JJ Jia Cannot Choose Between Marriage and Career

JJ Jia (賈曉晨) may give up her career for love, as she is consider marrying Louis Fan (樊少皇).

Rumors about JJ’s career and personal life circled non-stop since she was discovered to be dating boyfriend Louis Fan. Her “homewrecker” image almost cost her career and reportedly forced management company boss Nat Chan (陳百祥) to not renew her contract. Recently JJ was found negotiating for jobs personally, which may have further offended Nat. Although her current contract is ending at the end of the month, JJ’s next move remains uncertain.

On Monday night, Nat Chan and wife Cecilia Wong (黃杏秀) attended an EYT Friends dinner gathering along with over 200 EYT performers. At the event, Nat calmly addressed allegations against JJ and explained her current dilemma. Nat said he never refused to renew JJ’s contract. Nat was not angry about JJ accepting jobs on her own because he will earn commission either way.

Nat revealed that JJ is rather temperamental and cannot make up her mind. She often goes back and forth between career and marriage and does not even know if she wants to marry Louis.

Nat declared that he will fully support JJ’s decisions. “I care about JJ a lot. Maybe JJ feels left out because our company has recently signed many newcomers. She feels the need to get married soon [to secure her future]. If she doesn’t get married and wants to continue acting, I’m okay with signing her again. I will also support her if she plans to get married and leave the entertainment industry.”

Nat mentioned that JJ had discussed her dilemma with him over Chinese New Year. He advised JJ that the most important thing is to have a clear focus and to give it all her efforts, whether she ultimately chooses career or love. Nat is happy for her if JJ does choose marriage. “I don’t have any daughters. If she gets married it’ll be like marrying off a daughter.”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com

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  1. Why can she have both? Just because she choose marriage she can’t work anymore? Nat comment is a bit sexist.

    1. I read your comment and then re read the article. How did you manage to come up with the sexist conclusion?

      I think its just women who choose love will focus entirely on building a happy household. Its not easy to juggle both esp when its the entertainment industry.

      1. How is Nat sexist?? I don’t feel he said anything sexist.

        I think you can have both if you really want to. There are plenty of women that are married with children in the circle and still work. Therefore, I don’t get what JJ is fussing about?? Unless she just wants to sit at home and be a housewife since her career is not going anywhere anyways…

      2. But are there any highly promoted actresses with kids who are currently working?

        Ofc it is possible but some women likes to focus on just one thing. So maybe JJ wants to make sure whichshe wants the most as of now? Lol. I am only guessing .

      3. Of course there are many actresses who are popular that are still currently working. One that pops up in my mind is Ada Choi. She has 1 and another on the way and still continues to work when she gets the chance. There are others as well.

        I know that some want to focus on one thing, but in some cases the women have to work as well in order to bring in enough income. Of course, many would not work as much as before and have to cut back on their work load. However, that does not mean that they need to give up on their career completely. Of course we don’t know what JJ wants but I just think she should have to pick between marriage and career because she can have both if she really wants to.

      4. Whether Nat is sexist depends on who is calling the shots.

        If Nat says JJ can either choose marriage or contract, and once married, will not be able to sign the contract then he is indeed sexist.

        If JJ is the one who feels that if she is married, she can’t neglect her family to continue working, then Nat is not sexist.

        I remember reading here that Nat decides not to renew JJ’s contract after he learns that she is dating. Now that is sexist, and I tend to believe he is one.

        Besides, this opening statement “Her “homewrecker” image almost cost her career and reportedly forced management company boss Nat Chan (陳百祥) to not renew her contract” is confusing,..

        Nat is the one who portrays her as the home wrecker, not once, not twice but all the time, in every episode! And now that the stigma sticks to her, he is blaming her for the negative image, and adding salt to the wound, wanting not to renew her contract now?

        Come on, Nat. Be reasonable.

      5. HTS:
        Ada is working but she is limiting the amount of hours per day so she can spend time with her daughter. Ada is a well credited actress, she has the power to do that. JJ on the other hand is not so when people look to starr her, they might hesitate since she hasnt proven herself just quite yet.

      6. Crystal,
        Exactly, you can still work but just not as much as before. It is true that it depends on your job and other factors. However, we are talking about just “marriage” here and not necessarily having kids yet. I don’t understand how getting married will stop you from working???

      7. I am going to guess maybe she wants kids since she is at that age where it is the ‘golden’ time to have a child. Some people in this day and age will say she’s only 30 but wth I had my first child when I was 24. Guess I am weird. Anyways, so maybe she’s stuck on ‘if I get married now, I want to focus on building a family, but what am I going to do with my career’ kind of issue. I know when my girlfriends thought of marriage, they were already thinking about what to do with their careers i.e. either putting it on hold, limiting it or end it all together. Perhaps, JJ is those kind of women? I’m only assuming.

    2. Actually, I never like that dude. His nickname is Nat but he really thinks he’s so bright and smart. phewwwww, please i think he’s annoying and he actually manages these artists? hum…

      1. he’s smart b/c of his horse gambling not b/c he’s Einstein of modern days.

        in terms of gambling, he’s got that made for sure!

    3. If JJ gets married now, her career is over and that’s the brutal truth. Nothing to do with Nat being sexist.

  2. what a dumb hoe, should of that of your career before wrecking someones family. thought you already made up your mind on choosing marriage. if you choose career than you wrecked a family for no reason, good going. also that guy is scum.

    1. I agree w/part of what you said but not all. This guy could very well be scum and a cheater since he claims he has grown children ranging from 10-15 years old and proudly saying he never marry the mother of these so called children. Sounds very irresponsible. However, the woman might not deserve the name ‘dumb hoe’ while i not on or against her, perhaps she really did not know that he was involved since he might not be 100% truthful to her in the beginning of their relationship.

      1. Why should he have to marry the mother of the children to be responsible for them?

        I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about Louis’ family arrangement.

      2. -Lee,
        I guess they meant to compare the 2 and he is more of a scum?
        It’s not a requirement to marry the mother of your children but the way he was answering on that interview does sound very irresponsible and the no more feelings when he still was in fact living all together…NOT COOL hahaha….

  3. don’t like this louis fan. Thanks to his secret shady past now jj jia’s career is ruined because her image is ruined.

  4. JJ has the potential to be a great actress. I hope she could do both.

  5. jj jia should dump louis fan and stick to her career, he’s not worth it, somewhere down the lane, if their relationship turn sour, she’ll regret it and always look back

    1. no, I think they never had any children.
      I am not even sure if they ever married or just live together.

      1. No, they ARE married but just don’t have kids. I heard that Cecilia was infertile or something like that so they can’t have kids…

  6. Haven’t they only been dating a few months? It seems like she should think about this carefully before pushing aside her career for a life with this guy.

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