How Crystal Fung Convinced Her Boyfriend to Let Her Act

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How Crystal Fung Convinced Her Boyfriend to Let Her Act

By now, it is known that 2016 Miss Hong Kong winner Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) does not encompass the typical elegance and generosity expected of Miss Hong Kong winners. Instead, her blunt and straightforward personality is her selling point, and she has not shied away from talking about her doctor boyfriend, Martin.

In a recent interview, she revealed Martin was actually the one who suggested her to try out for the pageant because she was only a student working as a part-time model while he was already a full-time doctor who was very busy. “He would always see me on breaks, sleeping until very late, and sometimes he’d complain to me, ‘Actually, working is very tiring! I have to work from Mondays to Saturdays, and only have Sundays to rest.’ I was completely ignorant, he would think I completely didn’t understand him,” Crystal expressed. “On the contrary, after I won and finally had a job, I finally understood him more, understood that sometimes there are things that can’t be helped.”

Although he was originally worried about her joining the entertainment industry after she won, and even upset and not supportive of her having to film dramas, Crystal does her best to assure him by being honest and allowing each other to look at the other’s phone. “Other than for work, I won’t really have social gatherings,” Crystal shared.

In addition, she would notify Martin of her intimate scenes beforehand, share the script with him to verify it, and give him a lengthy report after filming. “Luckily, so far all my love interests in dramas have girlfriends or wives,” Crystal said, “and I introduce my celebrity friends to him to let him have a peace of mind.”

After analyzing with him that she needs to work in order to support him and such job opportunities are hard to come by, Martin has let go and became more supportive. In addition, she sees him as a long-term partner and a marriage partner, so it gives him a sense of security even though they don’t have any concrete marriage plans at the moment. “I still feel that I’m young at 24 years old, I’m not at the age where I am in a rush to marry,” Crystal explained. “I have a lot of market, a lot of time!”

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