Jackie Chan Reveals Controversial Family Values

Cultural icon, Jackie Chan (成龍), is well known all over the world for his countless action movies. However, Jackie has reached this level of success at the expense of his family. Jackie has a reputation of being an absent father and husband, but remains unapologetic over his self-confessed chauvinistic views.

Does Not Celebrate Wife’s Birthday

Even when he is wrong, he will never apologize to his wife. “I am a chauvinist. I never remember my wife’s birthday. Once the annual birthday celebration tradition is started, she will expect you to celebrate it every year. If you never celebrate with her, she will be upset once or twice at most, but she will later get used to it.”

One time, Jackie broke his habit and organized a large birthday celebration for Joan. She was very happy, but Jackie asked her, “Do you want me to treat you nicely only on your birthday or do you prefer that I treat you well everyday of your life?” Of course, Joan chose the latter one.

Father and Son Relations

Jackie recalled how one year his son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) called him to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, but he scolded Jaycee instead. Jackie told him, “I am not into celebrating any holidays as we should be nice to each other and treasure our family everyday.” Jackie told his son to call him more often and not only on Father’s Day. Afterwards, Jaycee, who used to call him at least twice a year ended up not even calling him once a year.

After Jackie’s father die, Jackie never visited his father’s grave to pay respects. He also told Jaycee not to even bother to visit him in the cemetery, as long as his son is good to him while he is still alive. Jackie said there is no reason to offer (burn) any fake money to the dead. The person is gone and he or she is not going to be there to accept anything. Jackie believes that the most important value is to be filial to your parents while they are still alive.

No Money for Illegitimate Daughter 

Contrary to his belief in treating his family well everyday, Jackie had an affair with actress, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), which resulted in the birth of his illegitimate daughter, Etta, in 1999. Jackie explained that the reason for not leaving any money for Etta is that his will was written 15 years ago, before Etta’s birth. His will has not been changed since, thus it is not unusual for Etta to be left out of his will.

End of Dangerous Stunts

Avoiding further discussion about his illegitimate daughter, Jackie enthusiastically spoke about his upcoming movie, CZ12 <十二生肖> instead which he directed and starred in. This will be the last movie where he personally performs all of the dangerous stunts.

“I decided to film such an action-packed movie to leave a good ending to my career as an action hero, allowing me to become a legend,” Jackie revealed.

In an attempt to leave a lasting and memorable impression of his movie, Jackie appears in many difficult stunts in CZ12. He will roll down hills, escape from German shepherds, run on the top to a moving container truck, parachutes into a live volcano, and much more.

To surprise the audience, Jackie’s wife, Joan, also makes a cameo appearance at the end of the movie. It was not easy for Jackie to convince Joan to do so since she had retired from acting for thirty years. Jackie begged her many times and guaranteed that only her back profile is required, which will only last less than one second.

With her unwillingness to even show up in the studio, Jackie lied to Joan by convincing her to simply show up for casting, and after a few shots, her parts were already filmed.

Jackie seemed to like making his own rules.

Source: Sina.com

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      1. I saw some excerpt clips from his interview and he didn’t seem very classy in responding to these questions to say the least…


    1. You are absolutely right……even if I only believed in half of the stuff here, he is still an ass by any standards. He doesn’t even deserve to be called an icon but for some reason, stupid people around the world like watching him act like an idiot in his movies.

      This guy doesn’t even deserve to comment on family values cause he has none……he only loves himself, cares about himself…….period. What a friggin idiot this guy is!!!!!!!!!!

      1. LOL… that’s funny but so true, even if half of this is true, he’s still a jerk…

      2. ‘one family is rather like strangers to another family’ whos to know the upa ans downs but those close enough. ”Good Value isnt just good words and cash or is it to some?” Any O.A.P. such as ‘whom’ needs constant care? Would’nt it be nice to see more worthy films than take about ones family!

  1. Guess his family value much like a fully practical.

    Hope his family knows to take care Etta. It is isn’t uncommon that some see him as an ass due to his family value.

  2. I guess he doesn’t know one can change his or her will, if needed.

    1. He’s too stupid and uneducated to even think that far………on the other hand, some will think he is hiding behind this reason so that he won’t have to share any of his money……..not living up to his past mistakes makes him even more of an ass than ever……let him take his money to his grave and he can sleep with his money there…………

      1. Hm, why do you hate Jackie so much? I do not think he is a perfect person. He definitely has many faults. But I don’t understand why you are so strongly upset at him.

        I think he’s a good entertainer. But yes, the entire world has long known him to be an unsuccessful husband and father.

    2. since the will was done prior to Etta’s birthday and given that he has admitted she is his daughter, Etta can challenge the will when he dies.

      1. i hope she doen’t, proves that her mom did a lousy job raising her, read from somewhere, jackie gave elaine a huge sum of money ( at least a few million usd )not to have the child, she took the money and gave birth to elta anyway, he also supports them.. monthly allowance abt usd50k per month on one condition that she stays in china, but elaine came back to hongkong, making life difficult for jackie and wife cos reporters always tailing them, giving them a hard time, jackie not giving any money to son jaycee also, maybe he doesn’t want his children to turn into another josie ho, moreover jackie got his wealth and position on his own, that’s what he would have like his children to be

    1. 1000% agree. i think he has always been an ahole haha… he does not respond well on interviews either…when hes in HK, he sucks on HK, when hes in USA, he sucks on USA hahaha…Jet li has always been my fighting idol so i might be biased hahaa..lol…

  3. wow he may be a well-renowned actor and martial artist…but he is one horrible person. it’s celebrities like him that make people believe all celebrities are stuck up, snobs.

  4. While I really don’t approve of his child-rearing method, I agree with his philosophy that only calling him on his birthday is stupid because it seems like an obligation.

    1. And also burning $$$ to the dead ones.
      I agree on that too.
      If we wanna cherish someone, do so when they are still alive and not after they no longer here anymore 🙁

    2. But look at the effect, Jaycee doesn’t even call his father at all. He used to call twice a year and now nada.

      1. I’m pretty sure he meant Jaycee didn’t call him at all when he was younger. They appear at events together several times a year now so I doubt that’s still the case. From interviews I’ve seen in the past, Jaycee is quite respectful of Jackie and I’m assuming they are in constant contact.

    3. @cloud

      I don’t blame Jaycee at all. If my pops told me not to acknowledge him in public when I was a kid, isn’t leaving me anything in his will, and I couldn’t take his surname then I wouldn’t even call the mfker once.

  5. Funny…what’s the point of him trying to teach his son about being good to your parents? He himself doesn’t even treat his kids/wife/love ones very well….if your not a good parent how do you expect your kids to treat you well. I wouldn’t call him once a year either….maybe just that once to see if he’s still breathing! My goodness what a terrible husband and father!

    He must be a total hipocrate because he says he’s suppose to treat his love one good everyday/all the time and not just once a year…but he’s out cheating on his wife and making his millions w/out seeing his wife and son for long long periods of time.

    Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Dead beat dad!

    1. Agree – if he doesn’t practise what he preaches, i doubt the son will follow (listen, yes cos he has to). Being an absent father/husband, the poor son has to find an excuse to call him i.e. festival/special occasion. Imagine your call not being appreciated and snubbed instead. I wouldn’t ever call again too if i were his son. Just give me your $ when you’re dead. And since you don’t need me paying respects when you’re gone, it’ll be another less hassle for me too.

  6. Jackie Chan is really a very very funny person, husband, and father. He is very lucky that his family can put up with his funny and weird rules.

  7. Well his EGO is so HUGE that occasionally he is deluded into thinking that he is an Emperor and no one can touch him.

  8. He is a traditional man or rather a man of those traditional types. He has some good points but yes terribly chauvinistic.

    Quite a wonder how Jaycee turns up normal and not drugged out angry rebelling youth.

    1. Great points. I wonders does he ever has something to do with his life? Not the charity.

      You see, I hope he should invest his son, multiple failure doesn’t mean anything. Just get him out of show biz.

      He missed his son so much, his son, never an action oriented. Bad childhood.

    2. Actually, rough condition make perfect diamond, only when you grow up in harsh condition, you know what’s right and wrong, and how to be a better person than your parents. Jackie’s value are actually practical, I would respect that sort of person a lot more than the fakers. True everyone has their shortcoming, but if you know they mean well, you will overlook. And again, you don’t really know for sure how he treats his family, so you shouldn’t take the article story too seriously

  9. ““Do you want me to treat you nicely only on your birthday or do you prefer that I treat you well everyday of your life?””

    How can he treat his wife well everyday of her life when he’s an absentee husband?

    “Afterwards, Jaycee, who used to call him at least twice a year ended up not even calling him once a year.”

    The son happily called him on Father’s Day and got scolded by him. Not surprising that he called even less.

    1. I suppose money is a good substitute for an absentee husband. Maybe deep down she doesn’t like him and so seeing him less is a good thing.

  10. when you’re jackie chan, you can do whatever the hell you want

  11. omg if I have a father like that I will be deeply sadden. Since he is never around and wants the son to leave him alone, doesn’t want to show any love or support I guess he just doesn’t want to have the kid to begin with. Jacky Chan is completely empty inside he just doesn’t know how to love and respect one another. Maybe that was how he was raised but what a terrible person!

    1. According to what I heard from old news, Jackie Chan did not want to have Jaycee. He asked Joan Lin to have an abortion, and his good friend, Ho Kwoon Cheung, advised him to keep his unborn son.

      After all, Joan Lin never asked him to marry her even after the birth of Jaycee.

      1. Makes me wonder if these celebrities have never heard of birth control – sure, condoms aren’t 100% fool proof, but unless Joan Lin was trying to get pregnant on purpose, a baby wouldn’t have been good for either of them at the time.

      2. I think Joan must love him so much and realizing that he won’t be around much, would like to have a baby/child to keep her company.
        As Jackie’s a practical person and he had a tough upbringing, it’s natural for him to be like that if he’s still struggling in his career and those who love him can understand and accept it. But when he has established himself, it’s difficult to find a reason to excuse his behaviour.

  12. Seems a bit extreme to me but everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. As long as Jackie is happy with his life, he can think what he wants. Interesting that he’s so open about it. Have to respect him for that.

    1. Sure, Jackie’s totally content with his life, but he has 2 children who were affected by his neglect.

      Not to victimize them or anything, they turned out OK….except for Jaycee….he’s as bland as white rice. Goddamn…it’s like he has downs or something. And his songs…my god his songs.

      But hey, if I don’t have any talent and still get into showbiz with only my father’s name, then hey, sign me up for some mental conditions, man!

  13. I now understand why his wife Joan did not divorce him when he got caught having an affair with Elaine (and how many other affair he had with co-stars, hmmm we can only guess if Jackie had been a good boy or not)…Jackie is worth billionaires and his wife is not stupid to give up the life and riches.

  14. Jackass is an ultra anus. First, he supports the film guild not to be manupulated by triads, then he works with one of the no: kingpin of HK producing movies.Jackass has double standards, a snaky fork tongue.He is motivated by money. Not even his family gets the better. He says his wife is the best but he hides his wife from everyone and then gets to screw another women and now says he will not give his daughter any money. What a fork tongue Scrooge. Let’s not support his monkey movies any more. Anyway Jackass has no acting talent. Arf, Arf.

  15. I actually agree on some of his opinions. You should be filial to your parents while they’re still alive, there really isn’t any point visiting their graves or burning fake money to them after they’re dead. Also calling more often, not just on special occasions and treat your loved ones nicely on a daily basis instead of just that one day but surprises on birthdays are great too.

    1. What he says is true, but when you’re absent from your loved ones’ life how can you treat them nicely on a daily basis? See the contradiction and what a hypocrite he is? I bet the same thoughts cross his son’s mind when he hears that but he was too respectful to voice them out.
      A better way to handle his son’s call would be to sound happy receiving his call but at the same time let the son know how he misses him and his mother but can’t be home due to work commitments. After that only remind him to call more often instead of that 2 times in a year. Just because you had tough love/upbringing doesn’t mean you should subject your loved ones through it.

  16. He’s just like damian’s character from Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles.

  17. The more I hear about this guy the less respect I have for him. I used to like his films….He tries to hide behind his facade of being a generous guy and contributing to charities. All the caring words he utters when disaster hits the Asian countries when in fact he is uncaring to his wife and family. He is a hypocrite and an self centred person.

    1. Chauvinist, if you don’t know the word, look it up. If you missed the word, go reread the article. Of course it would also depend on how extreme he is about it too.

      As for disaster, please tell me which celebrities laughed or didn’t give care about it in public. It’s their job to maintain a positive light at all times because society expects them to based on the social standards of the time, in a sense we’re actually imposing our will on them.

      I don’t know what what values you were taught but I was taught to respect other’s beliefs. So he’s an ass, like there aren’t bigger asses out there? He just happens to be a rich and powerful one, one of many in this world I’m sure.

      Don’t use your own measuring stick to judge others.

      At least he’s being pretty honest and not spoonfeeding us lies.

  18. Sammo & Yuen Biao family relationships are tighter & more loving than Jackie. Personally, I felt that his lonely & tough childhood made him what he is…a huge ego and chauvinistic views. Jackie is set in his ways. It’s an open secret that he was an absent husband & father.

    No $$$ for Jaycee ? I don’t believe him but even if it’s true, no worries cause 50% goes to wife. And once he’s gone, Joan can give Jaycee as much as she wants. Jaycee is very close with his mum and I don’t blame him.

    1. Joan is a year older than Jackie – It’s possible that Jackie will outlive her.

    2. i think he doesn’t want his children to turn out like stanley ho’s children, he knows life is difficult, that’s why the charity and he made in on his own, didn’t get wealth from family, he would prefer his children to make it on their own as well.. that’s old school but far better than stanley’s, don’t you ppl agree?

  19. He’s well known in HK for having intercourse with loads of actresses. One of them is Gillian Chung. There are a whole long lists including Joey yung. He’s a pervert, and an ass.

    1. Gilian Chung, Charlene Choi and Joey Yung sold themselves, they slept with Albert Yeung and ppl who can pay / get them ahead with life, it’s like that in entertainment, you’ll be surprised at the list of actors doing it

  20. He’s well known in HK for having intercourse with loads of actresses. One of them is Gillian Chung. There are a whole long lists including Joey yung. He’s a pervert and a horrible person

  21. A selfish guy, I wonder if he still flashes his peace sign, more likely waving China’s flag. I am not surprised, if he speaks mandarin first because he is so against HK for freedom of speech. The more he talks, the lesser of the original Jackie.

  22. Jackie Chan ( 7 April 1954 ) in 1960 his father migrated to Canberra, Australia to work as the head cook for the American Embassy and Chan was sent to China Drama Academy, A Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-Yuen. Chan trained rigorously for the next decade, excelling in martial arts and acrobatics, at the age of 17, he worked as a stuntman in Bruce Lee films.. guess he never felt the warmth of family life / parental love, can also imagine life in the academy was tougher than military training..

    1. Interesting. I never looked at his childhood. The training sounds strict and horrible, he only got to see his parents like once every year or so?

      Lack of parental love might have shaped his beliefs of parenting.

      Funny Entertainer. Terrible Husband.

      1. If that were the case, you can kind of understand why he is the way he is…

    2. I wonder how he treated his father. Maybe he has never celebrated Chinese New Year with him, promoting movies more important than having reunion dinner.

      1. oh, he’s super good to his parents, once he got rich, he sent a big expensive car to their working plc to have them enjoy life, but they declined, he celebrates his dad’s birthdays, one time even traveled with friends and family to another country to celebrate dad’s birthday.. booked the hall of a nice hotel

  23. His wife, Joan Lin, is a SAINT.

    I will die of frustration if she were my friend. LOL

    1. I don’t think women like that are saints. In fact they perpetuate the vicious cycle of the chauvinistic man. Jackie Chan is the way he is because of people in his life that let him be that way.

  24. I think the subheadings are rather misleading. While Jackie doesn’t celebrate his wife’s birthday, etc., it was only because he emphasized that family members should value one another on a daily, not yearly, basis. I get it.

    HOWEVER, I still don’t understand his past affair with Elaine and how he hasn’t regretted or done anything about it.

    1. Why would he regret it? It takes two to make an affair happen. As for not doing anything about it, how do you he hasn’t? Do you stalk him 24/7? Most people only read what the media feeds them anyway without putting more thought an analyzing what they’re actually reading into.

      I don’t know if you’re aware of this either, but the more you climb up the social ladder the more the so called “social standards” change. Fooling around and cheating on your wife is actually a norm for them, I’m not saying it’s true for everybody but women have vastly different moral standards when raised in elitist/upper families. If you don’t believe me, watch some documentaries on important people like JFK, etc.

  25. Jackie’s a legend and a great action star but an absolutely c**t of a person. Didn’t he say that Chinese people shouldn’t have too much freedom and need to be controlled? The man’s an idiot of the highest order…

      1. Yes, can’t believe this is the same Jackie Chan who protested against the governments treatment of it’s own civilians during the Tiananmen Square massacre. He’s always been one to kiss ass.

    1. People gripe about Chinese people having little disregard for law and order. Imagine giving them more freedom to do as they please.

    1. I guess there is nothing worse in this world than to see the Chinese uncontrolled and running amok.

      To give him a benefit of a doubt, maybe he is suffering from an early stage of Alzheimer and his brain is regressing.

      1. Any person, regardless of nationality, who disrespect laws and is left to do their own thing is never a good thing. However, what he is trying to justify is that it ok for the Chinese government to repress its own people because they are not mature enough to handle their own affairs and elect it’s own leader (basically giving his backing to the communist party’s authoriatarian dictatorship of China).

    2. The guy is a moron… I prefer the Midget over him. At least Le Midget is for HK.

    3. Oh dear…

      What he does with his family is his own problem, but to say things like this…

  26. I don’t agree with everything Jackie says or thinks, but one good thing is at least he is honest about it and isn’t trying to be fake… One thing I do agree with him is that you should treat someone well when they are alive since what is the point of crying and loathing after they die?? Who knows if they get the money that you burn for them or anything that you do for them??

    He focused too much on career and neglected family… I guess he is paying the price for it now. I don’t like or agree with his overly traditional and chauvanist views. They are so old school and BS…

  27. He does not care about his family at all. I do not even understand why he got a family in the first place if he cannot even fulfill his duties/responsibilities being the head of the family. Shame.

    1. it was an accident, joan got pregnant while dating him, her dad told / forced jackie to marry her.. similar to how elain got pregnant

    1. naw, you wouldn’t hav done that, you don’t know him that well, maybe you’ll love him a lot and wait for him.. just like joan, also am thinking if he can hav so many girlfriends, he must be a smooth talker haha anyway, you wouldn’t be able to throw him out from the balcony unless you’re a gorilla, would hav to jail after that.. hav to consider your child with him but you can enjoy his money, shoping shoping everyday haha

      1. Got his money but afraid would be vomiting blood everyday to put up with his behavior….love him? Marry a gorilla better. Haha

  28. JC said that Hong Kong has already become the protest capital that “complains about everything and protest against everything”, which should be controlled.

    This confirmed that he is a HUGE man.

    1. he’s just released his 101 movie? must have a lot of ppl working under him.. depending on him, don’t think he would want to go against the chinese communist party, however i do agree the chinese communist party is bs, too much corruption, even madam bo escapes prison time cos rich enough to pay someone else to go jail instead of herself, many rich ppl in china do that

  29. I’ll be attending his funeral, that’s certain, ’cause i’ve got to confirm that he’s dead. Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, they’re both give me a ‘j’ they’re all liars. I’m gonna put Jackie Chan out for a year and when I’m done with that I’ll put Jay Chou out for a decade

    1. > I’m gonna put Jackie Chan out for a year and when I’m done with that I’ll put Jay Chou out for a decade

      I’m calling the cops. this is conspiracy to murder.

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