Jiang Jinfu Kicked Ex-Girlfriend Until She Had Miscarriage?

Mainland Chinese star Jiang Jinfu‘s (蔣勁夫) ugly breakup with his girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura, is intensifying each day. In her latest social media post, Nakaura claimed that Jinfu had a violent history and beat her so hard that she had a miscarriage.

Earlier this week, Nakaura posted photos of her severely bruised face and arms on Instagram and accused Jinfu of domestic violence. The 27-year-old actor admitted that he did hit his girlfriend last month, but deeply regretted his actions. However, Jinfu’s friends jumped to defend him, claiming that Nakaura had faked her pregnancy to pressure him to marry her, while cheating with other men.

Jinfu Has a Violent History?

On November 21, Nakaura claimed that Jinfu had a long-running violent streak and had killed their unborn child after kicking her severely. She originally didn’t want to expose the domestic violence incident on social media, but felt this was the only way to make Jinfu responsible for his actions.

Directing her comments at Jinfu, she wrote, “You’ve been hiding for one month, and only want to apologize now? I’ve been waiting for you to contact me, always believing you! And what happened? Waiting for so long, you only apologized on Weibo? I have many things to say to you in person, but it looks like you only pay attention to [social media], so I’ll say it here.

“You kicked my belly so hard, I had a miscarriage. You [kicked away] your own child.” Nakaura continued, “All along, I’ve been trying so hard to help you get rid of your violent tendencies. Together, we’ve both tried to restrain your violence.”

Responding to Jinfu’s friends’ claims that she cheated his money and tried forcing him into marriage, Nakaura wrote, “You’ve deleted my friends’ and family’s contact information. These past four months, I was with you for 24 hours each day. You’ve been holding onto my cell phone. It’s already come to this, how can I meet with other men as they claim? Turn yourself in soon, instead of spreading false information on the Internet.”

Jinfu’s Friend Claims Nakaura is a Cheater

After Nakaura’s social media post, a Weibo user, who is apparently Jinfu’s friend retaliated angrily. He claimed that Nakaura had fooled Jinfu with her fake pregnancy. He met with her parents to talk, but when Nakaura felt that she couldn’t pressure him into marriage, she forced him into a rage by admitting that she had an orgy with a woman and five men. After Jinfu hit her, she called the police and had a medical exam done. According to Jinfu’s friend, Nakaura even sought out the Japanese Yakuza to threaten him to pay 1 billion yen (or $8.8 million USD).

Source: Udn

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She deleted all the IG posts.

    Nakaura wrote, “You’ve deleted my friends’ and family’s contact information. These past four months, I was with you for 24 hours each day. You’ve been holding onto my cell phone. It’s already come to this, how can I meet with other men as they claim? Turn yourself in soon, instead of spreading false information on the Internet.”

    However, her pictures with at least 6 men clubing crazily during the period she said she was with him, controled by him is revealed. She lied.

    For the pregnancy, she can’t show any evidence. When the netizen asked her to show, she said that she teared the evidence into pieces and threw. The netizens keep asking and she got angry to call him dog.

    1. @prave Hhhmmm, so she doesn’t sound like the most honest, trust worthy girlfriend and her words and actions may be questionable…

      But why not just leave her, end the relationship??

      Does she or anyone for that matter deserve to be beaten black and blue? What sort of MAN (good men do not use violence against women) physically abuses her and kicks her in the stomach?

      If your sister/mother/relative or friend came home with those bruises, can any wrong doing on her part justify the violence?

      I am glad she’s exposed him for what he is, an abuser of women. Since this will affect his popularity/hip pocket, hopefully it will force him to seek help.

      1. @dramafan he is very wrong to hit her and he apologized for that to her. However he was drunk after being hurted so much by her. He thought that she was pregnant but she wasn’t and she said that she won’t have kid with Chinese. Regardless how many things he gave her, she dated SEVERAL men behind his back, badmouthed his parents.

        Her stomach was kicked or not, it isn’t shown. Can see the bruises on her face and arms, but not stomach. She wasn’t pregnant thus he can’t kick her to miscarry.

        He apologized to her not for saving his fame. He quit the showbiz for her thus he has nothing to worry for. He understood that he was wrong. He said he would take legal responsibilities for his actions. However, he didn’t hit her because he is a woman abuser but a hurted man. He was wrong, very wrong but to what she did to him, he can be partly forgiven.

        She exposed him after one month for money. She asked for one billion yen.

    2. @prave
      Worldwide, there are couples who play behind the back and cheat all the time. Whether alcohol induced or just looking for one night stands. It happens! If everyone resorts to physical violence in these cases then we will be seeing thousands of headlines everyday.

      1. @jimmyszeto are you welcoming the cheat? Violence is unacceptable, cheat is the same. She also badmouthed his parents, used his money to play with men, lied about pregnancy to hurt him so much. I didn’t support or say he was right, I explained that he had a reason to become violent. He should take legal responsibilities for his action, thus she isn’t innocent. She deserved to get some punishment.

      2. @prave
        I’m not welcoming anything. She had got more solid evidence of herself having been battered than he has of her cheating. Plus even if he has evidence of her in bed with some guy, she still didn’t deserve such brutal physical punishment….

      3. @jimmyszeto Prave has been banned. Formerly known as “bubbletea” and many user names. It seems to be unavoidable, both of you always end up arguing with each other.

      4. @jayne
        That’s why I’m becoming paranoid. Can’t call people out anymore in case I’m wrong. He’ll find a way around it. VPN or go to the library to something to avoid detection..

      5. @praveumi
        Just by continuously provoking me and other members by questioning us on supporting the lady that is beaten up just shows that you are here to cause trouble. Calling us supporting a cheating woman when all we have said is that she shouldn’t be beaten up. Especially then the actor himself have come out saying he has issues with controlling his violence….

      6. @prave I was going to respond to this ridiculousness but came too late. Anyways, for what it’s worth, I agree with @jimmyszeto. No matter what she did or didn’t do, there is no explanation for that type of anger.

  2. I am not trying to defend none of them but the picture that she post up the bruises look very suspicious! And no he shouldn’t lay his hand her! That is unacceptable!

    1. @vhuy I’m on the same boat as you! As much as I don’t condone violence (against both men and women), her bruises don’t look authentic, the bruise area appear to curve away from her nose unnaturally. Also just because he admitted to hitting her, we don’t know how badly, (again not right) but if he say slap her once, and then she fabricated the wound to be much bigger, then she’s still in the wrong and much worse than he is.

      When emotion is at hand, a bit of rage and out of control is understandable. But using it to get money is unacceptable. Today, we are so fast at excusing men, when women have done a lot worse, in her case, ruining him for life just because he doesn’t want to marry her and support her for life (she possibly think she found herself a gold pot)

      1. @littlefish I agree with you on that! Why are people judging people just on a basic post to make them self as a victim to this matter I am talking about both side! For god sake both of you are a grow ass adult learn how to dealt with your emotion and your problem! Solve it on ur own or bring to court! Don’t be using people sympathy to gain for your own good. And when things back fire at you, your going to asked for forgiveness! Soon or later the truth will be out in the light!

      2. @vhuy @littlefish Agree. People jump to conclusion so soon. I don’t agree with him hitting her. But everyone believing her and staying on her side is too soon; at the same time, this is just normal how everyone believes the woman. A similar case like this happened to a Korean idol actor and his career was ruined. At the end, the ex gf was found to be a liar and fabricated the “strong” evidence. At that time, I was going to rage on him, but took a step back. I’m glad I was in the neutral. I wonder how those people feel when they knew the truth.

      3. @sabrina

        Well said! I also think it is wrong of him to hit her but why is everyone automatically siding with her without truly knowing what happened? People tend to side with the woman right away. I have learned that women can be physically abusive too so it is not just the men. Therefore, I try to be neutral instead of automatically condemning the guy in every case of abuse.

      4. @littlefish yes, woman had done a lot worse, we murdered and rape man every day. Oh, wait, that men. We have a simple case, she shows the evidence. he admits it. but look, let cast doubt on her, and you wonder why women don’t dare to come out.

      5. @contae i don’t know where have you been but we never stated that she shouldn’t come out! But if it really happen then she should have file a report and have him arrested for DV or go to the hospital and get a health report so she could have evidence to have a case against him. What is the main point of posting picture of her self to social media!

      6. @littlefish

        I agree and this is all he said versus she said so none of us truly knew the truth. Her bruises look fake because I actually just had a bruise on my face recently as I bumped my face into the wall. The bruises on my face were nothing like hers at all. Her bruises look very fake.

        I am glad you are being fair and not just siding with the women. I think men and women should both not hit each other. However, when you get emotional you tend to lose it a bit whether you are a man or woman. He could have shoved her a bit and she can say that he abused her to this extent. Maybe she did think she hit the jackpot since he was a celeb? I actually have seen him in a few series and his acting was not bad and he had a lot of potential. It is a big shame she had to ruin his life and reputation which resulted in him quitting showbiz.

      7. @hetieshou I, too, was punched by a guy in the face as he robbed my bag. So yea, I have a black eye/bruise cheek, so I also found her bruise was suspicious.

        @contae I cast doubt on both sides, and since we don’t know the real truth, jumping to anyone’s side is to be manipulated and being unfair to the other. Jumping on the woman side is just as much sexiest as taking the man’s side and disregard the woman. There are cases of men being raped by women, and people would laugh it off because the man benefit from it… we can argue black and white, but my POV is just neutral, I’m not gonna flame the guy when her bruise looks suspicious to me, for I am has been hit in the face before, I think I have enough reasonable doubts. You can take her stand, all I’m saying is don’t be too quick to jump on the boat before knowing the truth.

    2. @vhuy
      I agree that he should not hit her but her bruises look very suspicious, especially with photoshop and various programs these days, photos can be easily altered. I actually just had a real bruise on my face recently since I bumped my face into the wall and the bruise on my face looked nothing like hers. Hers looks very fake compared to mine.

  3. It looks like she was at least choked, punched in the face and grabbed on the arms more than a few times.

    I don’t think either party is innocent but to beat someone to this extent is too much. He should have just walked out on this attention-seeking woman when he found out that she was cheating on him. Either he really beat her up or he did hit her a little and then she made the injuries worse to give herself 15 mins of fame. No one knows what really happened apart from those two.

    Morally, she may be more in the wrong at first but by laying his hand on her, he has legally committed a crime and his career is pretty much over.

    I think this story reminds us to not let a relationship proceed too fast before finding out who the other person really is. And please use protection so no innocent kid gets dragged into an unstable relationship and immature parents.

  4. They both stupid for staying in such a toxic relationship. If she cheated he could’ve left if he beat her up she should’ve left. I feel like her bruises might’ve been a little exaggerated because with that amount of bruising wouldn’t she be laying in the hospital with a broken bone, half dead, or something. Nevertheless it’s not right to beat someone up drunk or not just leave the toxic a$$ relationship.

  5. He’s 27? Wonder how old she is? I have no idea who they are but just being curious. That’s right why not just end the relationship instead hurting each other? Saved some trouble.

  6. She sounds like a lier and I think her bruised photo may be enhanced. But for him to even hit her is unacceptable! He should have just walked away. Just crazy. Its never OK to hit your significant other.

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