Hong Kong Celebrities Participate in Marathon

On  February 16, several Hong Kong artists including Annie Liu (劉心悠), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), and Joel Chan (陳山聰) participated in the annual Standard Chartered Hong Kong ten-kilometer marathon. Each had their own goals in mind and was overall satisfied with their results.

Annie completed her run in one hour and seven minutes. Although she lost to her previous record of one hour and six minutes by only a minute, Annie expressed she is already very pleased since she was not in her best condition this time. In an interview after the run, she appeared exhausted and exclaimed, “It was very cold and tough! My fingers were freezing as I ran.”

On the other hand, Oscar participated in the marathon by leading a blind man along with him. The two ended up finishing the run in fifty-eight minutes. This was also not Oscar’s first marathon, since he had participated in one up in the Arctic last year. Comparing the two runs, he expressed each had its pros and cons. “I had to wear a lot of equipment in the Arctic, and felt like I was dying! But my mood was relaxed since I was sightseeing along the way. Here in Hong Kong, there’s no sightseeing to do with so many people. I had to dodge my way around the streets to avoid accidents.” Oscar laughed and pointed out he never noticed Hong Kong’s roads are so bumpy while driving in the past.

Joel decided to battle the run in a tank top and sunglasses. His niece came from Macau to cheer him on, and was waiting for him at the finish line. In the past, Joel admitted he had only taken part in half of a marathon, where he ran five kilometers in one hour and forty-five minutes. Since this is his first time doing a full marathon, he did not want to pressurize himself and allowed four hours to complete the run. Joel came fully prepped with food and even carried around some table salt. He explained, “Ram Chiang (蔣志光) taught me this. He said it’s easy to get a cramp while running, so it’s important to bring salt around.”

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This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Joel Chan seems very fit and athletic. Why did he take 4 hours to complete the marathon run while Annie Liu only took 1 hr. 7 min. to do same? Annie is a female who usually takes longer. Were they doing the same marathon run?

    1. Did Joel really took 4 hours. That’s extremely bad if Oscar leading a blind man finished in less than an hour.

      My friend who qualifies for Boston marathon said Annie’s time is quite good for an amateur woman. He said a good woman 10km run is 1 hour, man is around 40 mins.

      1. @Puff
        Joel completed for the whole marathon which is 42km.
        Whereas for Oscar, he and his partner completed the 10km run and his partner (the blind man) is actually an experienced marathon runner 😉

        The annual Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2014 was held yesterday. Many artists participated including Hilary Tsui, Oscar Leung, Joel Chan, Annie Liu, Steven Cheung, Sherman Chung, Kenny Kwan, Pakho Chau and HotCha. Hilary, Joel and Steven completed the full 42km (26miles)

        Joel Chan was at the race course before sunrise, so he could practice and he ultimately finished the race in 4 hours and 27 minutes. Joel disclosed TVB artist Ram Chiang gave him pointers. He ate salt four times throughout the race in order to prevent leg cramps. Also, Oscar jogged the 10km marathon with a blind man Tang Tze Long, the two finished the race in 58 minutes. However, Oscar modestly expressed 58 minutes wasn’t Tang’s best time and thanked him for going easy on him. This is Oscar’s first time participating in a HK marathon, his first marathon was in the North Pole. Asked if the HK marathon was much easier? He said: “I had a lot of layers in the North Pole, at the time I was about to die, but I was mentally relaxed. It felt like sightseeing. This time, its not sightseeing because there were a lot more people and I had to find a space to jog.”

      2. @Yen
        Thanks for your detailed information The above article really misled us by giving us incorrect information.

        Without reading the Chinese source, we would all get it wrong.

      3. Thanks Yen. As sandcherry said, I thought Joel did a 10km run, not the whole 42km marathon.

    2. Sandcherry,
      Joel allowed himself 4 hours to complete the marathon, with sufficient rest time. But it’s not clear how long it took him to actually complete the marathon.

      Each artist is running for different reasons. Annie is a seasoned runner in marathons; she ran last year as well. Joel has been running to stay fit, so he probably didn’t care about his completion time as much.

    3. Annie Liu took the 10Km..

      Full Marathon is 42km. so 4 hours is good enough for a non athletic.

    4. The article is slightly misleading. A FULL marathon is 42km. To do that in 4 hours is an impressive feat.

    5. It’s a 10K run. It’s not a marathon and they shouldn’t call it a marathon. Seasoned runners usually get under an hour and hearing Annie Liu say she wasn’t in her best shape makes sense with her 1 hr 7 min mark which is still really good. 4 hours is ridiculous in my opinion. I’ve ran 10K runs before and even if you had to walk it it wouldn’t take 4 hours to walk it let alone run it. A 42K marathon would be a different story.

      1. It’s a mistranslation.

        The original source only used the term “half-marathon”. In the translation here, “where he ran five-kilometer” was liberally AND erroneously added in by the translator. The source also said he finished in “1hr45min which is a pretty good result”, hinting that no way is this referring to 5km (which is about 3.1 miles, fyi). My out of shape friend walked 2 miles in 45 minutes. Just to give you an idea of how ridiculous 1hr45min for 3 mi is.

        Also, the source said he “reported he’ll finished the race within five hours to give himself less pressure but hope to finish within four hours”. Technically he allowed himself five hours, not four. Under 4 hours is still pretty demanding but doable with his half-marathon pace.

    6. Sorry guys, my bad.
      I was confused by the original source and assumed the full marathon was 10km. To clarify things, the full marathon is actually 42.195km, which means Joel Chan ran about 21km in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Sorry about the confusion!

      1. Ok that’s clearer now. Thanks Shirley for clearing up this confusion! 🙂

  2. Hi peeps, Do take note Joel is running a Full Marathon which means 42.195k, if the report stated the distance correctly.
    So to do a Full Marathon at 4hrs is extremely impressive already, as most runners will need lots of mileage and time to prepare for the race. 🙂

  3. joel chan looks fit and healthy indeed…he has not lost his charm… but why does he wear dark sunglass at the after hour event? annie liu indeed can still maintain her sexy body for a woman her age…she looks hot

    1. i used to hate joel for what he did to his wife and how he was so arrogant and hell bent on chasing florinda and her money and leaving his career and friends for the heiress, but now i ‘m starting to like the new healthy, reformed and humble joel!

  4. This article is written all wrong. A marathon is not 10km, it’s 42.195km. To call a 10km RUN a marathon is misleading and inaccurate. Joel ‘ran five kilometers in one hour and forty-five minutes’. If this is true, then it is highly unlikely that he could run a full marathon, 42.195km, in 4 hours. Do the maths.

  5. I just read the original source in Chinese. There is nothing wrong with the translation. The article was just not clear even in the original source.

    1. The translation is definitely wrong. First, Joel wasn’t running the 10 km. Second, he completed the half marathon (not 5km) in 1h 45m. The source was clear.

      1. You are right. I just read the Chinese source again carefully. I guess I did not understand the meaning of “半馬” (half marathon) and “全馬” (whole marathon).

        Thanks for letting me know.

      2. This is what reported in the Chinese source:

        “孤身起跑的山聰表示有女在終點等候他:「開始得自己一個跑,但外甥女會喺終點等我,佢由澳門過來幫我打氣。」他又指前一晚睡得不好,似足小學生去旅行:「之前參加過半馬 ,今次全馬都係第一次,心情有啲緊張。半馬上次跑得晒兼幾好成績, 一個鐘頭45分鐘。今次報五個鐘內完成,等自己無咁大壓力,希望自己四小時內完成。」

      3. In the past, Joel admitted he had only taken part in half of a marathon, where he ran five kilometers in one hour and forty-five minutes.
        half of a marathon is not five kilometers.

      4. I meant the above statement was incorrectly written in the English translation.

  6. i’m beginning to like joel now because this new joel is so humble and different from the past horrible and arrogant joel who left his wife and career and friends for that rich woman! joel should stick this way! love that joel now has turn a new leaf into a good reformed guy! 🙂

  7. don’t know why people say joel’s good looking, he looks ‘ah beng’ to me, haha

  8. the average walking is 20 minute per mile. if people just walk, it would take 2 hour to finish the marathon.

      1. According to your listed walk pace of (20min per mi X 26mi) DIV 60min per hr = 8.5+ hrs

    1. As MW said, 42km full marathon is 26mi. Qualifying time for Boston marathon (male) is about 3 hours and faster. That’s consider good. Even World record is 2 hours 3 mins. My friend qualified for Boston marathon and he is a good runner, qualified run at 2 hours 47 mins, he definitely cannot afford to walk at any part of the race.

  9. Annie Liu is a HK artist? I thought she’s Taiwanese? Oh well…

      1. ohhhh, ok. wow, i always thought she’s just another taiwanese girl.

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