Jimmy Lin’s Fans Do Not Want To Acknowledge Wife’s Existence

In 2010, Jimmy Lin  (林志穎) revealed that he had secretly married ex-model Kelly Chen  (陳若儀) a year before. Today, some of his fans still do not accept Kelly as his wife and lash out at her each time she was photographed with him.

Career-minded Jimmy Lin has always been careful in handling his personal affairs. At the tender age of 17, he began his music career. Through hard work, he quickly rose to fame and earned himself one of the “Little Four Heavenly Kings” title. After his compulsory military training in 1994, he went back to work, doubling his efforts as he had to re-establish his singing career all over again.

Jimmy is not only a singer, he is also a professional car racer and a businessman. He reportedly owns, among other businesses, a café, a car dealership and even an IT company.

Love Life

In 1995, Jimmy and Ruby Lin (林心如) went public with their relationship. Jimmy Lin’s fans were happy for him and deemed the couple to be perfect for each other. The relationship ended two years later in 1997. Fans were saddened and were unable to accept that they had truly broken up.

In 2007, a photograph of Jimmy and Kelly Chen surfaced. The photograph showed the couple having an intimate meal in Shanghai. Knowing his fans were wishing for Ruby and him to reconcile, Jimmy denied he was dating Kelly for fear of losing his fans.

When his son, Kimi, was born in September 2009, Jimmy decided to go public with his relationship with Kelly. On October 15,  Jimmy announced at his 35th birthday bash that he was officially engaged to Kelly. A year later, he confessed on the set of Chinese drama Single Princess and Blind Dates <单身公主相亲记> that he has actually secretly married Kelly.

Unhappy Fans

It has been three years since Jimmy’s first admission about his relationship with Kelly. Yet, some of his fans are still waiting for the impossible – for him to get back together with Ruby. Photographs of Kelly at important family events did not seal the deal. Instead, Kelly was often chided for being the third party, for snatching Jimmy away from Ruby.

At the China Drama Festival 2012, Jimmy was photographed one seat apart from Ruby, with Wallace Chung (鍾漢良) in the middle. In one photograph, Jimmy and Ruby were deep in conversation, undeterred by Wallace. Following that, fans’ postings went viral. They captioned the photographs with poems such as “Everyone in the world, but only us who are tacit” and rejoiced that Ruby is still the love of Jimmy’s life.

There is Hope, Yet

Fortunately for Jimmy and Kelly, not all fans are against their relationship. There are also fans who realize that Jimmy, like many other successful men, needs a supportive wife and a loving family. They are not blind to the fact that Ruby is already Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend and an ambitious woman who places her career first.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. His fans need to get over it! He’s now married with a son and his wife is Kelly! They are happy and it’s all that should matter.

  2. Ruby is not an ambitious woman who chooses career over Jimmy Lin, right now. Rather she is am ambitious woman with a career who doesn’t even think of considering Jimmy Lin. The fans really really need to wake up. This woman already gave him a child.

    1. Exactly and his new fans are still very young and childish… Many of his older fans are married themselves and have moved on long ago.

    2. What will happen to Kelly & Kimi if Jimmy really reconcile with Ruby one day? It’ll be tragic. So many immatured fans!

  3. fans can be such psychos. leave the guys personal life out of this and get it in your heads that he will never end up with you! live in a world with your own imagination

    1. LOL… it’s not only fans. A lot of the forumers here are like that!

      Such naive and childish delusions.

  4. I used to like Jimmy a lot when he was a teenager and he was a booming sensation during the time he first started. But after many years and growing up having his own life, marriage and a son he kind of fallen out the radar which is understandably normal. I just wish him many success with his new wife and son.

    1. I used to really like him in my teen years too, but have moved on after he lied through his teeth… He has fallen from the radar so I don’t see what the big deal is…

    2. He is successful though. I think he’s just turned his focus away from filming dramas, and more into his businesses and enjoying his settled life. Pretty satisfying I reckon, though I don’t doubt he’d be making a comeback soon.

  5. The past is the past and his fans that can’t get over it are new fans. His older fans have all moved and no longer like him. He dated Ruby a VERY long time ago and they broke up VERY long ago… Jimmy has fallen from the radar so it is no longer a big deal…

    1. True fans do not just stop liking someone because both parties have moved on and gotten married and have children of their own. He is not the only one who lied through his teeth. \He is an angel compared to some in the lying department. These fans need to wake up and get real.

      1. True that he is not the only one that lied… But oh well… what is done is done and his young fans need to get real…

    2. “His older fans have all moved and no longer like him.”

      Uh, I think you are speaking for yourself only? Many fans are very loyal. They may grow up, matured and have their own lives, but, they will still have that idol in their heart.

      I remember listening to Eric Suen’s interview that said some of his fans are those who used to block in front of his car and chase after him when they were teenagers. They no longer do so, but they are still remain his fans.

  6. There is an error in this article. He went to the army in 1994, not 1984. He was only 10 years old in 1984.

  7. I love ruby, not liking jimmy that much, so he can stay with his wife xD and my ruby can get someone else lololol his fan does sound a bit obsessive lol xD

  8. To All Fans of Jimmy Lin

    It’s none of your business to interfere with Jimmy Lin’s private life.

  9. Hahaha…Crazy fans!
    I love Ruby but please…Wake up you looneys…!

  10. Well you can’t have it all in life. Ruby and Jimmy would make a really powerhouse celebrity, good looks, wealth, and fame. I think Jimmy’s wife is good enough for him, I don’t recall Jimmy being exceptional in acting or singing, no offense. Same for Ruby, she might have her career and looks, but she still doesn’t have a spouse. You get some, you give up some.

  11. haha will his fans really be happy when he dumps his wife and son to be with Ruby? so immature!

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