James Ng Finishes Up Hera Chan’s Leftover Meal

The onscreen couple shares their filming stories in “Paranormal Shop”.

Playing a couple in upcoming drama Paranormal Shop <異搜店>, former Miss Hong Kong Hera Chan (陳曉華) and actor James Ng (吳業坤) share their filming experience. Though working together for the first time, they established an easy bond due to James’ sense of humor.

Though he looked forward to his kissing scene with Hera in the drama, this turned out to be a big disappointment. James complained, “I haven’t done the scene even after waiting for two months. I’m afraid the scenes weren’t needed anymore. They said Hera was supposed to initiate the kiss, but I think the producer said the scene would be cancelled. I was a little dismayed, and will add scenes in other parts.”

When Hera asked if he had gotten her approval for what he wants to add, James replied, “I discussed it  with you, it’s only to add some hand-holding scenes so we’ll seem more like a couple.”

Finishing Hera’s Leftover Food

Asked if James had used his courting tricks on her, Hera shared, “He is always saying I’m fat until I actually become worried about becoming fat. Since I don’t get enough sleep, he would tempt me to join him for supper and ice cream. But he’s really a good man and always treats everyone to food–it turns out that this hearsay about him is true!”

Since she is full of praise towards James and is currently, is Hera fond of James’ type? Immediately turning down the suggestion, Hera said she does not know him enough, but added that she likes men who have an interest in music, play sports, and go mountain hiking. Hearing this, James quickly declared himself a good fit as he sings, takes karate, and goes mountain driving, but Hera refused to let him have his way. “It’s mountain hiking, not driving,” rebutted Hera.

Continuing his banter, James showered praise on Hera for completing her scenes without outtakes, whereas he had to re-shoot his scenes three to four times. Growing to know each other very well over the past three months of filming, James does not mind eating Hera’s leftover lunch. James explained that Hera only ate only one or two mouthfuls of her food, so he finished it for her. Though he posted about the incident on social media, he asked Hera not to mind as he was just sharing the anecdote for comedic effect. “Environmentalist, do you like it?” he cheekily added. Avoiding a direct response, Hera only said, “I’m an environmentalist.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The guy is creepy. Joking about s*xual assault is not funny. Joking about a woman’s weight is not funny. He seems abusive.

  2. 1) finishing someone’s meal is a flirting technique? since when…..

    2) he is still creepy

    1. @tt23 every news I hear about him is negative… I rmbr Aka from Supergirls saying he was pursuing her and multiple girls at the same time. What an a**hole.

  3. Again news about Hera & James. This guy really seem creepy & its kinda odd he can even be popular

    TVB and HK media running out of worthy news and this is probably publicity stunt for both Hera & James

  4. This guy is beyond creepy. He has problems, really. He doesn’t know how to flirt and yet worst of all, he just doesn’t know when to stop. He keeps trying and trying. He’s one of those guys you would actually get so turned off by and avoid due to their strange antics and behavior. I feel bad for Hera. He just incessantly flirts with her and doesn’t get the obvious sign that she is not into him. I really hope she went to the director and asked to cut out that kissing scene. I would be so irritated if my co-star keeps talking about wanting to kiss me for the drama and after finding out the scene is cancelled, suggests or even straight up just add in unnecessary physical contact to the job. That is seriously borderline sexual harassment already. And him eating her leftover food is crossing and violating personal boundaries and space as well. Ugh… I just said he was creepy before tongue-in-cheek comment, but I actually mean it now.

  5. This guy has serious issues. He is not just coming off creepy, but it’s getting to the point where he is crossing personal boundaries and space. Him constantly talking about looking forward to the kissing scene, so bummed that it is gone and that he will add extra physical contact to the scenes… that is borderline sexual harassment right there. And him finishing her food is invading into her personal belongings and boundaries in general. I mean, who does that?! That is beyond not knowing how to flirt. I said before that he was creepy but my comment was a bit tongue in cheek. After this article, I truly think his behavior is so creepy and very much a turn off. Worst of all is he doesn’t know to stop. He just keeps on going. Must be so annoying, exhausting, and disturbing to be Hera. You can even tell in her body language in the first photo above that her left arm is wrapping around herself in a protective mode and she is also leaning away from this guy. She very obviously wants to get away from him. Hope she speaks up so someone can put this guy in check so he’ll stop harassing the actresses. Don’t know why he is even promoted anyway. Nothing appealing about him even without being creepy. No looks, no charisma, and no screen presence.

  6. I bet Hera is wishing filming with him end soon lol who finishes another person’s leftover meal, someone he doesn’t know really well?

  7. I thought it was Matthew Ho and Hera having a kissing scene? Lol. Maybe because she came from a rich family so he wanted to flirt with her?

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