Huang Xiaoming Pulls Out From “Sisters Who Make Waves” Season 2

The actor quits the popular program after rumors of marital discord.

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) recently announced on social media that he will be pulling out of hosting duties for the second season of reality show Sisters Who Make Waves <乘風破浪的姐姐>.  With the star’s ex-girlfriend Li Feier (李菲兒) confirmed as one of the new season’s contestants, the rumor mill has been in overdrive regarding his romantic history, which is suspected to be straining his marriage with Angelababy (楊穎).

Romantic History Dug Up

With Li Feier due to appear on the program, the inevitable reunion of the former lovers on stage caused the trio’s romantic history to be dug up and hotly discussed online. Huang Xiaoming and Feier had started dating after working together on the set of the 2006 mainland adaptation of the classic hit The Deer and the Cauldron <鹿鼎記>, but the pair was said to have split because of Angelababy.

Angelababy even clarified online a few days ago that she was not the third party in Huang Xiaoming and Li Feier’s relationship. In her post, Angelbaby had addressed her husband as “Mr. Huang”, leading to speculation that the couple’s relationship had been adversely affected by the swirling rumors.

Production team: You’re welcome back anytime
On 9 January 2021, Huang Xiaoming shared his decision to quit the show on Weibo, and his sadness at leaving the stage: “Despite being so emotionally attached to the show, I felt that the focus and progress of the ‘sisters’ should not be affected by any voices, thus I have decided to quit the recording of this season’s program. I will continue to support the sisters from beyond the set. See you in future!”

Following the news, the production unit of the anticipated show announced in a post, “Xiaoming-ge has been accompanying the growth of Sisters Who Make Waves all along, and is an indispensable witness to our progress on this stage. Working with him has been a most happy experience and we’ve felt his professionalism, warmth and kindness. Thanks Xiaoming-ge for your care and respect towards the sisters, concern for the crew and contributions to the show. Despite our unwillingness, we respect his decision.” Adding that he is welcome back anytime should he decide to rejoin the show, the post concluded, “Green mountains do not change; the bright moon remains. We welcome Xiaoming-ge back anytime.”


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