Jeannie Chan is Not Scared of Kissing Tony Hung

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Jeannie Chan is Not Scared of Kissing Tony Hung

TVB drama Of Greed and Ants <黃金有罪> held a promotional event in Tseung Kwan O today. Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) and Yoyo Chan (‎陳自瑤) shared that they both have kissing scenes with Tony Hung (洪永城). Since Tony was not present at the event, he became the target of jokes.

Recently it was rumored that a leading actress in TVB refers to Tony as “Kissy Tony”. It is alleged that this came from Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), who was extremely offended and displeased when Tony requested that additional kissing scenes added during the filming of their previous drama Wonder Women < 多功能老婆>.

Asked about her own filming experience with Tony and whether there was communication before before their kiss scenes, Jeannie responded, “Actually, it’s me who does not communicate. In one of my scenes, I grabbed his hand and placed it slightly above my chest. Because I did not tell him in advance, we were able to get a realistic reaction.”

Jeannie feels that it is important for co-stars to have a certain amount of body contact and trust in each other. When asked if she was the one who made up Tony’s nickname, she immediately denied. “If he’s Kissy Tony, then I guess I’m Handsy Jeannie!”

Yoyo also defended Tony and said that she felt comfortable while filming with him without the need for in-depth communication before their kiss scenes. The process was very smooth and Tony did not request any additional scenes or retakes. “I felt that the director prolonged the filming process because we were kissing for a very long time!”


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