Jaycee Chan Undergoes Drastic Transformation in Jail

Since being arrested and charged for marijuana possession in August, Jaycee Chan (房祖名) has remained in remand and recently spent his 32nd birthday in a Beijing detention facility. Jaycee’s manager shared that Jaycee has undergone a radical transformation in jail, turning into an avid fan of literature.

Jaycee used to detest reading so much that when he was presented with a script, he would claim to have reading difficulties and request that the script be read aloud to him. However, in the 113 days of detention thus far, Jaycee has borrowed more than a 100 books, and has also attempted to write songs and even scripts.

Many netizens are skeptical about this purported transformation, especially since it would translate into the reading rate of one book per day. Some remarked, “How did he do it? What kind of books are they?” Some also pointed out, “The manager only said Jaycee borrowed 100 books, but did not specify that he actually read every one of those books.”

Due to both consuming and possessing a large quantity of marijuana, Jaycee’s case is regarded as a serious offense and he has not been allowed bail or visitation. Under Chinese law, Jaycee has to undergo trial and sentencing before he will be allowed visitors.

Jackie Chan‘s (成龍) efforts at trying to visit his son have also been futile. Reportedly, Jaycee’s mother, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) was so distraught that she has not left the house, and has been crying every day, constantly asking Jaycee’s manager for updates on the case.

Source: Chinayes.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Whatever he’s done, he should have the right to a fair and TIMELY trial. It’s ridiculous that he’s been kept there for 113 days without bail or visits. But of course, this is China for you…

    1. yeah cause this doesn’t happen in America right?
      Hint: People have been in jail for over a year waiting trial.

      1. E.G. OJ Simpson was detained for 9 months before the sensational trial began.

      2. Not for a silly little drug charge like Chan’s.
        @Terminator OJ Simpson was charged with double murder. Very different than Chan’s little charge.

    2. At least he wasn’t gunned down by trigger happy cops like in the USA.

      1. most ppl don’t get “gunned” down unless they resisted police in the first place.

    3. Which country are you from? Sounds like you have an efficient judicial system.

    4. Miriam – it’s not China! it’s the laws and this is part of punishment!

    5. @andy you like the rest of the idiots that don’t know the story. A 300 lb man trying to take your gun and try to run into you. Yeah that man just strong arm rob a store pushing the asian man like a toy.. What do you do? You stand there and let him beat the crap out of you? Don’t talk if you don’t know shot. Look at the envident. I am sure you think there is no corruption in china and the law are fair and all. Ask most people where they want to live.

    6. @ben – I second that!

      only an idiot will side with those “poor black men” who weren’t innocent to begin with!

      i’d rather a cop do his job. to hell with the consequences.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s because he has nothing to do in jail …

  3. “…he would claim to have reading difficulties and request that the script be read aloud to him.”
    He seems to be a very high maintenance actor.

    1. Agree, and he’s not even popular. Even famous actors take the time to read through scripts. It’s a wonder how this boy got through school.

    2. Yea, seriously … this dude, is he for real?

      Reading difficulties?

      Being locked up seems to be good for him
      – better than life with his parents.

  4. Fair or not, IMO jail time can be good for him to reflect his life. Jail time might actually save his life from drug overdose.

    “Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”
    Margaret J. Wheatley

    1. drug overdose? from marijuana? yeah it happens, but not that frequent from marijuana.

      1. I’m pretty sure it is impractically hard to overdose with marijuana.

  5. It’s probably his lawyer’s tactic to show to the judge that he changed for the better, hoping time get a lighter sentence.

    1. I reckon the outcome could be worse if he’s an ordinary citizen and not Jackie’s son…

  6. Hope he learned his lesson well. Being in the slammer will give him time to reflect and think about life in the past and ahead.

    1. I agree that this is a good lifelong lesson for him, hopefully he has learned and will become a better person after this whole ordeal.

  7. Whatever it is, the fault lies wholly on Jackie Chan. He never cared for Jaycee as a son since he was a baby and only now as a prisoner he shows concern, perhaps more of worry for his own reputation, which by the way, has been damaged beyond redemption.

    1. To be fair,I do not think it is all Jackie’s fault. I agree that Jackie should have been there for him and should have been a better father. However,whenever anyone makes a decision or does anything,we are responsible for ourselves. Parents and guardians can teach you anything, but whether you listen or not is a different story. I have seen kids come from good families with good parents but yet end up doing bad things and get sent to jail. I have also seen kids with bad parents and broken familes but still end up successful,and living happy lives. I guess that is where you argue whether it is nature or nurture or is it a combination of both?

      1. I too agree with you said, but it does not apply to Jaycee’s case. Every one knows what kind of “father”Jackie Chan is. It’s totally his fault.

  8. Guess Joan Lin has been calling reporters each time before she starts crying at home.

  9. >>Jaycee’s manager shared that Jaycee has undergone a radical transformation in jail, turning into an avid fan of literature.<<<

    Yeah – he is reading plenty of Manga..

  10. A normal civilian would probably got the death penalty already… he gotta say thanks for being the son of a well known actor to still have some sort of freedom and not being tortured in the prison.

  11. Yep this guy is prb kept in protective custody in jail due to his Dad in china you just have to throw them a stack of $$$ and that’s prb why he didnt get the death penalty

  12. I think someone trying to smuggle some marijuana to him hidden in those books.

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