Jenny Zhang’s Husband Wanted to Marry Her at First Sight

Jenny Zhang (張嘉倪), Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), and Bao Wenjing (包文婧) star in the second season of a Hunan variety show, Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅>. In the show, the women travel together and talk about their marriages. In the most recent episode, Jenny reminisced about how she met her husband, wealthy second generation Mai Chao (买超), who was instantly attracted to her upon first sight.

Jenny recalled how a female friend invited her out to the bar to hang out and chat. The friend also invited Mai Chao. Jenny recollected, “Since the first day I met him, he was never out of my sight again.” After their initial meeting, her husband began courting her persistently. Although he hails from a rich family and is considered to be a rich second generation, he did not use his money to appeal to and pursue Jenny. Instead, he presented himself as an attentive, caring, and thoughtful man.

Despite his persistence, Jenny insisted that she was not looking to date and only wanted to focus on her career. Her husband, however, was not deterred, and simply told her, “Whenever you want to start dating, just let me know.” Her husband was not shy to admit that he wanted to marry her at first sight.

Also, Mai Chao later revealed that he was mesmerized by her when seeing Jenny in a television drama when she was 19 years old many years ago.

3 Tactics That Won Jenny Over

Now, Mai Chao jokingly bemoans that Jenny was hard to court, as he had to spend a lot of time and effort to find creative ways to get her attention. It was through three tactics that finally won her heart.

Jenny lamented that his first tactic was to create opportunities to see her more often. He would host many different types of dinner parties and invite many friends, in hopes that Jenny would show up. Through this, they became more acquainted.

Then, when Jenny moved out of her parents to live alone, he volunteered himself to go and buy her groceries and other daily necessities, such as laundry detergent and house slippers.

What finally won her over was his attentiveness to her family. When Jenny traveled to Hong Kong for vacation with her family, he insisted that he was coincidentally going to be in Hong Kong as well to visit some friends. However, she soon found out that he didn’t actually have friends in Hong Kong. Not wanting him to eat alone and as a courtesy, Jenny invited him to eat with her family. He immediately accepted. At the time, Jenny’s grandfather, who has difficulty walking, was also there. Her husband was extremely attentive and caring to her grandfather, helping him up and down the stairs, elevator, and with the wheelchair. This gesture spoke volumes and finally opened Jenny’s heart to give him a chance, and the rest is history!

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  1. well, not to burst the guy’s bubble, but all the things he did for her required money. though i will say he made sincere gestures for her and the part where he takes care of her grandpa is very sweet.

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