Married for 3 Years, Jenny Zhang Wants to Fulfill Dream of Having a Wedding Ceremony

Mainland Chinese, actress Jenny Zhang (張嘉倪) entered the entertainment industry in 2006 after winning in the Hunan Television talent show, Looking for Zi Ling <寻找紫菱>. With her beautiful features and sophisticated charisma, it did not take long for her to find success. She starred in many successful dramas, such as Palace II <宫锁珠帘> and The Patriot Yue Fei <精忠岳飞>. More recently, fans may know her better from Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, where she starred as a beautiful concubine of the emperor.

Though known for her showbiz success, many may be unaware that Jenny is already married and has two children with her husband. While married on paper for three years, the couple has yet to host a wedding banquet celebration. Hence, Jenny still refers to her mother-in-law as “auntie”, believing that it is best to change the designation after a proper ceremony.

Participating in the second season of a Hunan variety show, Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅行>, Jenny lamented that her husband still owes her a wedding ceremony. The show then panned to a scene where Jenny is trying on a wedding dress. Perhaps Jenny will finally get her wish and be surprised with a wedding celebration while on the show!

Jenny and Her Husband on “Viva La Romance” Season 2

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  1. Jenny Zhang looks so different off-screen than onscreen. I thought she was stunning in Yanxi. But here she looks normal lol. Still above average, but normal. I can’t believe she’s had two kids already! She doesn’t look like an acorn ever popped outta her. Some women keep such great care of themselves.

    1. @coralie It’s probably the camera angles, hairstyling, and makeup that heighten Jenny Zhang’s beauty more. I first saw her in Mainland drama, “Here to Heart”, and found her to be very beautiful. Reminds me of a young Chingmy Yau.

      But in reality shows, everyone is dressed more casually with minimal makeup. They want to make the stars look more approachable doing everyday things. The harsh lighting also makes them look less glamorous.

      In “Viva La Romance” season 2, you can see how Jenny’s husband’s eyes still have fire for her when she stepped out in the wedding gown. 🙂

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