“Sisters Who Makes Waves” Forms the 30+ Girl Group

2020 Chinese reality television show Sisters Who Makes Waves <乘风破浪的姐姐> recruited 30 female celebrities over 30 years old and had them compete for a seven member girl group. As of September 4, the finalists are finally out!

No. 1: Ning Jing (宁静) with 3,242,083 votes

The 48-year-old actress was in shock when she found that she garnered number one with the most amount of votes. Overwhelmed by the unexpected support, she said, “I wanted to be in the group, but now I don’t want to!”

No. 2: Wan Qian (万茜) with 2,861,152 votes

The 38-year-old actress said in her acceptance speech, “This summer has been a magical one. I felt as if I was hit by a magic wand, and entered a magical party with these 30 sisters. Once we remove our glass slippers, we find that we must continue our journey grounded to earth.”

No. 3: Meng Jia (孟佳) with 2,562,282 votes

The 31-year-old debuted as a member of the K-pop girl group miss A, and had competed alongside her miss A bandmate Wang Feifei (王菲菲), who was not placed. Jia said, “What defines a girl group? I have many answers, but none of the answers were about age. Sisters Who Make Waves will definitely be China’s most explosive girl group.”

No. 4: Dany Lee (李斯丹妮) with 2,363,975 votes

The 30-year-old Chengdu native debuted as a singer on a similar stage nine years ago. Nine years later, she’s using the same stage to debut as a girl group member. “My parents were with me then, and they are with me now. It’s a special feeling. I’ve grown older, and no longer a child. I really want to send my love energy to everyone!”

No. 5: Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮) with 2,233,799 votes

The 33-year-old actress, who shot to fame following her role in Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) CJ7 <長江七號>, married and divorced twice. She said, “Everyone likes to say that I am an independent woman. To be independent means that you must be able to manage both time and ability. You must be able to say no, and you must understand that not all marriages are perfect. Wisdom and beauty can go together.”

No. 6: Yisa Yu (郁可唯) with 2,121,028 votes

The 36-year-old singer thanked her fans, her voters, and expressed her gratitude to her 29 other sisters for sharing their confidence and bravery with her.

No. 7: Isabelle Huang (黄龄) with 2,024,793 votes

The 33-year-old singer from Shanghai did not expect herself to even be placed. “I wasn’t expecting to gain that much favor from viewers,” she said in her speech. “I was confidence with my abilities, but I remember being one of the last ones at the beginning of the competition. What happened?”

Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. they are cool. i thought their performances were even better than the youth groups. life doesn’t stop after 30 so why should bands?

    1. @m0m0 Some performances are good but lots of lip singing.
      They worked hard to get into the group but they probably won’t go on tour. They have careers and family to focus on and frankly, its just tough work to practice and there is no editing out live performances.

    1. @ohmygoshy Jia went from one of the lowest vote getters, got booted, and came back to become one of the highest. Her ex teammate went from one of the highest to not being able to be placed.

  2. I think the group will have it’s own market: 1) not because of their age but because it’s the comeback clan mentality and 2) 30 (to 48) is not old, Sammi Cheng, Karen Mok, and Aaron Kwok are still great performers but they are or already have pushed 50. Look at JLo. All 4 have spouses and families. Sammi, Karen, Aaron, and JLo started performing earlier but this girl band also has former performers. Give it time.

    1. @jesspepperwang Groups just don’t work as people grow older. They have commitments with work and family. On top of that, groups often break up due to individualism. The top vote getter is the big sister in the comp and she doesn’t like to follow rules. Just watch the finale and you’ll see why it won’t work. She was upset about something behind the scene and want to stand out by not following instructions and even shouted that she doesn’t want to be part of the group in her acceptance speech.

      1. @mike
        I can see what you mean but it truly depends. If that were the case, then they would have withdrawn or retired 100% after getting married and having kids.

  3. i’m not sure if jaynestars covered the news in the past, but apparently the group was already decided even before the show’s competition started. so basically the contestants knew when they would be eliminated and they would leave the show with their agreed $$$$$$. you might ask: what’s the purpose of appearing on the show then? publicity. screen time. and money of course.

    tbh, it was kind of obvious that ning jing would be placed in the group because she’s not the type of person to enter a show that would make her “lose face”. i’ve watched her on up idol and the attitude and personality that she presents herself says it all.

    1. @chrysan oh really? No wonder I kept questioning why all the contestants are butt kissing her. Her singing is alright, raspy voice to me. I liked Yumiko the best out of the contestants, but I felt that they kept her until the final round for hk audiences. Already knew the show was rigged when Zhang Yuqi never got eliminated, she lacks dancing and singing.

      1. @jessehsuan
        lol yeah, ning jing is a hard to please person.

        unsure if it’s just me, but from observation the contestants who made it to the group are all the popular celebs —pretty much trendy for at least the past 2-5 years in mainland china (maybe minus ning jing of course…because of her superstar status) and have made or earn big awards in their career that make them more outstanding than the eliminated contestants —for example, gina jin and zhang hanyu…(if you watch a lot of chinese dramas and tv shows, you might understand why theyre considered as “unpopular”).

        wan qian was part of the film the wild goose lake with hu ge and the film was pretty successful and popular. she has also received awards from major award shows such as golden horse and golden phoenix. this reputation easily earned her a spot in the group to boost its prestige and classiness.

        with meng jia, she has been popular since her miss a days and i would say more popular than fei (jia was probably the second most popular in miss a, first being suzy), so it makes sense how she can debut with the sisters’ group.

        dany lee…she raps. pretty much only her and meng jia can rap. and an idol group needs rappers because that’s the norm…

        and lmao, zhang yuqi, we all know how scandalous this woman is. while her reputation is not super clean or “good”, my guess is her being in the group will defs help with publicity because there will defs be people discussing “oh, how did she even make it into the group?”. and of course, even though she is not liked by many, we can’t deny that she has been part of quite a few critically acclaimed works and so her “popularity” is still strong (she really knows how to brand herself…or maybe its her pr, lol).

        yisa yu as a singer…almost everyone likes her…including myself. she is like the ost queen in china tbh (there has not been one ost song that i don’t like from her. she’s that good/vocally attractive). it was very obvious that she was going to debut with the group because vocally, not only is she good for an idol group standard, but she has an established fanbase where people could be like, “oh hey, my favourite singer just made it into the group. i will support them!”

        isabelle huang…another favourite singer of mine and probably to many chinese (if you listen to a lot of pop). her personal style of music is very interesting (like, she created a niche for herself balancing traditional chinese music with r&b and such). being an internet favourite, it makes sense that she won the producers’ favour and made it into the group. of course, what makes it better is that she can sing too…if we compare her to yuqi lmao.

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