Jinny Ng is Suspicious of Her Husband and His Best Friend

On a recent episode of Young and Restless <後生仔傾吓偈>, guests Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Jinny Ng (吳若希) revealed a lot of information about their relationships with their spouses. Jinny, in particular, said she is suspicious of her husband Alex Ho‘s (何兆鴻) female best friend. “It’s worrisome if your other half won’t let you meet the person they’re hanging out with,” Jinny expressed. “It would make me think something is going on between them. That’s why I don’t understand why my husband won’t let me meet his best friend!”

Hearing this, the studio erupted into concern. Co-host Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) asked Jinny if she is fine with her husband having a best friend of the other sex. Without hesitating, she said, “Of course! But I need to know who she is, and I need to have met that person before.”

Jinny added that Alex never saw his best friend again after Jinny asked to meet her. Jinny shared, “He told me, ‘We have nothing going on between us,’ and I said, ‘There definitely is!’ ”

Jinny especially wanted to meet the woman because she didn’t want Alex’s best friend to only know her through the news and Alex’s stories. “When we first started dating, he would confide in his best friend about our relationship issues. So I wanted to meet her so she could hear my side of the story too,” Jinny said.

The singer told her husband to invite his best friend to their daughter’s 100-day banquet since a lot of people would be there. However, she didn’t show up and only sent a gift. “I have many question marks,” Jinny frankly expressed.

On the other hand, Pakho said he introduced his wife to all his female friends.

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I unfortunately have watched at least 10 clips of her talking and none of them she has demonstrated any sort of intelligence/common sense. I guess you dont need those to be a star.

    1. @nleung12345
      i feel quite embrassing for her just watching her on tv. i watched one clip with her performing exercise to slim arms. she was laughing nonstop like a 5 yo girl. i was thinking to myself, how did she ever make it to where she is? no talented either. singing is subpar and she looks like she’s in her mid 30s when in her 20s. you could tell that hk music industry is at its bottom when a singer like her is as big as she is.

      1. @nleung12345
        She looked old even before kids. I always thought she was older. Look at hana, she looks younger than Jinny despite almost a decade apart age wise

  2. Pakho gave her that look when she was talking – like ” ok woman, ur man definitely cheating cuz my wife would have never let that go and not question it”

  3. I literally don’t understand how she has fans. Her singing isn’t notable, she’s not a goddess type nor a hot kind of celeb. She just laughs. At everything. Including her husband probably cheating?

  4. 1. How did she get pregnant? Isn’t it to entrap the man? And that stupid man. Didn’t he ever think about contraception? Do these ppl realize that Contraceptives DO work. Even if my bf don’t want to wear a condom (and I knows he is a player), I would ensure my contraceptives were in place. 2. Would she still have the child if the father was an office worker? Surely she has girlfriends with she can ask for advice when she started the relationship with her partner. Like why do you think my bf don’t want to let me meet his best friend(s) who is a female? That there is a warning sign for her to walk away. She didn’t walk off. So you can draw the conclusion. My partner still have close female friends who were his former girlfriends. But we all know each other very well. From the start. Nothing to hide. So let’s not take a bet on how long this relationship will work out. Sorry for the child though

  5. The female friend is either a super high profile sensitive person like Queen Elizabeth (lol) or she is definitely cheating with the husband. What is she trying to accomplish by airing this out anyways? Besides making herself look gullible, highly doubt the husband and female friend are gonna have a change of heart and call her up to say hey let’s meet.

  6. If she doesn’t trust her own husband why got pregnant and married to him the first place? If there is something going on between the husband and his best friend then I have to say she should be the one who got pregnant first and already become Mrs. Ho?

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