Some PS addict. I cannot remember though. It’s a few years back. When placed next to that person, TY’s nose is nothing in comparison. No big deal. I don’t see why so many people on this website make it to be such a horror story.

      6. @lara,

        Honestly i dont find TY’s nose is that distracting either although there was some scenes where her nose was seems quite “outstanding” during the shoot of her side angle but overall, TY is still a pretty gal. My opinion on her is eventhough she’s a pretty gal but TY COULD BE someone who’s good at playing mind games..

      7. Lara,

        Eventhough TY ‘s nose abit irritating to many people here, I find hers quite unique.

        TY’s nose is so outstanding to the point that she can even drink soup with her nose faster than her mouth. Heheh 🙂

      8. @Lara: I’m mentioning of Hang Mioku. Her face is ruined due to the PSs. Are you too sensitive? I told Tony’s Irena Wan’s face is still good and not the worst case of PS. Irena Wan and PS’s impact, not TY and PS’s impact. If everyone is as sensitive as you, no doubt why they can’t take my comments that easy.

      9. I think Tavia’s nose is getting pointier by the series. If you look at her profile, she looks like Pinnochio. Check and post some older photos (profile and front views) and we’ll decided.

  5. not surprised, it’s friend for benefit yah

  6. This is nothing surprising, but I still have to say it – Tavia’s nose bothers me. The pictures of her on the linked article aren’t flattering either. Maybe it’s because she lost a lot of weight?

    1. Yes, quite strange that losing weight causes her nose to mysteriously grow.

      1. It is the weight lose that’s causing her nose to be more prodominent. Losing overall body fat=losing the fat around your face i.e. cheeks, hence her face looks a lot slimmer and sharper, so what’s at the centre of your face, which is your nose, will stand out a lot more than usual. So that’s why her nose looks bigger/taller/wider. All the speculations of plastic surgery is ******** really. Wish she’d gain more weight on so she looks healthier D:

      2. Well, you know that, something mysteriously happen that normal ppl like us can’t never understand. Only sharp eyes ppl can know and understand it :).

        Losing weight also makes her eyes bigger, her cheekbone higher and her mouth frozen. Amazing losing weight, right?

      3. Standard answers for artiste’s transformation: losing weight, losing baby fat, magical makeup ROFL

      4. There are things called bones underneath your layer of skin, muscle and fat. Losing weight would obviously make your bones protude/stick out and make most of your facial features stand out more.. Cheek BONE, jawline etc.

        It’s not really ‘sharp eyes ppl’ who would know or understand, it’s called common sense :).

      5. Yeah but common sense can’t explain why the nose magically higher, the eyes are bigger, the cheekbones are not the same and the mouth looks frozen. Only “sharp eyes” can explain these things for normal ppl.

        I have just lost 4 kg and too bad, my eyes can’t become bigger :(. Haizz, so losing weight might work to some special case?

      6. Oh man! You lost so much weight!!? You obssess with too heavy intake of diet pills?
        Don’t you afraid your pair of precious feminine assets decrease in size?
        I’m afraid your guy will like that….. 🙂

      7. No, I was too worried for my dissertation :(. I can lose weight very fast due to stress like this. Haizz, hope that after this period, I can gain some weight again.

        I don’t like to use any unnatural way to lose weight like PS or diet pills or others. I feel perfectly fine with my body and I love it :D.

      8. @Fox,

        I thought you were working already. Anyway you don’t need to worry abt your dissertation as you are an expert in copy & paste I mean paraphrasing and make something into a fact, LOL.

        And I thought you started doing some exercise. What I want to say is don’t stress to much as im sure you do perfectly fine and good luck with your dissertation!

      9. I’m pursuing my higher study :). I’m working as well but not my previous job. That’s why you see that recently sometimes I disappear for a while.

        Dissertation is not something entertaining like posting online. I will do everything my best to get a merit at least result. Thank for your concerning.

      10. Fox, I know that you’re a hardworking female and I in whatever capacity that you deem me suitable of don’t discourage you from pursuing your ambitious academic dream.

        In this regard, I’d like to emphasize again a female is afterall just a female. Why must work so hard for it? At the end, you still have to marry somebody.

      11. I understand that it’s every female’s dream to have a good life. To achieve so marvelous dream, why have to drain your brain and pressure yourself so hard with your education? Wouldn’t it be so hard for you to have an easy life?

        To have an easy life as a female, it’s really depends alot on how “excellent” you “service” your guy. You may look at how is this ‘thick neck’ yeung sze kei being fared now. She got a MCom from LSE few years ago and thought that she could be a successful career woman once graduated but eventually have to give up her life and ended up servicing her billionaire husband Lee Ka Shing.

        I wojld say when your guy happy with your cigar service performance, you can have as many dozens of condos as you wish for your personal investment at ease – which is much simpler than you “eat salary” for the rest of your life but only capable to save enough just to make downpayment to own few dreamt condos.

        Fox, you should have more than you deserve but you choose to pay more than you deserve! It’s better than you don’t follow like Heetieshou yah – even now this lady still has no idea of how to make her decision between her career and a life to settle down with a dreamt guy. 🙁

      12. However, I must reemphasize again this point that a female at the end of the day still have to service their husband satisfactorily no matter how successful she is outside her home if she wanna to preserve a good happy marriage.

      13. Tony, thanks for the advises and you can keep it for finding your future wife. Now isnt the era for women to stay at home and think of husband as god. Women can have their life afterall. But I wont argue on such thing with you because it’s too objective. Then you can continue with finding a girl who dun like to work and higher education. It’s up to you.

      14. What else of life can a woman has? If a woman is not meant to look after a family, get pregnant by a guy and bear child for him, wouldn’t that be implied as an amplification of extinction of traditional family unity and a harmonious upholding role for female in the family?

      15. That dun mean the man can cross fingers and have do-nothing days. Share the works and respect your wife.

    2. Oh, no Tavia definitely had a nose job, but losing fat on her face makes her big nose even bigger. That’s what I meant.

    3. I also believe TY lost a lot of weight. But, she also doesn’t age very well. The result is her current look: haggard. Her protruding nose takes up all her face, and when she smiles, all you see is her high cheekbones.

    4. FOX, if you want to know what makeup can do…here’s something you should watch :

      Larger eyes without plastic surgery. there you have it. If makeup can do that to the eyes, im pretty sure other features of the face can also be changed without going under the knife…

      1. Makeup can do many thing but losing weight can’t :D. Above we are talking about losing weight, not makeup.

        And there are pix of her without makeup or light makeup but the eyes are still unbelievable big (and unreasonable, too). And if it’s the product of makeup, it can be recognized. Sad that in this case, it isn’t the magic of makeup.

        To expand, I think TVB’s makeup artists are not as good as the ones in Korean or China series. The way they makeup for their artists are truly better than TVB’s. Look at the HD series, the faces on Korean or China series look very firm while there are a lot of flaws in TVB’s HD series. The light is also a factor, I know that. But makeup takes account in.

  7. Maybe it is real. No doubt both are being milked for PR for all they’re worth. But practically I do feel Tavia’s non celebrity lifestyle suits him. Maybe she tamed him. Ahhh I do believe perhaps the Headline was truncated; what it means is Jim Law Living At Tavia Yeung’s House For 6 Months In Separate Room Moonlighting As Her Hired Boyfriend.

    Is Him Law expensive I wonder? Ha Ha!

    1. I think Mr. Lau will attest that Him is reasonably priced!

    2. Yes real or not, both Tavia and Him are gaining free PR promo from this rumours. Him is still on fire from his tabloid cover of being Mr Lau’s acquantaince while Tavia surely can get into Him’s line of fire too since she has a drama coming out soon.

      It’s possible this is real, but as usual exaggerated to make the headline sensational lol.

      1. Him also get good PR from Tavia. Tavia has a good girl image. She seldom has any bad rumours except for the plastic nose one. Dating a good girl will help Him’s image.

      2. @Kidd,

        I do agree with you that it would be an advantage dating a girl with good image BUT i think Him is just plagued with bad rumours after the incident of Teresa, pappz just like to set him as target and destroy his image. But Him is still a darling to 620 and a milking product of tvb so I guess he’s be safe as long as he stays with tvb. As for dating TY, I think it was TY who chase him 1st imo…lol

      3. Didnt Next or Face found out that TY tried to control litto boy Him Him via cellphone?

      4. @Fox,

        But is Next a reliable source? didnt Next always publish nonsense and unreliable source like the one about Michael tse and his co-star..forgot the girl’s name where Michael was captured flirting the girl.

      5. No it isnt. Always have a grain of salt in Next’s stuffs. But they have good paparazzis to snap pix. And Next is also a good place for some artists who wanna have PR to go and reveal.something. Heard that their fee for such thing is highest in HK.

      6. But, overall, Tavia still has a good girl image. Better image wise than dating a lengmo. I’m not against a lengmo since I like some of them too. But it’s the truth that their reputation not that good in HK.

      7. But among the lengmos, Theressa is kinda a higher level than them as she has a past of Cookie.

        Personally, I like some lengmos, too. I think some of them have talents. But the bias system of the fans is unfair like this. An actress can wear bikini or short skirt in their praise, but a lengmo wears something sexy for job are bad girl. Only can make me pity for the lengmos more.

  8. Haha! I remembered when Tavia bought the house, netizens speculated that it’s a secret spot for Him and her. I guess it’s all coming out now.

    It seems the media has been quite successful in revealing hidden relationships. So, Him and Tavia will be no surprise.

  9. I don’t mind them too as a couple. Think they are quite cute. I still want Ron and Tavia but my hopes aren’t high.

    1. Ron and Tavia? Don’t you think that is not just unlikely but never ever?

    2. TY plastic result and Viann result, Viann at a higher standard of looks

      1. If I am Ron I will sooner run away from Viann . She brought alot of bad limelight to Ron and steering problem with Ron’s fans. Compare to Vainn, Tavia win for having better reputation than Viann and having less attitude trouble in public eyes.

      2. Lolz, matter that Ron’d rather stick with Viann – someone that “brought him bad limelight” or “steering problems” :D. Since he is one side of the relationship, he might know something inside better than us.

        Wonder if TY is bashed as much as Viann by Ron’s fans in her weibo for nothing but nobody or very few ppl say good words for her, how she’ll react?

        But to compare the result of PS, uhm, we can see it’s quite clear.

      3. We will know in future if Ron can stick with Viann for life. Who know one day Ron might tell public ” Viann and I did not dated before and we just BFF”

      4. Too bad, recently Viann is the one who implied that she is not that into Ron :D. Ron, on the other hand, seems not have any problem with this relationship and enjoy it.

        If Ron said “We are just BFF”, I will laugh. He implied quite clear that they are lovers and can’t suddenly change to BFF. Maybe he only can say that “We broke up”.

        Can Ron have Viann for a lifetime? It’s up to Viann by now :D. Viann wannabe with Ron forever, or not?

      5. If this true then I will look down on Ron being fool blindly by Viann.

      6. I’ll look down on him if he can’t strive for his love or dun dare to love his girl.

    3. Ron already has Viann and even not Viann, TY isn’t any of his type (look wise and characteristic wise). So don’t put any of your wish high since it can’t happen :).

      1. Whether Ronn’s relationship with Viann can survive for another 1 to 2 years is very very questionable.

        Even common sense also can tell a 5yr old kid that their friendship (not to imagine a relationship) won’t last long. Lets see then…

  10. him him more popular and cuter than LLY. I bet richer too

    1. Yeah but Lai Lok Yi’s gf is younger and prettier :D. Maybe richer, too :D.

      1. ai…what was “him him more popular and cuter than LLY” have to do with “LLY gf is younger and prettier” . People compare A and B you went to compare C and D

      2. Ceh! All of their beauty lost to Rebecca’s!

  11. haha, all fox does in the comments is bash on tavia….cool we get it. You dislike her, but its not necessary to shut down all the good comments about her.

    Anyways, theres alot of factors that goes into why her nose changed. But I still think shes beautiful. I live in the U.S and my whole family calls her “the pretty asian actress” so not everyone thinks she has a PROTRUDING FACE 🙂

    1. I agree, she is pretty enough and to compare w/all those tvb’s shes actually the one i like the best. her choice of men is a bit superficial but there is not doubt she is pretty herself ahha…good luck to her this HL does not seem the good man for life kind haha…

    2. Lolz, I’m so powerful, thank you. I can’t see why everyone have to think the same to me or even that I’m the only one who thinks differently, it’s very ok to me. You and your family like her, it’s perfect ok to me. We are tend to think differently, right?

      To correct a bit: I don’t dislike her. I hate her :D.

      But I like Griselda Yeung 😀 – her sister. I think Griselda is prettier than her sister.

      P/S: Not all of my comments to bash TY. I have comments on others. Among my comments on TY, I didn’t put all about bad things. I think she did have good acting and looked good in the past, before she did make herself worse.

      Oops, I forgot to congrats Him Him :D. And Lai Lok Yi, too.

      1. P-P/S: PROTRUDING FACE, lolz, this way of description is interesting.

      2. Of course, everyone has their own opinions and im just verbalizing mine, just like you do with yours.

        It’s ok if you “hate” her, cause I LOVE her 😀

      3. Uhm huh, then wat’s up? Why you need to mention of me when verbalizing yours?

      4. lol @fox, your sentence structures are so poor. I laugh everytime you reply to my posts. haha Please write with proper english. Thanks 😀

      5. Y U LAUGH AT PEOPLE’S ENGLISH >:[ Before anything else, please tell your TY to be careful of Him Him first 😀

      6. DC, cant blame them since they cant have anything else to tease me back :D. I can understand for them. Oh actually I get used with this type of TY fans’ comments.

      7. “I can’t see why everyone have to think the same to me or even that I’m the only one who thinks differently, it’s very ok to me. You and your family like her, it’s perfect ok to me. We are tend to think differently, right?”

        Dude, even a blind person can tell it’s not ‘very okay’ at all with you in accepting the fact we all think differently, because your comments clearly refute each comment that expresses some ppls strong belief that she hasn’t gone through plastic surgery.

        Your a tavia hater, we all get it. It’s not like any artist will have the whole entire world supporting them, so there will always be haters. But hey, stop trying to force your comments against Tavia onto ppl. You clearly contradict your own statement on how you don’t think everyone needs to think the same as you…
        Your comments just shows how arrogant of a person you are, and that’s just by reading what you’ve wrote.

        Open up your eyes (if you have any, or get PS yourself to widen them up) to the rest of world and accept the fact that there are also people who support Tavia and don’t want or need ppl like yourself to continuously question their idols characteristics.

        Voicing your opinion is cool, but forcing them on ppl ain’t.

      8. @Fox,

        About time you get hammered with all these comments.

        Can’t believe you’re still hanging around after all these years trying to express your pure hatred to Tavia and total infatuation towards her nose. And I can see your excuses are the same old comeback that you always use. You keep on saying its OK (and not acknowledging you have a problem) when so many ppl including the administrator of this site have told you not to do so.

        Agree with the above. You are arrogant and stubborn. And even if these complaints about you have been brought up, you still continue to make your dislike be known. Noone cares who you hate. Keep it to yourself. You clearly have this addiction problem – it does seem your life is based around advertising and spreading propaganda in a potentially good forum which have been since contaminated with your constant slander.

        Get a life dude.

      9. @buti4:

        Are u the tavia fan that kept changing your name even though we could see that your avatar is the same? I thought u said u were never coming back here. Did somebody alert the troops at the tavia forum?


        Why do u say @fox forces her opinions on people? TY fans say her nose is natural. Fox says a nose doesn’t magically grow due to weight loss or makeup. It’s a fair debate. But instead of defending tavia’s face, u go to personal attacks b/c u don’t want people to “question their idols characteristics”. How does that make u any less arrogant?

      10. @buti4, Mandy and any other ppl with same avatars: To make clear, I planned to make some reply to you but I think it will cause to worse situation since you guys are too sensitive and whatever I’ll reply will lead to your continuous hatred. Then I will leave it for ppl to see and judge themselves.

        Yes, I want to tell you to get a life, too. Life is still on. Not the end of the world today or 21.12 :D.

        Peace to the world, hehe.

        @Josie: You are revealing an open secret :P. Thank you for your comment anyway.

    3. Wow! I’m not sure if there could be a potentially verbal war heated up between a female VS female over some trivial kind of thing (whether or not a female with a protuding face & crocky nose shall be considered pretty).

      1. I guess fox maybe some kind of odd gal with naturally gifted pretty kind of face who has started to lose patience over other less matured females for continuing praising someone who is deemed to have abit more inferior quality face than………

      2. @Tony: No, I don’t hate TY because of her bad PS face but because of her personality and some own reasons. Therefore I don’t care of how many PS she had but I find it’s funny for her and her fans’ excuses for these PS or injection or whatever :D. As a result, I’m commenting on it for the purpose of having fun :D.

        Again, please be informed that I’m not against PS or PS girls. I dun do PS because I’m satisfying with myself but anyone do it, no matter to me.

      3. @Fox,
        Do you care to share why you don’t like Tavia?? You said you don’t like her personality but then again, you don’t even know her personally so I guess you are basing on what you know from interviews, news and stuff?? What “own” or personal reasons are you referring to? Do you mind sharing since I am really curious…

      4. HeTieShou,
        I’ll appreciate that Fox keep her hatred reasons to herself. We’ve been through this round too many times.

        No more stories of why we personally hate other people. Let’s keep things in a positive light.

      5. @Jayne,
        Oh yea, that is true… I should not have asked. She should keep her reasons to herself.

      6. Uhm it’s ok. I will continue to comment like normal and dun join the so-called war :D. HTS, there is reason for everything but sometimes, reasons shouldn’t be revealed to the public in a public place, or some girls will jump :D.

      7. Fox, I urge you to keep up with your good work to entertain us people here. Without your specially crafted firepower to “loathe” at people, this forum would be elsewhere bored to death and jayne would have long been out of bzness….

        Your part time job here are very much appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    4. Sorry, I don’t find Tavia Yeung pretty at all. She is just an okay looking actress in TVB,

      I don’t like her so-called casual personalities either. She does not respect other people, including the host, at any interviews, particularly if the other person is junior than she. She has to learn to talk less and not to interrupt other interviewees. She just tries too much to show off her so-called casual personalities. She is a very rude person and does not know how to respect other people.

      1. She also comes across as money lover in her interviews LOL. Himhim is a potential star in the making by power of TVB+Filmko combined which means future money maker. Get the potentially good things before others grab him? 😛

      2. She might love money but does not mean she is greedy or woman tat wish depend on man. In her past interview, she said her priority now is “get her job done to earn money”. Any of her statement tell tat she hope money drop from the sky and then feed into her mouth or spend other people money? Beside, she knew her job oppurtunities will limited

      3. …as she grow older. Therefore, she need make good use her current opportunity to earn money as much as possible. So, it so sad when she just mention money in her interview some people think she materialistic.

      4. Him Him is a hot stuff. Note that TY is his 13th lady. If dun tie him tight, may lose him to some pretty girl.

      5. Fox, are you trying to hint ppl that you want this HIM guy as your backup bf?

      6. I don’t think a good person should mention money all the time. It easily gives me the impression that she only cares about money. I remember that she talked about money every time when she was interviewed. Does Charmaine Sheh or Linda Chung talk about money all the time? It is sick to hear Tavia’s comments about money at almost every interview.

      7. I SWEAR THIS SUCKS. Know what? There are many many possibilitys why tavia keeps talkig abt money. U GUYS HAVE TO THINK THE NEGATIVE WAY ARH?Tavia ‘s mum raised her up with much hardship.whats wrong with trying to earn more
        money to support her mum? tav sis is gona give birth or have given (neh really see her news) having a baby requires a large amt of money. thus grisenda(sp)would not be able to give her mum that much money. whats wrong with tavia supporting her mum financially??! why cant we netizens think the positive side of people instead of the negative?? Interuppting the hosts might be in het personality she might mean no harm. well i am seriously not defending tav i personally am not her fan but i am okay with her cuz of her acting. i like her acting and i wouldnt deny it . ((;

      8. Griselda is still working, Fromsingpore. And so does her husband. If you wanna noe than Griselda still does the job of a host in TVB8, acts in some series and does other works as well. They don’t live on TY’s money but their own. And her kid is 2 or 3 already :P. She can raise her kid by her own money, too. Don’t make them like freeloaders this way.

      9. Hey fox(; Oh!Shes married((; The news i saw was b4 she was married so if some of my info outdated my apologizes(;Wellllll. from many news my conclusion abt tav is that she is fillial ((; that was what i was kinda trying to sayy(; hahah(;

      10. No comment on this. I only want to inform you that Griselda isn’t a freeloader or living on TY’s money. She and her husband are doing well with their small family.

        I also read an article that TY said herself that she hated the children’s crying when commenting about Griselda’s kid.

    5. these nose comments are getting kinda boringgggg… spams the comment box. its nothing constructive, its not new. they write the comment ‘her nose is long’ in this article. in the next article, they’re still gonna repeat ‘her nose is long’. in the next article, they’re gonna repeat again ‘her nose is long’.

      what i’ve noticed is jayne likes to translate and publish articles about tavia. whenever there’s a tavia article, it’ll be here. its just that some regular visitors here, don’t like tavia (either they have low self-esteem, jealously of her success, or didn’t sign their little autograph book whatever) so they just have to copy and paste the same comment every time as a sign of protest that they don’t like her. but just be aware, these minority group do not represent the views of ALL visitors who come to jaynestars nor do they represent the views of the majority of asian viewers.

      so my idea is, if they like to bash tavia, you can also bash other artists. i don’t think jayne personally encourages bashing, but it doesn’t seem she’s monitoring or controlling these comments anyway, or taking measures to minimise these comments, and its freedom of speech anyway, so i’m sure there’s no problem with bashing here. so next time, an article comes up with an artist you hate, feel free to bash them!! don’t feel bad about it. you can’t control them so vice-versa they can’t control you either hahahahaha

      1. Hey, do you notice that there is a new comment: PROTRUDING NOSE! – Thank to Mindy’s comment.

        Lolz @ the explanation on why TY is hated. It’s indeed very AQ or green grape.

        Uhm, but you are very right that none group (supporters or antis) are presenting for the view of the majority of Asian viewers.

      2. Fez,
        “so my idea is, if they like to bash tavia, you can also bash other artists. i don’t think jayne personally encourages bashing, but it doesn’t seem she’s monitoring or controlling these comments anyway, or taking measures to minimise these comments, and its freedom of speech anyway, so i’m sure there’s no problem with bashing here.”

        It would be a better world if we spent time to do good instead of bad. I’ve said so in the past.

        There is a line between bashing (no logic, based on pure emotion) versus criticism. While my tolerance is quite high in allowing diverse conversations here, I do not encourage bashing or hateful conversations. I do not appreciate your call for other people to do so either.

        Freedom of speech is overused as an argument and excuse for disrespectful behavior. I allow self-policing of conversations and step in when things cross the line.

        As always, be respectful to others if you wish others to be respectful of your own interests.

        “so next time, an article comes up with an artist you hate, feel free to bash them!!”

        I do not appreciate your call for people to spread this bashing practice. There are haters’ clubs that exist elsewhere, but NOT HERE.

      3. @Fox @Fez @Everyone

        JayneStars is not a haters site and your dissatisfaction of Tavia has been expressed many times before. If your hate is so intense, may I suggest you join a haters’ club?

        For everyone who has such intense hate of a particular artist, where you feel an intense need to express it over AGAIN, AGAIN and AGAIN, please join a haters’ club. There are other websites for such activities.

        Please do not destroy the community atmosphere at JayneStars, which promotes diversity, but not animosity or hatred of any kind.

        I’ll rather spend time to write more news for the site, than to spend time dispelling fan fights. We’ll all adults here, so let’s act like such and be self-policing.

        Maintaining a fun, entertaining and warm community involves everyone’s efforts. If it takes too much trouble for you respect these rules and act like a respectful individual, then this may not be the place for you.

        I’ve said this many, many times and frankly very tired how we cannot behave like civil, human beings online.

        GO AWAY if you don’t want to be nice to people. GO AWAY if you do not wish to be respectful and tolerant of other people’s interests. GO AWAY if you want to start a flame war. GO AWAY if you wish to waste everyone’s time with hatred and personal campaign war. GO AWAY if you wish to start trouble.

      4. @Jayne,
        I agree with you and I don’t understand why people spend so much time on a person that they hate. At Asianfanatics, there is this one person that really hates Andy Lau and goes on and on and on about she hates him. She goes to every piece of news on him or anything related to him just to bash and strike at him.. But the webmaster just doesn’t so anything to stop her even though others are complaining. I am glad that you have stepped in do something about it… Kudos to you!

      5. HeTieShou,
        “I agree with you and I don’t understand why people spend so much time on a person that they hate.”

        I don’t understand either. Perhaps people need a venting place or person to vent at to direct their frustrations. It’s just different personality tendencies.

        Anonymous internet identities are also common breeding ground for intense, polar fan reactions. Where anonymity may lessen level of responsibility in what we say.

        Why do we define ourselves by what we HATE instead of what we like to do? I never introduce myself to people by: “I hate this, I hate that, etc.” Who really wants to listen to a hate list?

        Entertainment is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So let’s try to keep the atmosphere light and positive.

      6. Fez,
        I don’t think you should say that because Jayne does look at all of our comments and does monitor them. She would delete anything way over the line. If we dislike an artist, we can keep it to ourselves. Why bash them over and over again?? what is the point of that? I find is really strange and a bit sad that people would spend so much time hating someone. Time is limited and life is short so why spend it doing something so wasteful and unproductive?? WOuldn’t that time be better spend doing more pleasant things?? The world would be a much better place…

      7. @Jayne,
        I agree and many fans take entertainment way too seriously. Entertainment should be fun and enjoyable and I hope we all keep it that way. Sadly, many people take idolizing or hating an artist way too far that it even becomes personal many times. Isn’t there already too much hate in this world?? Why don’t we spread love and care instead of hate?? the world would be a better place with less hate…

      8. What is the matter in here? There is no matter. Just a normal talk like in anywhere else to anyone else. Why need to make thing like the end of the world? I personally dun find my comments are any harsh than the comments to Viann or anyone else. It’s a trouble that someone wanna make it like a fan war. So it’s related to hatred or love, but simply a hot head. Why we can’t keep our head cold? I’m keeping one and hope that ppl can do the same thing.

        The purpose of entertainment site is fun and to enjoy the reading. In a discussion, please understand that not everyone share the same opinions. Someone disagree with you but that dun make them wrong.

        To think that you are living in a war, then you’ll live in a war. Keep yourself cool and you’ll feel that everything is very normal. So the important thing is that to keep the head cold.

        Love or hatred are emotions of ppl. Ppl can’t live without emotions. One’s emotions won’t affect others’, except that these ppl think too much.

        That’s all. Life is still on :D.

      9. @Fox @Everyone

        “What is the matter in here? There is no matter. Just a normal talk like in anywhere else to anyone else. Why need to make thing like the end of the world?”

        Everything and every place has social rules. Internet communitities are not an exception. I’m just asking that we keep to such social rules to withdraw from a conversation when all points have been made again and again already over negative topics. To keep hatred to yourself when it is not welcome. You see no problem with it; other people do.

        Please see things from other people’s perspective sometimes.

      10. @Jayne: I guess you don’t understand what I tried to say. Ok, it won’t be a problem if ppl can keep the head cold. Why need to make everything too serious? If everyone can’t keep calm, the trouble will happen even if I or someone else have said nothing or just say something once (but there is no repetitive in any comment in here). I understand your point that you want to comfort some angry TY fans, but it isn’t a good way to make things too serious. I blv that most of ppl who are mature enough will see the situation calmer. Nothing serious here, don’t make it too serious.

        And bashing? Let me do the search and I bashed TY wat? Oh, saying something that she had PS, that’s all. And then comment that Lai Lok Yi has a prettier gf. ANd then Him Law might be a crybaby next time. So PS = bash? Haha, maybe Viann’s fans should be angrier instead. Look at the comments on Viann, who are harsher? Or just because Viann dun have many fans to support, har?

        Overall, I feel pity to Viann. Nobody say that ppl shouldn’t bash her or say something like “keep the hatred toward Viann yourself” and “stop calling her chucky doll blah blah”. Poor her.

        I myself withdraw of this argument and to come with other normal comments. The fun and positive atmosphere won’t exist when the heads are hot. I want to remain the cold head, so I have to run away.

      11. Fox, Everyone

        To keep things short and to the point: every party has a different social atmosphere. I’ve stated the social rules at JayneStars, to keep things respectful, enjoyable without the expense of others, and without hatred.

        If you like such a party atmosphere, you join. If you don’t, you opt out.

      12. P/S: In short and go straight to the core: Choose ppl to hate and join the majority.

        Peace to the world.

      13. @Fox

        “What is the matter in here? There is no matter. Just a normal talk like in anywhere else to anyone else. Why need to make thing like the end of the world?”

        Repeatedly you advocate for everyone to be “cold headed” (to be honest, I don’t know what you mean but my best guess is for people to be casual/laid-back/calm). You cannot simply EXPECT that to happen here with hundred something different view points, specifically since it’s a discussion forum. Different takes on things will result in heated debates. That is the reason for moderators and mediators. Jayne is not making this to be an “end of the world”, she’s simply asking for readers/commentators to make their point and stop, especially on negative topic. There is no need for repetition, it just adds fuel to the fire. Just show some social etiquette (ex: no need to bring other readers down by putting yourself on a high-pedestal). Also, try to be more understanding and flexible and not so impenetrable. It’s cool you have your own opinions on certain matters, but being hard-headed and stubborn and refusing to acknowledge where it requires or that there is a matter, even if it is trivial, is not that great of a thing to boast about. Ignorance is not a bliss. And the push for “pure fun and entertainment” and being “cold headed” obviously does not make some of the fans/readers here comfortable so, in short, as harsh as this may sound, back off when it’s time and not everything has to be said, especially when it sows discord.

      14. “what i’ve noticed is jayne likes to translate and publish articles about tavia. whenever there’s a tavia article, it’ll be here. its just that some regular visitors here, don’t like tavia (either they have low self-esteem, jealously of her success, or didn’t sign their little autograph book whatever) so they just have to copy and paste the same comment every time as a sign of protest that they don’t like her. ”

        The reason why you see so many negative comments about Tavia, as well as positive ones is because you’re reading an article about Tavia. Naturally you will see many comments about Tavia in an article about Tavia and comments can be positive and negative. This is not like some hate club or fan club but rather merely people expressing opinion. And when it comes to Tavia, the worst any haters can say is she’s boring, or the worst of the worst, her protuding nose. Seriously, the comments for Zhang Ziyi in the article is worse. IF there is any monitoring to be done, it should be for those kind of articles. Jayne’s philosophy is simple; anything goes, unless morally reprehensible and she has a high treshold for that because I am sure fez, you would have noticed one particular person who constantly posts stuff like boobs, sex and more boobs. Tell me, are comments about her nose worse than those hate directed at Viann?

        Be glad Jayne is making an effort to post articles about all TVB artistes and not pick and choose. If I have my way, so far nothing Tavia does is newsworthy but by attaching herself to Him Law, suddenly everything is news worthy. Don’t bash for bashing sake. Bash because you have something to bash about. How do you know whatever said here is not the majority’s opinion? I see the comments are pretty consistent.

        But is such comments about her nose THAT terrible? Or do you prefer her being called plastic, or worse still, like Zhang Ziyi, assumptions being made that she slept her way to the top?

      15. Fox, I request you to stay back and don’t give up your “charity” job here. Not many people do appreciate your so called cool-headed bashings but I do.

        Your time investments here would not go unnoticed so you do not have to feel discouraged.

        Your contributions here are very critical to your empirical/hypothetical testing to be presented for your upcoming psychological “love versus hatred” thesis.

        Good luck!

      16. @fez – I disagree that only Tavia is getting unfriendly comments. Viann is getting worse. So are others such as Linda, Myolie, Kate and even Heavenly King Andy Lau and Established Kungfu star Donnie Yen. The difference is: Their fans take this more level headed and don’t imply the blame on Jayne. Geez.

      17. @Tony: I replied you above that I don’t plan to give up anything. I just withdraw myself from the so-called war “Fox repeated the bashes on TY or not”.

      18. @Fox~ I have question mark here. U not the only one TY’s hater . Ftom what I observed , there was some few TY’s hater that also wrote negative view of her and some more harsher than u. But why there no TY’s fans make a big fuse on them or having big reaction on their’s comments . However most TY’s fans just specially attacking on you. Should you reflect on this?

      19. @a-pop: This thing should ask them, why ask me :P? I also wondered few times. But I guess that because they love me too much?

    6. oh and tavia’s articles seem to generate a high number of comments and views each time so take it as a good thing. her news are newsworthy for discussion. if noone gave a crap about her, they wouldn’t be making so many posts about her, so they fact that they do means they actually care (be it good or bad doesn’t matter). bad comments is better than no comments imo. not all of it is bad anyway.

      1. @fez,

        Sorry fez, I dont really get you now..You sounded pissed off and angry over those bad and negative comments of TY and even encourage ppl to bash TY and other artists whom they dislike openly but now..you don’t mind negative comment? If you’ve mentioned earlier in your 1st post, the whole convo between u, fox and jayne wouldn’t get this messy… I mean.. if you could take those negative comments easily like how Fox did on me, HTS and Exoidus on how we made fun of Viann, Jayne wouldn’t get so hassle trying to dispell the dispute online..

    7. Nooooo); I wanna know why fox dislike tavias personality)); and i wanna know whats wrong with tav.her mum raised her and her sis . i swear that every parents in the world would want their childs to marrry well right? + i have heard frm many news that tavia is very xiao shun(; to her mum and kind to extras . so i seriously dun see a problem
      in her personality. not siding tavia. just sayin facts((;

      1. Oh you are mentioning of the “extra” news that an A-listed actress said bad words to the extra but TY was kind to her and caused to a witch hunting last year? I thought everyone know that that extra has never existed and she was a dreamer weiboer? Oh well…

        Griselda isn’t a freeloader who is living on her mother or her sister’s money.

      2. Yup..Thats what u guys think. but its also a fact that the news did get reported . u guys cant be 100% sure the extra didnt exist right?

      3. Nope, this weiboer was found out as a fake “Extra” because her IP was found to be outside of HK :D. No way to a non HKer to be extra in Txb series filmed in HK. So in fact it is proved that this extra has never existed in reality. 100% this time.

  12. good luck to TY who seems to like cute and young guys. hahaa

    1. Him Law looks more like Tavia Yeung’s younger brother than her boyfriend. First, Him Law is younger than Tavia in age; secondly Him Law is baby-faced.

      I don’t think they will last for good.

      1. i know i dont see them as a matchable couple either but u know this Tavia girl seems to be always praising him and such so i think there must be some liking for her to compliment a costar/friend like that. yes, he looks way younger not that Tavia isnt pretty and all but just seems like a younger brother like u said.

      2. 5 years is no big deal geezz… its 21st century. dating slightly younger guys is no problem at all.

        who cares if they don’t last. maybe they’re having a lot of fun together. including the sex.

  13. There might be some truths to a rumours that is going for a long time.

    1. In fact most of Next’s revealed love stories are true: Andy Lau, Ah Sa, LF, Ron, Miriam, Moses, etc.

      Next is powerful!

      1. That because NEXT is practically meters away from TVB City.

      2. Yea and I have a feeling this is true as well…

    2. I think that the more reoccurring any rumour is as long as it is not too ridiculous, then there is more truth to it. There will be any smoke without fire…

  14. Good luck with that Tavia. Can’t believe she’s dating a woman beater.

    1. exactly my point. that Teresa ex sounded very honest unless she’s lying about the whole thing but somehow this Him Law i doubt he’s all innocent since alot of the time he sounds very dishonest. good luck to Tavia who only seems to look at his cuteness not personality probably ahhaa…

    2. tavia doesn’t come across as a weakling though. she’s known to be quite independent and out-spoken and a vast social network so if anything happens to her, him will be dead meat lol

      1. Yes, so maybe next time’s scandal is “Him Law was beaten, cried hard in the press conference”

      2. Maybe Tavia is a lot more tough than Theresa?? Him has met his challenge… Yea, maybe the next report will be that Him Law got beaten as Fox mentioned…

      3. It would be funnier to see if it really happens, HTS. Definitely a hot story.

      4. @HTS,

        I dont think Him Law will get beaten up that easily… Instinct tells me that Him has an explosive behaviour and probably doesn’t like a girl to control and monitor his movement too much like Theresa did in the past.

        So in the end, “if’ things goes wrong in TY&HIM relationship, TY gonna be hurt much but maybe not physcially way but emotional though.. I bet Him has learnt his lesson, never hit a woman anymore esp if the woman works in the same industry like his!

      5. @Veejay,
        I was just joking since I know that Him probably would not allow any girl to beat him up. That would be really embarassing.I had a feeling that Theresa make have tried to control and monitor him too much which made him mad.Of course he should not have hit her too. I think Tavia should know better not to control and monitor his every move. He may hurt her emotionally rather than physically since I don’t think he wants to be accused of being an abuser like last time. If they are in the same industry, she can easily ruin his image. I think he has learned from the past already.

      6. what happened to those rumors that tavia was controlling him alot? Call him everyday and would continue to call until he picks up. and he needs to see her everynight and she got her sister to keep an eye out on him whilst she was filming in shanghai….. if its true, then it seems like Him is giving in this time and willing to have her control him. Maybe he likes to be controlled. who knows lol

  15. good quote for him law and tavia right now…

    “haters keep hatin’, cause your only makin me famous” 😀

    1. Send it to their weibo and they will clap hands because their purpose is fulfilled.

      =)) It would be funnier if next time not TY but Him Law the one who will cry and reveal the bruises lolz lolz.

      1. Such a Tavia hater. Wait until Raynond lam has another photo scandal (worse then the first time with Mavis Pan) lolz lolz

      2. And? Lmao~, if his naked pix are leaked I’d love to see =]]. Last time shouldnt be considered as a scandal as it’s too general! A 30s guy had a relationship with a pretty 20s girl, all.are aduld. They slept together with full clothes. Haixx, even no topless pix :(. Need to be more scandalous!

      3. Why is it so interesting to see this guy naked?

        All you could see is a big bush of permy stuff surrounding its small little mouse….which is in deep contrast to what you could observe from “outside”!

        When you see, if you’re not vomit, others will vomit!

        Fox, I’m just curious: aren’t you satisfy with what you could see from your b/f?

      4. Because it’s deserved to be called a scandal, tats all.

  16. I hope the rumour isn’t true. I still have hight hopes for Kenneth Ma and her after their performance in the Hippocratic crush: On Call 36.. And all the Kenta fans will agree with me on this..

    1. U can’t be one of those Kenta’s fan? right? because it sounds so…s_c_a_r_y!!!!

      1. For those who can understand China netizens lingo should watch this video of 咆哮体TOM猫-cp粉伤不起有木有 Tom cat wailing the hardship of being a couple fan. lol! Totally right now. Poor couple fan. pauling should watch it and see if Tom cat describes the exact feeling in her for her kenta.


    2. Kenneth Ma & Tavia do look good together. Kenneth is definitely a gentleman, which is great!
      But Him HIm has boyish charm also more unpredictable I guess- so more exciting ????

  17. Him’s chest is almost larger than Tavia’s. I wonder if Tavia’s nose is longer than Him’s…. well… anyway


    1. For me, i won’t even think about a gal with a chest smaller than me. You know? Because that will make ppl laugh at me …. heheh

      1. Tony: seems like you’re quite obsessed with a girl’s chest size from the comments that you leave on this site. Is chest size that important to you? To all men?

  18. Where are the pictures? Did I miss something? Evidence?

    1. go to the original site of the original article. its got pictures and more detailed and structured story than the one posted here. but only if you can read chinese. english translations here are not translated word by word.

  19. Comment on Him Him: He looks better in casual clothes. But wonder why he has to cover his face by a mask. Getting sick? Also wonder where he lived before moving his car to this apartment :P.

    And right on the time of the scandal, he films romantic scenes with Mandy Wong. Mandy Wong mentioned that she might fall to Him Him. So can something more scandalous will happen in the future? Yay!

    1. Wasn’t there news before that Him is sick from some medicine drug reaction? Or did I have the wrong artiste?

    2. Fox,

      The face mask is part of Him’s disguise. But unfortunately, Him Him is either too dumb or too lazy to cover up more. Of course the paps are gonna recognize his chest and biceps walking around like that!

      1. Uhm, maybe he did this to make ppl totally focus on his biceps?

    3. When did Mandy Wong say she will “fall to Him Him”? I like Him Law and Mandy Wong together a lot; I think they have amazing chemistry, but it doesn’t seem like they are each other’s types.

      But since Him’s dating Tavia now, he may have had an interest in Mandy. Tavia and Mandy have similar charisma, to me.

      1. Mandy mentioned this in an article, issued last month but I don’t rmb when. In this article, she said about 2 men that she impressed the most in Txb, one is Him Him. She said that she almost fall to Him Him after many collaborations and she feels that Him Him is a caring guy.

  20. Of course, Tavia Yeung will not take Lai Lok Yi as her boyfriend. First, LLY is not a 1st lead actor. Secondly, LLY is not popular. Thirdly, LLY does not make much money to satisfy Tavia’s money taste.

    1. And Him Law does? Him Law also does not make as much as money as Tavia.
      Tavia doesn’t strike me as a money greedy person. And if she is really dating Him Law, I doubt if she is dating him for money, because Him Law is not rich neither.

      1. 1.Himhim is only 28. He got a lot more years to make money
        2. Himhim is no1 artist in Filmko
        3. Himhim is leading actor in TVB and get abundant opportunitues
        4. Himhim is more famous and make more money than LLY

      2. Him Him has a bright future. Now he already has many scandals but isn’t frozen, so in the future, nothing can make him down. Comparing to TY in her 28 time, Him Him is more famous. So it’s the future in him, not the present.

    1. Which means there’s still 70% they’ll be fine right?
      And That’s pretty good isnt?….lol…

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