JJ Jia Packs on Weight After Dating Louis Fan

Since walking away from Nat Chan’s (陳百祥) management company, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) has not had a shortage of job offers. Modeling in a swimwear event earlier with Wylie Chiu (趙碩之) and Jeanette Leung (梁政珏), JJ appeared to have noticeably gained weight. Perhaps JJ is happily dating and although her C-cup bosom has not changed, there was some flab on her back and waist.

JJ explained that she has a bad habit of sitting down and bending her body forward, resulting in extra flab on her waistline. “Actually, I have been on a diet for the past month, without any rice. However, my upper body did not slim down. I feel that girls with a bit of flesh is nice, but I don’t know why I have put on so much weight.”

This is the first time JJ did a catwalk in swimwear and admitted that her fees was a six-figure sum. She said she did not discuss with her boyfriend, Louis Fan (樊少皇) regarding this job, she only told him after she has accepted it. “I didn’t want to spend too much time explaining [to him]. After he knew about it, he was very anxious and kept asking is it alright since there is so little cloth? As a result, I kept looking at the mirror, afraid that I may accidentally expose myself unnecessarily.” This job was through her ex-management company and JJ revealed that in the future she may not take on such shows anymore due to her conservative nature.

Compared to JJ, Wylie and Jeanette appeared in fitter while modeling in their swimsuits. To be fitter, Wylie said that she only ate two meals in four days. Jeanette appeared a bit stiff and said that she normally covered up with a scarf or shorts when wearing a bikini.

JJ Gets Drunk

To celebrate boyfriend Louis Fan’s 40th birthday on June 19, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) flew to Hengdian and got drunk. They had a passionate dating relationship since last year, with JJ frequently traveling to China to visit Louis’ filming sets. The couple met with friends during Louis’ birthday, and downed so much alcohol that they were unable to stand up straight.

JJ was spotted squatting on the sidewalk curb, vomiting heavily. Their friends helped lift her and Louis into the car, as the couple continued to stagger. Their friends took them up the hotel elevator and left JJ and Louis in their room to sleep through the night.

Video News Coverage

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Sources: Oriental DailyChina.com.cn

This article is written by Jennifer for JayneStars.com.

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  1. JJ looks great. No more skinny waif look! If anything, I’d say it would be better for her to work to tone herself now rather than a diet of rice!

    1. its hard to stay gd looking as you age. even a little food, will put fat in ur body.

  2. fat? what fat? look pretty good to me! HK people are just plain crazy when it comes to curve! They are used to see stick figure!

  3. Blows my mind that this Wylie chick thinks eating 2 meals in 4 days will make her look fitter.

    1. I hope she was just kidding. If not, I’d hate for any girls to look up to her as a role model. Not a healthy image. Sadly, as stupid as two meals in four days sounds, you know there are stupid people out there who will try it.

  4. She looks healthy and I like it that way! I’m glad she’s happy! Even though I find it a pity that she doesn’t film for TVB anymore (well lately) as her Cantonese improved a lot!

  5. i think she’s the prettiest actress at tbv & her acting in improving big time.

  6. Some angles she looks like Amy Kwok, others she looks like GiGi Lai. Yes I dont like JJ Jia so much as an actress but she is beautiful and has a nice body.

  7. It always sadden me to read an article about JJ and her weight. Hell, the girl is NOT fat! Only more to show off than all those other skeletons, that is.

    And this other chick only eating 2 meals in 4 days is just stupid from head to toe. If some action like that is going to make anybody fitter, some very unfortunate people in Africa or in places with a war going on must look great in beach wear.

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