Jiang Jinfu Admits to Hitting Girlfriend

Twenty-seven-year-old Mainland Chinese actor, Jiang Jinfu (蔣勁夫), who has been hailed as the next Hu Ge (胡歌), went to Japan to study this year and met his Japanese girlfriend there. After a recent period of absence from the public eye, he admitted to his 17 million Sina Weibo followers that he had in fact hit his girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura, after she posted photos of her bruises on Instagram.

The Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky <軒轅劍之天之痕> star also apologized to her and her family, “For whatever reason, I should not do it. I am ashamed of my actions. I will not make any excuses. I will take responsibility for my actions and accept punishment.”

More than 216,000 Weibo users have replied to his domestic violence by calling him trash, his friends have retaliated by posting messages on Weibo saying that his girlfriend also caused problems in the relationship.

One of Jinfu’s friends, while indicating that he was not trying to help Jinfu clear his name but that some things needed to be said, revealed a number of stories about Jinfu and Nakaura’s relationship. According to this friend, Nakaura grew up in the United States and graduated from Ohio University. She had also desperately chased after Jinfu before they started dating. This friend also said that because Jinfu can’t speak English or Japanese that well, he would ask his friend’s wife to help translate things into English, one of which was a breakup letter to Nakaura. Jinfu wanted to end the relationship because he felt that his girlfriend liked to go out and club too much. He had also bought her many shoes and handbags, but felt that she didn’t contribute anything to their relationship. Later, however, Nakaura apologized and Jinfu forgave her. Before long the girlfriend quit her job and moved in with Jinfu. She also told him that she was pregnant, even though the test results seemed to indicate otherwise.

In his post, Jinfu’s friend acknowledged that Jinfu was wrong in hitting his girlfriend, but also said she herself was suspicious. The post does not say what Jinfu’s reason was for hitting her.

Two other friends of Jinfu also spoke out. One was a contestant on The Rap of China <中國新說唱>, Yu Jia Meng (于嘉萌), who revealed that Jinfu had taken Nakaura to meet his parents, in preparation to talk about getting married. “At the start, I thought that he had found the right person. Not long after, I heard from my friend that Jinfu had told him (after having drunk a lot and crying) that the girl was not pregnant and had told her friends that she would not have a baby with a Chinese man. I felt that this is a fatal blow to anyone.”

Another friend and blogger said that Jinfu is very foolish in relationships, as he had tattooed Nakaura’s name on his arm and took her home to meet his parents, when it was still early in their relationship. “Violence is definitely not right! But I really believe that when it comes down to it, it’s not just one person’s problem. Why was it so long after the incident before it was revealed? Let’s wait for the follow up.” This seems to point out that more is to come.

Sources: Apple Daily; World Journal

This article is written by Jen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He just hit her? looks more like he either put a hot iron on her or stamped on her face. ‘I will take responsibility for my actions and accept punishment’. Does he want praise for being truthful? What a sick scum….

  2. Not sure why the friends are condoning his behaviour. She sounds like a biatch but to hit a woman like that, he’s scum, and people should stop defending this disgusting behaviour.

  3. This is toxic masculinity. He could have killed her. He is only apologizing because she rightfully exposed his abuse. His friends should not be excusing this behavior. No matter what she did, the moment he hurt her like this, he should be in jail.

    1. @potatochip she dated several men during her time with Jiang JinFu. SEVERAL MEN. She also took the apartment that he bought for her to stay with one man there. And she badmouthed his parents.

  4. No clue who he is!! Hopefully, he won’t make a habit w/the next g/f as that will not be a good image esp for idol stars I am assuming he’s an idol star since he’s still considered young.

    1. @wm2017 he quit the showbiz. He isn’t an idol star but a rising star. However he chose to quit the showbiz for her.

      I don’t say he is right but he has the reason. That girl dated several men during her time with Jiang JinFu. SEVERAL MEN. She also took the apartment that he bought for her to stay with one man there. And she badmouthed his parents. She faked the pregnancy and it leaded to his action. Moreover, he hit him one month ago but she waited until his last drama to be aired to announce.

      1. @prave Wow!! Sounds a bit like that guy who played Korean Meteor Garden Kim Joong Hoon or something. Very bad lingering case w/an ex that he hit and baby mama issue. He finally came out w/a new drama and the fans were really harsh on him or something. Sometimes, some women can be calculative and we never know the true story.

      2. @wm2017 true. Kim Joong Hoon was proved in court that his girlfriend fabricated about his violence. He hit her but not as serious as she said. However he can never come back.

        Jiang JinFu chose to quit the showbiz for Nakaura when he was on his way to the peak. However, because of her, he left all fame on his back to study oversea with her, bought her luxurious life and have been paid back by a fake pregnancy, several man sharing her and badmouthed words toward his parent. He has reason to get angry.

        Jiang JinFu is a tall, strong man. In his hot temped moment, he can’t control himself. He admited immediately after she announced, faithfully apologized her and didn’t blame her a word. If she didn’t continously attack him on her IG, his friends haven’t been come out to protect him.

    1. @prave if she had associated with the Yakuza. his body should be in the trash can already, instead of having all his friends spreading rumors of her online with no absolute evidence. People who defend these trash are trash. And if you are women who defend these trash, I ashamed for you.

      1. @contae she said that he hides away one month ago. If he already left Japan, Yakuza can’t do much.

        His friends posted the evidence that she was with at least 6 men, clubing crazily when she said she was with Jiang JinFu. She is still staying in the apartment bought by Jiang JinFu. She can’t show the evidence that she was pregnant.

        Breaking news: She deleted all the IG posts stating Jiang JinFu hit her.

        If he hit her for no reason, he is trash. If she was a * and he hit her because she hurted him too much, he isn’t trash but a bad guy.

        Do you feel ashamed to defend a woman who dated several men on the back of her lover, uses money of lover but badmouth his parents, fakes the pregnancy and blackmails the lover who gave her everything including his career?

      2. @contae “I only feel ashamed to defend a men who beat up women” Agree, no excuses to be given. Doesn’t matter how the man was provoked, he can always walk away. Don’t need to hit a woman.

        Prave, a user who assumed multiple identities before, has been banned.

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