Is Cecilia Cheung Starving Herself to Drop Baby Weight?

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Is Cecilia Cheung Starving Herself to Drop Baby Weight?

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) gave birth to her third son last November. She shared that she was 180 pounds during her pregnancy, but after weight loss, she has dropped to 130 pounds to prepare for her role in Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) New King of Comedy <新喜劇之王>, which will arrive in theaters on Lunar New Year Day.

Recently, in a promotional event for the film in Guangzhou, Cecilia accompanied Stephen and it was evident that she has already returned back to her fit physique. But how did Cecilia manage to lose so much weight in such a short period of time?

Cecilia posted a short video on her social media platform that not only revealed what she brings in her purse, but also her weight loss dieting menu. She said, “Because I just gave birth, I have to lose weight in order to return back to work. For lunch, I usually just eat a hard boiled egg. If I am really, really hungry, I will eat raw onions as a snack.”

Many fans felt so bad for Cecilia as she is not receiving proper nutrition, especially after giving birth. No wonder she was able to lose weight so quickly because it came with a cost.  Though celebrity moms are under immense pressure to slim down and look gorgeous weeks after giving birth, is it worth the hunger and malnutrition?

Cecilia Reveals She Only Eats One Egg for Lunch

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2 comments to Is Cecilia Cheung Starving Herself to Drop Baby Weight?

  1. jayne says:

    Cecilia’s extreme dieting is outright scary. She’s already back to work, yet eating little bites. Just set reasonable goals to exercise every day. It may take more than 3 months, but who would criticize a recent mom for having a few extra pounds?

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      If Cecilia was intelligent, she would eat higher quantity of protein foods and it will have the same affect. If she cuts right dow on carbohydrates, she can each as much chicken, fish,eggs as she wants and still lose weight rapidly…

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