JJ Jia Has Been Living with Louis Fan

It has been several months since JJ Jia (賈曉晨) last made a public appearance in Hong Kong. On May 9, JJ Jia returned to Hong Kong from Beijing to attend a promotional event for a radio channel. She revealed that she has been living in Beijing in the past two months to shoot a drama. She slipped that she has been living in with her boyfriend of two years, Louis Fan (樊少皇), in the same hotel room. She quickly explained that it was because Louis was also filming his drama around the area.

Reporters asked if JJ and Louis plan to tie the knot anytime soon, to which JJ replied, “We have been dating for over two years. It’s enough time, so we have thought about [marriage]. However, we are both so busy at the moment, and we really don’t have time to settle down and discuss about it. We have reached a consensus about it though, and we are looking towards the same direction.”

Asked if Louis has proposed to her with a ring yet, she said with a smile, “Not yet! We don’t have time to do anything like that!”

Currently focused in filming in mainland, JJ disclosed that she has plans to purchase an estate in Beijing. Though she is now under a mainland Chinese agency, she has renewed her contract with TVB and will be looking forward to film more Hong Kong dramas in the future.

“To be honest, my real home is in Hong Kong. I’ve been living in Hong Kong for the past ten years. All my friends, the people I know, my lifestyle, and everything are in Hong Kong. The only difference is that I’m now under a mainland agency. Besides filming, I want to spend more time in Hong Kong. The air in Hong Kong is nicer anyway!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. You are so idiotic, so cheap. You don’t even know her yet paint her like some easy lay.

    I bet you are one of those vultures who move from woman to woman, targeting them for ONS, and admit no responsibility thereafter.

  2. You seem to think that every woman out there share your perverted world of instant and constant sexual gratification.

    Get a life!, you and your like-minded friends should not go abuse women’s hearts with impunity.

  3. I saw her in “Today’s VIP” on TVB several weeks ago. She comes across as an intelligent woman. She even knows how to direct films and stuff….pretty impressive if you ask me. At least get to know the person before you judge…jeez.

  4. Wahahaha….air in HK nicer? Air pollution index is high la!

    1. Mainland is worst compared to HK. There are cases of babies dying from lung cancer, can you believe it? It’s a smog fest up there.

      1. Really? I know this one city in China where the pollution is really bad. I guess it depends on which city. I thought China would have fresher air because it is bigger.

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