Introducing TVB’s “Blue Veins”, Premiering April 11

TVB’s fantasy action drama Blue Veins <殭> is slated to premiere next Monday, April 11. The action-packed series, which tells of an epic romance between a vampire and an undead superhuman, stars two-time TV King winner Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and award-winning singer, Kay Tse (謝安琪) in the lead roles. Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Wong You-nam (黃又南), Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶), FAMA’s Luk Wing (陸永), Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Winki Lai (賴慰玲), and Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) also star.

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Kevin Cheng and Kay Tse play star-crossed lovers.

Kay’s Debut Television Project

Produced by Joe Chan (陳維冠), Blue Veins was first announced in late 2014. Principal photography took place between January and June 2015, and was partially filmed in the Netherlands. The role of Ying Wut-cheuk was tailor-made for Kevin, who shares many similarities with the character.

“He is a man who has lived through hundreds of years,” introduced Producer Joe Chan. “The role really needed to be someone who has a face of experience. In many ways, the character is very similar to Kevin himself. He has a sharp tongue.”

Although not a rookie when it comes to acting, Blue Veins is Kay’s first attempt at tackling a lead role in a television drama. Joe said Kay’s husband, Louis Cheung (張繼聰), had a part in convincing Kay to take the role. “It’s been over ten years since Kay’s debut. This is an important part of her performance career and she cherishes the opportunity.”

Kay enlisted the help good friend Michael Ning (白只), HKFA Best Supporting Actor winner, for some acting advice. “Since this is her first drama, she was pretty nervous,” said Joe. “Kay told us that she’s a bit OCD, so we added that part in for her role.”

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Grace Chan, who portrays Kay’s younger sister in Blue Veins, plays a character with aphasia, a language disorder that renders her unable to verbally communicate with others. Joe said, “[Grace] is a very confidant and intelligent actress. She is someone who talks very fast, so this arrangement was quite challenging for her.”

As Blue Veins was the drama that brought Grace and Kevin together in real life, Joe said, “Kevin and Grace do have a relationship line in the show, and they have quite a lot of scenes together. If they do get married, they better give me a red envelope!”

Strong Supporting Cast

Aside from having a refreshing lead cast, Blue Veins also finds strength in its supporting characters.

Joel Chan, who plays the ancient vampire Ling Fung, was originally meant to be featured in the series as a guest star. Halfway into writing the show, the writers saw that his role was too vital for the story, and decided to promote Joel into a main cast member.

blue veins still 3Blue Veins introduces singer Hubert Wu in his third acting project since debuting in 2010. The 26-year-old plays Pong Kit, a vampire and the son of the undead warrior Pong Ying-tin (Eddie Kwan). In the series, Hubert recruits the help of Joel to go against his father.

Joe said, “Hubert Wu gives one the impression that he is quiet and cool. In reality, he is actually someone who is very forthright. He’s very suitable for this role.”

FAMA’s Luk Wing, Wong You-nam, and Anjaylia Chan portray mortal warriors who help Kevin protect humanity against supernatural evils. In regards to their characters, Joe said the trio brings more youthfulness and energy to the cast.

“Luk Wing always had this comedic quality to him, but I’m surprised to know that he’s also very talented when it comes to doing action scenes. He’s extremely smart,” praised Joe.

blue veins still 6The producer added that Anjaylia, who fights with a bow and arrow in the series, is another breakout star to look for. “Her character specializes in Japan’s Kyudo. There were many good reviews about her look in the series, and I have confidence in her performance.”

Blue Veins follows a 500-year-old undead superhuman Ying Wut-cheuk (Kevin Cheng), who makes it his life mission to hunt vampires. While in the Netherlands, the vampire hunter meets a young forensic scientist Lam Mung-nam (Kay Tse), who harbors a strange supernatural ability.

Passionate and with a positive outlook on life, Mung-nam slowly warms Wut-cheuk’s frozen heart, but the undead hero is hesitant to start a new relationship with a mortal. When Mung-nam returns to Hong Kong, she discovers that she is actually a vampire with locked memories. She refuses to give in to her vampiric desires, and Wut-cheuk helps her with confronting her past. Meanwhile, a series of mysterious murders plague the city, and the Undead general, Pong Ying-tin (Eddie Kwan), believes Mung-nam is the killer. He pressures Wut-cheuk to turn her in.

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I thought this is Hubert’s first acting project too. Turns out it’s his third. I’ll need to check out what else he has acted in.

    I hope he gets to sing a substheme song for the series. He has such a soothing beautiful voice. Kay Tse will most probably sing the main themesong since she’s a well known singer.

    There are actually quite a number of singers/ex-singers participating in this series.
    – Kay Tse
    – Kevin Cheng
    – Hubert Wu
    – Luk Wing (1/2 of FAMA)
    – Wong You-nam (1/2 of SHINE)

    1. @kidd Kay sings the main theme song, Hubert sings the ending theme song and another singer from the drama Stephanie Ho will be singing the insert song. Idk if its true but thats what i heard..

  2. Will definitely watch!I hope it isn’t a copycat of ‘My Date with a Vampire’ knowing ATV was going to collapse. Reading the preview, it seems to have similarities.

  3. Not even going to lie, I am so so excited for this drama!
    I’ve seen bits of the ATV version here and there when my mum re-watched it a few months back, I was interested in that too but there weren’t enough artistes in that, that I know of.
    Hope it lives up to my expectations, since this is the first drama of TVB that I’m actually really looking forward to!

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