Inside Gavin Gao’s Correctional Center in Australia

Mainland Chinese actor Gavin Gao (高雲翔), known for his roles in The Legend of Mi Yue <羋月傳> and Legend of Ba Qing <巴清傳>, was arrested in Sydney last week for sexually assaulting a woman inside a hotel room. The first pretrial hearing was held on April 5. Gavin’s wife, Michelle Dong (董璇), was at the court and appeared tired and haggard.

Since the news broke, it was immediately speculated that the victim was someone Gavin was working with seeing as he flew to Australia to especially film Fall in Love in Aranya <阿那亞戀情>. It was reported that the victim is a 36-year-old Chinese-Australian mother and was a liaison between the Chinese and Australian filming crews.

While the victim actively posted the progress of filming on her social media accounts, she abruptly stopped all social media activities on the third of filming. Although it was never explicitly said that the photos were from the filming of Fall in Love in Aranya, the media dug through some older photos and contacted the production company that worked on the drama. A manager from the production company then confirmed the picture was one of the sets from Fall in Love in Aranya.

Gavin Still in Correctional Center

The next court date in Gavin’s case will be April 10. It is understood that the prosecution and defendants will exchange evidence before the formal trial will be held. Regarding Gavin’s failure to apply for bail, it is speculated that bail has only one chance, so it should be carefully considered. Since Gavin has no criminal record and he is a celebrity, there is a high chance that he will be successful in applying for bail.

Gavin is currently detained in the Silverwater Correctional Complex, the largest prison in Australia. The prison is located approximately 13 miles outside of Sydney. This prison is mainly used to hold prisoners with the lowest security risk, such as criminals involved in fights and sexual harassment. The prison mainly houses imprisoned immigrants or foreigners. The prisoner is normally detained in a quadrant, with the exception of food and exercise.  In recent years, prisoners’ treatment at Silverwater has been deteriorating.

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  1. So he and Wong Qing were actually detained in jail?! Oh man. This is serious then. There must be some evidences otherwise the police should not be able to put them behind bars. How did these dudes get into such trouble? Not thinking about consequences of their actions in foreign land. They forgot Australia is not China.

    I do not think Aussie police will let them off easily just because they are celebs. And I hope celebs are not given preferences otherwise I have no respect for Australian justice. It is up to the lawyers to argue for in favour of their clients.

    What movie is that? I feel sorry for Michelle.

    1. @mangotango lol did you hear about Australia and Johnny Depp’s dogs? XD anyway, because you are a celebrity, they will be extra cautious and quite careful as they know they are under heavy watched from the public and The media.

      On the other article, ppl said it’s assault, not sexual assault, which is it :/?

      1. @littlefish I think someone confirmed it is assault only.

        Depp’s case was not assault. Someone claimed he was aware that papers were fudged to bring his dog into Australia. The worst he would get fined whereas in Gao’s case, it is assault … which I think is more criminal/severe.

      2. @mangotango oh my point about Depp’s case is that because he’s a celebrity they were tough on him, correct in term of the law, but they lap it up in the limelight lol. And I’m from Australia lol xD funny thing is I don’t like Barnaby Joice xD guess karma is a b:):)

      3. @littlefish lol re Barnaby… Depp knew what they were doing, smuggling their dogs in. We can’t even bring in fruit from a flight, quarantine are ruthless (when they want to be).

        Funny about the description of Silverwater though. I live 10 minutes away. I think they mean it is 13 miles from the CBD, where he was arrested, because last I checked, in still within the confines of Sydney.

      1. @kuks Actually, the Hugh Jackman comparison was put up by Gavin Gao’s defense lawyer in efforts to get the judge to grant them bail (which the judge obviously didn’t buy into). Netizens in Mainland China are making fun of the lawyer, saying that’s a stupid defense because Hugh Jackman is actually more known in China than Gavin is, lol.

        Now that the court case is underway, things don’t look good for Gavin at all. Looks like the earlier reports of a “friend” claiming that this was nothing more than a labor dispute is pure BS, as the evidence now coming out definitely points more to sexual assault than anything else. To be honest, if Gavin was stupid enough to commit a crime in a foreign country, he deserves whatever punishment coming to him. The judge was right not to grant bail because there is no doubt that he and the other guy will flee back to China, especially if he’s facing 14 to 20 years in prison.

  2. Lol a sudden interest in Silverwater correction. Wouldn’t be surprised if the chinese press wait outside prison for a photo op.

    I’m Australian, no idea who this guy is, never heard of him. Good luck with a sexual assault charge in Australia!

    1. @myxx
      He’s famous in China for his role as a Hun warrior in Legend of Miyue.

      It’s doubtful that Australians would know of any Chinese actors, aside from Jackie Chan, but Gavin Gao has certainly helped put Silverwater on the map.

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