How Jackie Chan Had Pursued Elaine Ng

A global megastar, Jackie Chan (成龍) is admired and remembered by many for sustaining the culture of Chinese martial arts. This leads to more often than not, that his womanizing ways are forgotten or even excused because in his defense, he only “made a mistake that every man in the world would make”. But with the ongoing media chase after his illegitimate daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林) and her mother, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) in the past year, Jackie being an absentee father is being scrutinized again. Many are curious how Jackie and Elaine had met, started an affair, and broke up with each other, as this had led to the past 20 years of suffering for the mother and daughter.

Jackie Tried to Pursue 18-Year-Old Elaine

In an earlier television show, Elaine revealed how Jackie had aggressively pursued her in her early days of debut in the entertainment industry. The winner of Miss Asia in 1990, the then 18-year-old Elaine, had caught the attention of Jackie. At a party, he went up to her and pointed at her. She was surprised that he knew of her, but he smiled, “Miss Asia winner Elaine Ng, you go ask the entire Hong Kong, and see who doesn’t know you?”

Though impressed Jackie knew her, Elaine said that she didn’t feel a spark with him because he was an ignorant tyrant. Her ideal type was someone who is well educated, knowledgeable, and has good taste, as she was surrounded by many such men at the time. Elaine decided that that Jackie was not her cup of tea.

Moved by Jackie’s Warm Demeanor

Destiny had Elaine meeting Jackie again a few years later.  Although Jackie was already married and his son was seven years old at the time, he lived a bachelor life away from his family. He tried to pursue Elaine again.

During that time, Elaine’s boyfriend was busy with work, so she had occasionally met up with Jackie. He changed tactics this time, and went for a warm demeanor to emotionally move Elaine’s heart. It was particularly effective. He was a megastar and yet he would tolerate with her whims and treat her very well.

When Jackie went to have dinner at Elaine’s house, he looked around carefully to see if she needed anything. A few days later, Jackie called Elaine and said, “I saw that the cupboard is broken at your house. I’ll replace a new one for you. Also, the sofa is very old; I’ll switch another for you.”

He would also bring her midnight snacks while she filmed late at night, and made sure to wait for her before eating. Once, he made the entire crew wait until she arrived before they could eat. With this public affection, he successfully won Elaine’s heart.

Vicious Breakup

But happiness from an affair does not last long, and their relationship shattered once Elaine got pregnant. Jackie immediately turned his back on Elaine and cut off all contact. Jackie remained silent until Elaine admitted their affair when she was five months pregnant, and he was forced to come out and do the same.

In his English biography Never Grow Up, Jackie called himself a “bastard” and admitted to sleeping with a dozen prostitutes and cheating on his wife. However, after breaking up with Elaine, Jackie has been very reluctant to talk about her and his estranged daughter, Etta.

Source: Elle HK

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  1. According to the article even though jackie wasn’t her cup of tea but she changed her mind later when the price is right. She has weak mind, that’s why her daughter is so messed up too. She knew Jackie is married yet she dumpled her bf for a hypocrite.
    Sugar daddy dumped her once she got pregnant and pretty much had enough with her. Should had stayed with her previous bf. Karma at it’s best. Jackie didn’t ruined her life, she ruined her own life. Never get involved with married men, it’s like playing with fire and you will get burn at the end.

    1. @mihk1994 you can say she was weak and she can only blame herself etc but jackie chan definitely deserves at least half the blame. He’s a married man and he should not be fooling around.

      At least from the perspective of an outsider looking in the blame should be 50/50. But if you are Elaine, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Regardless Jackie chan is a s***** father to his daughter at least.

    2. @mihk1994 she was very young :/ if a super mega star is chasing after you at 18, and persistent a few years after, it’s hard to ignore. Is she naive? Yes, but he treated her so well, how would she know only for sex lol. Anyway, you were very harsh on your words about her. While she’s also at fault at ruining her life, let not be so ignorant and said Jackie has no part in this, because sure as hell he did and still does

      1. @littlefish

        I agree with you. She was young and naive. She made a lifetime mistake and she is paying for it. That mistake also is making a big impact on her daughter for life. I don’t call the girl his daughter because he is a rotten human being. He is not a man. A man, man would not do that. With all the money he has, but he has no character at all. He was married with a child & pursued a young lady, got her pregnant and just left her. I hope he will get his karma.

    3. @mihk1994 They are both to be blamed for their affair. You can attack Etta but she is still the more responsible one who is still taking care of their adult daughter. Jackie just refused to take any sort of responsibility in comparison.

  2. Sucks she met the wrong person and could be called naive but really the media portrays her as someone who is not at fault at all. It’s like yeah Jackie Chan may be an a$$hole but what is she being with a man that she knows has a wife and son. I feel that it’s pretty much common knowledge to not fall or be with someone with a relationship especially married. I feel bad for his wife staying with a person like that but hey I guess once in love you go stupid. Elaine seemed like a person who craves for love and attention as she dumped her boyfriend who was busy to be with a married man just because JC cared and was basically her sugar daddy.

  3. This is her version. We will never know his version since he basically ignored her existence.

    Does JC sound like the kinda guy who hold up production so she or both can eat? Buy food for her and wait? He never seem sentimental at all. A bit too romanticised version. She was an adult. she knew what she was doing. he’s terrible, she’s not innocent either. And the daughter now is quite simply impossible.

    1. @funnlim ya JC would be the type that prioritize brotherhood first and women second. He would lose face to his boys if its in fact true that he forces them to wait for her before eating.

  4. So both of them wasn’t single at that time but still get can wild together? Like I said she probably thinking she’s hitting the jackpot!!

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