How Dilraba Dilmurat Preserves Her Ivory Complexion

Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) has always drawn admiration for her exotic beauty. The actress of Uighur ethnicity possesses a flawless figure and complexion, which requires sacrifices to maintain.

On a recent strawberry farm trip, Dilraba was armed with sun protection gear from head to toe. Despite the intensive summer heat, Dilraba wore a long-sleeve jacket and long pants. To protect her face from being tanned, she wore a beige-colored cap face mask. Since only her eyes were visible, it would have been difficult to identify the actress if Dilraba had not shared photos of herself on Weibo.

Fans expressed their awe at Dilraba, who remains disciplined at preserving her ivory complexion by sacrificing her comfort in the hot weather and continuing to wear long sleeves.


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  1. Watching her in “You are my Glory”…I noticed she put on very heavy fair make-up on her face but they did not apply the same amount on her neck and chest line… thus the 2 different tones looks comical… I really dont understand the need to promote such unrealistic fair skin tone… Now, many make-up in Asian has whitening elements, or they will using chemicals to whiten their skin and those can damage the skin … It is just so unhealthy.
    I am naturally fair, when I go for holiday in Asia, I do get ladies asking me how I keep my skin so fair…. II just tell them I dont darken easily…I just turn super red like a lobster under the sun..

  2. Asian culture cares about skin color on and waist size too much. I see ladies going grocery shopping and they’re covered from head to toe in garments. Only thing visible are their eyes lol. What Dilireba doing isn’t anything new. I don’t get the “deserving of praise” part. I’m fair-skinned and have had Asian strangers asked me if I used any whitening cream. I’m like… no… At most I wear sunscreen and protect my skin from the sun cause I don’t want skin cancer.

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